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  1. Yes,only disc version works. I also have digital and there is no way to get online there.
  2. Yes. I got it with chapter select,no need for new game.
  3. I played Wolfenstein like 6 years ago and I don't think it was glitchy back then. 😃 I usually try to get some if not all online trophies without boosting,but Wolfenstein was deserted.
  4. Nice,congratulations. Did you play hunter arena or just coop arena?
  5. I have been using DS4 with wireless connection for some time and is working perfectly in games like Killzone,Far Cry Classic,Diablo 3 RoS and Deus EX Human Revolution.
  6. Wow,PS3 offer is quite good after a looooong time.
  7. If you play co op adventure on hard you can get both sets of treasures,the ones that drop on hard/crushing which are considered rare and it may require you to kill that boss a lot of times,like 20 to get them,and also easy/medium treasures which are common. Yes,that message sound like he has digital version.
  8. Oh yes,playing hunter arena for 2 weeks to get that final treasure was fun. 😅
  9. Check Uncharted 3 guide for hoarder trophy on this site for enemies who drop them,the same enemies drop them on easy/ medium.
  10. Usually yes,end boss drops treasure. Except in syria. In Borneo,only Draza drops one of 3 treasures. In Airport you fight 3 bosses at the end and each one drops one treasure. So if you get 2 drops and loose all lives you will have to repeat the chapter again to get third one. Also suicide if treasure doesn't drop to start again from checkpoint. Treasures on easy/normal will be different,this was done for hard/crushing ones but tactics is the same.
  11. So the glitch works,nice. 😀 There is a nice number of trophies still possible it seems.
  12. Me too,but this platinum is really easy. Lowest difficulty and you can pass the ball to your striker and just slalom to goal. 😁😁
  13. Damn,statue protection on crushing with only 2 players in splitscreen. 😂 Also no death arena would suck with only 2 players,but it can be done if you are really good.
  14. Yes,good question. I don't know anything about LAN,is it possible to get 3 people playing,with splitscreen on second conole? If yes,then trophies listed by Clavietka would be possible. 😃
  15. I just tested with mine digital goty edition,and there is no way to go to offline co-op.