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  1. So considering I haven't played on the PS4 for a while and am clearing the games I already have, I'm kind of wondering what I may have missed out on šŸ¤”.

    I have my eye on Judgement, Immortals Fenyx Rising and maybe Spider Man, but I feel like I may have missed more so does anyone have any recommendations? I'm open to trying new things and love most things šŸ™‚

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    2. DrBloodmoney


      Hitman 3 came out and finished off that trilogy nicely

    3. StrickenBiged


      Immortals is fun, I will get back to and finish that one off myself.Ā Spider-ManĀ is great, but if you were planning on getting a PS5 in due course then I'd hold off and play it there (as part of theĀ Miles MoralesĀ ultimate edition)Ā as 60FPS is transformational to the gameplay experience IMO. Same goes forĀ Ghost of TsushimaĀ - its so much more playable with 60FPS.Ā 

    4. AshestoAshes28


      Thank you everyone, I've heard very good things about Ghost of Tsushima so that maybe a good option. I'm on the fence about getting a PS5 if I'm honest. At the minute, it doesn't hold much appeal or justification for me to buy one, none of the games really pop out at me, but that may change before Christmas maybe. Hoping Sony pulls some things out the bag because this year is looking empty.