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  1. Yeah, that Mein Lieben trophy is a good comparison. It's similar to the abusiveness of this trophy. I don't think you can skip cutscenes in that either, lol. Seriously.. if there's going to be a trophy like this in these games, wouldn't they think of allowing cutscenes to be skipped?? Would be great if these completers could confirm if you have to restart the entire game after getting hit once, or if it's chapter-by-chapter
  2. NO XP Boosters for sale! Nooo!!! Back to getting 1-2 levels per 12 hours....😭
  3. It's a mix of every kind of problem.. -Combat is random and luck-based, can't really be at fault for when you are damaged most of the time. Practically no indication if you got hit during combat. Camera will get in the way constantly. Exiting focus mode attacks often place you different spots, leaving you in harm's way. -Probably the biggest dealbreaker; Non-skippable cutscenes/cutaways on replay of these chapters. Most cutscenes are like 5-10 minutes long. -No confirmation if you can even do chapters one by one... or if it has to be all in one go... the lack of anything in the chapter select being marked off suggests it has to be in one go. -Very few people even getting the game thanks to two overreacting youtuber propaganda influencer assholes who judged the game without seeing the sound mode story, etc. It isn't the worst game of 2018. Some of the best graphics and detail and a good plot. I'd rather play this game a dozen more times than any of these spammed out pixel graphics indie fan made games, so that's saying something. Something should be patched or else its just abusively impossible. Some ideas: Allow cutscene/cutaway skipping once both playthroughs are cleared. Place an icon or color change in the chapter select to indicate if we have 'no damage' on it. Maybe have that Chapter 6 costume that has infinite focus mode, as an unlockable for use in all chapters. Make a extra difficulty to die in one hit so we at least KNOW when it's void and should restart, instead of carrying on. Or another in-game way track it. Nerf the trophy requirement altogether from not being hit, to just don't game over/die. Why not nerf it? the rest of the trophy list is a 3/10 difficulty while this odd one is 10/10.
  4. Do we know if the online will be just a small sample, or full enough of a release to do the trophies? Will they reset player levels and progress once it goes into full release? I'm not even done with singleplayer story yet and playing since release at 10/26, this is really short notice of them.
  5. Just a warning that Chapter 5 has FIVE MISSIONS total that automatically start one after the other, with no breaks in between. Which means if you can't save before them, and you only have one chance to get gold. Of course I got silver on ALL of them, and of course this guide suggested having golds for these. The lot of these chapter 5 missions have to be done in replay mode, no choice. They need to fix this replay mode nerfed character and horse shit. I imagine the reason they gave you the nerfed shit is because they thought it would be cheating if you could replay them all post-game with all upgrades. Well it's actually still cheating since we can use our current character for the first attempt, so it's a fucking stupid and broken system.
  6. WTF there are some instances where you CANNOT save the game before attempting a mission. Final mission of Chapter 4 immediately throws you into Ch.5 mission 1. I got gold on the Ch.4 mission but not on the one after. You have one chance to gold the Ch.5 mission or else you lose your Ch.4 gold on reload. Now I'm stuck using the shitty nerfed stats and I CAN'T do it. Can't headshot everyone, 2 seconds of deadeye, and I die in 3 hits! I remember when an earlier chapter automatically started a mission, I could just D-pad left and quit out of it to save, then attempt it when I'M ready.
  7. I made a whole topic about that one. Took me many tries. https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/67696-the-joys-of-civilization-help/
  8. Thanks guys for the help, I was able to gold medal this. I somehow managed to get the timed objective too, even though the bartender would glitch and not talk for 30 seconds. He would do this on every restart, probably because I attempted this mission too much. Even though I managed it, this mission wasn't worth all the hassle, restarts for 3 hours, looking up like 10 videos, and having to listen to that piece of fucking shit who gives Arthur a tour of the city.
  9. Gold medal objective is impossible: -Catch the street urchin before he reaches the market I've tried this 10+ times and fail every time. Arthur will just stand there when your supposed to catch the kid. No explanation HOW to tackle, triangle doesn't work, circle doesn't work, I've even stood there MASHING all buttons and L2 and the kid still runs past. When locked onto him, you only have the option to 'scold', which seems like a glitch. None of the youtube comments on GTASeries's video even knows how to do it.
