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  1. *Drinks heavily and posts all over the internet*


    Me, next day: Ugh... please don't let me have embarrassed myself...


    *checks social media including PSNP*


    Me: Oh God...


    Moral of the story- don't drink and post

    1. PooPooBlast


      Haha yesterday's post was a fun read ;p


    2. LepreCon91


      @PooPooBlast thanks but don't expect too much more of it in the future 😂

    3. Hemiak


      Just log out of all your accounts before drinking. You'll never remember your passwords when you're that hammered. :awesome:

  2. It really brings my piss to a boil when people think that if their opinion is a minority one that goes against the general consensus then theirs is somehow more valid and superior. I just don't understand the contrarian mindset. Why does something being popular and well-loved annoy these people so much? Insecurity? A need for validation? I mean, I know it can go both ways- someone genuinely voices a dissenting opinion and gets ganged up on, that's not cool either- but there is a certain smugness about those who really want everyone to know that they were "disappointed" by a game they hyped up for themselves beyond reason, that a certain game actually "sucks" because reasons and everyone else is wrong. Again, I'm not talking about genuine opinions, we're not all wired the same and we all have different tastes, but what do you accomplish by being the only one or one of the few just because? 

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    2. LepreCon91


      @panikooooos support the industry standards you want to see yourself and let people enjoy things. There's a lot of things and popular stuff I don't like but not simply because it is popular.


      @Fenrirfeather I'm also drunk and lonely (4:45 where I am) so that may have something to do with it but you're dead on.

    3. panikooooos


      "If you don't like something don't complain about others liking it" is a bad argument. Popularity sets standards. I do not like battle royale games and I would not shit on them if they were a niche but I'm forced to see my beloved medium get infested by them and see series I used to love like COD or BF ruined by this virus, I'm forced to sit through streamers pretending to enjoy playing this ass genre, hear everyone talk about them nonstop, watch devs kill their projects because the majority only cares about soulless crap like fortnite and apex so you bet your ass I will call people who like this genre out. Supporting what I like makes no difference, what I like died decades ago because the majority did not support it because surprise surprise the majority is f'ing retarded who will gobble up shit in an instant. Normies killed great genres such as "point and click", "rts", "arcade fps" so I have the right to shit on them 24/7 and you can't take it from me :eyebrow:

    4. Spaz


      @LepreCon91 This is exactly what I got on my 'PS3 vs PS4 Games' discussion over at PST.org.


      Obviously I wasn't going to win everybody's hearts because I was being rather biased with my opinions regarding trophies in newer games as opposed to older games.


      I got attacked because most felt my viewpoint was bad. I'm not a professional, I'm just one guy who goes to work like everybody else and plays video games to entertain himself. Obviously because I'm biased and I disagree with someone's opinion I'm the bad guy?




      What you said in your status update sums up why I end up leaving a lot of forum websites.


      @panikooooos The reason Point and Clicks, RTS and Arcade FPS died out was because you had to think outside the box and be good.


      A game like Kings Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow would never sell today. Reason being? Most people can't solve those puzzles, but then again everybody skips the cutscenes and rushes through the game without appreciating any of the story.


      RTS like Civilization V requires too much thinking and brainpower. Arcade FPS was too difficult for a lot of people.


      I'm happy to say however that these genres are trying to make a comeback.

