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  1. As far as I know: there are two methods. One involves putting in the same chest code again and again for 3-5 hours. The other one has a more involved setup, but then you can just let the game run for a few hours if you fix your R1 with a rubber band to keep shooting. I read somewhere that cheats might invalidate trophies in this version, but I have no means to confirm that. So not sure if the first method is an option.
  2. I have the problem described in this thread with Dirt 5. I haven’t tried installing the PS4 version of Dirt 5 and see if can access the DLC that way. But: I have SnowRunner (PS4) and can access all DLC content on my PS5 with my main account (British), although I bought it on my German account. The same is true for the PS5 version of AC Valhalla, which I bought on PS4 with the season pass and then got the free next gen upgrade for. I really don’t understand why this doesn’t work for Dirt 5. The game is fun, but I’m not paying twice for the DLC.