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  1. i'm planning on doing this myself and i was wondering if you have any idea what happens or what to do if you reached max level bc i know it lowers your level but i've never found out where to i just assumed it was 50 and you need to level up once apparently to auto-pop levels to i'd have to buy the 1st level pack dlc
  2. this worked so well thank you so much. that part was killing me
  3. how much is it on the store at the moment?
  4. this is one of the trophies i'm most excited about honestly
  5. of course it's still gonna be a bit time consuming but it's borderlands so it's bound to be fun all the way through. glad to see they've changed it up a bit and not added some of the more tedious trophies from borderlands 2 and tps
  6. they really are
  7. i think this is like the 18th stack of telltale the walking dead games at this point. i swear every single version and different season has 2-3 stacks each maybe more
  8. 443 last month apparently. i really need to stop with the trophy hoarding honestly
  9. as much as i'd love the be able to obtain the platinum because the game is so good it'd probably be batman arkham knight especially because of all the ar challenges you need 69 stars in,all the riddles,the amount of stuff you need to do and i'm just not good enough for it. still gonna try either way though bc i love it
  10. GTA V because i've always loved the game so much since i started playing it a shit ton on my old acc with my irls back in 2014 Agents Of Mayhem cause i'm proud of sitting through the massive grind it gives you especially towards the end and Titanfall 2 bc of how much i disliked it for so long and then going back to it fully after 6 months i absolutely loved it and had a blast with the game. that become the master trophy took 300+ attempts over though..
  11. i was gonna say the guides added a way around it but i was thinking of a trophy on the ps4 version bc i've only just realized they apparently have almost completely different trophies
  12. i read this title thinking it was gonna be about crashing issues or something bc that's something that's just happened to me mid-way through playing act 2
  13. zeroptian invasion
  14. as much of an amazing game as it is,the first season of life is strange is 100% the most unrewarding game. 59 bronze trophies,1 gold and a platinum
  15. ^ this. if you downloaded the newest dlc when it was free back in june just use the insta 30 characters. i think you only need like level 32 or something for zero so it wouldn't take much leveling up but you could always just use the vehicle trick that's been around for a few years now