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  1. Thanks guys. If anyone finds a retailer selling download codes, please let me know.
  2. Thanks but I don't have a PS3. I want the Vita version. I take it there is no such compilation for that, right?
  3. Do you have a link to this compilation, so I know what to look for please? I did a Google search but all the results seem to link to a PS2 compilation without Plants vs Zombies on it.
  4. If anyone knows of a way to digitally buy this game then please let me know. I didn't have PlayStation Plus until 2012, so I missed getting this as a free title back when it was on offer through the program and I didn't buy it while it was available.
  5. Yeah. That will be annoying. I cant think of anyone who would be interested in completing the whole game with me.
  6. I know nothing about those games. Have never read the manga or watched the show but after doing a little research on them, I decided to buy this bundle and give them a try. If it turns out that I like them then it's a very good deal.
  7. The vast majority of people who are getting the same platinum on multiple platforms are not playing time consuming or hard games. They are doing it with the games that take less then an hour and next to no skill. I don't think they really effect the leaderboards because everybody near the top is doing it. They cancel each other out. What I would really like to see is for Sony to implement a system where they give more or less points depending on the rarity of a platinum, so you might get 2000 points for completing The Last of Us but only 50 points for completing something like My Name Is Mayo. That way you could see at a glance how one mans 50 platinums stack up against another mans. It might als have the knock on effect of encouraging trophy hunters to play better games.
  8. If only. It was announced at E3 2011 but the studio reported to be making it was closed down in 2014. https://www.ign.com/articles/2014/07/08/ken-levine-wishes-he-could-still-make-bioshock-vita
  9. They're going to regret stopping production on it when the exclusive Bioshock game is released.
  10. OK thanks. I'll give It a go.
  11. I said it in jest, but you made a good point that when it was being implemented this was not what they envisioned. I don't even know anyone in real life who cares about trophies, let alone anyone who cares about trophies, owns a Vita and wants to play an obscure game from 2013.
  12. On my Vita though, it shows 14% currently. Just 2 trophies earned. Are you sure that it won't revert to that if I sync? I'm close but I haven't earned the 36 chambers trophy yet so I'm not worried about that one.
  13. Hey, I was playing Draw Slasher on my Vita a couple of weeks ago and it crashed shortly after popping the '1st chamber' trophy. When I went to my trophy list, it didn't show it as being earned and I could not load the game anymore. Every time I did I would get an error that said something like "your file is corrupted". Today however, when I tried to open it, it suddenly works and it appears as if my progress is still there. I went to play a challenge and immediately after dying two trophies popped. They were '1st Chamber' and 'No Remorse'. I immediately went to my trophy list to check what 'No Remorse' was for. That is earned just for playing as the Samurai. This is a trophy that I had previously earned as you can see by my timestamps on here. The weird thing is now it is only showing I have earned those two trophies and obviously they should not be the first two trophies you earn in the game. You can only play as the Samurai after beating the campaign. So now I am concerned about syncing my Vita because a: It may possibly wipe my earned trophies in the game and b: It may now appear I have earned trophies out of order What would you suggest I do? If you look at my profile currently you can see I have earned the trophies in this game legitimately. Is there a best practice to follow in this type of situation before syncing?
  14. It's not a feature, it's an obstacle.