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  1. Ok, I'll start with Milla then. Thanks for helpful tips and the fast response!!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion!! Did you use it to earn your platinum, is there any specific trophy that I should pay attention to while I use this walkthrough? That's very detailed and helpful, thanks a lot man!! I'll definitely keep an open tab for it. After taking a look at the guide here, I wanted to ask if there is any beneficial reason to start with Jude instead of Milla?
  3. Planning to start this game and I was wondering if there is any guide which you people used to help you earn the platinum? Any suggestions and maybe advices?
  4. I understand and I'm not arguing about skipping boring parts of a game, I do the same if I have the option. My problem is about autopopping the entire platinum, and then calling it a day. I personally find it unethical, it's no different than people who play low quality games to boost their statistics.
  5. I don't have problem with people's "playstyle", I just don't see the "play" part on autopopping... There is no point on arguing with logical fallacies, like strawman argument. I didn't talk about anyone's playstyle, why you generilaze it? Autoppoping isn't a playstyle, you are not just skipping a part of the game(like Gwent) as you want to present it, you are not playing at all how can any logical person consider it a "playstyle"?! People who take advantage of autopopping platintums either do it because of low self-esteem and try to boost it with fake platinums or either because they like the rewarding sound of a popping trophy. And really it's not I like have problem with you or these people who choose to delude themselves, at the very least I pity you. If you want delude yourself by calling it "playstyle" to feel better, please keep on doing so. My main problem is the fake statistics, these platinums became unrealistically common and their leaderboards lose their meaning.
  6. How exactly are you having fun when you're not playing at all? Are you having fun by deluding yourself? Seriously, you guys are no different than people who play crappy 30-min platinums like "My Name is Mayo" and feel good about hearing the notificating sound of trophies. It's really funny how susceptible some people are to instant gratification.
  7. Hope this trend dies off, it was already stupid enough to have different trophy lists for the exact same game but now we just hand over platinums for no effort at all. Don't understand the appeal of autopoping trophies or people who like duplicate platinums, seriously it's like a fake platinum. Ligally cheating.
  8. Yeah, I really love Falcom games but their trophy images are really disappointing.
  9. About older games of the series vs this, as I said this a matter of preference. Different gameplay will appeal to different players. It would have been better if they used a different character for 2018's game and drop "God of War" title, but I personally like how they managed to continue it. There is true character development and a story worth telling.
  10. Yeah, just don't forget to create a fake account on metacritic and rate it a 0/10... Seriously, you have to be dead inside of you to consider 2018's God of War a "disappointment". I know the gameplay is different, which is a matter of preference, but storywise there's no comparison between this and previous simpleminded GoW games.
  11. Batman Arkham City Love this game! One of my few 10/10!!
  12. That's exactly what I was looking for, thank you! Not expecting any patch and it's really a shame that we have to play an inferior version, but I'm happy that I can platinum some Falcom greatness.
  13. I was waching some reviews and they kept saying that PS4 version is inferior to the other two versions(even Switch's...). Any idea what are the actual differences and why we got screwed so badly? I'm definitely getting this game and on PS4 nonetheless, but I was really worried until today that we will get a sloppy release with bare minimum. To be honest since the game would still look esthetically pleasing, I was mostly worried about the trophy list having untranslated trophies and the same horrible trophy-art as the Evolution version of Sky series on Vita. Sorry, but that would have been a real deal-breaker for me 😅
  14. It was a blast for sure. But it's a shame that none of these 3 Community trophies is Ultra Rare due to the odd way of calculating rarity for DLC trophies, kinda discouraging. Having the same feeling now that I've been playing DLC VR Missions for Metal Gear Rising. It was really exhausting to complete all 30 of them, especially mission 27 which alone took 7 hours and 20 minutes to complete, and then get rewarded with a barely "Very Rare" trophy
  15. That's too bad. Thanks for replying anyway!!