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  1. I suggest just waiting in the left corner for them to group,killing only normal enemies. When they get together one player activates Ao3,the other 2 use cluster grenades and that should do it.
  2. Yeah,lol. We tried to push him to the other end of the church,I don't remember if it worked. 😬
  3. 500 coop arenas,nice. Did you try hunter arena?
  4. This seems to be the truth. 😀 Also I agree that you should play with different people and if self boosting with 2 consoles use different accounts.
  5. I got it by doing Rambo style-we stayed next to statue. 😬 Staying on the rubble and waiting for action was the worst thing in this game. I got so nervous and often made mistakes,lol.
  6. It reduces time a LOT it seems. Not to days but weeks. 😄 You do not have to wait for someone to join,you can kill every round and play when you like. That leaves competitive modes and finding 2 good team mates for co op trophies.
  7. I know a guy who got 80% of treasures in 2 days matching with himself. 😬 On PS3 though,he kills all the time,as hero and a villain. And he played like 10-12 hours straight.
  8. I think 3 weeks for last one. 😁 Wrathful Deity Head (Lapis-Lazuli) was also my last one and was found in hunter arena facility map inside chest.
  9. Nice,you really want to get 100%.
  10. It is not that bad,only you can't choose maps you like. 😬
  11. You must go to find game,in custom you will not get treasures. Just press find game at the same time on both consoles and you will probably match with yourself.
  12. In Croatian store there are 2 different versions listed for download. I downloaded all of them,7 files,maybe it is the same elswhere?
  13. Nice,U3 is done so 2 weeks for me. 😁
  14. Really? Croatian store has it for free,and it is a small country,unlike Spain. 😬
  15. Nice move by ND to give DLC stuff for free. I will try to get 100% in Uncharted 2.