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  1. Does the Beyond Light stuff in Destiny 2 offer anything to make curtain trophies easier?
  2. The servers are still up and going, but the vita version is barren for me. The online pass isn't apparently needed for online for the game aside from Speed Levels.
  3. I had previously gotten the vita version back when it was free on PS Plus years ago, so I have it. But for those who never bought the vita version or got off of PS Plus years ago before Daybreak (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) was spun off and had to remove the game, you're out of luck of getting this version.
  4. For those who are starting the game and plan to spend time stacking the game, You should know the the servers were turned off back in 2019, and the auto pop is now impossible. When I start the game and go to the campaign, it should be playable offline apart from the leaderboards which of course no longer work For the ability of creating levels, it's fine as well. But you cannot share levels or access the community hub without getting a error. If you try to access the Cloud Save function in the options, it will not do nothing now with dead servers. This means if you really want to stack the game now, you will have to do everything from scratch.
  5. If you want the platinum for Revelations now, you have to get the Ezio Collection on PS4 (multiplayer is cut from the version of the game) now since AC R is impossible on PS3 now. But if you want to grab the singleplayer trophies on PS3 no matter what, go ahead.
  6. I honestly never expected the game to come and be decommissioned a year later. The player base probably dwindled and may have caused the servers to close.
  7. I wish all of everyone good luck.
  8. I have so far gotten around 400 races done, and have yet to get the Elite accomplishment, and I have to get used to loading and loading over again until the accomplishment pops because restarting the race will not have the win count.
  9. On Feburary 16th, 2023, Medal of Honor 2010 and Warfighter will lose online functionality On March 7th, Madden 18 and 19 lose online functionality If you want some online trophies, then get to it.
  10. I'm glad to have done the game back in August. It was fun while it lasted.
  11. Can anyone confirm the servers for Onush are dowm?
  12. Servers have been shuttered in 2019, and you cannot get the 100% at all these days. I wish I can get the 100% for Amoung Theives on PS3, but cannot now, but at least I have the platinum.
  13. I remember this being such a boring grind back when I did the game last year, but I just did Act 3 over and over again. It wasn't terrible honestly.
  14. I never touched them personally so cant say a thing. But Fifa 19 looks obtainable from my knowledge on PS3.
  15. Fifa 16-17 are shutting down on Feburary 14th, 2023. Fifa 18-19 on PS3 will also shutdown on that day.