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  1. I thought my disk drive didn't work the first time I used it. It took me longer then I am ready to admit before I realized that the disc was in the wrong way around. Still doesn't feel natural to me inserting the disc with the top of the BD facing to the left but it works lol.
  2. Are there any good 2D platformers in the list?
  3. Only press the triggers in halfway.
  4. Anyone have recommendations? There are a lot of games in this list I've never seen before. No games with cheap platinum trophies please.
  5. With the imminent release of the PS5 I just went back through my trophies to find out when I achieved my first PS4 and Vita platinums. Now that there are 4 consoles to look back over (two of which that have been discontinued since the start of the previous generation) I think having a milestone to show when we earned our first platinum on each of them would be pretty cool.
  6. I ordered through Sony Direct. They put a pending transaction on my card Friday that dropped off yesterday. The website says 'preparing to ship'. I am already signed up with Fedex and have my address in my profile. I don't see a package coming in like others have reported. Update: I have now received a shipping confirmation email.
  7. I had a last minute change of mind and went with the disc drive version when I placed my preorder today through the Sony invite. Even though I buy most games digitally and will continue to do so I didn't want to regret not having the disc drive later on down the line. The tipping point for me though was when I remembered the Cyberpunk preorder I made late last year just before my GCU discount expired and I don't really want to play that on my PS4 when the PS5 has just come out if possible.
  8. PS4 controllers will only work for PS4 games.
  9. Ah sorry mate. That's not the case here in the US but totally makes sense why you would go the physical route in your region.
  10. I think I'm going to get the digital edition. Since GCU expired I haven't purchased any new games physically because digital sales are nearly always better and I'm keeping my PS4 so not being able to use those discs I have already wont be a problem. The $100 savings is probably worth it.
  11. I would say the quality of the titles is just as important of a factor as the level of the challenge. If people enjoy playing the game then that completion percentage is going to be higher and Sony has just hit it out of the park again and again in recent years. Look at some of the less well received Sony published games for comparison: Knack is at 5%, Driveclub is at 5% and Littlebigplanet 3 is at 1%.
  12. I hope this exploit is fixed ASAP. It’s spoiling the game for people who just want to play the game and aren't worried about losing. Any time I’m on a team game where we start to lose half the players drop out meaning you can’t recover. I am posting this after playing the football/soccer game and my 7 person team went down to 2 players after we conceded the first goal. If you’re going to jump out then please at least think about the experience for other players and do it when there is no way back for your team and they are almost certain to lose.
  13. My plan is to keep trying to earn Infallible until I have earned all the other trophies. If I don't have it by then, then I'll give up. I think I would get it eventually if I kept trying but I don't want to frustrate myself so I've set myself that cut off point.
  14. There are two legendary costume pieces in the store currently for 5 crowns a piece.