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  1. Alice DLC is free which is cool.
  2. Finally,someone agrees with me that Prince of Persia is nothing special. I really had to force myself to finish it. April will be reserved for Bad Company multiplayer,with trying to get online trophies in Crysis 3,Mercenaries 2 and getting some easy trophies in Get Fit With Mel B when there is no online sessions.
  3. If you finished all substories and got Golden Pistol,ex hard is no problem and can be done in 6-7 hours. Unless you want to fight you way without the Pistol. 😀 Mini games are really hard,for me Karaoke was the worst one.
  4. Funny,I only liked the combat system in this game. It is a lame Batman ripoff but not bad. On the other hand story,characters,sound,graphics or level design are all mediocre.
  5. Yeah,let's hope the store survives also. 😬 Today I traded some of my old games for 6 new ones. I was surprised to find The Saboteur,I wanted to get that one for a long time. The rest are;Eat Lead,Mercenaries 2,Lost Planet 3,South Park The Stick of Truth and Get fit with Mel B. Last one for some easy trophies. 😂 Battlefield Bad Company and Crysis 3 are next ones I will try to find.
  6. Same here. I am getting error 80710016.
  7. Completed game #7 - Yakuza 3. Finally an update because this was a long and hard platinum to get. It took me 155 hours and some of the minigames were a pain in the ass especially karaoke.
  8. Yeah,I did all other challenges yesterday but this one is crazy. 😫 Mine can take so much of your health if you make a mistake.
  9. Let's hope it gets fixed,still no room for panick. 😬
  10. I am doing Yakuza 3 right now. Currently I am getting murdered in ultimate skill challenge: Ultimate Match 2 - Defeat the bosses without regaining health. S rank is within 10:00 minutes. Legendary Dragon. This a bunch of Tokyo bosses: Kanda, Majima with Knife, Richardson, and Mine. This wont be easy. 😖
  11. Yeah,when cleaning the console and new thermal paste don't help it is probably capacitor problem. But looks like they can be replaced.
  12. Same here,can't sync trophies. Error 8002A10D
  13. This sounds exactly like what was happening with mine PS3. Sometimes I could even play for short time but then 3 beeps and blinking red light. Yes,you got ripped of but that happens,nothing you can do.
  14. That person knew he was selling a dead PS3. 😡 I had the same problem with beeps and blinking red light,also replaced thermal paste but it didn't help it was some other major problem.
  15. I didn't like Remember Me,had much more fun with Metro. Remember Me does have good combat system,reminded me of Batman and is shorter and easier.