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  1. PC: Football Manager Civilization Xbox: Voodoo Vince
  2. It's going to be a casino.
  3. The PlayStation Anniversary theme on the Vita (and the PS4) is awesome. I haven't wanted to replace it since it was released.
  4. Do you actually believe that shit? There is nothing charitable about what they're doing. They haven't done anything for me (or you, you pay for their games right?). I'm not thankful for anything they've done. Here is what they have done: - They have actively undermined and made a mockery of the trophy system. - They have flooded the store with cheap (mostly) shovelware, every single week. - They have ignored a lot of constructive criticism by well meaning people on this website (I know they have a presence here). - They have discouraged me from playing games that I would have otherwise been interested in, because I dont want the shit stain of a 20 minute 99.7% attained platinum on my profile. - They have stacked lists across multiple platforms, failing to put up even a pretense that their games are little more then paying for trophies. - They have exploited people who have been invested in trophy hunting for years and earned hundreds of worthwhile platinums, who now have to now buy and play this shovelware week in and week out to keep up with everybody else who wants to take their place on the leaderboards for the least amount of effort. I will be thankful to them when they have milked this cow dry and leave to find the next group of suckers to exploit.
  5. How the value gone up for you, if by your own admission, you haven't played any of the PS+ games since the change and you think cloud replacement was a really bad replacement? Giving away extra cloud save storage is about as useful as giving away air. We weren't running out any time soon and we are some of the heaviest consumers of PlayStation services. When it came to the Vita, I didn't mind getting obscure titles. Let's face it, the Vita hasn't had any AAA support since 2013. There wasn't many of the big releases left to give, but that's not what I played (and play) my Vita for anyway. I was given so many great games through PS+ on the Vita right until the end. Papers, Please and Iconoclasts are awesome games that I probably would never have played were it not for PS+ and we got both games as recently as December. And my wish list of 90 games on the PlayStation store, around half of which are Vita titles proves there was still a lot left to give. And in regards to PS3 games, I don't think anybody could argue that Zone of the Enders, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Amplitude are filler and we got all 3 of them in the last 2 months of the service.
  6. This is a website about PlayStation trophies and your suggestion is to play the game is on PC. I skipped over that point because I didn't think it was particularly useful and responded to the bit that is relevant to the conversation.
  7. -Because it wasn't replaced with anything. -Because people still play those consoles. I play my Vita every day. -Because it happened shortly after a price increase. -Because in the first few months after it happened the PS4 games were unimpressive. I still think PSPlus is good value for money (and I don't play online games at all), but I won't deny that it is objectively not as good value for money as it used to be.
  8. It's the trophy lists that are trash, not the games, and that that's why I can't support them. If they published Grand Theft Auto 6 with a 20 minute platinum, I wouldn't buy it either, because I can't support that practice.
  9. Damn, that was a good month. I can't remember the last time I was interested in 2 games in a given month. I have played 5 of those 6.
  10. Horror games work great in VR. An Until Dawn/Man of Medan type game would be really cool.
  11. I'm going to be attempting this tomorrow. Add me if you want to boost.
  12. I suggest we add a ribbon of minimal effort with a rubbish bin/trash can as the symbol so that everybody gets a prize and people can stop complaining that this system is discriminatory because it gives a ribbon for completing games they choose not to play.
  13. I don't think so. I have very little inside information but I doubt that they pick titles on a month to month basis. The games that are offered are probably negotiated well in advance with the publisher. Also, they have made no fanfare at all about it I being three titles. With all the negative publicity that PS Plus has received in the past 6 months you would think they would say if something changed to increase value in the service. They certainly let everybody know about the increase in cloud saving, which benefited hardly anyone. I expect it to revert back to four games each month when the PS5 is released, but until then we are stuck with two.
  14. Is there a Vita release incoming like there was for Night Trap?
  15. Yeah, based on that it just seems like a nod to an older title they own rather then a hint of anything forthcoming. If the code says something more direct then that will be interesting but otherwise I don't see anything to get excited about. I see. So Morse as in Morse code. Hmm.. I can't see any meaning behind 4NAD though or any rearrangement of those letters.