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  1. I’m just cleaning up the gems, all time trials are done. I hit 99 lives and the trophy popped. When I was done for the evening I went to check my progress and it said I hadn’t unlocked On Cloud 99. I went back to Castle Machinery and lost a few lives and then got back to 99. Didn’t re-pop. Any ideas? This is on PS5
  2. I played this game a lot at launch and thought I’d keep coming back to it between games to break up the level 50 grind. Jumped back on and it’s so dead.
  3. I haven’t had much free time recently, and when I do I would rather play a game than try a boost a game a loathe by myself! You can boost between the PS4 and PS5, but I recommend doing it at off peak times. Once it gets to the afternoon, I find it hard to match with myself. Early morning is best.
  4. Tried installing FIFA 20 on my PS5 and boosting between my PS5 and PS4. I didn’t think cross-platform would work, as it’s EA. I found myself instantly. I don’t have two TVs set up, but the 40 second count down gives you plenty of time to switch between inputs. I add my guest and I’ve never not found myself. If any of you are struggling to boost this and are planning on getting a PS5, I would wait and save yourself the hassle- this makes it very easy. Currently on 3 wins. I score 4-5 goals and then forfeit as other users have explained. I’ll update this when I get to 5 wins.
  5. Any way to get deathmatch and last worm standing trophies to pop? I’ve won both game modes on the PS4 but playing my first death match on the PS5 didn’t prompt anything
  6. Looking to boost this again now Fifa 21 is out. Hopefully less players on 20 making this easier. I’m in the US (EST time zone) Add me
  7. Can’t wait to see how beautiful the Ratalaika games look on the PS5 😁
  8. Its not bad. You just have to realize you’re trying to make the match as exciting a second possible and that the game is more of a wrestling simulator. I’d give it a 5-6/10. Mission #44 was the only one that gave me trouble. The one where you have to be manager of the sumo vs Steel Johnson was kinda luck based, but it was doable.
  9. I found some up there too... after the white Arabian bucked off me off him and off the face of the mountain and killed me.
  10. I caught a giant sturgeon in the bayou right by the bait shop. Think it was 35lbs
  11. Ugh, just realized I didn’t do a companion activity in chapter 2. Not happy
  12. Surely this is incorrect? Otherwise we’d have to play the entire game again and get a gold medal first time without fail?
  13. Oh I didn’t realize that. What do you mean by reset? Like no weapons?
  14. I’m going for it and I’m enjoying it so far. I’m only chapter 2 as I’ve been doing far more exploring than missions and I’m having fun going for the animals. Not excited for the gold medals but with the replay feature it’ll be fine
  15. You still think you’ll finish above Spurs after yesterday?