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  1. Anyone have a seed good for the nether biomes trophy?
  2. Apparently EA’s deal with the UFC ends after UFC 4 comes out so they might go back to making Fight Night games
  3. Now is the best time to use the collector role because they might change the way it works in the next update, right now you can use the interactive map and get ranks so easy
  4. I noticed I missed an honor mission in chapter 2, can I do this in a second playthrough or do you have to do all of them in one playthrough? Should I just restart? I’m only at 35% in the story
  5. I did this as well and it did not randomly reset
  6. Can you get the platinum if you haven’t earned any trophies yet
  7. This video helped a lot. The crossbow does so much damage! I used to swarm mod too it was really easy. Although I had to do it twice cause the trophy didn’t pop the first time
  8. It says it has to be done in single player
  9. Easiest way to get this trophy? It’s my last trophy and every time I try it on Ent I don’t come that close. It confuses me how it has such a high completion percentage. Does it have to be a world boss?
  10. How I got to Level 150: -stay in division 2, because it’s still on easy difficulty -choose a grappler and immediately when the fight starts shoot for a single leg takedown. If they always stuff it then set it up with a jab or straight -while in half guard, posture up and ground and pound until KO. Even if he transitions to full guard you can still just posture up and ground and pound easily. -each fight should be done in around 30 seconds. -once you get to the top of division 2, lose a bunch of games in a row to get your division ranking back down to none and repeat. Alternatively, you could win one, lose one, win one, lose one and your rank will always stay the same. -you never wanna win championship fights because they give you more division points, so always quit out of those -you can quit a fight right as it loads and it will give you a loss, you don’t have to get KO’d -you might also wanna quit out of matches with high level wrestlers/grapplers (Corey Anderson, little nog etc) because it could be slightly tougher and it’s so quick to quit out of a match -any weight class works. I used the lightweight, heavyweight, and women’s bantamweight divisions. I used fighters I got from the crossover free special daily packs (Andre Bishop, Dana White, Ronda Rousey). I didn’t have to pay any money to get good fighters. Not sure if there’s more efficient ways but this way worked very well for me and didn’t take long at all
  11. The easiest way to get this is by making a submission specialist in the heavyweight division, get your arm triangle to level 4 when you can. Single leg then go for submission immediately, and once you’re going for the submission you have to pause like a mad man to see where they’re gonna move next so you can block it. It works on every fighter other than guys with super high grappling stats like Verdum.
  12. Every Friday they give you a free special daily pack which contains a pretty decent fighter (Ultimate Team)
  13. Dying Light
  14. Can I still get this platinum? If yes How long until I can’t anymore
  15. It popped for me the first time. Just have him drop you with punches and then you win