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  1. Fuck that it's not even worth it for a silver. Barely got through hard mode and that was like 3 hits and you're dead
  2. Try just going back and forth on a jet ski near the pier, this is how I got it to spawn. As soon as the red dot appears on the map jump off and swim to it
  3. For the 8 hour trophy would changing your consoles time settings work?
  4. I'm sure they said any version or bundle gets you the game. I had the game and be bundle originally and this new game showed up in my library. There's a way to contact them with proof of purchase I think
  5. Currently writing Marvel's Iron Man VR Trophy guide
  6. no worries, thanks for editing haha
  7. could you post the question here so people can see it and make a judgement on if they could help you? might help if we can see it first but if it needs to be kept a bit more private that's ok
  8. Seems one isn't in progress, so I'll begin making one
  9. I've not had any issues going back for collectibles. If I reload a chapter and get the collectibles, I quit to the menu then reload my "complete" save which the game automatically makes after beating the game then repeat the process.
  10. Unless someone has already started one, I'll be happy to make a trophy guide for this game. Please reply if you know if one had already been started, or even if you want to co-write one (would like previous experience writing guides)
  11. Do you think I mean a literal casino that you walk into and interact with? There are gambling games you would find at a casino in the game, hence why it is essentially just playing at a casino
  12. there's literally a virtual casino in the game
  13. filled with horrible gambling machines and cards etc so i wouldn't even bother playing this sums it up: