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  1. I think Sony should think twice if this is the hill they want to die on. Most of the money they make is from software sales and that is driven by 'gamers'. The people who own 400 games on their PS4 and another 200 games on their Vita. We choose Playstation because it is the best place to play games, not because of some blind brand loyalty. I bought an Xbox on release day. I bought an Xbox 360 on release day but I didn't buy an Xbox One because it was no longer the best place to play. Now I'm beginning to wonder as we start a new generation, where is the best place to play again? I don't want inferior versions of games available on other systems. I don't buy CDs at Wal-Mart because they are censored. This matters to people like us. Censorship only appeals to casual gamers and sure that can drive system sales, the 3DS is a great example of that, but look at the attach rate for the 3DS. It's embarassing. You're pissing off your core audience to appeal to an audience that doesnt even buy games. If that's what they want to do then Microsoft is waiting in the wings to take the mantle and it will be like the early PS3 days again for Sony.
  2. First I've heard of this but I'm very interested in it now I've read a couple of reviews.
  3. They lose no money. They reimburse the customer back with store credit as mentioned earlier. They make next to no money on sales of new games, so if they get to sell it as used very soon after release where the margins are much higher, then that is preferable to them. I doubt that many people will do it anyway. Beating a game in 48 hours with no guide is harder then it sounds. Many stores used to have similar returns policy for games when I was a teenager and I very rarely used it.
  4. I read it as the opposite. They know Sony releases very high quality first party games so the risk is very low of people taking them up on this offer.
  5. Deadpool was when the movie came out but the publisher obviously had a good reason to there. I suppose I should probably buy it on the Switch while I still can then.
  6. Their response to me: "The game has been delisted on PS4 and Switch due to the early conclusion of commercial agreements with our old publisher. We are looking forward to finding a new partner to make the game available again. We will notify you when it will be possible to buy The Wardrobe on PS4".
  7. The icon looks much better then this headache inducing one for Snooker 19.
  8. PC gaming is so futile. If you haven't earned any trophies then did you even play the game?
  9. The three Drinkbox Studios games are Vita essentials: Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Guacamelee and Severed. I can't praise those games enough.
  10. I have this game in my cart and I'm glad I thought to look at the trophy guide here before clicking purchase. There is no mention that the servers are down on the PlayStation Store. A bit disappointing though, the game looks cool.
  11. It works for the inverse too in games with a low average completion percentage. You get an A ranking on Surgeon Simulator by just getting the trophies on the first level.
  12. I was totally down for a Silent Hill clone on the Vita but the reviews I just read have killed my interest in it. https://gamerant.com/back-in-1995-review/
  13. It takes a long time to actually pop. I set it up and went about completing the rest of the trophies. Leaving the settlement alone. The happiness levels would fluctuate but they were on an overall upward trajectory until it reached 100%. I did it on the small island with 2 settlers.
  14. Surely, if you lose access to things you purchased, then PS Store will restore it if you bring it to their attention though? I wouldn't just accept losing something that I purchased because of an error on their end. Trophy progress and save files, I get that's the risk you take and there is not much that can be done about it but expecting me to pay for something twice due to an error would be crossing the line. They can easily restore your license to a game.
  15. Wait, they are going to give us another trophy for completing the season? And On That Terrible Dissapointment Complete all of Season 3