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  1. I had the same problem in story mode. I made the 100% and the trophy did not fall, I had to do some race again and the trophy finally fell. I was very afraid.
  2. We must also make a special time to have emerald rank I believe... In share play it's easier maybe I finally finished the 100% It was really hard, I was surprised at the difficulty for the times to beat
  3. @Dark-Hax- Hello , You have passed the challenge in how much test Thanks for the video I will try again and again
  4. Hello all , @NTN_JOSHY you play which class & Which build you use ?
  5. Hello everyone, I do not know if it still works infinite ammo, someone trying to do it ?
  6. I just had the trophy, I play without the patch
  7. Hello , I met this bug too I made the game twice and it's always the same, I'm in version 2.00 I start the game without the update and in addition I miss this trophy for platinum: x
  8. Hello everyone, I do not know how you do for the bloody palace for some character, I managed with Super Dante and Vergil for now. On the other hand the other character I really hurt too much :( Do you play auto ? I see some player of your performance, it's impressive the skill you have I need your help ^ - ^