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  1. The platinum for The Last of Us on PS3 because it is almost guaranteed to be and Ultra Rare forever due to the servers closing down, I didn't enjoy grinding the MP all that much but the story itself was a fantastic experience.
  2. Triangle button for chakrams
  3. Platinum #64- Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD (PS3)

    Although the visual updates are nice, the game is much the same as the Vita version- fine but not essential. Some content was added such as the persona missions but they were pointless and gave you nothing except a trophy after completing all three lines which was just tedious and unrewarding. Also there are an abundance of control issues that obviously sprung from the translation between portable and home console.

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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    3. Lan Stee

      Lan Stee

      @MidnightDragon it's a bit odd, it's like a boardgame rather than a competitive MP. You choose a side then a home base. You then select nodes and fight the opposition on those nodes. Thing is, you can keep fighting on and on even if you lose the fights and run out of energy, you can actually just keep going. You have to grind to level 15 and that can take about 3 hours continuously, which doesn't sound long but it is VERY tedious. You also have to send an agent off to two different specil nodes. I can't really explain it very well since it's been long enough that I've forgotten the fine details. Just look up a trophy guide for the surest way to get it done, then stick on some Netflix or a playlist and just go for it.

    4. ahmedelebiary


      Congrats mate! :)

  4. Future civilizations will uncover the source code for this timeless masterpiece in an archaeological dig and put it in a museum and the people will gaze in awe at the genius that went unappreciated in its time.
  5. @B1rvine thank you for addressing this
  6. Nier is fantastic but it's not really a JRPG, is it? Nor is it really a Square-Enix game since they just published it, it has Platinum Games written all over it, really, whereas the rest were developed in-house.
  7. I'd agree but I'll see what mods/ CRT have to say about it, I'd like to be able to keep my full set of God of War platinums as well as not hide trophies since this is in fact all because of a glitch and my attempt to rectify it, all of which is legit and did not involve a single hack or function outside of what is actually a part of the system- the game's trophies are known to be glitchy. I shall see if I can uncover evidence if needs be and even try to replicate it on dummy accounts if the CRT require me to.
  8. I can't count and I don't know what day it is
  9. I've discovered a peculiar issue and I'm wondering if there is an explanation. I've been very particular about what trophies I earned as milestones, especially the "Every 500th" milestone. To be best of my knowledge, the 3000th trophy I earned was the platinum trophy for Borderlands (PS3). I'm almost certain that it has always been this way until today. But now I notice that a trophy from Resident Evil 6 is now registered as my 3000th trophy. This concerns me a little bit as I frequent the Disputes threads to get a good laugh out of some of the terrible excuses for cheating. In my perusals, I noticed that there is something called CFW that can apparently change timestamps to changed dates trophies are earned, but this is easily flagged by the site as differences between when trophies are first synced and what they are synced to currently are easily detected by mods. I must insist that I have never used such a device or program or whatever it is that can be used to manipulate trophy syncs, nor do I ever cheat fullstop. None of my trophies have been flagged and I remain ranked and on the leaderboards so no anomalies have been detected until now, by myself. I also have no hidden trophies or games that would change the order that I earned games in. I may have found the problem but I could use some confirmation- God of War on the PS Vita. The collection on the Vita is notorious for trophy issues but I just want to explain myself and see if this caused my issue. I first booted up the game on my Slim PS Vita. The trophy you earn for dying enough times to be offered to play on 'Easy' and winning the first Minotaur fight were awarded on April 7th. The problem is, there was a trophy that was supposed to be earned between those- for acquiring the Poseidon's Rage power, which glitched and wasn't given to me [EDIT: there was another trophy that I also fulfilled the requirements for but wasn't awarded- the minigame you partake in with those two ladies on your boat]. I also realised that the right thumbstick on the Vita wasn't working so I decided to not sync my trophies and to give up the game until I acquired a functional Vita. I eventually acquired a PS TV and when I set up on that, the trophies were still not synced, but I discovered that the game wasn't giving me the trophy for being offered Easy. I tried to delete and reinstall the game but that was not working. I eventually looked in the activities tab and saw that the system recognised me having earned those previous trophies even though I had not synced them- they were not showing up for me as earned on PSN or PSNProfiles. I deleted these activities and sure enough the game started letting me earn those trophies again, and I was able to earn them all in proper order. However, now the site now all of a sudden seems to have registered those trophies earned on April 7th. I'm concerned because the trophies would have actually first synced to the site on May 10th when I played it through, but somehow the trophies appear to have synced from the original device even though I do not believe I have used that Slim PS Vita since then. I want to stress that my issue is not with the milestones being messed up- it's annoying but I can live with it. My concern is that these trophies might show up as synced wrongly and in such a way as to show CFW or imitating CFW. It also seems to align with a recent debate on late syncs even though it isn't quite the same thing. I would just like confirmation as well as a point of reference should I be flagged in the future for this.
  10. Three sentences. You demolished his entire rant in only three sentences. I'm shook.
  11. I see some certain status updates were deleted, either by mods or by users themselves after they got their heads out of their butts. The latter is unlikely.
  12. While I was grinding levels in Tomb Raider multiplayer solo, I threw the complete Jimquisition playlist into Playbackloop to go from earliest to latest. Can't remember where it stopped by the time I reached my goal. It was so mindless I was actually able to almost totally focus on the videos and still reach my goal without issue.
  13. 100% Resident Evil 4

    One of my favourite games of all time, looking pretty slick in HD. Sure, some of the background textures have aged poorly, but the game is still a masterpiece. But gawd damn was the Krauser fight a pain in the ass on Professional difficulty!

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    2. Deceptrox


      For me the hardest boss on pro were the rocks that you need to run from by button smashing. Those button smashings were brutal.

    3. Honor_Hand


      @Deceptrox Lol, we had to tap those buttons insanely fast to not be crushed. I remember that. xD

    4. Lan Stee

      Lan Stee

      @Deceptrox funnily enough, I remember those boulder QTE's being very hard on Pro in the PS2 version but they were easy here. Guess I got used to them. 

  14. Resident Evil 4... so it ne ver really bothered me when I was younger that Chapter 5 is as long as Chapters 3 and 4 combined, really. The pacing kinda grinds to a halt here. Not too badly, game is still a masterpiece but it is really noticeable now on Professional difficulty especially.

  15. I have the Killzone games and the Resistance games, I know some of them are still plat-able so I'll just play the rest on an alt account