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  1. I still have yet to platinum injustice 2. been on about 80% since last year. if you need a real pain in the arse fighting game trophy list look no further than that
  2. one of my irl friends played this a couple years back on the ps3,mostly likely when the servers were more active but with that and the game seemingly like it has more mp trophies than warfighter,if i'm really interested in the game would you say that it was still worth going for or giving a chance now with the game having been out 9 years? i did some research on google and i can't find anything about the servers being closed down so i'm taking a guess they're ok and i've heard good things about medal of honor in the past it's just those mp trophies that concern me
  3. guess you could say they're just pretty burnt out of it tbh..
  4. the dlc is extra mission from all 3 packs. you don't need to go anywhere near the main story again. might pick up the season pass myself to finally get the 100% whilst its cheap
  5. yikes,ruin all the perfect as they are single player games why don't you..
  6. kinda reminds of what tales from the borderlands did with 2 separate trophy lists. kinda cool honestly
  7. i'm sorry it's off topic but why did this remind me so much of the middle of uncharted 2..
  8. just got mine now in the UK. platinumed the game in september
  9. Plat #31 - Mafia 3
  10. i've just started my kill playthrough about half an hour ago i'm only 8 trophies away from the plat. since it worked for you i'm guessing it's worth it to just take a risk and not wire tap anything? i'm a bit curious about it and i was hoping somebody else had already asked the question because although it does a great job,the guide doesn't clarify clearly enough
  11. be I was confused about this situation as well. that makes a lot more sense kind of ridiculous though