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  1. Have fun. You will be clocking in around 50 hours worth of grinding. There is one support gadget where you need to have a player to get ammo a until it is maxed out. Others, you will need to have a a bit of patience of getting done. It is going more of a grind trophy wise if you have the DLC, and Intercept is a dead DLC, so you will need to make a game session for it
  2. Not anything online if I'm aware, but it is a possible delisting of the game for PS3 and Origin if it is still on store fronts digitally. Customer Support will cease for the game I think
  3. EA placed Shadows of the Damned on their online services page, but no online trophies. It is gonna probably be delisted on PS3 and Origin. It is delisted on Xbox 360. And the date is February 16th.
  4. Grabbing Battlefield 1 Revolution (for DLC) and Just Cause 3 from the sale on Friday when I get a gift card from my mom when she gets paid
  5. I played and beaten the game on the switch. Pretty great game
  6. One reason why: GTA Online. It makes Take-Two Interactive a good amount if money because they think 6 billion dollars from GTA V sales is not enough and Rockstar is forced to focus entirely on Online
  7. I did get the trophy. The thread can be closed
  8. Would say the same with EA and their Sports games, as they are bad as 2K Games (Take-Two Interactive) with their Sports games. All they do is focus on microtransactions filled modes like Ultimate Team, and neglecting the rest of the game just to stick on making that extra revenue on Ultimate Team Points. Madden and Fifa are the biggest ones that EA does crap on. Sports games are gambling nowadays. If you go on PS3 and play Madden 12, you will find plenty of features that are not there in Madden 21. It is shit that EA and 2K want to push Microtransaction sales.
  9. Edit: Even after the second time as a different Operator,, the trophy still did pop
  10. I have done them all, but the bar is still not to the max
  11. Killzone HD has zero online trophies, you need two controllers for a trophy that asks you to win a match with a second player, the list is straight forward. I was writing a guide for the game on this site until I stopped at one point
  12. Not really all that braindead, but I just saying that the PC version was more of a focus And If I grab a copy on disc around the holidays, I'm gonna wait till January for it to function
  13. This what happens if you focus on the PC versions.
  14. Not sure since I have 100% on the PS4
  15. The latest update came out, and when I played Warframe on the PS5, the trophies now auto pop.