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  1. And the redesigned map is currently in Ranked/Casual rotation ? Cause i have never seen it there and the old one is there atm. I have the plat on my second account and if I remember it must be a Ranked match to obtain the trophy and the trophy description was wrong idk now ubishit better repair this quick or i will send ninjas to their HQ.
  2. Dr.Fetus from MeatBoy & Thanks for the giveaway!
  3. Try here Gaming Sessions
  4. In the normal ranked map rotation is still the old hereford map and it can be done there ? But in the new hereford map it's not unlocking ? This can be done Casual/Ranked or only Ranked?
  5. Try this Gaming Sessions
  6. Demon Boy ✔️ Zombie Boy Next 💀
  7. Themes do Avatars don't correct me if i'm wrong 🙃
  8. Missile Boy done so let's try Demon Boy 👹
  9. Old but still working fine Galaxy S5 😌
  10. I didn't notice that this is PH hmm 30$ And digital 15$ atm ❗Don't waste your money bro.
  11. Welcome 🙂
  12. Just got Maggot Boy & Missile Boy is giving me a hard time today so ill leave it till tomorrow 😄
  13. My fav game of 2017 just got 2/10 😭 Fuck it let's get back to MB today i'm going for Maggot Boy & Missile Boy done them before so maybe i will have less trouble
  14. That's what i'm waiting for haha 😜
  15. I have Wolfenstein 2 platinum and Meatboy @ Zombie Boy atm on this account @bezdomnekoty and i can say that Meatboy is more difficult for me idk why maybe because i never played games like this. On the other hand i found mein leben pretty easy maybe that's because i play mainly FPS games who knows 🤔. And i agree with you if MB was not in PS+ it would be around 0.5% - 0.6% like Wolfie 2 is.