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  1. Final fantasy x so I wouldn’t have to complete those damn sphere grids lol
  2. I saw this post somewhere and it does work every time. Originally Posted by omegamustard Not sure if anyone is still having issues but try this seed in litterbox mode for mice. -1957262312 you have to use this on the house level type and the first event will always be a mouse catching event after you do the event end the game by getting in the box and start over again till you get the trophy
  3. FFX I still need to go back and finish this one up
  4. Held off on this for awhile but Ive finished 4 more of my games since last time. I platted Brawlhalla finally (Thank god), Syndicate, and KH1 on ps4 and I 100% walking dead season 1
  5. Final fantasy x-2
  6. Lumo it was a nice game but definitely not a plat I’ll ever get
  7. Plat #69 After so much grind I’m glad to say I’ve finally platted this game that started out is real fun for me but then ended up just letting the bot get gold for me while I watched tv shows lol. Plat difficulty:4/10 Enjoyment: 5/10
  8. Finished the plat for Borderlands 2 finally and updated my percentages for my games
  9. I did that with my last pyramid so it should be fine
  10. Ultra Rare: -Brawlhalla (Plat 1.08%) 82% Complete Very Rare: -Dead Alliance (Plat 7.98%) 54% Complete -Borderlands 2 (PS3) (Plat 6.93%) Just doing plat 52% Complete Rare: -Assassin's Creed Syndicate (Plat 19.51%) Just doing plat 69% Complete -Kingdom Hearts (PS4) (Plat 11%) 73% Complete -South Park Stick of Truth (PS3) (Plat 15.15%) 55% Complete Uncommon/Common: -Timber Tennis: Versus (Plat 30.18%) 28% Complete -The Walking Dead Season 1 (PS4) (Plat 73.06%, 100 percent 44.14%) 50% Complete -Sly 3 (Plat 38.50%) 36% Complete -Assassin's Creed 2 (PS3) 0% Complete Here is my new pyramid hopefully this will motivate me to do some game finishing again.
  11. Been awhile since I posted on here but I never platted p5 but I feel I have platted plenty of games since then so ill just say this pyramid is done and start a new one. (P5 isn't even under 10 percent anymore)
  12. Madden nfl 12
  13. Don’t drop pallets if you do not need to. Dropping a pallet when the killer is no where close to hitting you almost just wastes the pallet most of the time. also try to look behind you while you are running from a killer. for killer don’t be afraid to break pallets or take the time to hit a generator before chasing. You are quicker than the survivor and can take the time to do these things. Don’t waste your time chasing a survivor if they are clearly good at looping these survivors will waste your time and all the other survivors will gen rush and escape.
  14. Maybe longer than 10 minutes it already take about that long to find matches in the first place