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  1. Thanks,I thought it should be 60 minutes.
  2. Yeah,that super speed hurts my eves though. 😂 Loading times are just terrible.
  3. Yeah,it is not glitched that you can't get it. And I didn't count,who knows how many really exploded.
  4. I got it by just playing with randoms and some private matches. Used assault rifle,some were just burning before I left.
  5. Same,no issues. Got occasional errors but that might be do to modifiers.
  6. Yeah,I also really liked that game so have fun with it. 👌
  7. I played offline and still one trophy glitched on me,the one for finishing level 4 on hard. Had to delete the game and reinstall it but the worst part was repeating that torture.
  8. I have disc version and played case 5 offline,every trophy popped. I was worried a bit after reading about glitches.
  9. 2 more completed games. #12 - DW6 Empires Strategic elements of the game were boring so I won't play and Empires games again. I prefer standard DW. #13 - Far Cry 2 What to say about this classic game with super rare platinum? Multiplayer is boring grindfest but it is easy to get done since there are no randoms and you only need 3 people for most trophies or even nobody if you have 3 consoles. Single player was quite fun and unique experience. There is a lot of missable trophies so you have to be careful. The game has some interesting details like main character having malaria so he tires quickly and needs medicine from time to time,weapons that jam and break and anemy AI being very aggressive even on easy,they really like to kill you by ramming their car into you. 😁
  10. Same,it looks so good without that stuff. 😉
  11. I am considering this game since it is on sale. Is the online part easy to boost?
  12. Just got this bad boy and it is worth it. Single player is very good,multiplayer is just boring. I would do Adventurer trophy ASAP as it was unobtainable for some time.
  13. I played with randoms and got it,I didn't count maps really just normal play.
  14. Does it work with latest update? I have disc version of the game,hope it works the game is boring. 😁