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  1. Yup invasion is up. It's Bo Rai Cho. 21 hours left in invasion as I type this!
  2. If they started the invasion events again be sure to check again every day incase it pops again.. It's once a week this happens. I'm surprised it seems to be working again after 8 months of no invasion events. Last one was early March this year and just happened on Oct 11 recently. If you are still trying to get the invasions done be sure to check everyday. I've also stated this before in last post. Form a group on discord or ps app and alert each other when the invasion event does pop up so at least you will have a chance of knowing if it does pop up again. Also if the invasions are back I'm sure there will have more opportunities the next few weeks/months but be sure to check everyday. Its happened before when there was no invasions for a few months and then it shows up again. The events are limited time for 24 hours once a week if it does show up and working but when not working for months it can be sporadic so stay alert!
  3. I've rarely seen whatsapp be used here or anywhere else for communications needs. I highly recommend using discord instead as majority of users here would use that along with ps app for communication.
  4. I almost forgot about that game..its also delisted on psn and steam..but supposedly it's still playable on 360 version and online is still working there?
  5. I'm wondering has an online Capcom game server ever been shutdown before?
  6. I think most didn't like ff8 because it wasn't ff7. But for me its simple. I enjoyed all the Final Fantasy games equally. I don't remember disliking any of the games in the FF series.
  7. I just checked the Ubi soft connect. I got the same rewards as you did. Nothing special about the rewards and not much you can unlock. Looks like these rewards were already unlocked. Just a few outfits that could help you in game. I've already got everything I need to 100% the game and have already plat the game so the rewards didn't help much. But if anybody still wants to get should get them before servers are down just incase.
  8. I'm assuming we may lose access to the Uplay stuff once servers go down so get the rewards while they are still up. I'm assuming you can get them while they are still up but if you didn't get them while Uplay is still up then you can't once servers go down. I'm going to have to try it before servers go down. I've platted the game already so I'm wondering what type of rewards would I get if I platted the game. I've got a handful of feats done in game too.
  9. Resident Evil Revelations needs two for Dynamic Duo and raid mode. Splinter Cell Blacklist needs 2 for coop unless you can do local coop. Most of the other online trophies just require one other person. The servers for this game are shutting down on Oct1st, 2022 along with a few other Ubisoft games. Natural Doctrine has online multiplayer and its also cross play for Vita/PS4 and PS3. Ratchet and Clank All 4 one has some online trophies. Divekick. You can self boost if you have a Vita and ps3. Fat Princess can be boosted with two. DLC is delisted long ago. Both the Persona 4 Arena fighting games.
  10. Okay thx for the news. I just got the thread upvoted.
  11. Hope the bugged trophies get fixed. I could not get Survival Treasures yet due to bug. Also how do I upvote in the DBD forums? It seems I can't yet but then I made a new account there and am trying to upvote the thread and hopefully they notice the bug/issues with the trophy.
  12. There shouldn't be a region lock. I think sometimes there could be issues with other players connecting with other players on ps3 from different parts of the world. It's best to try another player to try to connect online for this game.
  13. Game is on sale right now about 70% off and the dlc included too. Sale ends about September 28th.
  14. I have the same issue. It's not working for me either and I was able to escape a few times with a new item from a chest in public game. No trophy popped.
  15. The online is kind of dead as of now. You are going to need to boost for the few online trophies. Luckily the online stuff is easy to boost and takes less than 5-10 minutes. There may be more active players when rollback is added next year.