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  1. Does really developers' crunching time impacts people's decision about buying a game or not? 🤔 About the game, anything developed by ND is gonna be interesting. Would be nice to see them test their skills by creating an RPG.
  2. Follow feature sounds nice! I personally have 2-3 people that I check their progress regularly and would like a more convenient way to do that. About order again, custom would probably please the majority of people. And you should definitely add an option in PSNP+ settings to let us choose a permanent order instead of being able to change it temporarily until we refresh the page. PS: Happy birthday to PSNP+ and thank you for the awesome work!! 🥳
  3. The previous leveling up system gave you the impression of being stationary, I think the new one is better. Personally, I didn't pay much attention to my level before and I won't start doing it now. Level just shows you how long or how often you play, doesn't show you how good you are.
  4. #54 - Prince of Persia Master Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 5/10 Time to Plutinum (100%): 20 Hours Rarity(Platinum - 100%): 11.06% - 3.21% An average game... Didn't really like the game, it definitely is the weakest entry of PoP franchise(at least out of the 4 that I have played). Starting from the core element of the franchise, which is platforming, I have to say that it is kinda disappointing. I mean, platforming on PoP was always "bending" the rules of physics but this one is on another level. Graphics look kinda cartoon-ish in a bad way, quite unfitting in my opinion. Story is the generic plot of saving the innocent princess and the world from the bad guy, completely predictable and uninteresting. The only good part was gameplay, combat is polished and satisfying considering its age. The DLC made it worse as an experience, in my opinion. Game became a bit tougher to complete and kinda frustrating because platforming parts were longer and trophies more demanding. DLC's story didn't make much sense and it really felt like they were planning to release more DLC's but they didn't get the approval to do so. Can't really recommend this game. Unless you just want to play all PoP games there is no reason to play this one.
  5. #53 - Mass Effect N7 Elite Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 8.5/10 Time to Plutinum (100%): 100 Hours Rarity: 6.85% A very good game, considering its age! It's best aspect by far is story and the well written characters, plot and backstory are really interesting and they keep you intrigued as you learn more and more. Characters feel realistic with their own unique personalities, talking with your squad members and learning about their stories is a treat. Gameplay is outdated for sure, I really hate the covering system because it uses the old fashion way of getting covered with the analog stick and you find yourself fight with the wall and other objects instead of fighting enemies. The whole solar system exploring was nice although simplistic and Mako parts were kinda boring. Graphics are ok, I think they could have been better but even though it looks kinda washed at the same time facial expressions look somehow detailed. Recommended!
  6. Just wanted to add a piece of advice since I had to do the whole list 2(alsmost 3) times to earn this trophy. Don't forget when you are doing a combo that ends with circle (O) you are not supposed to throw the enemies just to lift them up. Sometimes when combo ends with circle (O) and you tap it too fast it registers twice meaning it will first lift the enemy and then throw him.
  7. You have to do side quests(assignments) on all 3 playthroughs if you want to get ally trophies. And yes, you can rush to them and do the assignments later. All assignments are available and can be started and completed at any point until you start Virmire, then any that asks you to return to Citadel is missed. After getting the two desired allies, I suggest you to do the 3 main planets(Therum, Noveria and Feros) and then do the assignments if you want an efficient playthrough. You might also wanna check Mass Effect wiki:
  8. Can we please add a "release" order? It will order games depending on their release date, this way it will show us oldest to newest(vice versa) and help us decide what to play next.
  9. Is it normal to receive your verification code, you know the 2-step verification, from a local phone? At first I was receiving them from "Verify" & "INFOmessage", but after some point I started getting them from local phones(in my case +30 69....) and it's not always the same... 🤔 Also, I think it started after I tried to use a third-party app(PS Trophies) from Google Play which asks you login on PSN within the app. Not sure if they are actually related, but it was long time ago.
  10. #52 - Balck Clover: Quartet Knights 5-Leaf Clover Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 6.5/10 Time to Plutinum: ~12 Hours Rarity: 25.80% An ok game, I guess. You really feel it from the start that they didn't put as much effort and money as the game needed. Graphics are good, definitely could have been better but I can't complain. Gameplay is not that great, I liked that you had the option to play either as shooter or close-combat player but controls are cluncky and stages feel so empty not really worth exploring. Plotwise was good although too short, definitely the best "original" story at least in anime category, I really like time traveling plots and especially when casual loop paradox is used. Among the few positives is the animated cutscenes, they are well executed. I think if the game had more RPG elements, like a map, side quests and a level up system, it would have been a better game for sure. Recommend only if you are fan.
  11. Tested this and it seems that you are not able to sell to Madame Nazar if you don't have the license, so it is kinda pointless to collect her items.
  12. Permadeath can be completed through chapter select? Doesn't make much sense to me... What kinda of "perma" is that? I mean, you could back up your save after each chapter and bypass it but it's kinda weird that you are allowed to do one chapter at a time in the first place.
  13. New to this multiplayer and all I care is earning all online trophies as soon as possible, mainly talking about "Notorious" one which seems like the most time consuming. I have read about roles and how collector's can be the most efficient one for leveling up and I want to ask if I can "carry" another player? I mean, if I buy the collector's license and bag with gold can I do the treasure hunting with someone else who doesn't have it to help us both earn exp for leveling? If yes, is there a downside to this like less exp or something else?
  14. I remember hearing about monster variety in one of those reviews, didn't sound like a major problem. Thank you for posting your opinion! Thanks for sharing this, it was very enlightening! Kinda disappointed though... Usually I don't pay much attention to user reviews, but when they are highly positive they get my attention because for people it's easier to give 0/10 than be objective with their reviews. Thanks again! I'm not gonna buy it after reading about the fake reviews, but I'll keep it on my wishlist and when I complete enough games from my backlog I'll give the game a fair chance.
  15. Thanks for replying! Can you compare it with another game? And does it have any flaws as a game? I'm considering about playing it, watched some reviews and it looks nice but I have some reservations. I always go for physical copies and this game has an expensive one, at least compared to what I'm used to pay. And, I know it's just me and this might sound like a silly reason not to play a game but I really hate when they use the same art image for all trophies with color differences...