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  1. So when I looked at Dawoori's trophy list, I found trophy lists in Korean. (not bashing Dawoori, I just find Korean trophies very odd) So I do have a question: How do I make a Korean account?
  2. I did get the platinum in august. But with my plus subscription running out on Monday, I cant boost the online.
  3. I want to ask my self if the platinum is Unobtainable?
  4. I made a guide, but this is my first time making one. So it may not be my best.
  5. If you are doing it legit, it is a 10/10. I know that Winston trophy is easier, but Torbiorn's trophy armor up is now a pain in the ass doing legit
  6. This platinum pissed me off to a extent. I was so pissed off with Rapid Discord and Waste Not, Want Not I had to boost them. I really fell like ow is one of the hardest games on PS4 to get the platinum. Im not saying boosing making this harder, I had done 86% of the base game trophies. And most of that percentage pissed me off. Mei and Pharah are the exceptions. Blizzard will make this platinum harder doing legit. Armor Up is a trophy that pissed me off hard because I had to absorb 500 armor damage without dying. I hate the platinum, It pissed me the hell off. End of story. (Note: 4/10 if you are gonna boost this game. This forum is about how I got pissed off over this platinum. from then on, I will boost an new ow characters)
  7. At least I got the two base game online trophies done.
  8. Is it doable via Gonespy?
  9. Okay. Gonna wait until it goes on sale.
  10. Is this a free to play game.? EA must not fuck up with this.
  11. Hand of the Gods is to be unplayable on January 31st. better got to boosting.
  12. Is realm Royale Dead? I will boost it if it is.
  13. Hand of the Gods Smite is going ofline in New Year Day 2020. Might as well start getting to boosting this one.


  14. Is it worse? I really have a felling Infamous 2 will lose UGC support by the end of this year.... (I have the platinum thankfully)