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  1. Perfect, thank you!
  2. I've never played a Hitman game but interested in this one. This whole upgrade business is confusing though... If I buy Hitman 3 and these upgrade passes for 1 and 2 does that mean that I can play the entire campaign of the first two games within Hitman 3 or is it merely importing the levels/scenery of those games into 3 for something else/custom missions or whatever?
  3. Red Dead Redemption 2... finally.
  4. Didn't know about that, cheers!
  5. I am able to play both PS4 and PS5 version of Fifa 21 on my PS5. Going into game library and sorting by platform allows me to pick which version I want to play.
  6. A nice summary of all the things we’ve slowly pieced together on here. Well done everyone!
  7. Would love to join a crew, both for trophy and playing with others. PSN: KKrischanz
  8. Messing around with body compositions and playing 1-2 games inbetween might work. This trophy is extremely finicky and annoying.
  9. Great info, thank you! Will be referencing your post when I buy this. One question, how long is a “full” playthrough? I feel like I can’t quite get a sense of how long this game is. I.e how long is a first, blind run on normal and how quickly can you “speed-run” it after you’ve gotten familiar with the game. Thanks again!
  10. This trophy seems extremely finicky for some people. They way it unlocks for some and not others, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. Good to hear it popped. If it doesn't pop for you, with the stats listed in OP, your best bet is to just mess around with all your sliders and play 1-2 games on different settings... as far as I know.
  11. Hard Bastard is certainly not easy, having played through it on PC. You can save scum though, quitting out to dashboard when you are about to die will reset your progress to before you boarded the ship. So this trophy won't be as hard as one might imagine. Some guides out there for how to do this on Xbox as well, recommend people look those up.
  12. Finished the 100% a few days ago and I reckon it took me around 35'ish hours. Normal (collectible) playthrough - 12h Grounded+ (difficulty) playthrough - 4-5h (tried to get through it quickly, using some speedrun strats) Partial 3rd playthrough - 3h (rushed through grounded too quickly and needed more parts to finish weapon upgrades) Multiplayer - 15h (used tactical quitting to get it over with as quick as possible) Left Behind - 2h (went straight for survivor and all collectibles which is not hard at all) Overall a fantastic single player but didn't enjoy some of the trophy grind (multiplayer) at all. Still happy I played it.
  13. 22# - The Last of Us: Remastered Difficulty - 7/10 Enjoyment - 6/10 Hours played - 50 The single player was phenomenal, and I enjoyed a second run on "Grounded" difficulty even though I generally loathe second playthroughs. The enjoyment does decrease because of all the multiplayer, which I dragged myself through to feed the completionist compulsion. Did Platinum and all DLC. Overall a fantastic single player experience but not great for trophy hunters.
  14. I think we could all do with practicing a bit of tolerance.... At the end of the day, if developers care, they should try to protect the integrity of their trophies by a) not including this shit to begin with and b ) patching it out when discovered. The fact that this is the umpteenth Call of Duty game with a glitch like this says all there is to say, really. When the developers themselves don't value the "integrity" of their achievement system, how can you possible demand/expect players to do so?
  15. Sorry brother, not sure about how you raise individual stats at all. Glad to hear it. It seems people are having all sorts of issues with this when they play as attackers or midfielders.