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  1. The Price of War (Gold) Complete the single player campaign on Hardened or Veteran Difficulty. Finally completed my veteran run of the game. Been awhile since I’ve played the game since last time I played it was on Xbox 360. It still holds as a great game.
  2. Brawlhalla was going for this at some point the gold trophies are a bit daunting
  3. Cloudberry Kingdom I given up on it for reason that should be obvious. If the reasons are not obvious here is a link on why it is obvious lol.
  4. Star Wars battlefront
  5. Final fantasy type zero it’s a pretty easy plat
  6. I imagine it would be a hassle since every time you dash or anything it takes you out of first person mode but you can still attack and jump which is interesting lol. Also you would have to switch to first person every time you enter a new segment
  7. Was anyone else aware that you can actually play this in first person? I just found out you can actually fight heartless while in first person mode which it’s quite strange. I knew you could go into first person just never crossed my mind that you could move around and fight things while in it.
  8. I don’t know of a single kh game that has new game plus and after you beat the game getting xp is super easy with battle gates literally took maybe half an hour to level up to 99 after finishing which is actually kinda disappointing but it is what it is.
  9. Plat #45 Waited forever for this game to come out. I literally checked if there was new kingdom hearts news about it every day since they announced it lol. Well overall this game was pretty much everything I hoped it would be. The Disney world felt like they were the lengths of entire movies which was great. Can’t wait for the next game in the series after seeing the ending, epilogue, and secret ending. Enjoyment: 10/10 Plat difficulty: 3/10
  10. If you are struggling with this boss here is a couple tips. 1. Bring the healing special weapon 2. Focus on health of your ship (Mine was around 800 health) 3. When the red laser attack is being used align yourself with the scwarzgeist left leg (This will avoid you from getting hit by it every single time. You can also move up and down to avoid being shot at by the extra ships if necessary.) 4. If you don’t think you can handle step 3 you can keep rolling in the corner to more than likely dodge the laser but it isnt guaranteed
  11. You have to acquire all premium cards from premium drop after battle where it does the card roulette. Premuim cards that are found or bought in the moogle store do not count towards this trophy
  12. Trophy building did a few myself when Sony rewards was still bumpin but now that they stopped the trophy reward program I will never get one of those games again
  13. The order you should play them is: KH1 KH Re:CoM KH2 KH 358/2 Days KH BBS KH Re: Coded KH DDD KH 0.2 BBS KH X Backstory KH Union Cross (it’s the phone game and yes it is revelavent to the story in kh3 and after kh3. Also it’s story is still not finished) KH3 Yes it is not that does not include 2.8
  14. Clearly life is strange just have those last photos to take in episode 5
  15. Fall out new vegas