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  1. Nintendo Switch OLED on the way! Probably the absolute most unnecessary purchase of my life but hey, I've seen the comparisons and for me they are worthwhile as I love OLED; my phone, gaming TV, laptop and PS Vita all use the technology.

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    2. MidnightDragon


      I’ve really enjoyed it. Hope you do too

    3. grimydawg___


      I'll just stick with my old Switch, since there's no major difference.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      sticking with old since battery still isnt great. Fuck Nintendo. 

  2. 100% Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

    On top of being far better optimised than its parent game, Blood Dragon was a lot of fun with a great style and hilarious homages to cheesy 80's action films. I hear that the upcoming remaster of it will have a platinum trophy? Interesting.

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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      @Honor_Hand it's to be included in the Far Cry 6 season pass but I'm sure it'll be purchasable separately at some point as well

    3. Honor_Hand


      Got it, thanks for the info @Stan Lee 👍

    4. Himiko Toga

      Himiko Toga

      Well done big weeb. :)

  3. Conroy/ Hamill are the most iconic
  4. :platinum: #120- Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus [PS3]

    Also known as Sly Raccoon in PAL, this was a game I had never actually played before unlike the Jak and Daxter and Ratchet & Clank series. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, to the point that I did the whole platinum start to finish in a single sitting. Fairly straightforward although there are some sharp difficulty spikes when it comes to the bosses (Mz. Ruby's rhythm game with input lag was so much fun, yeah) but nothing that couldn't be overcome with a little trial and error. 

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    2. Pray_4_the_End




      It's crazy to see how far Sucker Punch has come since the Sly Cooper days. I know they're busy with Ghost of Tsushima for the foreseeable future, but I hope they one day reboot Sly Cooper like Insomniac did Ratchet & Clank. 

    3. The Arizona Ranger
    4. blue_blur_98


      That was my first Platinum ever! Such a solid game, although I do much perfer Sly 2 and Sly 3. Congratulations on the Platinum.

  5. :platinum: Platinum #119- Full Throttle Remastered [PS4]

    I had never actually played this game before but it wasn't as good as some of the other Schafer games I had played aside from the visuals and voice acting. Also very short and doable in less than 2 hours with a guide. Great that you can switch between the original and remastered visuals on the fly.

  6. Was hoping they would add some more trophies in lieu of MP but I guess not. At least I'll be able to say I have the platinum for Crysis 2 some day
  7. :platinum: Platinum #118- Darksiders: Warmastered Edition [PS4]

    I really enjoy the first two games in this series, being the only ones I have actually played. I had despaired of the series ever finishing when THQ originally went under, but now if I am correct the pieces are all in place for a grand finale to the series with each of the Horsemen starring in their own game now. As for this first one, its a great Zelda-like action adventure set against a backdrop of Judeo-Christian Mythology. Looks great running at 60fps, pity that Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition doesn't. Not that it matters too much though. I'll be getting through the series in due course, hopefully in time for the next game.

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    2. The Arizona Ranger
    3. Pray_4_the_End


      I've had all 3 of those game in my back log for years now. Only ever played the first one on Xbox 360 back in the day, from what I can remember it was pretty fun. I'll get around to playing them eventually is what I've been telling myself for ages now. Congrats on the plat though!

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  8. Shame they're getting rid of the ports but at least I have them downloaded already
  9. Saw No Time To Die a second time today and I have some thoughts to share before it lands Stateside. I still loved the movie and think it is a fitting end to the Craig era, probably place it a close third in my estimation below Casino Royale and Skyfall. The first two observations are not spoilers but the rest I'll hide for those who want to go in relatively blind.


    1. The way this movie was marketed was... bizarre. The trailers as well as some comments from director Cary Fukunaga not to mention some of the discourse surrounding the hiring of Phoebe Waller-Bridge to do some script rewrites (by the way, watch Fleabag if you haven't already, freaking great) made the film out to be something completely different to what it actually is. I'm not talking false advertisement here but let's just say that if you're of the mindset that this film could be a... ahem "woke disaster" but are amenable to shifting that perspective then try going into this with less of that in mind- the characters play off each other brilliantly, Bond is still a total badass of a character and Bridge's contributions are meaningful; nothing is being "shoved down your throat" as the kids like to say. I say this because there is a lot of shit talk from people who have not seen the movie but still feel the need to express an opinion on it as well as some bonehead chud YouTube "critics" who clearly had their minds made up beforehand and picked out exactly what they wanted.


