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  1. The game is mediocre but worth 3-4 $/Euros. The most horrible thing is loading time.Rescue runs last for 2-3 minutes but if you restart you will watch the loading screen 90 seconds,I counted exactly. 💩 Also 4/10 difficulty is too low in my opinion but I didn't bother to get any better so there is that.
  2. It works,got the platinum just now. 😬
  3. Director's Cut has diferent trophy list so I got both and had great time with them.
  4. Yes,that is the message. You see other player but get that when trying to join them.
  5. Are official servers still up? If so how can anyone be sure you didn't get the trophies using them? 😂
  6. You need NAT type 1 connection.
  7. Also artillery strike is not technically an airstrike. 😅
  8. I just spammed leaderboards until it connected. Took 4-6 times usually.
  9. Worked for me. Beat both games on hard and replayed only the last checkpoint on medium.
  10. Alpha Protocol,Deus EX,Demon's Souls,CoJ:Bound in Blood,Bad Company 2,Yakuza 3,Uncharted games...
  11. This pile of shit game crashed on me atleast 10 times giving me blue screen asking if I want to report a problem. Half of thoose were in the middle of the level but the other half was AFTER beating the last boss and not giving me the trophies I worked hard for. Terrible job by developers. 💩
  12. I think I played in offline mode just fine but yeah,to be sure get that platinum before servers are downed.
  13. It was working last year when I did it.
  14. I got one billion with german version using the glitch. 😉
  15. German version is censored and easier(you don't need to escort HVT to helicopter) and it does NOT work with other versions it even has seperate save file. 😅