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  1. They are a big company boys, i'm sure it will be fixed. I survived The walking dead final season, Dirt 4, MXGP, Rainbow six siege and now MK XL. God help us all lolllllllll.
  2. Should I start this before it shuts? How long does it take?
  3. It seems like the invasion countdown is up and running but when the time reaches zero it doesn't start the invasion restarting the looping. Won't trigger it. I dont think they stopped supporting the game it is just a minor glitch which is voiding the event. I asked all my friends to send tickets regarding this topic and it seems WB support replied all of them. I hope they fix it eventually.
  4. How hard can it be to get Invasions back running again? Ubi' edited Rainbow six siege trophies recently, please WB help us all somehow.
  5. I sent 'em a ticket.
  6. Damn, sadness. I hope they get it fixed...
  7. For you by Staind.🎢🎢
  8. Legend of Legaia, best RPG experience I've ever had. Old Gran Turismos 'cause newest six and the gran finale: Left4Dead! Best Coop xp for X360... Rare gem.
  9. 2 games every 4 weeks is more than enough however since the backlash PS3/Vita they should give us 2 plus 1 VR, maybe an Indy to support independent devs before PS5 releases
  10. I wonder when does the the newest season starts. 1 trophy away from the 1OO%. Loved the game.
  11. The walking dead: Lee's death scene. I cried 1st timer. The last of us: The hospital part, what an ending! Mafia II: Sad ending for Joe.
  12. I prefer this game over any PS4 EAs NHL games. 😝