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  1. Just got the trophy completed. It was damn tricky but with enough practice and perseverance anybody can get it. Here's a clip of the my playthrough. I notice there are some sound distortions but not sure why. It could be because of game.
  2. Unfortunately you can't get this game anymore in the PS store. It's also delisted on the xbox 360 too. Looks like the game is only available on steam.
  3. You can't get online for mk9 anymore. Servers for ps3 version have been taken down for months already.
  4. That would be nice if somehow the servers were back online even if its temporarily for those who still want to play or 100% the game.
  5. You can use the rocket launcher and aim at the ceiling. It has a better chance of clearing more zombies in the area.
  6. There is an option to turn off random encounter whenever you want on the ps4 version..did you know that? There is also the 3x in battle to speed things up which was a BIG help in the turn based combat. I definitely agree. It's going to happen for a few that choose to play this remake and never played the original or even a Final Fantasy game before. If I was new and played the remake first..a lot of things definitely would not make sense for me for my first playthrough. It makes no sense to play the remake first then go play the original. Its greatly more enjoyable since I've played it back during the 90s and platinum'd the game on the ps4 version a few months ago. So much detail and love was put into the game. Yes I feel the remake is not perfect and has its flaws but its how they modernized the 97 classic was amazing!
  7. I found this official state on this mkgames support website. Funny how this statement wasn't even made official PlayStation 3 Players: Due to changes with our network, access to online multiplayer features for Mortal Kombat (2011) on PlayStation 3 will no longer be available. Offline game modes, including the Story mode, will still be accessible. PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Steam Players: The Message of the Day feature for Mortal Kombat (2011) on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Steam will no longer be available due to these network changes. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Customer Support for assistance using the “Ask for Help” link above. For more information on the Mortal Kombat franchise, including the recently released Mortal Kombat 11, visit
  8. Thx for the info. Hopefully I do get this game at some point. Looks like you do have to start over just for that one trophy.
  9. I hope this is just temporary too.
  10. Damn servers seem to be down. Can't connect to online.
  11. Would of helped you sooner if I saw this post sooner. Whatever the other person said don't listen. You don't need to buy anything or any passes to get this upgrade. You should be able to simply get the upgrade through the psn store. I'm not sure what is stopping you unless somehow you already had it and didn't know.
  12. You have to be online to be able to play this game online and you can only earn fight money while connected online. You can earn fight money regardless of whatever edition as long as you are online and you'll have to update the game anyways if you still have and older version of the game for whatever reason. Winning rank and/or casual games give you 50 fight money. You get about 10 fight money with the game ads turned on. Battle lounges don't give fight money unless it's one of the weekly missions that you can complete in battle lounge like 10 wins. Doesn't matter if its youtube or not. Just winning online in ranked and/or casual do give you money. It's not a lot so you got to do more and other activities if you are trying to get the priceless trophy. Also for each time your character levels up they get 1000 fight money. If you died a lot in survival an easy way to avoid this is not die. Know some of your characters bnb combos especially know how to cross up the CPU with basic combos. Knock down and repeat. Using items when needed will really help out too. You can turn on rank/casual games to reset if you are about to die on a hard run through completing survival mode. It's better than spending 600 fight money each time and it adds up real fast.
  13. Getting gold rank isn't practical if you try to get it boosted. I would not recommend to try to get boosted. You will probably get more frustrated trying to get boosted than playing the game legitly. I think for new players that just heard about the new Championship edition and have never played fighting games before.... it's going to take a long time to try to get these trophies. I play this to learn to get better and do just fine around gold rank. Don't play for to learn more and play to get better. I highly recommend using replays, knowing what is safe,unsafe, what normals are negative and plus on block, anti air opponents properly, know basic combos, etc. Also rank is very subjective. It's probably one of the hardest trophies for new players to try to get cuz you got to deal with live opponents who already play better than you and know what to do. Also the online netcode for this game isn't the greatest so you also have to deal with lag/ragequitters and smurfs. Surivival mode on hardest difficulty is "easier" now cuz of Arcade edition. It does allow you to continue if you die but at the cost of about 600 fight money. You can set on casual/rank battles to help you reset if you are about to die against the CPU. Always cross up the AI with bnb combos or if you are a projectile character..can throw projectile and cross up with bnb combo and repeat. Be careful sometimes the CPU will go ham and anti air you a lot when its higher level. There is also items to help you out against the CPU. For the Priceless can get fight money easy from demostration, finishing trials, doing survival mode, missions and winning games in casual or rank. You do gain exp for things your character completes like missions/wins/trials. Every time a character levels up they get 1000 fight money. Capcom has lessed the fight money earning from weekly missions so this will be one of the most time consuming trophies to get since you got to try to hit 1 million fight money. If you had this game from the start most likely you would of gotten it already but if you are just starting then it will take the most time.
  14. You can't buy the umvc3 dlc characters anymore. It was removed years ago due to licensing agreement with marvel etc.. Have to 100% the missions if you didn't have the DLC before it was removed from the store.
  15. For me it was easier using a fight stick and controller because if you use two controllers its slower having to put one down while picking the other up. I've seen a few players use this while doing some speed runs.