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  1. beyond two souls I am too lazy to go back and clean that up lol
  2. I mean I didn't buy it but got it from ps plus long ago and that would be Rogue Legacy. I put so many hours into that game lol. It wasn't even a game I would normally play but for some reason it was super fun to me.
  3. assassin's creed 3
  4. well seeing as you are on a yakuza binge I would say Yakuza 6 lol I just started playing 0 not too long ago
  5. yes it will bring you back before you enter
  6. word search by powgi and it will probably stay like that for a long time lol there are so many word searches in that game
  7. Champion of Ivalice (Plat) Collected all other trophies. By far my favorite final fantasy game gameplay wise. Wish they would make another game like this one lol
  8. if you are into square enix stuff you might want to try the star ocean games if you are into jrpgs the tales of series might be something you like if you like endlessly being able to level up you can try the sirliam (i think thats how its spelled lol) games (they are like pokemon but there is no level cap) if you also enjoy near endless leveling up then there is mugen souls and mugen souls z on the ps3 if you like some gangster/mafia type stuff in japan then try the yakuza series not sure if this counts but if you like farming/animal crossing give stardew valley a try if you like coop then you can always give diablo 3 a try
  9. watch dogs its a pretty easy plat just a grind. It was one of the first few plats I earned lol
  10. final fantasy x
  11. Drawn to death
  12. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition you have some patience lol
  13. I finally platted binding of Isaac rebirth during this quarantine and life is strange for the ps3 lol I can’t tell you how much I hated grinding Riku to level 99 in that game the ps3 version was a nightmare to plat lol
  14. Assassin's Creed Black Flag