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  1. My FC is KDUH9
  2. Weird, I just got the double cap without dying first try
  3. I played zen a lot when overwatch was released.. Then I stopped playing him for like 3 years and started again for the trophy. Took me like 8h in total. Its easy when you get the opportunity to spam into a grav. Otherwise you just need to get lucky with kills. :') This was the clip where I got it.
  4. A friend of mine had this problem too. When you enter the beehive it should on the ceiling between two honeycomb pieces.
  5. isn't it kinda normal for F2P Games that you have to pay for cosmetics? Look at Games like Fortnite. You can still get OW1, like you said, with that Watchpoint Pack.. if you already have OW1 (I mean, you can get it for next to nothing in local stores) you don't have to pay for the extra stuff. It's your decision to do so, no one forces you. About the phone number situation. This is a measure to go against smurfs and cheaters, because otherwise they could just create an endless number of accounts since it f2p. For me, blizzard already has my number for like 3 or 4 years, just because you need to register it in order to appear on the top500 Leaderboards. Again, it's your own decision to do so. If you don't like it, don't play it, its easy There are many good games out there. To your next point: Sony won't do anything about it. You can compare it with shutting down Game Servers. You just bought the license to play the game for as long as Blizzard is willing to keep it online. There was never stated that you can play it forever. That's the thing with online games, at some point they'll die or get replaced. You paid for OW1, if that gets replaced with OW2 then it has nothing to do with the money you paid for the first game. About the Trophy situation. There are 2 possible scenarios for me: - Blizzard will put OW2 Trophies as a DLC in the existing OW1 list. Which means they'll change some of the existing trophies which cannot be obtained in OW2. Remember, Blizzard already changed trophies after hero changes (Mercys rez, Torbjörns Ultimate, Symmetras carwash trophy and so on) - Overwatch 2 will get a whole new trophy list, which means Overwatch 1 trophies/platinum won't be obtainable anymore. Not the first game where you can't get the platinum anymore due to server shutdowns and stuff. We can't say for sure how Blizzard will handle the trophies. So if you don't have the plat, I would recommend to get it as soon as possible.
  6. Just a quick warning: If you plan on getting the trophies for "The ditcher", "The Trial of Crooked-Eye Phil" and "Walk the stalk".. Do them alone. Doing them with others will only grant the trophy to the host 🙃 the other person(s) won't get them.
  7. Thanks!
  8. Any tips of getting 1000/1500 points? 😂 Seems like I'm not good enough for that.
  9. It has a free upgrade but no autopop. Played it twice a while ago
  10. Can't say if this works. I made a new character just to get the trophies now 🙃🙃
  11. March it early in a store tho
  12. Yes it is
  13. Your stats are saved on the server tho. Same thing happened to me, save file corrupted, all stats on 0. I farmed like 350 tasks before and after 150 after the save file corruption I got the trophy. Same with kills. As long as the game shows the level you had before the save file corruption you should be fine.
  14. When you look it up on the phone browser it says "Trial" so I guess it's one If you mean that one tho lol
  15. I got the Trophy first try. Some of the bulls can get stuck on the downwards moving platforms. Make sure that they are not down there Had it with the one at the moving platform which leads to a scroll. He was stuck there.
  16. Yeap there is no ps4 version.
  17. it doesn't matter which medal you get. You can get Bronze
  18. The time trials are easy tbh. This game is made for kids and the times are pretty generous. There wasn't one level on which I was even close to the limit I terms of Gameplay Variety and length I would say take Ty.. I just finished Marsupilami. Took me 5 1/2 hours for the plat. So i would say you can finish the game (Without replaying every level for the time trials) in like 2 hours.
  19. I loved the show haha I'll definitely get that one. It looks Ike a solid game based on the trailer.
  20. No do it on the ground. Just jump and press x the exact moment you land on the ground
  21. Yeap it stacks. The game isn't even hard on hard mode. lol .. my mistake was playing it on Easy the first time, so I had to do it a second time on hard and got both trophies for Normal and hard mode Nope, nothing missable, you can do everything after finishing it
  22. The 10 perfect jumps in a row? Jump and press jump again the moment you hit the ground, the smurf will do an animation then.. You need to do that 10 times in a row Yes, gargamels levels are weird with the saving.
  23. Depends, I had a few collectibles which were gone after quitting the level 😂 sometimes the saving function doesn't work properly, best is to at least reach the next checkpoint before quitting
  24. I agree. Some of the collectibles are really hard to find
  25. No, it's not cumulative. You can take breaks