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  1. Hello, same thing is happening to me with Andras (on PS4). At first I thought I broke him because you can damage him with magic without him moving if you're far enough lol. Devs are aware of this problem, we can hope for a fix soon On PS4 trophies seem to glitch once you quit the game, 100% would need a complete run in one session >< No idea for the mask sorry !
  2. Hello, same here Last body is still gone The update patched one of the cyberpsycho mission I had glitched (far upper left on map) but not this one unfortunately :/
  3. Hi everyone, after doing some runs I was able to do 1:46'65 in practice for the HPE Dragon GP, Endurance City race. For those who are struggling with this one, I would suggest to aim at 1:47'00 in arcade/practice and try to be consistent. I'm pretty sure doing 1.46'00 is possible but it isnt necessary for the Grand Prix so dont bother Some turns are very tricky and you could lose a bunch of time without even noticing so it's gonna require some attempts ! @esstee11 and @WOLFHEARTGUY you can do it !!
  4. Hello there, Having the 200 Trackmaster medals was a good challenge yeah but Super Solo is really on another level, times are insanely hard 😢 I know AyiESPi89500 spent a lot of time doing Super solo and he was close to 200 STM medals if i remember correctly He did a bunch of world record ( any platform included) when we was playing it ! I think a lot of players did it but they may not be trophies hunters 😁
  5. Yep this stage I was always reaching a checkpoint with 4 to 6 secondes left in first try and it worked I have to say I tried for a few hours to do the Velox Impuls challenge before the patch (11 000 points / 12 000 mehhh) so I knew the car a bit better For the rest of the GP, I remember struggling a bit with some endurance races (I think 2 of them) but the other cars are ok and small mistakes dont mean retry every time ^^ (Even with the class A car with top acceleration, i did 360° drift at first lol). Thank you ! One was truly glitched, "Almost there", and the other "Complete Mastery" was unobtainable because of a endurance race - race against the clock, gain more time when reaching checkpoints- too difficult (timers started at 00:45 and it was at least 5 sec short for it being doable, now it's 01:20 and plenty room for enjoying the view). About difficulty, some races are 7/10, game should be imo 4 or 5/10. All cars are fun and not too difficult once you understand the drift mechanics for each one Thank you esstee11 !!! I saw the update and was like "this is now !!!" xDDD Game was so fuuuuuuun, cars go vroum vroum, tires go screeeeeee
  6. Hello, new 1.03 update has fixed the 'Almost there' trophy and Velox Impuls challenge difficulty Have fun everyone !