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  1. yea or at least the enforcer is confirmed to be bugged, haven't heard anything about the other one yet
  2. gonna take a guess myself that it's physical and digital stacks
  3. crash dummy > every other shit take here
  4. just got the platinum myself from loading missions and then save quitting and reloading when the next one start and this happened to me on wolverines (the last mission i need) right near the end i killed a teammate but didn't get a fail screen and the platinum still popped at the end of it, thank you so much for this entire forum existing i'm so glad to finally get it completed
  5. thank god for that, still need to get the trophy for playing 25 UGC maps done just been too lazy about it
  6. ah shit, here we go again
  7. a boring, uninspired, buggy, clunky entire mess of a game and this is coming from sat here playing it as they're typing this, i can't stand it wouldn't even recommend it for it's easy platinum which is why 99% of people bought it. one massive complain i have is jumping upwards will work fine one minute and then no matter what i try won't work the next time so i'll be stuck trying to climb a ledge for a literal 20 minutes
  8. well, rip your place on the leaderboard
  9. an absolutely boring and tedious grindfest/10 but really easy if you can get through that, i've been on 60%+ for the past year and 1 month
  10. january 2020 and i still can't pop complete a level without dying even after completing the requirements multiple times
  11. just bought it a few minutes ago on sale from the store since it's really cheap. whether it's good or not, you can't hate how low the prices are just take the chances and if you like it great if you don't, it wasn't really a waste of much money seeming as it's less than £1/$1 (whatever other currency for the countries you're in)
  12. not our problem, i platinumed the game just fine
  13. i have 2 PS4's in my house bc of my brother having one and i never have a problem with any 'lag' whilst syncing trophies. being a known team acc that spent $100k on trophies doesn't help how look you know
  14. i'm considering leaving it most likely, it just seems to tedious especially with how broken the game seems to be