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  1. Crossing fingers for a physical release 🤞 I'm like 99% sure we won't get a physical release for this trilogy, but I'm really hoping to otherwise I'm not buying it at all. Better get a physical copy of Ayesha and Escha on ps3, already got one of Shallie on vita, and wait for their plus versions to go on sale even though according to psprices(site) Ayesha has never gone on sale since its release day... .-. Really wanted to expand my collection of vita games with these gems but thanks to the new digital-only fashion and KT my plans got crushed. I'm putting KT on my blacklist just below EA.
  2. 1) DLC = Downloadable Content 2) None of those "DLC's" are actual DLC's. The Last of Us Remastered comes with everything inside, same for Arkham City(PS4), same for Witcher 3 GOTY/Complete(which have thier own trophy lists) and for other games. Those "DLC's" aren't opinional, you don't choose to buy or download them because they are already in. I'm not talking about games that get released with DLC's inside afterwards, meaning having two versions for the same trophy list like Horizon Zero Dawn(Standard & Complete), I'm talking about games where the version with DLC's inside is the only versions available. Don't understand why we count them as downloadable content(DLC) when clearly they are not. Anyway, just wanted to share my meaningless(as it seems) opinion because before I start playing games I like to check their trophy lists and trophy rarities. That's how I got misleaded thinking that DLC trophies for Robin and Nightwing on Arkham City aren't hard because more than 15% of people got them.
  3. Maybe it's just the Vita. Can't really get myself to play for more than two hours in a row.
  4. It wouldn't hurt to read someone's entire post before replying, especially if you don't want to end up replying with ignorance. I'm not saying it's wrong method or that I don't understand how it works. What I'm saying is that some games get released with all DLC's inside, meaning everyone who is owner of the base game is also owner of these "DLC's". My examples were very specific and enlightening, at least for someone who gets to read them. Anyway, short version for people who don't like reading: 1) Keep the current rarity calculating method. 2) Exclude games that get released with "DLC's" inside the game. 3) Don't forget to read....
  5. Wanted to ask why some games have misleading rarities? I really prefer this rarity system over Playstation's because I think it looks more realistic, but there are some trophies that have illogical rarities mostly seen in DLC's or updates probably because of owners. For example: 1) On The Last of Us Remastered, the DLC trophy for completing the game on Grounded(and Grounded+) is more common than the game's lower difficulties. Grounded+ trophy is more common than all NG+ difficulties and slightly more common than Hard difficulty. Even if all these trophies are inside the game and are stackable, meaning you can't earn Grounded/Grounded+ without earning the lower difficulty trophies, they are more common for some reason. 2) On Batman Return to Arkham - Arkham City, that's an even more odd situation. All DLC's are in the game, DLC trophies for clearing challenges with Catwoman are quite rare but the same DLC trophies for Robin and Nightwing are way more common. Campaign Kitty(Catwoman) has a 3.43% rarity while the other two Campaign Wonder(Robin) and Campaign Nightwing(Nightwing) have 16.10% and 16.15%, respectively. 3) On Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, additional trophies update v1.12 has 4,308 owners while the later update v1.14 has 10,738 owners, which doesn't make sense in the first place and probably effects trophy rarities of these two updates. If the DLC is inside the game(phisical & digital) and there is no way to get the game without the DLC they should have the same number of owners.
  6. From my perspective Nintendo is always doing well, I mean doing well on creating games that look like they are made 10 years ego... Seriously, you can't really compare Nintendo's exclusives with PS4's... To be fair, this year didn't really have many games that got my attention, aside from my common picks which I buy them anyways, I'm only planning on getting Death Stranding and probably nothing else for 2019.
  7. Nothing, I have never pre-ordered a game as far as I can remember. When I was a kid I didn't have enough money and now as an adult there is no point for me to do that since my current gaming collection of physical copies is enough to play for 2-3 years, seriously .-. But if I had to pick my money would be on The Last of Us Part 2 and Cyberpunk 2077, maybe on Death Stranding too.
  8. Having finished with Dead Space 2's platinum decided to take a break from shooting space-zombies and go back to work on some open "cases". Currently playing One Piece Unlimited World Red for PS Vita, feels more like a chore but there is no turning back now. Should really had started this on PS3, or better not start it at all.
  9. Normal, really hate inverted and games that force it to you. PS: Accidentally voted inverted... >.<
  10. Xbox exclusives: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Xbox360 & PC) Not having Witcher 2 for ps3 while xbox360 got it really hurts.... But there is always hope for a remake/remastered of the first two games of the series, right?! Nintendo exclusives: Bayonetta 2 & 3 (Nintendo Switch) The only exclusive(s) I can think of from Nintendo is Bayonetta. Nintendo's main games are not my type. PC exclusives: The Witcher The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 1,2 & 3 Ys: Oath in Felghana, Ark of Napishtim, Seven and Chronicles 1 & 2 I know Ys games and the first two games of LoH don't really count as exclusives, because they have PSP ports, but I'm including them because PSP doesn't have a trophy system, while steam does, and if they ever get a re-release with trophies on any Playstation console I'll buy them to get their platinums and add them to my collection :Ρ PS: If I had to pick only one it would be either Witcher 2 or Oath in Felghana, hard to pick.
  11. Planning on getting that at some point, probably next year... Batman Arkham Origins
  12. Platinum #36 - Dead Space 2 The Final Frontier
  13. Right now I'm listening to some local music which I think it's not gonna be appreciated as much as it deserves for obvious reasons. Anyway, instead of posting what I'm listening to I'll post my all-time favorite song. "I Don't Love You" by My Chemical Romance
  14. My last was "Hard to the Core" on Dead Space 2, what a trophy... .-.
  15. That's too bad, I was looking for an excuse to play them but I guess I'll skip them then. Don't have a lot of free time, so I always try to combine good games with trophy hunting. Thanks for replying and for the tips about the snake stuff!! I hope I'll remember them when the time to play this game comes.