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  1. I have the game on disc. I also knocked out the three PvP trophies.
  2. So, my PS Plus subscription expires on Friday, and I was wondering if I need PS Plus to actually play the game. Do I need it for solo content?
  3. One trophy called Test Your Mettle, and the 100% is unobtainable unless you already have the trophy. But the platinum is obtainable and I'm trying to stack it at the moment.
  4. I do have the platinum and all, but whoever hacked the servers is a doucebag.
  5. I sent a report to the WB Support site about it and they said this in the email: "Thank you for reaching out today. I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to access some of the modes in Mortal Kombat X and I'll be happy to provide more information about this matter.As you know, our game team is already aware of the issue and currently investigating it. Please be assured as well I have forwarded this bug report as it helped with the current investigation that is taking place. Please note that while bug reports will not receive a response, they are reviewed by our developers and they will use your information to investigate and assist with resolving this issue in a future game update" Seems Hourly Living Towers are currently down instead of being decommissioned. I have the platinum and 100% though.
  6. Game is not very good. I just played it earlier today, I played a bit of the campaign, and it is not good. Superstars fells very identical to each other and there are time savers for Wrestlers which is just there to encourage you to spend money on microtransactions. Although grinding them out isnt bad, just the gameplay is boring with just generic power ups. And once you grabbed up everything in the Campaign and the trophies, there is just boredom to be had with the game. A plus side, it is not as buggy as it was in 2K20, if anyone remembers that game.
  7. Hello, I was wondering if it is worth my time to boost the online trophies for the Ps3 version of the game? I did the online for PS4, which was much easier than on 7th gen, but part of me wants to go after the PS3 version, but the other wants to just play the Ps3 ver on a alt and just plat the PS4 version. I have a question? Is it a good idea to boost the online and stack the platinum trophy for the game?
  8. Been a while since I gotten the platinum for the game, but 6 folks are needed for a match, and you should not have issues boosting the DLC I think, but when I was boosting the multiplayer with other folks who were getting the platinum, the base game is still kinda active and randoms can join in. If you want to slow them down a bit, dont accept their friend request that they will send. Be aware that they can still join yall. I really advise getting the addon to boost unless you like a difficult time. Other than that, minority of the game is pretty much dead.
  9. Spencer said Microsoft will support legacy games and will support the live service games like ESO. I'm not sure about remasters of legacy games from Bethesda.
  10. Fifa 15 is shutting down on September 15th.
  11. Battlefield as a series has been a online focused franchise, and a bunch of people buy it for the online. Singleplayer modes in Battlefield tend to be crappy, but I only liked BF 1's singleplayer. I dont think you would like to play this game if you dont play multiplayer, especially the singleplayer in this game is just terrible aside from one of the War Stories. And if you won't even want to play the next game in the series, 2042, as EA and DICE said it would not include a singleplayer mode at all aside from AI battles
  12. It has been almost a year since I touched the game, but I only have the game from PS Plus because it was free years back. But if you get the digital version, you should at least have the online pass. Other than that, online trophies are doable
  13. Cant wait to return to this game when it hits on PS5. I really enjoyed the game when I first played it.
  14. With servers off, I have to order a controller online just to get the Pirze Bubbles in LBP 2 done. It comes tomorrow, and I cant wait to get the platinum tomorrow when it arrives
  15. Crysis 2 is offline for ps3, but Crysis 3 still has servers @Viper. I advise working on the mp trophies sooner than later for Crysis 3