  3. Who's getting "butthurt"? (People still use that stupid word?) All I've seen so far are folks reasonably pointing out the various ways in which it is unworkable and actually adds nothing of substance to the site. I'm all for new site features so long as they make sense. I don't give a toss about my rank for as you can see I am new to trophy hunting and I will have to play a lot and for a very long time (time I really don't have) to make any real progress. I don't intend to go for too many stacks, the reason I have Kingdom Hearts stacks is because I wanted to get all the series plats, not to get higher on the leaderboards (like, seriously, those games took fookin' ages, I'd have gone with much easier games if that was my motivation!). But this idea is not only unfeasible but really it also goes against the very point of the site itself- trophy hunting. Hunt for trophies. Get as many as you possibly can. And, respectfully, you yourself have aptly demonstrated how it appeals to those who look down on people for stacking, which I don't really think is needed here at all- let people play whatever they want, however they want and if they get a little extra reward for doing so then more power to them.
  4. As long as you are using the same account then you will unlock the trophies as long as you fulfill the requirements, even if you unlocked one trophy on another region's game, you could theoretically earn the rest on the same list but on another region no problem. I don't know if the saves will transfer though, so you're best just sticking with no game.
  5. No, Spider-man's list is universal across all regions so no, you only get one plat. Even if you played two different regions, you won't get any further trophies. Some games have separate lists for different regions so you can earn from more than one list although it's the same game, but the majority of games don't do this at all.
  6. Getting Destiny/ Division/ Sea of Thieves vibes off of this, from what I've seen and heard so far. I downloaded the demo but never got around to it, but from the sounds of things I didn't miss much. Maybe I'm wrong but it's really sounding like it's going to be one of those games that has a rough launch and "gets better" a few months down the line, which would be a pity because BioWare was my favourite developer years back. I really hope that I am wrong and in that case I hope everyone who gets it has a blast with it, that lots of people buy it to support BioWare (but hands off those microtransactions- EA make billions in profit off their sales and monetization in other games so don't even try to tell me they need it here to fund DLC for this) and maybe I'll join you for some games in a few months. Right now, I'm not hyped or grabbed in any way and have plenty of other games right now that need my attention.
  7. So it is pretty much completely unworkable as a concept in every way, so. I don't do other region stacks so like I said, it wouldn't affect me that way and it doesn't bother me at all in principle, I just really fail to see how it is a meaningful addition to the site.
  8. In a recent thread I was disappointed (but not really surprised- this is the internet, after all) to see that there is a bit of a culture of downplaying or even openly mocking stacked trophies. This could further this toxic behaviour- this is a trophy hunting site, whereby the more trophies you have, the better your standing, so as long as you earned the trophies legit then what exactly is the problem? I fear this could just give certain people notions about what makes for "real" trophy hunters, which is an opinion best kept to oneself. Sorry but if it is a leaderboard on a trophy hunting site then it does need to be strict or else it's pointless, in my humble opinion (and my stipulations aren't so much strict as they are necessary in order to actually function as a leaderboard). Like I said, harmless in itself but really not serving much purpose. And I'm not sure about the Japanese leaderboard either, I'm sure that pretty much anyone who has the gumption to make an Asian account to buy games exclusive to those stores would know that they could just download those games to their system and then play it on their actual account. Look, we're probably not going to see eye-to-eye on this. I see what you mean and I get where you're coming from but it really just doesn't strike me as a good or beneficial idea at all, not necessarily in and of itself but by virtue of how trophy lists actually work. It just couldn't work as a leaderboard of trophies earned at all and therefore doesn't work at all. You may as well just have a feature that disable stacks on the games page if you want to see what unique games there are.
  9. Well does that feature already not make such a leaderboard kind of redundant, at least for the purposes you're describing? And as I've outlined above, a lot of the lists are actually quite a bit different, such as the examples I gave. So I ask again, how would it fairly account for the differences? Because if it's discriminating while not taking the differences into account, then it's hardly a real leaderboard at all then, is it? Whether it is implemented or not doesn't bother or affect me at all, but it's not exactly as simple as that and not really giving the best idea of things, and if it isn't doing that then it's hardly so much an addition to the site as it is a superfluous feature that doesn't really serve a great purpose. Like if it's not, as you say yourself, needed to be treated seriously, what then exactly is the point of it? If you want to know your positioning without stacks then don't get stacks and hide the ones that you do have.
  10. It just seems a little pointless to me. In itself, the concept is harmless but in practice, when you really think about it, it's a lot more complicated than I think those commenting in favour actually realise. If the removal of legitimately earned trophies pushes someone down then that's pretty stupid. If it wouldn't move someone much at all then that's equally pointless. A list is a list. Even if it's the same game. Sometimes the trophy lists are altered or have different conditions to unlock across platforms, e.g. Resident Evil: Code Vernonica X on PS3 only has like 15 trophies and no plat, but the PS4 version has a fuller list and a plat. The Assassin's Creed remasters took out multiplayer but made DLC trophies from the PS3 versions mandatory for the plat on PS4. The Uncharted remasters have also took out multiplayer, have different trophies in the main list and a new set for some DLC. Kingdom Hearts on PS3 and PS4 have certain differences in how to unlock a trophy or two. How would this new leaderboard fairly account for all of that? Which list would get picked as the one that represents the game? I'm sorry, but it isn't fulfilling any meaningful purpose by just discounting lists solely on the basis of it having the same name as another, even if the trophies therein are different. Not to mention that many lists are named differently as well- 'Uncharted: Drake's Fortune' on PS3 and ' Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered' on PS4- so eliminating them would also be very, very difficult. Regional stacks would be easier since they almost always share the exact same list so it wouldn't encounter the mass of problems that I've outlined above, but outside of that it's really just not feasible at all.
  11. In principle, it's harmless but as a concept it has a lot going against it.
  12. #22- UNCHARTED 2: AMONG THIEVES (PS3) Platinum Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Time Taken: 1 week, 4 days, 18 hours, 8 minutes, 59 seconds (about 20 hours in-game) Rarity: 2.6% Ultra Rare (PSN) / 17.09% Rare (PSNProfiles) Hardest Trophy: Charted!- Crushing (Gold)- Finish the game in Crushing Mode I'm sweatin' like a hooker in church... Since I never had a PS3 in my teenage years, the Uncharted series passed me by while I was blasting my way through the likes of Gears of War and Halo. However, having played and completed this game for the first time, I can honestly say that this could very well be my favourite game of the 7th Generation. Why is that? Well, although the gameplay isn't exactly unique or special especially given how a decade has elapsed since this game's release, the story and characters have a lot of heart and charm that is just missing from many action games, and indeed others as well. Not to say the gameplay isn't fun, in fact it is fantastic and exciting if unoriginal. But when looking at this game in the context of the time of release, this was pretty excellent indeed, a stellar release. I liked the first game but it didn't exactly blow me away. This one, however, blew it right out of the water in every which way. Definitely something I really wish I had played in its time, but amazingly it still holds up very well. The scenery is still beautiful to look at, the environments a joy to explore and the gunplay riveting and tense on higher difficulties. Not to mention the superb acting and chemistry between the characters, this is cinematic gaming at its best. I hear a few complaining about the game's length but really in my opinion this kind of game lends itself to brevity, in fact it is one of the game's strong points- a tight, cohesive narrative with a definitive beginning, middle and ending that does not overstay its welcome. My one real complaint is that there wasn't enough Sully, a great character who really should have been around more. As well as the cheapness of some of the sections on Crushing- which wasn't as difficult as the first game, however- I have nothing really more to complain about. The length is a non-issue, in my books. By virtue of being so good, it is very replayable. I will certainly look to do so again on the PS4 remaster. The online mode is dead but honestly I don't think it really needed one. I remember some of my friends who liked it when it came out but then abandoned it after a few weeks. Thankfully, only two trophies require online and they're very easy to get provided you can find a partner. But of course, they added DLC multiplayer trophies which are a definite no-go for me so I consider this game totally done on PS3.
  13. Realized I needed a Kingdom Hearts fix despite having all the plats except III, so I got Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS and blimey I thought the PS4 version was hard, this is twice as tough! Did they tone down the difficulty on the PS4 version? At this rate, if I make it to the big bad boss I'll snap my 3DS in half!

