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  1. Headlander Owlboy A Hat In Time Shovel Knight Astro Bot Yoku's Island Express.
  2. Fallout 76 is the obvious answer, for me. I completed Fallout 4 and thoroughly enjoyed it, so to not even give this one a try because of how bad it looks, even after obtaining a free copy says a lot.
  3. I'm probably going to work on completing Dying Light this month, in anticipation for Dying Light 2.
  4. I want to attempt this platinum but there is a trophy that requires you to play with someone else locally. I don't even know anybody else that owns a Vita, let alone somebody that lives close enough to me and would want to play an obscure 7 year old game for a trophy.
  5. It was a joke about the tag line.
  6. That's the stockholm syndrome talking. 😂
  7. Can you imagine spamming Facebook with a notification for every trophy? 😂 It was cool that it pulled my profile picture as my avatar but I'm not going to lose sleep about not having that anymore.
  8. I have bought FIFA most years since 96. FUT has really killed a lot of my love for the series though.
  9. If I could complete it on Crushing difficulty it would be Uncharted 1-3. Alas, I'm going to be forever stuck in the ~ 90% range. The only trilogy I've actually platinumed is Spyro so I guess that wins by default. I had a good time with it though, despite needing a 9 month break before finishing the 3rd one. 😂
  10. That's about the same price as other games with a season pass at launch. The game will be so long anyway that you can easily wait for a sale on the expansions if you want to save a few euros.
  11. 2 first party games! That's a lineup! I've always wanted to try The Show and I'm glad to be able to play TLOU again. I lent it out and never received it back years ago.
  12. Switch doesn't have trophies = time wasted.
  13. Ah I missed that it was WB Montreal. Isn't this considered an ignored part of the chronology though, like Blackgate?
  14. Didn't the developers explicitly say there would be no more games in the Arkham series? I swear, I remember hearing that.
  15. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaaaaaaaacer!!