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  1. Thank you! I'll pop the online tutorial trophy first and play offline for the rest of it.
  2. Thanks for replying!! Any idea why the guide on playstationtrophies says that all trophies are online? I mean, it says that I have to be connected to to earn the trophies... If so, do I need to just be online or have a subscription?
  3. I have a few questions about online trophies if someone can help. 1) Can I start with the multiplayer part of the game and earn all of the online trophies without having to progress the story(single-player)? 2) How long does it take to earn all online trophies? An estimation would be nice. 3) Are there any trophies that need boosting?
  4. You can wait for the rest of your life or stop playing dumb, either way I'm done with babysitting.
  5. Kinda funny, I thought that you are gonna say something like that but seemed childish to play with the words. Either learn how to use the word "also" or stop humiliating yourself. About the rest of your comment, use f***ing spoiler tags...
  6. Didn't want to point this out, but I guess I have to. As what exactly are you advising people to not play the game? As someone who hasn't played it and has pretty much 0% knowledge about the actual game? Or as someone who doesn't have self-control and got spoiled? I mean both sound excellent characteristics, but really as what? Again, no one forced you to watch them, it was your choice. There are always gonna be leakers to "thank" or use as an excuse for your lack of self-control. There are others who knew about the leaks and didn't watch/read any spoilers. You could buy a used copy(if you are afraid of wasting your money) and sell it once you are done and then decide if you it was "shitty" or not. But you are probably gonna say something like "Why waste 20+ hours of my life to decide for myself when I can stay ignorant for the rest of it?" because you don't really want to decide, you just want to support your illogical opinion driven by your confirmation-bias.
  7. Ignorance at its peak... You haven't even played the game, but yet you choose to eat chewed food... It's really disappointing how people's "logic" is so... And you don't really have to "thank" anyone but yourself for "saving" you, no leaker forced you to see them it was all but your choice.
  8. #50 - Batman: Arkham Knight I AM the Batman! Difficulty: 8/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Time to Plutinum(100%): ~85 Hours A great epilogue to the Arkham series, the writing is fantastic for characters and the plot, the gameplay was as enjoyable as it was on the previous entries. My favorite part was the whole "subconscious" talks, I found it very smart and extremely well written. The only thing I didn't like was Batmobile and unfortunately there is too much of it(at least for me), which was well executed but it still was a racing element and I'm not a big fan of. Also Predator parts became a bit too complex, I personally like the simplicity of the previous entries. DLC's are very good, even though they were kinda short they still are quite enjoyable as they are well written and thoughtful. Community Challenges were really frustrating sometimes and they are the hardest part to 100% the game, but I liked them. Wanted to give the game a higher rating but Batmobile was too much for me to ignore. Highly recommend!!
  9. Scarecrow ones count for sure, about the rest I think they do as well. I did earn the 69 stars one while I had all 9 medals from Scarecrow missions and if I recall correctly I earned the trophy by playing one of the DLC missions with Batmobile. I'm 99.99% sure both count towards the star medals, what doesn't count is playing with other characters(other than the default character of the mission).
  10. #49 - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Snake Eaten Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 8.5/10 Time to Plutinum(100%): ~15 Hours Great game!! It is a worthy successor to the previous game with many improvements and new mechanics without changing what made MGS 2 so good. Gameplay is flawless, story and characters are well written as expected by a Kojima game. My only complain(which is a personal thing) is about trophies, I really like when a platinum requires 2 playthroughs and this trophy-list doesn't do that unfortunately for me. Quite satisfied with the overall experience! Highly Recommended!!!
  11. I don't think that makes sense. I mean, Bloodborne has over 600k owners here and more than 20% of them have the platinum, the 3 Dark Souls games have around to 300k owners each and thier platinums are around at 15%. Bloodborne's PLATINUM-owners are almost 3 times more than DMC 5's game-owners... The numbers are huge, it's hard to believe that all of these people are determined trophy-hunters. I'm starting to believe that co-op and online help is playing a big role here. Do all of these games(Dark Souls, Bloodborne & Sekiro) have multiplayer that makes their platinums easier?
  12. And I was wondering why the Rarity was dropping(or rising) so quickly?! Back then it was like 0.75%, now it just keeps getting more common by the time. Kinda sucks for people who spent 60 hours to earn "Set for Life" trophy, it is among my worst memories as a "trophy-hunter" but back then it felt slightly rewarding because of its Rarity. On the other hand, it's a great help for people who haven't earned it yet. Hope we don't see any mindless trophies like this one.
  13. #48 - Dead Space 3 Brave New World Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 6.5/10 Time to Plutinum(100%): ~50 Hours I liked it, but compared to the previous entries it was kinda off. Didn't really like the whole crafting system, many weapons became kinda useless and it didn't really feel like a horror game. Quite repetitive level design, even the DLC is the same maps all over again. Co-op was fan but the parts where it was mandatory were the same levels again so it didn't feel like doing something different. This apple fell away from the tree.
  14. Batman: Arkham Knight Second on my list after MGS 3, planning to make this my 50th platinum.
  15. #47 - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Platinum Difficulty: 7/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Time to Plutinum(100%): ~35 Hours A very good game! I liked the setting, I liked the combat, a liked the story and most things in the game. Although there are some similarities, it didn't really feel like GoW rip off as people like to criticise it. The only downside for me was controls which were a bit clunky and it is quite noticeable on platforming parts of the game, definitely not as smooth as other Hack & Slash of its generation. From difficulty perspective, it wasn't the hardest but it was challenging enough to make you learn how to play the game. Recommended!!