    1. Xerxes


      Yup. III is honestly the easiest game in the series

    2. RedRodriguez87


      I honestly think they did tone it down. :/


      I remember the 3ds version being annoying too even on Beginner, and I just breezed through the PS4 one (give or take a few deaths).


      Of course, the PS4 does have the benefit of Dual Analog sticks and a bigger screen, not to mention I made very big use of the Flowmotion this time around.......

  14. Game was totally, 100% worth it for this long time fan, it has its issues but so do all the other games and a lot of the criticism I'm seeing is coming from those wearing rose-tinted glasses; I recently marathoned the entire series so I'm not looking at the whole series from the perspective of someone who only played the games years ago and have fond, nostalgic memories of that this game could not possibly live up to. However, if you even have to ask this in the first place then it probably isn't for you. It's shipped millions and millions of copies already- the fastest selling game in the entire series, in fact- and reviews and general consensus are very largely positive so it can be and will be considered a huge success regardless of whether you buy it and/or like it or not.
  15. Platinum #22- Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)... Crushing difficulty wasn't too bad. Not going to bother with the obscene DLC trophies so I'm done with this on PS3 now. Fantastic game, can't wait to play more in the series. But for now, I'm on to Dead Space.

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    2. PooPooBlast


      @DamagingRobfair enough! I remember getting stuck in that castle portion a lot and just before the final showdown

    3. Honor_Hand


      Yeah, the first one had its moments tough moments too. Pretty much those what PooPooBlast mentioned. The castle and a little while before taking on Navarro. xD However, I definitely remember being killed the most on U3. Like I couldn't even take a peek from cover without being one-shoot killed at times xxD

    4. LepreCon91


      The first one was definitely a lot tougher on Crushing than this. With these mixed reports I'm worried to try it on U3!