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  1. Yup, collector jave the best and quickest xp boost thou
  2. Allright, done and done, got my plat, time to move on
  3. Yay got all 4 today i miss only 65exp lvl, keep pushing everybody who want em
  4. Hi, Can anyone could complete the challenge tower, than send that challenge to me? I'll be greatful, and would do the same to you. Thanks from a top Edit: It appears, that we must share same region servers to make it work, i guess i have us copy of mk xl.
  5. Yeah, still checking, war tower is back as so the fraction kards, i guess they lagging it 1st day of fraction wars shift, still looking for invasion checking everyday gaining respect points.
  6. Ok new fraction war, new chances, btw yesterday war tower was unavailable also
  7. I left posts @ mk communities in psn, with that invasion issue, none replays
  8. Yeah, is there a official statement that invasions will be no more?
  9. Well lets see, how its ends... I guess wb don't give a damm bout mkx. I previously had problems with shadow if war feature, but at the end it works
  10. Yeah, got problems too, bit got it today and plati as so. I recommend aim for low recruitment levels card from all fractions, if you pay attention, you'll start to see witch one come more often i got it with the elves low level card.
  11. Hi, i need help 2 boost those trophies. Any good hints, or want to play with me to do 'em? Cheers
  12. Hi, Have the same problem, done everything, guess WBplay is offline? Missing online trophies and so close to platinum. Freaking Hydra servers. Any suggestions how I can connect? Cheers
  13. It was Far Cry 4 - also first plati on ps4