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  1. Finally finished the story of Celeste! I finished the story with 2107 Deaths, 53 Strawberries and 3 Cassettes collected which isn't bad considering how bad I have been at this game. I was really tempted to use Assist Mode at one point to help me finish the story, but I'm proud that I didn't as I feel like I've experienced Madeline's emotional and physical struggle due to the difficulty of the game. Now I'm going to use Assist Mode to get the rest of the Strawberries etc, as I feel this is fitting with how Madeline's story ended.


    Also making this my 10th Platinum/Milestone Platinum as it relates to me on such a big level, especially with what's happened to me this year, so I'm looking forward to making it my 10th! :D

    1. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      Such a great game. I think I ended on twelve hundred and something deaths but I had less strawberries.


      Do you have a Switch? I forgot. I played Celeste on there, and last week I finished The Messenger, also an amazing platformer though one with more action.

    2. AshestoAshes28


      @Agent 47, I do have a Switch and when Celeste goes on sale again on there, I'll be double dipping which I don't normally do, but I'll make an exception for Celeste :). I've also been looking at The Messenger as well and it's been on my wish list for a while. 


      Any other games like Celeste on the Switch that you know of? The Switch kind of seems like the better place to get these types of games, if you get what I mean.

    3. The Shopkeeper

      The Shopkeeper

      If you mean "the Switch can handle Celeste type graphics as well as the PS4, and the Switch has the benefit of portability" then I get exactly what you mean. Also, with these bit type graphics, I think it's better to watch on a smaller screen.


      With games "like" Celeste, are you looking for the emotional story, or the no-mistakes-allowed platforming? I've got a huge list of games I've played and I play a lot of platformers :)


      The Messenger is at the top of my recommend list. Great action platformer and the discussions with the Shopkeeper are insanely funny. If it's platforming you want, Shovel Knight is also a definitive recommend. But Celeste is probably the hardest, which is why it has save states at the end of every screen.