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  1. Can we prevent this? Haven't started the game yet and I wanted to ask what I have to do to see my trophies pop up in English? My friend had his PS3 language set in English(US) but he still got his trophies in Japanese.
  2. Thanks for replying, I'll get a ps3 copy then!
  3. Don't have any of them yet, but I want to buy a physical copy of ps3 version because the art cover looks way better than ps4's. Aside from graphics, which look the same to me, is there a reason why I should get ps4 version instead of ps3? BTW, what DLC's are included in ps4 version? I looked at PS Store and I can only find two DLC's that are free.
  4. Unfortunately I don't have one, but thanks for the tip!
  5. I'll check it again, hope I'll manage to replace it without destroying anything. Played a digital game(a demo) last night and I had no problem at all, but I didn't play much(30 mins) and game was a lite one, so I wanted to make another test the next day. Today morning I played a physical first, which leaded to the problem almost immediately, and then after restarting I played another digital(Batman's Demo) and had no problem completing it. I guess that makes it official, it's console's lens slowly dying. I'll buy one from eBay and replace it when it arrives. Thanks for the help people! 👍
  6. No, I didn't. It sounded complicated and I didn't want to open it and accidentally destroy something. Is it really that important to replace it? We have many problems in common, might be same case. I'll try a digital game tonight and post afterwards. Thanks for replying, guys! ^^
  7. Let's call that plan B. Fat 40GB, sorry completely forgot to mention that.
  8. Planning on doing that tonight. Didn't have any digital game to test that earlier. My lens is working, at least for now.
  9. My ps3(FAT 40GB) is not working properly and I wanted to ask people of our forum if they have experienced the same problem and if they managed to solve it. Console loads normally and games too, but after 30 mins or so my game stacks at loading screen for eternity. Here are some facts: 1) Once my game stacks I try quitting but it freezes, screen turns black and I hear a double beep. While it's still on, I tap eject which takes a few seconds and then ejects the disc and console restarts. If I close my console by tapping On/Off button after turning it on again it will not show the disc even if it still is inside. 2) Got the ps3 used like a year ago and so far have played 10+ games for over 500 hours, no problem at all. Console was unopened. 3) Fan used to start making noise after 30-60 mins of gaming from the beginning, started this after the first couple of games. Now for some reason I don't hear it, it's working(I can feel the air) but it's not making that characteristic noise. 4) Tried to fix it but got nothing. Opened it and cleaned dust, cleaned lens, tried safe mode options(Restore File System, Rebuild Database & Format) but none of them fixed it. Tried test fan to see if it's dead but my fan was working normally and made the noise it used to. 5) Since this started, I have got some random errors and most of them(if not all) appear after restarting console and trying to play the game again. I don't really think they are connected but here are some of which I googled to find a solution(unsuccessfully): 80010006 80010514 8001050F At first I thought it was the game, but tried other games and got the same problem. The whole thing with fan bothers me the most, don't understand why it stopped making the noise. Any ideas?
  10. Is PS Trophies app safe to use? I already have PS App(Sony's) but it feels so "heavy" and it is unpractical, I barely even use it. Wanted to try PS Trophies, but it's a third-party app and compared to psnprofiles' simple method of proving that you own your account it asks you to login with your real PSN account. That's why I'm a bit skeptical.
  11. EDIT* Sorry I accidentally posted on the wrong thread a comment for another thread. About paying for a psnprofiles app, I would definitely pay for one. I love this site and I use it almost every day, having an app would be great!
  12. Damn! That really sucks because I have already got platinums for Dead Space 1 & 2 and got the one and only online trophy on Mass Effect 3, meaning I have already started both series on ps3. I would really love to see remasters for both series, but before I start them. I don't see myself playing them because of my policy of not playing the same game twice. I don't really like having dublicate trophy lists and I also don't like playing games with no trophy value for my account. I'm trapped by own ideology.
  13. Dead Space 3 It's next in my list. Maybe after Raging Blast 1 and 2 platinums.
  14. Platinum #37 - One Piece: Unlimited World Red I Will Be Pirate King! At first it was boring, couldn't get myself to play more than 2 hours in a row. But once I finished the story(which took a while) the game looked better and managed to enjoy my time with it. Difficulty: 3.5/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 Time to Plutinum(100%): 61 Hours
  15. Crossing fingers for a physical release 🤞 I'm like 99% sure we won't get a physical release for this trilogy, but I'm really hoping to otherwise I'm not buying it at all. Better get a physical copy of Ayesha and Escha on ps3, already got one of Shallie on vita, and wait for their plus versions to go on sale even though according to psprices(site) Ayesha has never gone on sale since its release day... .-. Really wanted to expand my collection of vita games with these gems but thanks to the new digital-only fashion and KT my plans got crushed. I'm putting KT on my blacklist just below EA.