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  1. Little big planet 2
  2. Battlefield 4 100%. I only ever bothered to get the plat for this game (was my first play) kinda wish I still had the game to go for the 100% since I do own all the dlc.
  3. Plat #56 (Ps4 version) Finally took the time to plat this great game. Nothing really to say about this game as most people already know how great it is. Enjoyment 9/10 Plat Difficulty 4/10
  4. What the game needs is the killer from scream but the version of the killer from Scary Movie. He should then be able to say WAZZ UP constantly instead of having a heart beat.
  5. I see people saying it gives them time to make the episodes good but last episode they had 4 months to make it and it ended up being very buggy. Characters were invisible in scenes, characters were clipping through objects, and characters were t posing which was kinda ridiculous.
  6. Plat #55 Bought this when it was on sale for 5 dollars. It was a decently entertaining game though the police chases are awful lol. You should not have to constantly go back and find the police car because they are far slower than you are. The races are decently easy especially if the other racers reck. Half the time if the other racers reck they never end up respawning which makes races really easy. Enjoyment: 7/10 Plat Difficulty: 3/10
  7. Plat #54 Borderlands Pre-Sequel (PS4) This game takes so long to plat if you didn’t start out as fragtrap. I learned that lesson the hard way lol. This game isn’t the best borderlands game in the world but it’s entertaining. Enjoyment: 7/10 Plat Difficulty: 5/10
  8. Little Big Planet 2
  9. Plat #53 Grenade of Duty: Grenades at War Seriously if the Japanese and the Germans actually had as many grenades as they do in this game they would of won ww2 hands down. I feel after platting this I can plat any cod game no problem. This is not a cod for people who can barely pass veteran on cods like mw2 and 3. This veteran mode require blood, sweat, and a lot of tears but mainly a lot of hate towards grenades. Enjoyment: 10/10 in spite of it difficulty this game is one of the better cods story wise Plat Difficulty 8/10
  10. Plat #52 It it was fun to be able to play the campaign for this game in its remastered state. Now that I’ve platted this I’ve managed to plat both the ps plus games from this month. This game will always be great. I hope mw2 gets remastered soon. Enjoyment 9/10 Plat difficultly 5/10
  11. Plat #51 Black Mirror Got this game on sale thankfully for 8 dollars. This game is definitely not worth 40 dollars it is rather short, the graphics are terrible, half the game is loading, and the people’s mouths just move randomly whenever anyone is talking. The story to the game is not bad at all but the execution is not very good. At one point it took a minute of loading just for a cut scene that said 3 words then immediately went to another loading screen. The story is this games only saving grace. Enjoyment 5/10 Plat Difficulty 1/10
  12. I know this sounds silly but wiggle your right analog stick back at forth while carrying him. For some reason when you do they shoot you less
  13. Assassins creed 4
  14. Feel free to share with the rest of us lol