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  1. Does the 'No Damage' bonus void if you close the game and continue, or quit mission then continue? I finished Mission 18 pretty sure with no damage (but quit mission then continued), and did not get the bonus. Does it have to be all in one uninterrupted go?
  2. I was going to make this it's own thread, but maybe this can be confirmed here. I believe Mission 07 (N or V) and 13 (N,D, or V) only require one S rank each and the rest of the variants can be skipped - here's the explanation: The Xbox version has 3 stat trackers ("Mission S rank achieved", "Gold Orbs obtained", "Skill unlock progress"). There isn't any other way to see the total number besides counting manually on the Total Results, but that number will be different than the Xbox stat. If manually counting all unique missions for one difficulty, there are 24. However There are only 21 missions per difficulty being counted toward S rank total stat (Prologue+20) It seems any extra S ranks by other characters on mission 07 and 13 are not adding to the total, if you already have S once. This means: 07N + 07V = 1 13N + 13D + 13V = 1 Not confirmed: If "Worthy of Legend" still requires mission variants or not, regardless of what this stat says. We could confirm if these are needed if someone unlocks "All S any difficulty" WHILE not having S on mission variants. I'm thinking if the Xbox stat tracker does NOT count mission duplicates, then maybe "Worthy of Legend" may not include them either, and can be skipped. Should we trust this stat to share the same tracking criteria as the trophy?
  3. Edit: deleted; question already answered
  4. Human minimum seems to be for anything 4,000 and up. DH may be 5,000 and up but I've yet to confirm.
  5. This worked for me after a couple tries. Thanks.
  6. "In your opinion"? You never even played the game yet. Someone who actually has played it for awhile is giving it a 10. This is a 10 from what I've been reading.
  7. I don't mean like dying and continuing though. The option is actually right there on the pause menu. Not sure I remember the other games having this option. Also, this list is going to be even harder that it seems right now, once they add in Bloody Palace (unless it doesn't get trophies).
  8. Do we know if 'restart from checkpoint' voids S rank scores? It wasn't selectable in the demo. This was the way to do S ranks on Metal Gear Rising's Revengeance difficulty, maybe it works here.
  9. I just wanted to introduce a point that the trophy guide left out (tied to a single save), no need to dogpile me because the definition of 'missable' differs between everyone. I only used that word as clickbait because '10k kills must be done in a single save file' didn't sound as important. Topic title changed. Progress can be lost. If you finish a playthrough with whatever amount and expected it to carry over to future playthroughs, it doesn't. The guide didn't make this clear. If you get 9999/10000 kills then power off at the Steiner grind, you lose all progress. About the Steiner turbo method, it must be done in one go. If you try to leave the area to trigger an auto-save, it progresses to the 30 minute countdown section as Zidane.
  10. Does anyone know if it's ok to auto-save by leaving the area while doing the Steiner method, and still have the Alexandrian soldiers chase you? Because if the game closes, I will lose all progress and have to redo 90% of the trophy. EDIT: I changed the topic title since it is technically not missable as said before.
  11. A single save file must reach 10,000 kills. New playthroughs/reloading from earlier saves will have it's own internal counter from whatever number of kills you have at that time, thus it is missable and not cumulatively adding across playthroughs. I was able to see how this trophy/achievement works, by looking at the Xbox version's achievement tracker. After finishing a 60 hour playthrough, I had 10%. After another playthrough going for Excalibur II, still 10% because it was a new save file starting from 0 kills. Going back to an earlier save with the Steiner+Marcus turbo method, the kills are still not visibly adding to the tracker, until that save file catches up to the 10%, and exceeds it.
  12. Jesus christ, I just read your whole signature thinking it was your post for this thread. Why the hell does this site let you write fucking spam paragraphs in the sig? Giant animated images too, this shit is unprofessional
  13. Is this the same Croc from the PS1? Same green crocodile, but looks like a random cellphone company stole the likeness.
  14. Probably can't be boosted because of randoms joining. Try getting into a Hostile Territory match and sit in the capture zone for the whole match. That's how MVP is determined in that mode, no need for kills, captures, etc. Either way if you're going for the ridiculously long rank 50, the MVPs will should be done long before then.
  15. Yeah, that Mein Lieben trophy is a good comparison. It's similar to the abusiveness of this trophy. I don't think you can skip cutscenes in that either, lol. Seriously.. if there's going to be a trophy like this in these games, wouldn't they think of allowing cutscenes to be skipped?? Would be great if these completers could confirm if you have to restart the entire game after getting hit once, or if it's chapter-by-chapter