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  1. try saying the same after going for the platinum
  2. it's completely dead,i can never even find 1 other player online let alone 6 to start a public game. luckily you can boost it with 2 players like im doing rn with someone from the boosting sessions
  3. i'm not sure about other regions but here in the uk,the season pass for driveclub is currently on sale for £1.99
  4. anybody else still getting 'unavailable' after resetting their console multiple times?..
  5. is the online pass still normal price despite all mp dlc becoming free?
  6. this was my reaction when i first clicked the thread
  7. not really. me and my cousin both bought the game back in april to co-op it and we could just about find enough lobbies to be able to get the multiplayer trophies out of the way for online. you can find full lobbies but it can really take it's time
  8. 2018 and 19 proved you wrong aha
  9. seems pretty simple. i'm still yet to have played the first rage but they both look really good
  10. ironic
  11. it does
  12. i must be awful then. been playing for 3 hours and can't get this stupid level 7 trophy. its the last one i need as well but that boss fight is a mess
  13. i actually laughed reading this
  14. don't make a thread,there's boosting sessions for a reason
  15. I still have yet to platinum injustice 2. been on about 80% since last year. if you need a real pain in the arse fighting game trophy list look no further than that