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  1. Make sure your vita account is different from your ps3 account. You should be able to match up
  2. You can play with him online but you won't be able to invite him to games with the dlc map. He will have to have the dlc to use the dlc maps. I've also had a bit of problem trying to invite others without dlc to private games using just the default maps and they may have some problems getting in. The invite system in the game is not the greatest and has some errors/flaws. Most of this happening during the time I was trying to 100% the game which was last year.
  3. You don't need to be an "excellent player" just to get the plat in this game. That is absurd. For the invasion boss it takes 0 effort to press X X Triangle as Raiden to get hits in on the computer. It may be a cpu that can read your inputs but you can definitely get in 1000 hits in about 2-3 hours which I did.
  4. Already signed a few weeks ago
  5. If you hit him when he has his armor on which is yellow. No it does not count as far as I know. It will say if you actually hit him or not at the end of the match. You will know if he is hit when he is knocked down.
  6. Try to start the combo at the beginning of match. Beware he may jump...the computer can seem to read buttons too. I try to anti air the computer but it's very difficult to do so. It's possible to get the combo at the start and mix him up by luck.
  7. Use XX Triangle from a distance. Be sure to hold triangle he'll teleport afterwards and give extra hits to get rid of the armor. When he finally gets knocked down that counts as a hit and try to keep the combo going. I start the XX before he wakes up and try to get him to take the triangle on block and it can mix him up and you can get more hits that way if he gets hit with the mixup.
  8. I thought it would take longer than it would but can be done in about 2 hours on average. I do hope the online event is some more permanent or happens often because not everybody will get a chance to finish in a 24 hour period. Hopefully everybody that wants to complete this gets it done today!
  9. It's happening!
  10. Ya something looks fishy on the date when that person got those trophies. No invasions on those date and no invasions happened during the last few months. I've been checking everyday too since January.
  11. There is still a handful of players play versus games like heroes on a daily basis. If you need help with campaign or dlc you may need to ask somebody for help.
  12. Luckily just got it done with Tager and a bit of luck at the end!
  13. I will definitely try out your strat.
  14. So I found a few more strategies that hasn't been talked about too much. I have yet to try them for speedstar route c. I found a few strategies over at gamefaqs regarding using Carl and his doll. I'm not sure how to execute this yet cuz I need some input notations but I get the idea. "Since this is the arguably the most difficult trophy to get because of how cheap it is, I found a way to out cheese it. It's also more fun doing it this way as opposed to cheesing with Tager (which may fail you at round 31 & 32 because of how crazy difficult Nine and Izanami get) and the pause trick which takes way too longAnyway, one thing everybody noticed was that in speedster your meter carries over from previous rounds. I always thought it was useless until I realized you gain the most time (Additional 30 seconds) draining your opponent's barrier. What better way to drain than with a Crush Trigger! (CT)Carl is by far the easiest character in the game to do this because he can use Ada to keep the CPU in blockstun for a really long time. The computer will eat the CT sometimes if it will lostethe barrier/be brought into danger state. The best way to avoid this is to use Carl's new OP move (2D) and a fully charged CT when the CPU's barrier gauge is at 50%. This will automatically put them into danger state which will kill them quicker anyhow because of the damage multiplierOther characters can do the same thing to; basically keep the computer in blockstun while you spam CT's. You also gain time when you don't take damage for a while and Carl shines because you can keep the computer locked down for a good 10 seconds.TL;DR: Use a bunch of crush triggers to drain the computers barrier, which usually lets you get a gain of time after a match (or very little time lost)This may help some sad soul who is struggling to beat it in the future" Also a video showing Kokonoe strats.
  15. Recently finished this 100% and surprisingly it took me one try when I did survival mode. I did do easy mode a few times already so got practice there.