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  1. Yup there is stage select. I believe you just have to finish the stage and you will be able to play it again on the same difficulty that you completed it on.
  2. If anything its best to practice the parts where you are struggling. You can stage select and pick any stage you want and practice through it. Repetitiveness and practice helps a lot.
  3. As far as I know the asteroid races are scripted and you can practice them separately if you want. They were not too much of a problem for me as I did practice them especially the last few asteroid races..they do % damage each time you hit an asteroid. For the last question..yes it does count as a death as far as I know.
  4. Dollhouse deluxe edition on sale for $3.49 USD till 9/27/2021.
  5. I agree. I wish they also had sales for ps3 stuff since there aren't anymore sales for ps3 dlc stuff. I am hoping do they do a sale for this dlc for Conan too.
  6. Getting 100% is very doable and servers/online games are still alive. I got 100% in about a week this month.
  7. Has anybody bought from the website? How legit is the website if you choose to buy from them? I already got the simpsons game long ago but others that don't have would probably be curious for answers.
  8. Make sure your vita account is different from your ps3 account. You should be able to match up
  9. You can play with him online but you won't be able to invite him to games with the dlc map. He will have to have the dlc to use the dlc maps. I've also had a bit of problem trying to invite others without dlc to private games using just the default maps and they may have some problems getting in. The invite system in the game is not the greatest and has some errors/flaws. Most of this happening during the time I was trying to 100% the game which was last year.
  10. You don't need to be an "excellent player" just to get the plat in this game. That is absurd. For the invasion boss it takes 0 effort to press X X Triangle as Raiden to get hits in on the computer. It may be a cpu that can read your inputs but you can definitely get in 1000 hits in about 2-3 hours which I did.
  11. Already signed a few weeks ago
  12. If you hit him when he has his armor on which is yellow. No it does not count as far as I know. It will say if you actually hit him or not at the end of the match. You will know if he is hit when he is knocked down.
  13. Try to start the combo at the beginning of match. Beware he may jump...the computer can seem to read buttons too. I try to anti air the computer but it's very difficult to do so. It's possible to get the combo at the start and mix him up by luck.
  14. Use XX Triangle from a distance. Be sure to hold triangle he'll teleport afterwards and give extra hits to get rid of the armor. When he finally gets knocked down that counts as a hit and try to keep the combo going. I start the XX before he wakes up and try to get him to take the triangle on block and it can mix him up and you can get more hits that way if he gets hit with the mixup.