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  1. Riddle me this PSNProfiles: What feels like Covid in every which way but is definitely not Covid according to 4 antigen and a PCR test? Like, seriously, help, I'm suffering here 😭🤒

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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      I wish it was a hangover

    3. Helyx


      Dragon's Dogma

    4. MidnightDragon


      You’re Stan Lee. You’ve been a zombie for 3 1/2 years

  2. Hopefully I'm able to get into it sooner. Got the original on release day, played 15 hours and pretty much hated it and didn't pick it up again for over a year, then I decided over the lockdown Christmas 2020 to just platinum it and I found it drastically improved after those 15 hours... then there was a 50 hour grind for the platinum post-story... oof, will definitely be save-transferring for the PS5 version but I'm glad I got it and am down for a sequel for sure.
  3. Yeah, hopefully they put more effort into this than the PS2 -> PS4 titles last time. A half-hearted effort to address the criticism of lack of backwards compatibility in the PS4 then giving up entirely because the PS4 was selling gangbusters anyway.
  4. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one! Syphon Filter needs to make a comeback, that cliffhanger at the end of Logan's Shadow was just absurd levels of cruelty.
  5. Serviceable campaign made more tolerable by playing like you're John Wick. The grind for the platinum was one of the greatest slogs I've encountered; not the longest by any means but definitely one of the most mind-numbingly boring ones.
  6. Cannot wait for the annual Sterling takedown of this twat
  7. I want a remastered PS5 trilogy to run through this epic saga once again
  8. :platinum: #139- Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy [PS4]

    Rating: 8.5/10

    I'm not overly familiar with the GotG world outside of the MCU films but I did find the characters and story very enjoyable. The game is a little buggy and I'd like to see some more depth to the combat and choices in a possible sequel but it was still a lot of fun. It's a shame this wasn't the wild success it deserved to be but hopefully Embracer Group allow Eidos Montreal to make a sequel, I am so very glad these developers and IP are out of Square-Enix's hands.

  9. Good start, better than when Game Pass first started that's for sure. Definitely a great pickup point for those who are coming to PlayStation from another ecosystem. I'll go up to premium once it has more Classic games available.
  10. Last year I couldn't make a Top 10 Games list because there were not 10 games from 2021 that I enjoyed enough to compile such a list (granted I missed out on two or three big titles). Now it's only May of 2022 and I can confidently say I do have Top 10 games list already and Elden Ring isn't even on it because I havent gotten around to it yet, probably won't until 2024 honestly. It will obviously change by December but it just goes to show how absolutely stacked this year has been and there's still more to come!

  11. :platinum: Platinum #138 & Trophy #7000- The Last of Us Remastered [PS4]

    What was already a near-perfect experience was boosted further by a resolution and frame rate bump that makes it look more beautiful than ever. My first time playing through this after beating The Last of Us Part II back in 2020 though I only first played it on PS3 shortly before the sequel came out, but my stance on both games remains clear: I love them both for their own reasons. This game was harrowing, often hopeless and ends on a dour note, though I can see why a lot of people wish it had ended here. Myself, I hope there are new stories set within this world from now on as I believe that between the two games, the arcs for Ellie and Joel are very much done. 

    The multiplayer was a slog but using the match skipping method I powered through. Survivor and Survivor + difficulties weren't too bad as I already had a good grasp of the game and its mechanics- I used the shiv dupe glitch to make sure I had enough to open all the doors so I could get this done in just two playthroughs. I doubt I'll never come back to this game again depending on how the upcoming remake turns out, but I'm not sure I'll do a Grounded or Grounded + playthrough. I'll get the plat for the second game at some stage down the line too, as I'm making all PS4 Naughty Dog games (not the Jak ones though) milestones. 

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    2. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

      I like those trophy number related milestones. Always felt like every thousandth trophy reached should be a platinum or any cool, fitting trophy for that.  

    3. Maxximum


      I also meant every 500th trophy reached (like 500th, 1,500th, 2,500th, 3,500th).

      My 500th trophy was "Biggest Bang" from Arkham Asylum for beating the game on Hard difficulty.

      My LEET "Elite" trophy (1337th) was "All The Goat!" (Goat Simulator platinum).

      My 1,500th trophy was "What If?" (Life is Strange platinum).

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  12. :platinum: Platinum #137- Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince [PS4]

    All of the Trine games are delightful and fun and this one is no different, but I'm at a loss as to why they just completely ditched the story from Trine 3 as if it never happened, yet the Trine itself doesn't appear in this game as if the event of Trine 3 did happen... weird. They clearly took other criticisms of the previous game to heart and made this game 2D again as well as much longer, the longest of these games to date I believe. Still enjoyed my time with this one.

    Today will be a "Double Plat" day for me because...

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    2. Abby_TheLastofUs


      There's a Easter egg that references Trine 3.



    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      @Abby_TheLastofUs ah I wondered what all that was about! Damn, they really just said "Yeah, we took care that mega-level world-ending threat offscreen!". Damn, not much of a resolution to the arc of the Trine itself.

    4. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯


      I only played Trine 2. Gameplay was quite good. 

  13. Might want to get that checked out, sounds grim
  14. Damn shame about the pandemic and resultant chip shortage (aside from all the illness, death and economic strife facing many people, obviously), the PS5 would have undoubtedly been an absolute runaway success, but those numbers are still looking good. I love my PS5 but I'm waiting to get a HDMI 2.1 TV (very soon!) to get the most out of it now, and I hope everyone here still waiting to get one is blessed with the opportunity soon.
  15. I went to Xbox 360 after the PS2 because all my friends did and while we had a lot of fun, I always wondered what I was missing by skipping on PS3 and regretted getting an Xbox One so badly that I went and got me a PS3 and PS4 and have played both exclusives that I missed as well as third party titles that I played already alongside newer games. No matter how much Xbox improves I would never consider making it my only or even "main" platform ever again unless I became shit broke and could only afford one platform. Xbox has been the media and YouTuber darling this generation for being better than the travesty that was the Xbox One and while Sony have goofed a few times PlayStation is still the superior platform imo. Game Pass is great but as a physical collector it's really no good to me. I still got me a Series S and Series X but I barely use them, I even use my Switch more and now Xbox has NO major exclusive titles currently lined up for 2022; Halo Infinite has fallen off massively and Forza Horizon 5 was awesome but it's also pretty dead now too. Everywhere I look Xbox fans are always like "Xbox is playing the long game"... yeah the really fricking long game because they've been buying up studios and now major publishers for years and have very little to show for it. If PlayStation is able to sort its chip shortage woes out soon PlayStation 5 could very well end up leaving Xbox in the dust once again.