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  1. Dragon fin soup has to be the worst the game we’ve got from ps plus
  2. Just have the launch one that has the touch activate buttons instead of the push ones
  3. Marvel vs capcom 3
  4. Drawn to death
  5. Plat #60 This is game is a very solid visual novel. If you like futuristic robots with a murder mystery and a great sound track this is a game for you. The only problem you’ll have his the two trophies that involve shooting. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10 thanks to the shooting mini game lol
  6. Honestly out of all their games this one seems like it would be mildly entertaining
  7. Assassins creed 4
  8. Plat #57,58,59 Claire Been awhile since I've posted on here. Don’t normally but three games in on post but you know doing it this time. All these games are pretty good in their own way. Most of you should know bioshock and Minecraft by now so I’ll skip talking about them. Claire is one of those 2d horror games with a decent story. It is far easier than lone survivor to plat though.
  9. See I did that and it still wouldn’t let me escape. I had to eventually find the hatch to escape instead
  10. So I just recently played a match where some how I went to escape and got hit by the killer at the exact point in which it should show that you escaped but it instead lundged me forward and let me keep control of my character outside that map. Has this happened to anyone else before? Here is is a short video of it happening
  11. Little big planet 2
  12. Battlefield 4 100%. I only ever bothered to get the plat for this game (was my first play) kinda wish I still had the game to go for the 100% since I do own all the dlc.
  13. Plat #56 (Ps4 version) Finally took the time to plat this great game. Nothing really to say about this game as most people already know how great it is. Enjoyment 9/10 Plat Difficulty 4/10
  14. What the game needs is the killer from scream but the version of the killer from Scary Movie. He should then be able to say WAZZ UP constantly instead of having a heart beat.