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  1. I had this problem last year too with invasions happening. Luckily I've already 100% the game. Waited for a few months then it finally popped and I alerted a few others on my ps app that were trying to get the invasion done. It could be helpful if the ones that haven't done the invasion trophies form a group on ps app and when it does show up send a message in group so the everybody in the group would know it popped up. It only last for 24 hours and if you miss it..don't know how long till next one pops up. I remember when I logged on to check if invasions were happening or not before I got the 100%. The invasion started around 11pm Pacific Standard Time and I'm in Nevada U.S. I think that would be the possible time invasion event would happen.
  2. Valkyria Chronicles but it does have a plat now on ps4 version and achievements on other platforms. Also Fat Princess.
  3. Glad to know this game crashes on ps5. I did want to play this on ps5 but luckily I still kept my base ps4. I'll stick to playing this on ps4 if the game crashes at the end of each stage while playing on ps5.
  4. If you can try to get the nuke developed. It does require a lot of resources to be made and using the fob resource farming strat helps a lot with developing platforms, weapons etc. Try to get Army, Architect, Lock and Loaded, and Deployment done if you can. It will be easier to get these done with online fob missions for quick resources and it helps with getting higher ranked staff.
  5. I haven't used my vita lately but i do enjoy using it every once in awhile My psn is nooitzben.
  6. every individually released version,CD on iOS and Android. "Specifically, every individually released version of Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles, and Sonic CD are all getting delisted from Steam, Xbox, Playstation 3 and Playstation Now. The SEGA AGES releases of Sonic 1 and 2 on Switch will remain, as will Sonic 1, 2 and CD on iOS and Android. The 3DS releases have yet to be specified, but with that digital service ending next year they likely aren’t bothering with it." There's still the physical copies for Sega Saturn as far as I know. Sonic CD is also available for the PS2 and Gamecube in the Sonic Gems Collection. Sega just going to delist majority of the digital games and put them on Sonic Origins.
  7. Game is on sale again. I was curious about getting it but if its buggy and not possible to get 100% then that would be a bummer. Hopefully the bugs/glitches gets fixed.
  8. Get them while you can if you still want them before they are delisted on May 20th, 2022
  9. Is there a list of ps3 games that have online multiplayer trophies in them? Especially the games that appear to be single player but have a few online trophies in them. I just wanted to make sure which other games do have them. They may be games that I have already that I may be unaware of. I want to make sure which ones do have online trophies so I can try to get them done incase servers do close in the future.
  10. NM my mistake. I got confused cuz I was reading from the MGS V definitive page. So its Ground Zeroes that is shutting down unfortunately. GZ has no online stuff as far as I know?
  11. I'm not so sure when on the psn store for the ps4 version also states that PS4 online will shutdown at the end of this month too.
  12. Just wondering is it the ps3 version online servers that are just shutting down or also the ps4 servers too? Because I just read on the psn store for the ps4 version and it said this at the description for the game at the bottom for ps4 version. Words at the bottom are copy and pasted directly from the psn store. Can't seem to change the font color. "[Important Notification]The online services of the PlayStation4 version of METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES will be terminated by May 31, 2022 at 06:00 UTC.The main game can still be played offline after the online service ends."
  13. The idea of this glitch is that you save your xp to buy all the unlocked weapons and/or skills in bulk to unlock the trophies faster. You don't get to permanently keep them yet its just to pop the trophies earlier then spend your xp for the weapons/skills that you need especially if you are going for the S+ rank in professional. Be sure to back up you data before doing this. Here the exact advice from the trophy guide "A Credits exploit can be abused to earn Epic Standards and Quite The Collection (along with all related trophies) faster. It is recommended that you do not spend much or any Credits at all while playing the game, until you have accumulated at least 253,000 Credits. Once you have 253,000 Credits, you can start purchasing all of your missing weapons. After you have purchased all of your missing weapons, press the PlayStation button in the middle of the controller and quit the game while remaining in the loadouts menu. This avoids the game from saving your progress, so you should still have 253,000 Credits after reloading the game. Repeat the same process again for missed abilities. Quit the game once again after this process, as you will need to strategically spend your Credits for S+ Rank efficiency. For all of the information you need to earn all seven S+ Ranks, including recommended loadouts, abilities, and characters for each mission, refer to Great Success." Riot shotgun is overall best gun to use in S+ professional for me. It's probably the main gun I use along with Samurai Edge pistol and changing to a sniper gun if available on for the last stage. Use Lupo and her Super Soldier ability with Riot Shotgun and aim at the head of Tyrants. I didn't have any problems with 2 tyrants on Professional with this strategy.
  14. The trophy description for "Covered in Brass" 150 medals says this "The good news is you do NOT have to obtain 150 different medals in story mode to earn this trophy. You can obtain medals throughout the campaigns, Agent Hunt and The Mercenaries and they will all count towards this trophy. There is a total of 264 different medals which can be earned in Resident Evil 6: 175 in story mode, 45 in Agent Hunt and 44 in The Mercenaries. This means there is absolutely no reason to go out of your way for this trophy. You should have well over 100 medals after you've beaten all four campaigns. If you didn't start on Professional you'll have to beat the game again anyway, earning a couple of new medals on your way. If you still didn't earn the trophy at the end of you second run, just play a couple of rounds of Mercenaries or Agent Hunt and you should be good.You can always check your progress: select Play Game in the main menu, then go to Dog Tags and check your Titles. From the first page of titles (the default title Resident Evil should be in the upper left corner) press four times and you should see a title called 'Decorated Agent' in the middle of the top row, telling you how many different medals you've earned in the campaign. Press twice from here for 'Decorated Mercenary', press once from here for 'Decorated Hunter' (note: you might have to earn at least one medal to unlock those titles, so if you haven't played a single round in those game modes you won't find the titles here). Just do the math and see how many medals you are still missing.The guys over at the Resident Evil wiki compiled a complete list of all medals in Resident Evil 6. Check it out if you are curious about a certain medal."