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  1. Deal is easy. One shot, one kill, you can not take any damage. That's all l.
  2. Its seems so, also re3 got like 10k
  3. That's pretty big number for a start. At first sight more than doom eternal and lots of other games at release week?
  4. Ive just playing that one and as alweys aiming for plat. That game is different and unique in its kind. I've enjoed it so far and im at almost at end of firs playtrough. As a spinoff of ps4 still looks awesome and kave good scripted scenes. Cheers
  5. Hmm unlikely like bloodborne etc. Its strict single player. I gear up a little with proper skills and tactics, its more possible to plat that one. Ofc i do it without cheating and uae saves from other ppl, stat spoils the fun and difficulty. Anyways sooner or later i plat that one
  6. Thank you all for feedback. I have plat in nioh bloodborne lords of the fallen. Now Sekiro. Yeah tru that people buy this one as yaou say to plat it mamy rarity is so high in my opinion. Cheese bosses...? Hmmmm ok there are some strategies but honestly it is not so easy anyways. Im curently at fight with genichiro or so on top of pagoda.
  7. ...and that game its not so easy. I played several hrs but boss fights is still challenging. I know with higher lvl of skills stats etc will be easier, but anyways its verry high % of platinum owners. How so?
  8. Trophy isn't bugged. Basicly you need to be first at holeshot line. Its the first checkpoint with time. Of course you need to start race first and reach line first (mainly holeshot sign near track and a line on track). Go a litte further tand pause a game and press touchpad. In statistics you should see that you made holeshot or not. If not rewind or restart race. Also you need to finish whole race to get it count.
  9. Yup, collector jave the best and quickest xp boost thou
  10. Allright, done and done, got my plat, time to move on
  11. Yay got all 4 today i miss only 65exp lvl, keep pushing everybody who want em
  12. Hi, Can anyone could complete the challenge tower, than send that challenge to me? I'll be greatful, and would do the same to you. Thanks from a top Edit: It appears, that we must share same region servers to make it work, i guess i have us copy of mk xl.
  13. Yeah, still checking, war tower is back as so the fraction kards, i guess they lagging it 1st day of fraction wars shift, still looking for invasion checking everyday gaining respect points.
  14. Ok new fraction war, new chances, btw yesterday war tower was unavailable also