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  1. Buddy System was online only in Uncharted 2. Probably assuming that they hacked the trophy big time
  2. It MUT focused. Starting with Madden 13, EA really focused their attention onto Ultimate Team, and ever since then, EA got away with the idea with having the rest of the game untouched, left more glitchy, and just focused on MUT and EA makes money from there.
  3. I'm planning to platinum the following games hopefully by the end of this fall: Diablo 3 RoS (PS3) Battlefeild Hardline (PS3) (As long as I can get lucky with a session that actually is going for the base game) Battlefeild 4 (PS4) - Only problem I have is the assignments being bugged for me. If anyone know a solution to get the assignments done properly, please let me know Ride to Hell Retribution Star Trek (2013)
  4. Wow. Disergration seems to close servers quick. Reminds me of Dont Even Think when they announced the server closure less than a year after release. Down goes a Live Service I geuss.
  5. I did do the online, but I would like to know if anyone is still playing the multiplayer
  6. Almost done with Killzone 1 HD. Suprised that it is the easiest of the Killzone games in terms of trophies. It is a decent game. Just wish the checkpoints were better. I have to play the campaign again as Luger, and clean up trophies. And Also I'm writing a guide on the game soon
  7. Wow. Just Wow. Madden 21 seems to not get good reviews this year. It looks the same, Franchise mode is left untouched, the game is more glitchy, and is even worse than 20. And please do not get me started with MUT. Anyone's thoughts who bought the game?
  8. Hello, I I'm trying to do the South Cjina Sea and Singapore Gold Assignments, but they are glitched. I tried load a mission, but it did not count it because of the assignments being glitched
  9. It does not deserve a 2/10 difficulty. Some Madden moments are made difficult because the AI wants to waste time and screw me the hell over.
  10. Uncharted 2 DLC - Servers closed Transformers Revenge of the Fallen - servers closed Portal 2 - servers were closed without warning for me PS All Stars - Servers closed WipeOut HD and 2048 - Servers closed and they are not for me
  11. Guides Im writing so far: MXGP 2 Resistance 3 Soon: Ride to Hell Retribution I would apperciate help with the Resistance 3 guide if anyone fells so.
  12. I have the game already, so This game is probably my first game on the PS5 when I buy one
  13. That is what 2K Games has taken down for good.
  14. Anyone want to help me with my Resistance 3 and MX GP 2 guides? Dont mind being added anytime
  15. The servers are still up for 2K19, it is just two modes were taken offline