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  1. Seems crazy to me that small games like this will have a plat but Resident Evil 4 did not, either release. I guess I'll have to wait for the remake in 2022 (?) to finally have the shiny plat for one of my all-time favourite games, even if it is a reimagined version.
  2. Never, at any point, ever, said people couldn't have opinions. A little sound change being a "Real concern" though? Yeah okay pal, I personally look at much bigger issues as real concerns but you do you. I guess I'll have to just avoid forums talking about changes, too much crying and oversensitivity.
  3. Lots of Capital G's popping out of the woodwork to bitch and moan about every little thing. There is another thread from yesterday or the day before of folks whining about the hypothetical prospect of PS5 not shipping with a HDMI 2.1 enabled cable even though that has not been confirmed.
  4. :platinum: Platinum #79 (+100%)- Saints Row IV (PS3)

    Okay, so technically I haven't popped this plat yet but I all I have left to do if to let it sit idle for a few more hours to get that last trophy for playing for 40 hours, it'll pop later tonight so it's as good as mine. I loved this game when it came out but I must have forgotten about the monotonous grind through side missions to complete all activities. The activities themselves are very easy and I was probably better off doing them at my own pace than just getting them as side-missions from the crew. The zaniness of the the game was so enjoyable, I understand the consternation from those who wished the series had stayed as a somewhat grounded street gang game but the series committed to its crazy potential so I respect that! Good to see Johnny Gat return as well as some interesting new faces. The references and throwbacks got a lot of laughs from me, though the game is glitchy as hell and crashed a lot. I also completed the DLCs fully so that's another 100% for me.  

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    2. Condemned09


      Congrats :D






    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Trophy is now popped. I await the congratulations from whom it is pending! 

    4. MossyOakRcn42
  5. Gonna be nuts how so many YouTubers are gonna name Cyberpunk 2077 as their Game of the Year for this year yet it will (probably) be winning GOTY at the Game Awards next December for 2021...

    1. PermaFox


      Ah, another delay.  I was so excited about this game (how many) years ago.  Now I've pretty much forgot about it and moved on.

    2. VigilantCrow


      It does amuse me to think that people will need to rerecord their videos though, everytime a delay happens.

  6. Oh no Anyway
  7. Very nice. I always liked the trophy pop on PS3 more than on PS4 so this makes me happy, not that it was a huge deal or anything.
  8. Sackboy may have multiplayer requirements, which won't be too big an issue depending on the requirements and around launch when everyone's playing it. But eventually, servers shut down, whereas SP only games with no necessary online component (glares at Mad Max) will always be obtainable. Otherwise, yeah, it will probably be a doddle too.
  9. My guess would be Miles Morales too. But here's the thing, I loved the 2018 game and didn't find that grinding the crimes 100% wasn't too bad until I was almost done. I'd imagine there will be some similar grind to Miles Morales, probably to pad out the time more, but by the looks of things it's gonna be another winner, just a shorter one.
  10. O yeah me too, love to see em on my shelf
  11. Well obviously not buy both if buying one gets you the other as well
  12. Both
  13. No multiplayer requirements for the Platinum this time? Good, the first game's online was annoying and I've done it twice, no idea what the sequel's are like but judging by the percentages, they look a lot easier. And for those who want multiplayer then I guess they'll be adding it in later with DLC trophies so it's a win for everyone. Hopefully the game is good.
  14. If the PS5 doesn't ship with four controllers, gold-plated 16K cables, a spare console, an 8TB SSD storage expansion, a full 3D audio surround system, every game free for life, a signed photograph of John Bubniak, actual physical trophies for each one I earn and a 4K 120Hz TV then that would be terrible PR and so anti-consumer and I'll switch to Xbox Seriously folks, you're reaching for stuff to whine about at this point- the supplied cables will be sufficient, but as the more level-headed responses have stated, not everyone owns a 4K 120hz TV and if you do then you likely already have a cable or two that takes advantage of everything the TV has to offer.
  15. Because that is my mindset right now- after getting the plats for most of the PS3 games in quick succession, I'm burnt out on the Assassin's Creed franchise and will be taking a break. I enjoyed the platinum journey of some of the other titles and would like to have as many plats from the series as possible. When I get around to it I'll be in a better mindset for it. I never said I didn't like the game itself, just some of the requirments are whack, but I'll stomach it when I get to it eventually.