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  1. Not upgraded before, do I need to wait til the game is out. Then pop the ps4 disc in, selecting the current non existing upgrade option? Or do I put the disc in and wait to be given the option?
  2. Price is £15.99 so quite pleased.
  3. Sounds better after hearing that.
  4. Disc in and installed. Just waiting now to upgrade to ps5 and purchase the content and all free DLC.
  5. That's the annoying thing if it's $19.99 in USA It should be £14.13 in UK. So if it is £19.99 we pay alot more than you.
  6. Thanks lads. Sound like it might be wise to start it up now as I know there's a lot of data to transfer from the data disc. I am still disappointed we don't know how much the upgrade will cost for the Yuffie DLC. SE told the world USA price but no one elses
  7. This has been fixed as of version 1.02 new ps5 version update. As expected your stats will start at zero. So everything excluding files found and goats destroyed. Total time played is OK, everything else has been wiped.
  8. Anyone else on here still waiting for Capcom to go live with the PS5 version of the game? They tweeted on Friday to day RE.NET is live for village. I've completed the game and checked plenty of times but no data has been sent across. It's the only game that I've had issues with no data. Surely Capcoms end as the other 9 RE games worked fine.
  9. I noticed this myself recently. I was going for it in my runthrough. The trophy didn't pop as I purposely left some closed in the village. When I went to them the trophy didn't pop. Turns out I missed 1 more than I thought. So far I've not followed a guide.
  10. Hoping it's fixed today, it's 17 May in Japan within the next 3 hours. If not let's hope for 17 May BST, I'm quite keen to check on my stats. And also where I missed xyz collectibles.
  11. Capcom announced on it doesnt work and are fixing it.
  12. Assuming you got this now. It's should come naturally on your first playthrough, as the first playthrough is always the proper playthrough. You want to experience everything possible.
  13. Ive posted on another trophy forum. I also posted on several reddit subs. The more it gets out hopefully Capcom will sort it. Funny they pulled VERSE as its wasn't ready they clearly didnt check to ensure RE.NET was ready for data. There's 10 games on .net, I own 9 I've no interest in Umbrella Corps, every other game works fine except ps5 village.
  14. Yeah I've done that every time I've loaded the game up. So 30 times at least. I even tried playing the game with it off. Then turn back on after reloading the game later that day. The above comment is having it too. Another forum a member mentioned his friend is having the same issue. Edit I just went to rankings saw players times. I went back to my profile and no data still. I'll await capcom fix it.
  15. At least I'm not the only one having issues. They need to sort it out. It's great for tracking what I've done. And this game from what I see reveals collections I've picked up. But it just doesnt work(done as what was mentioned above and doesnt work) Also what a nightmare using this forum is on the phone, the bloody video adverts blocking the screen whilst typing.....
  16. anyone on here that has it yet, fancy leaking the trophy list?
  17. no surpirse this flop has been delayed until some time in summer. oh well 7 may is days away. Village is where im going to be at.
  18. 15th april. they said theres a surprise announcement too. heres hoping for re1-3 on disc for ps5
  19. certainly enhances games. it forces me to go out my way to do something i normally wouldnt do.
  20. what a flop this open beta has been. no need for PS+ which is good. due to be back online 6am 10.04.21.
  21. mainly sport games(stuff you can go outside and do) Football is the worst in my opinion.... anyone can go and kick a ball. when i play on my console its something you cant do in real life.
  22. this is fine for people like me who have no time to to it legit, but have done the game to death back in the 90's. I may well invest in this, i only want it for the weapons, all the others are just needless unlocks.
  23. Going to wait until this and the royal pack update are in the sale, No point in paying high price for the DLCs when the game is so old now. I cant find anywhere that says how much it costs either(UK)
  24. This isn't a remaster, Not sure where you got this idea from? So very doubt it.
  25. 9 more days to go. Finally down to single digits.