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  1. Proteus This is is a terrible game lol. Literally all you do is explore randomly generated islands with no objectives and change the seasons. Nothing more xD. All the trophies require you to do pointless things with no way to check if you did everything for some of the trophies. If you have never played this game you should keep it that way.
  2. mortal combat
  3. Alright thanks for the info!
  4. Platted Deadly Premonition yesterday. That felt like it was taking forever thanks to the rng of the weather and the fact that all the side quests have time frames and the need to sleep entire days worth of time to get to the next part. (If you did not know 20 minutes is the same as 1 hour in the game time and its on a 24 hour cycle so if you wanted to not sleep or use cigarettes to skip time it would take you 8 hours of our time to reach one full day cycle in the game which is crazy). I don't know which game I will plat next. I want to say all stars since I am closer but that game bores me to death now lol. I still have awhile to go on platting persona 5. I am 70 hours into my blind run and have yet to beat the game so I can only imagine how long it will take till I plat it. Now at 8/10 on my pyramid.
  5. Bought this at my local game store the other day and just started it last night. So far its pretty good although I just made it too the basement looking for the third dog head piece and that part has been frustrating the crap out of me till I realized I can get the shot gun from upstairs which just made my life so much easier lol How is this game? I just caught myself up in the anime and have been looking at this for a bit but haven't decided if I should pick it up or not.
  6. Now if only they could announce that they are releasing the game earlier than the date they have set that would be great lol
  7. Hell on Earth (Gold) Win any match on Hell on Earth difficultly. I made several attempts to do this coop but in the end I got this on solo mode. Solo mode, though it takes way longer, is much easier than doing this coop. It is easier because every time a new player joins in coop it adds more enemies and makes the boss have more health. On top of that the game does not filter out players that are severely under leveled from playing that are basically just trying to be carried through the difficulty. In solo it’s very easy to rotate around the map when fighting the boss making it quite easy to defeat as long as you know the map.
  8. Persona 5 I’m currently working on this one lol only 70 hours into it though
  9. Plat #36 I have been working on doing all the side quests for this game for awhile now. I finished the story several years ago. This is by far one of he most interesting games I have ever played lol. The game play is kinda really bad but the story for this game is one of the best. This game will take turns you never expect it to take. The plat difficulty would be about a 4/10 you have to deal with the rng of weather and the fact you can’t save in the middle of replay chapters so you have to complete the chapter every time you replay it to save all the side quests you completed. The overall enjoyment of this game is about a 7/10 until you start going for the plat then it becomes a 1/10 lol. It takes an entirety to finish all the side quests it feels like.
  10. I know yesterday I commented that I was almost done with deadly premonition but last night I decided to finally plat south park fractured but whole lol. Now I am 7/10. Will be platting deadly premonition soon though since I just have that one trophy left on it.
  11. Remember me that’s a great game 😁
  12. Plat # 35 I throughly enjoyed this game. If you are a South Park fan you should definitely play this game. This game is much easier to plat than the first one. Plat difficulty 3/10 due to having to play on mastermind difficulty nothing is missable other than the trophy that involves this and I would rate this game a 9/10.
  13. I have almost platted deadly premonition. Just have to collect the last few cards to get the last trophy then I’ll have that plat done on my pyramid too.