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  1. I just completed Aladdin start to finish using the invicibility code on normal (I didn't really need to. I just felt that as with Spyro it would make it easier on myself) and no trophies popped for me. I should have earned the ones for defeating the bosses and completing the game. It's not a big deal. It only took me a couple of hours and I wouldn't mind playing through it again periodically. Just wanted to let everyone know that the message that says it disables trophies is true, at least in my case.
  2. Not a bad sale. There are a few things I'm picking up: Knack 2 - $4.99 PaRappa The Rapper - $4.49 Graveyard Keeper - $6.99 Watch Dogs Season Pass - $6.49
  3. I didn't know there was a Vita game. I'm going to check that out.
  4. I saw this in my wish list today discounted down to $3.74 and bought it. Doesn't seem to be part of the announced titles in the Black Friday sale. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2026-CUSA09313_00-BAT20000000000SP
  5. Ah, gotcha. Thanks. I'm going to get that.
  6. Is there 45 doable songs on Extreme though to get the platinum? I'm guessing probably not. Some of those Namco and Vocaloid songs, even on Normal are very difficult.
  7. If so, can you give me any tips on how to cope with faster songs? My right thumb can not move between between x and o fast enough to pass at least half of the songs on hard difficulty. If a peripheral is needed, what is the cheapest one that works reliably? Thanks.
  8. Maybe I'm just stupid but I don't see Aladdin and The Lion King. Where are you seeing that and what is the price?
  9. They should have fixed the menus on the Vita version before releasing this one.
  10. The average completion percentage has been steadily dropping since release. The platinum has only recently hit uncommon rarity.
  11. It doesn't interest me but if doesn't replace the current option then there is nothing to be upset about.
  12. VR games typically have low completion rates, even when they are short and easy. I personally haven't experienced any technical issues with the game but completing a game of this scale in VR will be very physically demanding, especially if you're new to it.
  13. Headlander Owlboy A Hat In Time Shovel Knight Astro Bot Yoku's Island Express.
  14. Fallout 76 is the obvious answer, for me. I completed Fallout 4 and thoroughly enjoyed it, so to not even give this one a try because of how bad it looks, even after obtaining a free copy says a lot.
  15. I'm probably going to work on completing Dying Light this month, in anticipation for Dying Light 2.