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  1. As already stated, online servers have been shut down, sorry bud! That being said the bladestone grind isn't as bad as people remember. I replayed Demon's Souls last year and was absolutely dreading the Dual Wield Skeleton farm but it only took about 45 minutes. The whole "it takes weeks to grind for pure bladestone" is a bit of folklore if you ask me.
  2. Phenomenal guide! Will most certainly use it. Thank you!
  3. #10 - Cosmic Star Heroine Difficulty - 2/10 Enjoyment - 6/10 Hours played - 15
  4. At least there is no mention of expert on any of the trophy descriptions.
  5. Looks like a decent list. I wonder how 'hard' hard mode is. Maybe someone who played the last couple of games could comment on that?
  6. The Last of us Remastered. Want to and will play it but dread the online.
  7. I just came of Thronebreakers and loved it! I played on Steam and I'm thinking about picking it up on PS4 to play it again for trophies. It's also made me curious about the multiplayer Gwent, even though I have almost no experience with card games. So what I'm wondering is, how difficult is the Platinum? I'm sure it's time consuming with ranking/levelling up and opening 100 kegs, but can a card game pleb like me realistically get the Platinum?
  8. For a new player who needs grouping up with strangers for raids, Prestige Leviathan might be more difficult than 4/10 seeing as it scales to your Light level but the rest of the 100% is easy albeit time consuming. The DLC trophies in particular; getting exotics, collection badges and seals are also quite dependent on RNG.
  9. I think a balanced estimation would be 50-60 hours but it will always depend on skill as well. I'm level 24 after about 10-15 hours, won maybe 12 games which is probably average/just above average play. Just make sure to switch character classes after each win and be mindful of doing 5k damage with all 8 legends currently in the game. I just recently got enough currency to buy one of the two locked characters so I'm assuming I'll be able to unlock the other around shortly before hitting level 50.
  10. Platinum looks very grindy and time consuming. Can anyone who played on PC comment on the difficulty?
  11. I've been "on my way" to playing this for months now. A guide like this is exactly what I need to get started!
  12. Good work, this will be useful! Thank you.
  13. Sign me up as Lord of Cinder, I have the following platinum trophies: Demon's Souls Dark Souls: Remastered Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Dark Souls III