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  1. TheRadBrad is a pretty cool guy, I've watched his LP of Dead Island and Dead Rising. I really enjoyed those. I don't really mind who is LP'ing a game, as long as they don't try and force themselves to be funny. I do watch Game Center CX occasionally considering how awesome the Chief is, another would be Cobanermani456 he sounds like the nicest guy I have ever heard, but I would say that I mostly watch Long Plays on YouTube, they have a lot of new and old games on there, even ancient PC games, it's really neat.
  2. Sickness has been beaten to death, I can continue on the path of minimum wage duties. $8.50 an hour HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jason_Rocks68


      Amen to that brother.

    3. Lady Lilith

      Lady Lilith

      San Jose's minimum wage is getting increased to $10/hour in March because of a measure that passed in the election. It just so happens that's where I work.

    4. Jason_Rocks68


      Wowza that's alotta green for minimum wage, congratz! ^-^

  3. Not dead but horribly, horribly sick.

  4. Thanks to Azakos for the custom avatar! Thank you!

  5. The game store I usually attend was sold out of copies of Borderlands 2 and Black Ops 2. Was going to get them for $35 each and get a 3rd game for free. They ran out and I had to go to the nearby Lamestop. I feel bad I couldn't get a friend of mine Borderlands 2 but I'm sure my nephews will be happy with their new game.

  6. Whoo~ Finals week! One week left to go before I can rip into so many games. Earth Defense Force, Kingdom of Alamur/Amalur, White Knight Chronicles 2. I could go on...

    1. LeeMcD-


      I know that feel. My first exams is tomorrow at 9am. Exams. On a saturday :(

    2. bmj14772


      Good luck with Finals gentlemen. I'm not finishing up a year/semester but, I am going to be shutting down my GameFly account in a few days so that I may also tackle my backlog :D (Similar situation :P)

  7. After a grueling 3 hours Master Gee the Invincible lays dead at my feet as my friend and brother loot his worldly possesions. I weep for such a power lost to the world. On the other hand I got the trophy for doing all the sidequests whoo!

  8. Hyperious the Invincible has truly earned his name. That man is a monster even with a full party that had Bee shields equipped, it took about 2 hours. Borderlands 2 DLC!!

  9. Hi Kirbz!

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    2. Kirbz


      Wow lol freshman in college?

    3. Jason_Rocks68


      Yeah 1st semester going, a lot of stuff happened >_> It's fun but so draining.

    4. Kirbz


      yeah I heard you only have time for school in college

  10. I'm still alive! College sure is a time drainer.

    1. DanielVT


      You aren't kidding. I completely understand where you are coming from. I literally just finished a class.

    2. Jason_Rocks68


      Night classes are the best aren't they? I mean who doesn't like [email protected] from 2 P.M. to 10? >_>

    3. DanielVT


      Well I take all my classes online, so I stay up till whenever I want. Sometimes up to 4 or 5 am lol. That is rare though! It's usually around 1 or 2 am. I wish I could be nocturnal.

  11. I recieved White Knight Chronicles 2 as a gift yesterday. Not sure what to do with it.

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    2. Kirbz


      to beat the story, i would say around 50-60 hours, since it has both games... (I would recommend full mage build). with online, erm... 1000 hours?

    3. Shmenon-Pie


      If you're not gonna trophy hunt then yeah, just play the game through. It's not Level 5's best work, but it's good stuff.

    4. Jason_Rocks68


      Hmm sounds like a good time killer for those nights I have a some spare hours. I'll give it a go another time. Thanks Kirbz + Pie

  12. Finllay got around to buying Lollipop Chainsaw. Love it, my only problem with it is all I hear when Juliet talks is Twilight Sparkle.

  13. AHHHH LIVEGIVING WATER NECTAR OF THE GODS. Graham can now feel strength and renewal flowing through him.

    1. Lady Lilith

      Lady Lilith

      I will always think of that King's Quest V death montage when I see Graham's name.

      Specifically, falling off cliffs.

  14. Saw that new batman movie, couldn't take it seriously. Bane looked like Dr. Zoidberd

    1. LeeMcD-


      Why not Baneberg?

      (\/) (°,,°) (\/)

    2. Piggie_Pie


      haven't seen it... The second one didn't leave a lasting impression on me so i will just wait for it to hit the Red Box

  15. Welcome Fellow PSNPeer!