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  2. If yall want to a Crysis game, play the first game or get started on the third game, which the online is easier than 2
  3. How is the multiplayer mode for Crysis 3 still going? Well I'm glad you asked. For those who want to ask if the platinum is still obtainable and the servers are up still, then yes, yes the platinum can be obtained, and you can connect for the most part. Depending on your timezone, you can find a good amount of players playing the game, though if you are new, prepare to get smoked to the bones, as the remaining players are professional to the mode. Boosting is pretty easy, though depending on your timezone, you can still find randoms that will screw you over. And there are challenges still being issued, and I'm not sure if EA or Crytek (whoever is running the server) will stop issuing challenges. I dont have the DLC, but since the PS3 storefront is closing the 100% for the Crysis series will be unobtainable if you dont buy it before July hits. I dont personally dont own it, but I'm sure it is more barren then the base game.
  4. So, when the two objects crumble, the final boss begun blocking my attacks, and no matter what I knew what do, it just won't ever take a punch. Despite me pressing triangle and circle when so, the boss just won't let me attack him
  5. I just mopped up Demons of the Badlands after knocking out the mp and Wrecking Crew. I think I should probably keep a lookout for the glitch
  6. I read online that servers dont let other players online in the game. I'm assuming the servers are iffy as hell
  7. Crysis 2 has shuttered back in 2018. Crysis 3 is still up for now, but it was working on Saturday or Friday
  8. Me and a group of people are trying to boost the game, but the mp servers are currently down
  9. You know, Madden today is just plain terrible due to EA's high focus on MUT. Franchise mode is unchanged, feature being bought back in as "new", and js riddled with glitches. But take a trip to Madden 12, where it is the last Madden to have features like Superstar mode, create-a-team, features in Franchise mode that aren't in Madden now, and the game is fun. It is not perfect, but it much better than Madden 21
  10. Was kinda expecting it as a bunch of PS3 and Vita games are going offline. I can understand this as a business perspective.
  11. Servers were shutdown in 2014, but there is nothing really anything online related to the trophies, and the platinum is rather easy, just Superhuman is probably your biggest struggle. In terms of coop, you will need two PS3 controllers. Great game and pretty underrated game. Multiplayer servers are once said again were shutdown though and the only way to experience the game now is the Campaign.
  12. Dont remember but ID is focusing their time on the PS5 and Xbox Seires X/S versions of the game, but if they are doing more support for the game, it is just Battlemode content
  13. Madden 25 - 18 are being pulled from EA Play around next month, but they were already been delisted from digital stores I remember. Madden was not good since Madden 13
  14. I really enjoyed the game. Ammo is low due to the fact it is really challenging, it is the most fun I had with a shooter.