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  1. It reminds me so much of Animal Parade which is my all time favourite Harvest Moon game, so this is a must buy for me! I spent so many hours on it and look forward to spending many more hours on this!
  2. Anyone on here played Greedfall? I'm looking to buy it but would love some opinions before I do 😉

    1. XchocomanX


      This might help you. It helped me to decide 


    2. MomentsInTime


      I played it on Xbox, it was a really fun and interesting open world game. Story was interesting and held me, but there's a lot of unnecessary backtracking I thought. The flow gets bogged down a bit by it, but there's plenty to explore, the campion stuff is competent and good romance options. Overall I thought it was worth playing, tho it could have done better in its pacing. 

  3. Platinum #22 and #23 go to The Sims 4 and The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt + DLC! Finally finished these games off as part of my mission to clean up my profile a little, and I've got to admit, it does look a little better now.


    Definitely give both games a go if your on the fence, as both are worth a lot of your time! I've easily spent hours and hours on Sims alone! I have never played a Witcher game before, but I'm glad I did as I really discovered something new and refreshing and is absolutely visually stunning!

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    2. AshestoAshes28


      Thank you everyone!

      @ferginator88, it's definitely one of those games that I didn't think I'd enjoy but it's now one of my favourites! Control is next on my list and I've got Horizon Zero Dawn, buuuut I haven't even looked at it yet and I've had it at least a year, maybe more 😂

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. ferginator88


      @AshestoAshes28 that is the burden of the trophy hunter. Half a dozen amazing games we bought on sale that we haven't played after years of owning them! 😄

  4. Treated myself seeing as though I got paid yesterday 😇! Thought I should dive into this series as I've heard nothing but good things about it and at £12.85, why not!? Grabbed myself the Black Edition that's got the character cards and stickers in and I've heard it's got some great jump scares in Got it for £22.85 I love Tropico games so at £18.85 for the EL Prez Edition, that jumped in by basket faster than you can say dictator 😂 Needed some more Borderlands and Claptrap in my life so it was a no brainer at £17.85 And lastly, but by no means least, Fallout 76! I really fancied playing this again after playing it over on Xbox, and thought I should grab it for PS4 so I always have access to it! Plus I really want that platinum! Annnd at £12.99, why not, I'll definitely get those hours worth! Also grabbed a month of PS Plus and a month of PS Now to give Spider Man, Control and some other games a go! Grabbed all these from and I'd recommend them any day, it's where I get all my games from and it's super cheap, just beware of your backlog as once you get on the under £20 section, you will spend, spend and spend 😂
  5. I'm really hyped for this as well and I've even booked some annual leave so I can play without having to worry about working 😂! I've grown up with Harvest Moon and the new remake looks a lot similar to Animal Parade which is my favourite Harvest Moon so I'm getting this day one! I've got The Last of Us Part 2 releasing for my birthday, so looks like great times all round!
  6. Well that's my night shift done, so now I'm going for a quick nap and then it's game time!😎

  7. It's like you read my mind 😂 I don't have any space left for mine and I've stacked them vertically 😂 There's just too many good games and so little space 😂 I do have the Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii but I think a rebuy with better graphics, the new expansion and all the extras is worth buying it again I suppose, plus I didn't play it the first time anyway, so there's no real loss anyway. I'm looking at buying the bundle with the poster and keyring, not much I know but it makes the £50 price tag a bit better to swallow 😂 I did have a Wii U but I had to sell it a while ago due to money struggles.
  8. After not playing on the PlayStation for so long, I can't remember who anyone is anymore on my friends list as most of them have changed their names 😂


    Might be time to clear some out 🤔😂

    1. Astray404


      Wish they could add some tag or "rename" features... I'm always confused regarding those identity-things 😂

    2. AshestoAshes28


      That would be amazing! And I'm glad I'm not the only one 😂

    3. MidnightDragon


      You could also ask who they are.

  9. I think I'll probably do the same just in case and I suppose it never hurts to have another game on the shelf, right 😂 @Alderriz, thank you for the answer, I think I'm going to buy it anyway so I can have the full experience and just in case it is really 😃
  10. Thank you for sharing this, I've never played a Xeboblade game before but I think I'm going to get this and see what all the love is about! So I take it this is the first one, does Xenoblade Chronicles 2 follow on from this game or is it a separate game? Just thinking if I'm getting this one, I might as well get the other one as well 😂
  11. Thought it was time to dust off the old PlayStation and try and finally get done some of this backlog that I've been buying but not playing 😂, so hey everyone, how are you all 🥳! 

    On the topic of backlogs, are there still any events on here that allow both PlayStation games and other console games to be apart of it? Asking for an Animal Crossing addict 😂🤔

  12. Hey! I finally joined Twitter after a bit of arm twisting from @TheLoneliestPanda😂. Feel free to give me a follow if you want to see a mass of screenshots, gaming by the dozen and loads of indie bands😂.

    1. TheLoneliestPanda


      It was NOT easy to convince her!

  13. It's been such a long time since I last logged in here and spoken to anyone in a long time either, this was both through personal choice and because I needed time to process everything that had happened in my life in such a short space of time. I've been through so much change and loss through the last year and it just all got too much for me. 

    A year on and now I feel happier in myself and happier with my life as I got a new, less stressful job and things seem better at home. Now I feel like I can be happy gaming again and actually feel good trophy hunting again 😁. Writing this, I feel happy to be coming back to this site and to the friends I haven't chatted to for a long time!

    Now I just need a Platinum to stamp my return to trophy hunting 😂!

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    2. AshestoAshes28


      @Sifferino, thank you! It's great you meet you and I hope your having a blast on these forums! 😁


      @Galactic Hyper Balls, thank you! I never knew how much being a human sucks until this time last year but I feel stronger for getting through it, if you get me. 

      Got my sword ready and some games lined up! Get ready to slay!😂


      @MidnightDragon, hey thank you! How have you been? I'm really sorry I haven't messaged for a long time. How's the job hunting going? :) 

    3. MidnightDragon


      Slow, but have something to keep me occupied for now.

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Welcome back! Glad to see you're doing okay and that you have returned. :) 

  14. Man, I haven't posted on here for a while and look at that, a new year came! Isn't that funny. Anyway, I seem to have become rather lost with gaming at the minute what with everything that has happened over the past few months. I really want to get back into trophy hunting to try and get back some normality to my life, but when I try it just sort of seems strange, which really upsets me as it's always been something I enjoy. I feel like I don't have time to game anymore so what's the point in doing it and I feel like I should be rushing through games when I do play them so I feel like I've actually played something, which I know is wrong. 


    I don't really know what to do, as gaming is a massive part of my life and I really want to get back into loving it again. Perhaps I should go back to a favourite series of mine such as Tomb Raider, Sims, Kingdom Hearts or Stardew Valley etc. I just don't know...


    I'm really sorry for the big rant, but I just feel like I needed to get this off my chest a little and also to chat to some gamers who may understand what I'm feeling/could help me.

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. AshestoAshes28


      @MidnightDragon, yeah Sims is definitely a great game. I could go back and build a family home 🤔

    4. mecharobot


      Switch is a good option, but also there is nothing stopping people from playing games they already platted, especially with the ridiculously low plat requirements some games have. Did some Peach Beach Splash multiplayer on new years eve with the community and it was good fun to beat modes I did not have chance to do before, even got some new stuff from it. In some cases, the trophies might be a good end goal, but I've found that in others they are the opposite. And I'm not talking about something like grinding, I'm talking about trophies or guides completely omitting entire gameplay modes because they're not necessary, even though they could be arguably very lucrative like doing FoBs in MGSV Phantom Pain.