  10. This is by far the biggest bullshit in the 100% requirement. I would rather do all gold medals than this. CHEATING fuckin AI that always plays a hand that gets them points. UNFAIR and entirely LUCK-BASED even when knowing the rules of each game-type and still unfair when you play every score-bearing move you have. I'm required to be some kind of super-human calculator adding up the move outcomes EVERY SINGLE TURN because they don't tell you. Extremely frustrating sitting here for 20 minutes a game, doing MATH for every turn. They make fun of you when you take too long to think, which to me is unavoidable if your play properly. They make fun of you with a rude comment EVERY time you have to draw. I've once filled up all 3 rows after drawing like 10 times straight, WTF? I recommend turning the sound off while playing this. I've just played 10+ matches for 3 hours and every single one is a loss. They fuckin actually pulled ahead and beat me when I had 95/100 two times. The most frustrating thing here is that there is no alternatives FOR ME to play a different dominoes game type. I'm on Ch.3 and the campsite is FORCING me to play 'all-fives', with no way to play standard 1v1 that Ch.2 had. Saint Denis (all-fives, 3-4 player) is too much math work. Emerald Ranch (draw-type, 3-4 player) is the easiest game type, but is too time-consuming to play since the matches can take close to an hour, and you don't get points unless you beat the other opponents to the domino. Can't even make a solution for brute-forcing here. If you just mash through all turns in the hopes you'll win eventually, you won't, because you'll end up only playing moves that give 0 points. So they are basically forcing you to learn every rule of the game, and play every possible score-bearing move that you get, AND deal with the luck-based RNG itself. Overcoming all that BS shouldn't be required for any small part of a trophy. Resident Evil 7 also forced you to play 9/10 difficulty card+board BS for DLC trophies, that game instantly became one of my most hated experiences. Edit: I had 2/3 games won, after winning the 3rd, the counter apparently reset and went back to 1/3, even though it said 2/3 the whole time I was doing the 3rd win. I never lost, but I did reload. Thanks for not confirming that we CANNOT save/reload. Also unconfirmed if it resets because the opponents change. Edit 2: I finally beat this but it took 5 HOURS. I ended up staying at the Saint Denis table for all 3 wins without reloading. They are DEFINITELY cheating to some degree that we can't see. I had to back out of matches like 30 times because they will randomly shoot up 50+ points in just a couple of turns. I had a match where I was at 75/100 points, the other two opponents at 10 and 25, and they 'somehow' ended up pulling ahead, in what should have been a guaranteed win!! Most common match ruiner is when you keep getting +0 no score moves even if checking all possible outcomes, while the opponents get constant 10-25 points per turn. So much of this is not even the player's fault, just unfair rigged RNG, unfun garbage. Should have had Liar's Dice instead. Edit 3: I just read a lot of people also complaining about this and gambler challenge #8 on sites. For #8 (win 3 hands of Blackjack with 3 hits or more), I plugged in a turbo controller and left it for a few hours. All that's required is to press the X button to hit, and place bets with X button as well. For #10 (win 3 hands of Poker in a row) was a complete fuckin joke and disrespect to the agony I went through with dominoes. I just went all-in 3 times in a row and it was done in a minute.
  11. You guys are only GUESSING that the trophies will be discontinued. Seems to be no word how they will handle the trophies, but if we're keeping our current saves, I assume the trophies would not change either. Likely scenario: The new stand-alone Comrades will share the main trophy list for FFXV. Unlikely scenario: The current trophies get discontinued, and the stand-alone gets a new list of Comrades-only trophies. I don't see this happening.
  12. You're all making it so much more harder on yourselves fretting about which is counted and not, when the answer is so easy to find out. Instead of having a guide full of misinformation, we can have an Xbox player who has the tracker open at all times confirm exactly what animals need to be skinned, the instant they do it, and what missable animals counts. But because PS is the popular platform of choice, we leave the guide making up to the PS4 users and Powerpyx(Playstation), who are unable to write this guide with certainty.
  13. This thread is a mess and not worth reading your amateur scavenger hunt ideas. Go on the Xbox version (or find out from someone) to study, track, kill, and skin ANY OF THE MISSABLE ANIMALS and see if the achievement tracker goes up for the two achievements. We can know and confirm EXACTLY which ones are counted, that easily. I am sick of reading that "no one knows for sure" what is counted. STFU and GO LOOK AT THE TRACKER ON XBOX. Stop making the guides on this version since it will be impossible to tell which is and which is not needed. I am very worried that even a 100% filled bar on each animal in the compendium will not unlock "skin deep" since it is possible to not skin animals and still get 100% of the bar. And I go to look at this thread for an answer and it's 10+ pages long of conversing BS.
  14. Not selectable in-game, but the option comes up when you let yourself get killed, or go too far outside the mission area. This is also the only way I've found to be able to quit from the mission. I would like to know if using 'skip checkpoint' invalidates gold medals. It appears after you've restarted a checkpoint a few times, and allows you to skip to the next part of the mission. I wonder if we can use it to cheat past certain mission sections to get gold easily? Just so long as the objectives don't require doing anything in the section you skip.
  15. This mission has RUINED my experience with the game. I haven't even played the game outside of Chapter 1 yet, but I have now spent all my free time since launch replaying this one annoying mission because I thought it would be an easy gold medal. If only I read the comment above saying that the accuracy objective glitches out on restarts, I could have saved myself 10+ unneeded replays of this mission where I KNEW I never missed a shot, yet NEVER cleared the objective. DO NOT use the sawed-off shotgun (2-shots), the first encounter with wolves is literally impossible with just 2 shots and the short range. You kill the first wolf, they start to rush at you, then fire at the second or third, forced to reload, then they bite you from seemingly anywhere you stand. I tried hiding on the rocks to the right like 15 times, and they either flank around to get you, or they jump up the rocks from below. I gave up with making any sort of strategy to avoid damage. The PISTOL is much easier for this mission. To use it, you actually have to take the shotgun off the horse, then use the horse again and equip the pistol. It may take 2-3 shots to down a wolf, but your no-damage objective won't be an issue on the first encounter now. Also, you're using more bullets than the shotgun, so the 80% accuracy allows for more error with missed shots. I wouldn't be annoyed by anything if you could just skip the ridiculously long travel sections leading up to the action parts. So much of it is forced-on-rails and the game won't let you play faster or get ahead of the NPC. It's complete punishment to play through 15 minutes of BS just to have another chance at the action bit, this is what worries me about doing all other gold medals too. I go through all this trouble and even after knowing that you cannot restart a checkpoint, I am STILL not getting gold. My horse is apparently taking damage from the wolves as they brush past you. YOUR HORSE isn't even their target in this section, they go after the other two characters. Yet I still failed twice because of this. I've got gold now, and I wished I'd have just skipped it, before committing to it. I think in the future, I'm going to check the duration of video guides to see if they're overly tedious or not, and avoid anything over 10-15 minutes long.