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  1. I have to disagree, this trophy was fun to earn and was well designed. I normally hate perfect run/speed run trophies but this was just the right size for me. A perfect run takes a minute or so. You die and it quickly loads you right back to the beginning. I never felt like my time was being wasted. It’s a challenge but definitely attainable (1 in 5 people have earned it so far at the time of writing) and you feel a sense of accomplishment when you nail that run. My girlfriend was watching me do it and she cheered when I earned it too. 😆 The trophy hint on PS5 tells you all you need to know and it’s been echoed throughout this thread. There is no hidden strategy here. If you keep at it you will get it.
  2. That’s a relief. I have not come across anything like that yet, thanks.
  3. I completed Salvation of All earlier today, the trophy popped onscreen but it doesn’t show as earned in my trophy list. It shows 240,300/240,300 earned in game. I reloaded an auto save and the collected the last ones again and nothing happened the second time. Anybody experienced this?
  4. I would think so but unfortunately we won't know for sure until the store is down. I was pointing it out more for the deal though.
  5. You can't achieve both of those trophies in one playthrough. The guide makes it clear under the Survivors trophy that you have to shoot the guard to keep Simon alive but unfortunately, as you have realized, that will lock you out of the Moral Victory trophy. Take a break if you're burned out. The platinum requires a lot of playthroughs.
  6. I bought a bunch of games yesterday and one that I would highly recommend picking up today, as it might be the last chance to do so at an affordable price is the 'Rainbow Skies + Rainbow Moon Mega RPG Bundle'. I found it on the PS5 store and it gives you the PS4, PS3 and Vita versions of the game along with a bunch of extras for $9.99.
  7. I thought my disk drive didn't work the first time I used it. It took me longer then I am ready to admit before I realized that the disc was in the wrong way around. Still doesn't feel natural to me inserting the disc with the top of the BD facing to the left but it works lol.
  8. Are there any good 2D platformers in the list?
  9. Only press the triggers in halfway.
  10. Anyone have recommendations? There are a lot of games in this list I've never seen before. No games with cheap platinum trophies please.
  11. With the imminent release of the PS5 I just went back through my trophies to find out when I achieved my first PS4 and Vita platinums. Now that there are 4 consoles to look back over (two of which that have been discontinued since the start of the previous generation) I think having a milestone to show when we earned our first platinum on each of them would be pretty cool.
  12. I ordered through Sony Direct. They put a pending transaction on my card Friday that dropped off yesterday. The website says 'preparing to ship'. I am already signed up with Fedex and have my address in my profile. I don't see a package coming in like others have reported. Update: I have now received a shipping confirmation email.
  13. I had a last minute change of mind and went with the disc drive version when I placed my preorder today through the Sony invite. Even though I buy most games digitally and will continue to do so I didn't want to regret not having the disc drive later on down the line. The tipping point for me though was when I remembered the Cyberpunk preorder I made late last year just before my GCU discount expired and I don't really want to play that on my PS4 when the PS5 has just come out if possible.
  14. PS4 controllers will only work for PS4 games.