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  1. Yeah and it always seems to have the same result
  2. Anyone else have an issue where this game just refuses to load it gets to about a fourth of the way across the loading bar and then just stops loading pulls up a network connection error and the game has to be closed which cause it to have another error where the software crashes.
  3. If you post after me you have to get the plat for Hannah Montana the movie.
  4. Discovered that if you at least make it to the last wave of a round but you fail to complete the last wave you can close application after going back to level select and start the game back up and the game will think you completed that level when you really didn’t awarding you the trophy and unlocking the next level. Only downside to this is you won’t get any star points for the store from completing the level but if you find yourself not wanting to repeat a level that you made it that far in then it speeds things up.
  5. Kinda want to see how a build with star struck, agitation, mad grit, and iron grasp would be like
  6. Persona 4 golden wish I had a vita to play it lol
  7. Catherine especially since it’s the ps3 version “Babel tower” that is all
  8. Little big planet 3
  9. I enjoy that it doesn’t give me notifications when watching shows. It’s a really small touch but it’s nice not to be bombarded by like 50 plus notifications from messages in a group lol
  10. Kingdom hearts birth by sleep I’m pretty close sorts I still have to do all the 100% stuff with ven and terra but i at least have terra’s boss fights out of the way
  11. Kingdom hearts 2 I’ve been too lazy to do the gummi ship missions lol
  12. I felt I was experiencing lag of some sort but I found using headphones instead of the tv audio fixed things for me
  13. Well I had 3/4 kills before my match last night and the first kill I got popped the trophy so I believe the counters are messing up the trophy but will need someone else to confirm this obviously.
  14. Both these trophies are glitched currently in a way that makes them easier to achieve. The counter on these trophies keeping track of them keeps track of the total number of each thing you’ve done instead of the most you’ve gotten in a match. So to get these trophies you just need to get 4 sacrifices and and 4 kills that don’t have to be in the same game. I would do the kill trophy as soon as you can because that one can be frustrating to do when people dc and ruin you being able to complete it.