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  1. I got to 10000 calories and the trophy didn’t pop. I went for my final trophy and it popped after I got to 10800. I would say just keep playing and it will pop eventually
  2. For my 5000 calories trophy, it seems like I needed to get another trophy for the 5000 one to pop. I’ll let you know what happens when I get to 10k
  3. Adam’s Venture: Origins
  4. I ended up getting most of them at the robots on life, and some while grinding challenges at the end of Hypocenter. The robots on life are a pretty quick way once you get in a groove of aiming back and forth quickly. Now just the accolades on 2 more missions and I’m done
  5. What’s the quickest way to get the 650 kills on each weapon? I tried the respawning robots on life and it’s taking forever
  6. I have 3 plats
  7. Clan name: The Taken Trophies Link: open to everyone. Currently going for the Forsaken trophies and we will be doing the raid soon and all the weekly activities most of us are experienced raiders from D1