    2. It didn't bother me the first time but the length of the film got to me a little bit the second time around. It is a long movie so consider getting your bathroom break over with before the opening scene because you won't want to miss anything. But be prepared to have your ass in the seat for a while, it is the longest film to date.


    Okay, henceforth there will be spoilers.



    3. In spite of the length, I felt that not enough time or development was given over to Rami Malek's character. He is set up great but he accomplishes his revenge halfway through the film and the rest is just him being a typical megalomaniacal villain with iffy motives to continue his villainous crusade. Yes, Bond and his relationships with other characters are the focal point here but a little bit more writing devoted to the villain would have greatly improved things and not, above all, felt like they had kinda wasted Malek who is a good actor.


    4. This is Bond at his most vulnerable and emotional and I am all here for it. The man is aged and the weight of his past is catching up with him and finally giving him a child alongside a genuine love interest in a way that was done correctly in order to give him the greatest personal stake possible for the final outing. It makes the finale's payoff work.


    5. Speaking of that finale- yes, he snuffs it and goes out in a blaze of glory by his own hand. Seen a lot of people disparaging this decision saying that killing off Bond was bad or lazy writing but that is obviously so obtuse- killing off a character is not in and of itself bad or "doing them dirty" which is what a lot of new age critics seem to be latching onto. It was the natural end to it all and it was a sombre but fitting emotional note to end the film on. You don't have to like it but to say the movie is bad because of it is just plain stupid. 


    6. No, the series is not continuing on with Lashana Lynch as the new James Bond. The series is not continuing on with Lashana Lynch as the new James Bond. The sereis is not continuing with Lashana Lynch as the new James Bond. Is that clear? Good. My guess is that it will probably be rebooted again like it was for the Brosnan and Craig eras. I'm hoping for a return to roots arc set in the 60's.


    7. Ana de Armas was awesome in this and wish she had had more than 10 minutes of screen time. I really want a spinoff TV series with her and Lashana Lynch working together and sometimes against each other as a CIA/ M16 rivalry.


    Planning to go? Or waiting for more reviews to drop?

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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      @Infected Elite it dropped a week earlier on my side of the Atlantic than yours!

    3. kdogg_gamer_


      I have zero complaints with the movie and I saw it last night, I cried like a baby. He’s human. I also thought Rami Malek villain was perfect and his plan was more than killing Spectre it was playing god. Someone on Reddit tipped me off to some similarities between Herkales myths and this movie and it makes sense to me. I’m glad we can agree somewhat once again. 

    4. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      @kdogg_gamer_ glad you enjoyed it!

  10. Looks like the movie that should have been made in 2002 but CGI has evolved a bit since then, someone should have told them! Honestly, I saw a lot that intrigues me outside of the iffy CGI- I like the cast and I'll be interested in how they play the characters; if I wanted an exact match I'd just play the games.
  11. >80% Completion (reached it but then I started some games which dropped it again) Rank 310 in Ireland Rank <50000 Worldwide 5.25 trophies per day rate 130 Platinums
  12. Metroid Dread due to arrive tomorrow ahead of its actual release date of Friday the 8th, as predicted. Excited beyond measure!

    Also, loading up The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PS3 in honor of a late friend whose copy I now possess, attempting to have the platinum trophy by November 11th- ten years to the day it released and to the day she purchased the very copy I have now.

  13. The answer is "No", they have not. I've actually read it and anytime I see chuds invoking it I die a little inside because their ignorance truly knows no bounds and they just put it on full display.
  14. Was hoping for no MP trophies since I won't be getting either version of this for a while. Oh well, guess I'll be making a session or two next year
  15. You can do this offline with two controllers, just gotta move Player 2 forward every so often so they don't die and can be on hand to revive Player 1 when needed. Some tricky spots but very doable. It's what I did.