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  1. The best summon stone I've found is 30% drops and 30% collectacard drops. Is the highest it can go 40%?
  2. For those of you who are struggling to get 100% completion I found these websites that have the majority of the common items that people miss in their playthrough. Hope this helps (:
  3. just got Modern Gorefare so some of the trophies have been fixed at least
  4. A big patch for the game came out about an hour ago for all consoles and as far as I'm aware has fixed a lot of the bugs and trophies. Link the the patch notes: I can confirm the Rhythm is a Dancer trophy is still broken however as I managed all perfects again and nothing popped for me. Devs are aware of this and replied to me on twitter so hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  5. hello just letting you know the trophy is actually broken at the moment so you might want to hold off going for it. I've hit all perfects and it never popped. A patch came out today and I managed it again but it still isn't working. I made a post about it if you wanna go read that quick, I think the requirements for the trophy are going to be no goods or misses.
  6. Just saw on twitter that the first big patch for the game is coming this week. Praying that they fix the bugged trophies.
  7. yeah cyber dancer is completely broken. I got full perfects on a song and nothing popped.
  8. Just had a thought of having my friends who are on my friends list log onto my console and play local coop with me to get this trophy. I haven't tried it yet so is just a thought.
  9. I've got the trophies for everything else that requires this trophy but no matter what I do this one won't unlock. I've tried re-doing the bear gift as that's the only one i have a save for but it's just not working. If anyone could help that would be much appreciated. I really don't want to play through the game again ):
  10. Why dont you try using the right button on the d pad and square for the red notes and the L1 and L2 buttons for the blue notes. its what i use and its a lot easier than what you are describing.
  11. was just wondering if i could just get really good at one song and replay it getting full combo each time or does it have to be different songs?
  12. Just asking because I bought guitar hero live yesterday to find all of the servers have been shut down and was thinking of getting this game instead. Just want to know whether 100%/platinum is still possible Thanks
  13. ok thank you
  14. Hi I got the game today only to find that the GHTV servers are shut down. Was wondering if there is any hope of them coming back online because it's really annoying because I can't platinum the game . If anyone has any news or updates on it that would be great. thanks.