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  1. The KZ Mercenary portion of is active Just not sure why the servers were shuttered without warning. This happened with Killzone 1 on ps2
  2. Can I import the Base game version of Diablo 3 to the Reaper of Souls version to PS4?
  3. I found out nobody has the platinum yet? are the two trophies bugged?
  4. Can boosting the game be done in LAN mode?
  5. Seems like a very easy list. Cannot wait to grab it soon
  7. NBA Live 16 is to be taken offline on Auguat 17th
  8. Is the game actually dead in the water? Is anyone playing it?
  9. Anyone know how bad 2K20 is? It is that bad of a video game
  10. Had Revenge of the Fallen on my list go back and get done. Geuss I will never go back to it.
  11. If Cities Skylines is free, I may play it on my other account. I heard noting but great thing about it
  12. Had NDC from plus, never have Journey
  13. Let me guess, the Mystery Portal is down? I have not jumped into the game for a while, so I do not know
  14. I wonder if Killzone Shadow Fall will be announced to shutdown. I have a feeling Sony will ever do it since Killzone is a dead franchise.
  15. Like how easy it is it?