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  1. I know it's been two years since the PS3 version is dead in the water, but the article has been updated and sounds like the Xbox 360 version is gonna or is already been shutoff, which will render the 100% achievement completion on that version inpossible. If anyone has the 360 version and is willing to test it, please let me know if it is down.
  2. Hey. I was in a boosting group and I was trying to get the said trophy and even if I know I was doing, it was not popping at all. Anyone having issues?
  3. The main problem with that is almost everyone including myself wants to boost the game for trophies. The game is nearly dead, and for a good reason in my opinion. I had experiences of randoms who would disrupt boosting sessions in games like Red Faction Guerrilla on PS4 (One time when I was boosting the game that I tried to talk the random to leave, but I got responses that he's #1 on the leaderboards and saying he loves the online mode), Crysis 3 (only a spanish player with the Crysis name capitalized with some numbers and a german player), a good portion of Battlefield for trophies in a rented server (admin of a rented server can boot a player. I only had this happen to me once in BF 1), and sometimes I could say Assassin's Creed Revelations, a game I recently did complete the online for. There are stories of randoms destroying boosting sessions of Twisted Metal 2012, but I'm getting off topic. There is some dedicated fans of Umbrella Corps that choose to play the game, but most of everyone moved on. The best thing I can do is gather a group of five others to lock a lobby. If you like the game, I can totally respect you.
  4. Game should be really easy if you are boosting with a player who has premium
  5. I do agree with you there. I picked up a PS3 for memories of old games I liked and trophy clean up. But there is one very big thing I want to say bout PS3: I miss LittleBigPlanet 2, and now the servers are gone now. But at times for PS3, I get to experience some games I never played as a younger self of mine. These days were get great games at times, but not really.
  6. Thrill seeker is not possible at all anymore due to servers closing.
  7. Have you waited until you got to a checkpoint? I remember missing one on the forth level because I grabbed and quit to menu right away instead of reaching checkpoint on the PS3 version. Keep in mind that Nanosuit modules dont save until you get to checkpoint
  8. Hey. I did encounter a glitch that makes the Hardest trophy in the Lost Archive DLC a joke. I was messing around my PS3 and played the DLC, and the glitch works on that version. PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions have this glitch that makes this trophy easier.
  9. I just completed the online trophies for Revelations. The online trophies were easy if boosting although radoms would just join in matches that were DLC maps at times. In terms of a game I regret doing, it was Enemy Front, not because of the gindy online because I was fine with that compared to the actual game. It's terrible. The story is bad although it has promise, the protagonist is a dick (I forgot his name due to the forgettable nature of generic FPS games), the game looks turd, the AI is very dumb, gunplay is bad, and the game is very very boring. Also the multiplayer is completely dead.
  10. Yeah I do wish I could get my arse on those games and do them, but companies wanna close servers down, never fix bugged trophies, etc. The best thing I can do as a trophy hunter is to move on.
  11. Update as of 5/19/22 Added to the platinum section The Last of Us (PS4) Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 9.5/10 Ah, The Last of Us, one of the best games to come out in the 7th generation of consoles. The story (I will not spoil) is well structured, with a nice, but not perfect combat system, and very good soundtrack. The solo stuff was easy, although survivor difficulty was a bit a headache at times due to a lack of ammo, or stealth being wonky which got me bitten by clickers, killed by bloaters, or bad timing that got me killed by bandit enemies. The multiplayer though, although good, put me off the game due to it's conclusion at the time, but I managed it when I went back and did the online. It was not too bad. I was probaly a arsehole seventeen year old back then who was stepping into trophy hunting at the time. Now, I want to say I was not able to update my thread due to me having a little break from singleplayer games. I'm in the norm of boosting online trophies in games like Battlefield Hardline on PS4, doing Nightmare difficulty on Zombie Army 4 (which was a fucking dick on the Hell Machine level of the game) and just mopped up the online stuff for Assassin's Creed Revelations on PS3. (I have to help out others who helped me out though like I did in Sniper Ghost Warrior when I was boosting that game at the time and thank you to @JJMP-HQ for the assistance on Revelations multiplayer trophies)
  12. For those who are starting in 2022, servers are technically active, but it is dead. You will need to boost the online stuff with a player, but it can be all done in private matches. The singleplayer stuff is not too bad to get through when you get around to that either, just the hard setting is a dozy to get through without a first playthrough on easy. Siberian Strike is around five US dollar like @poetic_justice_ said above and is a joke to get through. I also written a guide for that DLC.
  13. If the invasion bosses are out for good, then the platinum is impossible. I advise not starting till a Invasion boss comes around.
  14. I do know the DLC is free in the Hong Kong store, but I would like how is the multiplayer in the current year of 2022
  15. If I remember correctly, HAWX 2's online trophies can be done all in LAN if I remember correctly, because I do not own the game anymore.