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  1. Thanks. I bought one. That will see me through to PS5.
  2. This is actually a pretty tough game. The collectibles are what is killing it for me. You have to get a great score on every single level and some of the levels are really tough. I just have to play them over and over until I get an early heavy ball or fire ball. I was on course for one of the first platinums on Tuesday but these last few trophies have been an absolute grind where I'm just playing the same levels over and over again to get the required score. I wouldn't want the challenges nerfed, they are what they are and I don't like easy platinums anyway but anyone who goes into this thinking its a 5 hour platinum like the guide says might be in for a rude awakening. In terms of feedback though for future patches I would like to suggest adding a confirm screen before you opt not buy a life. I can't count the amount of times I have accidently not selected yes when I have been heart-breakingly close to completing a level/getting the required score.
  3. It's not going to happen. Konami would make just as much, if not more, from licensing.
  4. I agree. I don't like stacking so I'll just platinum the Vita version but it's a nice list with an appropriate level of challenge.
  5. Multiplayer trophies for single player games should always be DLC. That way people who do not play multiplayer can just ignore it and still earn the platinum.
  6. I own all of the PS4 Yakuza games, even though I have only played Yakuza 6 for no more then 3 hours. I just keep picking them up when they go on sale but have yet to get around to playing them. I also own a few OOP physical games that I really wouldn't have been interested in buying otherwise, but bought them because I saw them at a good price and picked them up in case I want to play them in the future.
  7. To be fair to them it makes a lot of sense. People are desperate for games around launch and will buy almost anything that is released. I know I bought a lot of titles around the launch of the PS4 and Vita that I would never have bought at any other time.
  8. We already know that Watch Dogs: Legion, Gods and Monsters and Rainbow Six: Quarantine are PS4 games. They have already been announced and the first two have been available to preorder for a while. The PS5 is backwards compatible so unless the games can't run on a PS4 I wouldn't expect Ubisoft to make any of them exclusives to the next generation consoles.
  9. Made earning a gold or silver cup in every challenge part of my daily routine for about 6 months to grind towards the final level of Awesomeness in Rayman Legends.
  10. This applies to Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls too. The platinum's suck the fun out of otherwise great games.
  11. I do agree with you on the Netflix thing though. Thumbs up and down are poor indicators because I'm selective enough to only watch things I'll like in the first place lol.
  12. LMAO do you guys really believe review scores at the big gaming websites like IGN are bought? I personally think review scores are pointless and only discourage people from actually reading the review but that's another discussion. Taking steps to at least simplify the scale make sense. I keep track of all the movies I see in the cinema on my phone and rate them on a 5 point scale and that's hard enough. To do it on a 100 point scale would be near impossible.
  13. Colin Moriarty https://psnprofiles.com/Moriarty-IGN I used to listen to Beyond as an Xbox gamer at the time. I bought a Vita and haven't looked back since. Definitely picked up the trophy itch from him and Greg Miller.
  14. I just completed Aladdin start to finish using the invicibility code on normal (I didn't really need to. I just felt that as with Spyro it would make it easier on myself) and no trophies popped for me. I should have earned the ones for defeating the bosses and completing the game. It's not a big deal. It only took me a couple of hours and I wouldn't mind playing through it again periodically. Just wanted to let everyone know that the message that says it disables trophies is true, at least in my case.
  15. I didn't know there was a Vita game. I'm going to check that out.