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  1. #40- GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS (PS3) The Key to San Andreas Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Time Taken: 4 Weeks, 20 Hours, 54 Minutes (35 Hours in-game) Rarity: 1.5% Ultra Rare (PSN) / 25.78% Uncommon (PSNProfiles) Hardest Trophy: A Legitimate Business (Silver)- Export all three car lists "After five years on the east coast, it was time to go home..." Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of my absolute favourite games of all time. After roguishly tricking my aunt to get it for me for Christmas at the age of 13, I spent countless hours murdering my way through the three incredible cities and blowing cars up that it wasn't until much later that I got around to completing Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City which I also received that Christmas. It was the newest and the coolest and to this day I love it. But not this version of it. From what I can tell, this was a port of the iOS version. While it would be impressive for an iPod to run this, a home console in this day and age is a whole different story, coming out at the end of the PS3's lifespan. There are some great features; native 720p widescreen without image stretching, different map markers for questgivers above and beyond being just initial letters, mission checkpoints (hit and miss, but more on that in a second) and some of the missions that I remember being a chore now being very, very easy. In all, it is a solid version of the game and if one had never played it before, this isn't a bad way to introduce yourself to the world of San Andreas. However, there was plenty I didn't like as well. For some reason, I didn't like the way CJ controlled. He felt overly sensitive and janky. The driving was also pretty rubbish, with me flipping my cars way too easily. The pop-in which was a pretty big flaw of the PS2 original is even worse here. It even extends to how NPCs and cars on the road spawn- you could be driving at top speed as is your wont when playing this when all of a sudden three or more cars will suddenly spawn in a few feet ahead and cause a huge pile-up. They'll also just swap sides of the road without warning. Overall, the AI is pretty pathetic with your companion characters often just running about wherever the hell they want- I had three mission failures simply because my companion just ran off in the opposite direction of where they were supposed to go and got too far away. Cops also very rarely noticed my crimes, shooting a guy right beside two police motorcycles and not suffering any consequences. Otherwise, the game is just as before but the faults sort of soured my experience. The trophies are also a bit buggy, with some not unlocking until a good few minutes after I completed the requirements. The list itself isn't too taxing at all but does require a bit of going off the beaten track every now and then, but not nearly as much as the lists for the other titles in the series. Overall, I was a bit disappointed but I look forward to the PS4 version which is a port of the PS2 game and hopefully a little more faithful to my memories of the game I love so much.
  2. Yeah, I hope Sephiroth is used well. I get the idea of wanting to use him more since this game only covers Midgar, and we didn't actually see Sephiroth until after you leave Midgar in the original game. That and the fact that we all know Sephiroth so there's no point in keeping him mysterious.
  3. Platinum #40- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS3)...

    Whew. GTA: SA is one of my favourite games of all time, but this was not a good version of it. I think it's a port of the iOs version or something? Either way, not the ideal way to play San Andreas. Hopefully the PS4 version brings me back the good old days when I get around to it!

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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      @Temmie the AI is terrible and the controls are way off. I'm not misremembering the original game because I last played it only 5 years ago. There was also terrible pop-in and other bugs that were not in the original game or not nearly as bad as it was.

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Nice milestone :) 

      I think this version was okay. Everything looked amazing, but the original is also just as good. Hope you get the experience you await on the PS4 version. :) 

      Great game anyway, one of the best storylines in the entire franchise. :) 

    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  4. I liked it but never loved it. Same with IX. In fact, I may even prefer this to IX.
  5. Did we watch the same review? Because that was overall a pretty positive analysis with due regard given to its shortcomings. I'm glad this remaster exists but I'm not gonna pretend it's perfect or couldn't have been just that little bit better- the menu FPS downgrade irks me quite a bit as well as the effect it has on Squall's Renzokuken
  6. I never played SF so I don't know anything about that, made by different companies as well so it's a bit of a stretch to assume my opinion on both of them are the exact same.
  7. Funny thing is if you actually play the game rather than just knee-jerk react to a blog post, you find that Shiva, Edea and Ultimecia have no changes whatsoever. So yeah, the "censorship" angle here is as bullcrap as it was for Tifa in the FF7 Remake as far as I am concerned.
  8. All these free updates and no microtransactions? Need to get back into this game and finish it, bought it Day One to show my support but I got distracted
  9. Because I never deny when I'm wrong, and although he will never see this or my previous, uninformed statement on the matter a few months back- I apologize to ProJared and take back what I said. I remained subscribed but I should have been less hasty in casting judgement. Sure, I'm still not a fan of the whole trading nudes with fans thing but that isn't my business either.

    1. No It Was My Cousin

      No It Was My Cousin

      Lol what?

      Yo if you are trading nudes, I would love to see dat plump Irish butt of yours ;)

    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      @No It Was My Cousin setting up an OnlyFans page now

  10. Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines
  11. Yeah, that would be annoying but it's just that I've been here over a year and haven't seen such behaviour on this site. Best to ignore those morons in general.
  12. Who's flaunting here, though? The site lists the first earners as a feature, does it not? And in certain parts of the communities- i.e. speedrunning- it is considered skillful.
  13. If it is possible then somebody is going to do it. I wouldn't worry about how other people play games and won't presume upon whether they enjoyed their experience or not, just because you prefer to take your time doesn't mean that everyone else will want to play like that. FYI- I'm in the camp of leisurely playing but I won't worry myself about the speedy type. More power to them if that's what they like.
  14. Being a remastered PS1 game, it stays in 4:3 as intended, dunno why you'd want to stretch it out all ugly. That "tiny little box" is how it used to be done on the tube TVs. Try sitting a little closer.