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  1. Today is D-Day. So have all of our licenses been revoked?
  2. I was looking at Ghoulboy too but it seems to have major performance issues judging by peoples comments about it on this website and others. Not sure if I want to put myself through that. Can anybody else who has played it, particularly on Vita, chime in?
  3. I'm down.
  4. Skyrim, Skyrim: Special Edition, Skyrim VR. I'm part of the problem. I don't even like the game that much.
  5. I wish they would stop putting the same Vita games on sale over and over and over again. I've had games in my wishlist for years that have never gone on sale.
  6. With only 1 or 2 hours of gaming time a day, I have no realistic chance of earning a place on any lists, but I am a stats person and so I get enjoyment from just observing them.
  7. Knowledge Is Power took me 1 year 6 months. I obtained all but 1 of the trophies playing naturally with friends though at game nights.
  8. My biggest problem with episodic games is that you pay a premium to play the game episodically. You either put down the money up front at full price, not knowing what you will get or pay individually at an even higher price. If you wait until the whole game comes out however, you can buy it for a fraction of that price. I can't even count the amount of times I've seen S1 go on sale for $5 or less. They devalue these types of games so much that I am disincentivised to play it the way they intend. It's the same reason I passed on the final season of TWD when they threw in literally every other Telltale game as a preorder bonus. I still thought I could get it cheaper somewhere down the line.
  9. Your bank will honour the payment so from Sony's perspective there is nothing wrong. Your bank is going to be the problem and each one will deal with overdrafts differently. As you said there is nothing on that card right now and the transaction hasn't posted, I would advise transferring funds over to cover it as the simplest fix. Then you can call Sony and ask if they will give you a refund. They might do that but they definitely won't refund bank fees.
  10. It must have auto renewed. The debit isn't going to to post on the weekend so they got authorization and it is pending with your bank. If there is not funds there when it posts then it may overdraw your account but Sony got the authorization, meaning that they will get paid whether there are funds there or not.
  11. The lack of a Vita list still hurts.
  12. Oh, I see where you're coming from. It's just not the way I play. I have never upgraded my armour because enemy encounters always drop newer, stronger armour and therefore I am constantly changing it to whatever is the best. In regards to your ship, I was able to upgrade to legendary status without farming for any resources or money by the end of the game. I know there is another level above that but I didn't see the point in upgrading once I got that trophy when there is no reason to even use the ship in the end game.
  13. Can someone explain to me why farming XP is a worthwhile task in Odyssey? All enemies level scale so whether I'm at level 10 or level 50, there is no difference in difficulty. It is my one pet peeve about this game that I never see discussed.
  14. Anyone waiting to start before all the DLC comes out.. the base game took me over 100 hours. You could easily double that number playing through all the DLC. I dont know how many free hours you have in your day to game but I wouldnt fancy most peoples odds at completing it before the last DLC comes out if you start today.
  15. I don't buy physical media often but can't you just go to your download list or library and directly initiate the downloads from there instead of within the game itself? Also, check your notifications on your PS4. They may just be pending installation.