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  1. thanks i will get it
  2. i pre-order mine long time ago, and i love tomb raider but i got to say im disapointed to see a 60 level trophy on the trophy list, its first time they put a MP and they are already "forcing" ppl (trophy hunters" to play it for that long tho i will enjoy and love the SP cant wait
  3. why the question?
  4. well i hope so i go the game 3 days ago i plan to play it soon, why u ask that? its a recent game, why wouldnt people play it?
  5. any news when this will came out? can't wait
  6. any FF game and journey for me
  7. All FF are awesome but if u want to play the best of the best u got to pick FF VII
  8. looks awesome, one thing only, previous appeared games 100% completed, now only appears games completed, its a bug? like it was before was better imo games completed sound kind of misconfusing keep it up Sly oh other thing i was expecting the report button back...
  9. i hope its one life and u can't save at all, thats hardcore, if u can save multiple times its easy
  10. will the report button be back?
  11. well i wasnt thinking geting it on release date but put things this way, and the hardcore with one life only....i will get IT ON LUNCH DAY AND GET THE PLAT
  12. thanks found it
  13. i found it was nothing special...imo
  14. when it will be available crysis 3 beta? i heard it was today out for pc, xbox360 and ps3 users but i still dont find it on my psn store anyone have any ideia when it will be available? thanks
  15. nice gratz