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  1. Was looking forward to this game coming out this week. Hopefully the release is not too far away.
  2. After a few months of getting error codes NP-32091-5 and NP-32098-2 when trying to sync my trophies or deleting a trophy list with 0%. I finally tried the option of backing up my game saves and then deleted my main profile and then re logaging in to my main account as a new user and it fixed this issue for me. No more error codes and its syncing normally again. It took about 2.5 hrs to back up my save files onto a USB and then about 1 hour to transfer them back once I set up my account again.
  3. Any luck fixing these error codes after deleting the main profile ?
  4. Has anyone had a recent fix for this ? I’ve been getting the np-32091-5 error for the past few weeks. Each time I start up a game I get logged out. I previously was able to delete a few of the 0% trophy lists which worked for a few days but now I get a second error np-32098-2 and i can no longer delete those 0% lists. Rebuilding the database didn’t work either. I’ve read about deleting the user profile and then recreating it. Is this the only other option? Do I just back up the game saves from the application saved data menu first onto a USB ? Any help with this would be great.