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  1. I'm going to start on the guide for this so if anyone wants to co-write it please reply here. If you want to, can you link me any previous guides you may have done so I can see the quality
  2. thanks guys, I'll go back and fight him. Didn't know they respawned as I've never played this before
  3. I beat the game today, and only realised afterwards when checking all the trophies that the trophy you get for killing Flynt never popped. I don't really want to start from the beginning so is anyone almost up to his boss fight? If so, are you willing to let me join in co-op to kill him together? thanks
  4. I would be happy to do this, but the online portion is boring (Of course it will get better in the future). I would rather not wait for that though and just reach the level required for the platinum, then return when the game is in better shape.
  5. If you are using methods such as farming cops or enemies in the last mission for xp, make sure to reset your sharpshooter (and any other) awards in the progress page. This will let you get the awards over and over again, whilst getting XP at each stage.
  6. I think it's doable so we can try it if you want? (Twice so we each get the trophy)
  7. I found the poodle around Rhodes somewhere, think it was a building at the back near the saloon