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  1. So... as a result of some cancelled plans, I'm spending my Saturday night browsing and somewhat less than legally ascertaining graphical content from stock photo libraries



    1. AK-1138


      (I may also be just a smidgeon too drunk and disappointed with the vicissitudes of fate to bother making proper use of the verb "ascertain.")

    2. DaisyVilla102


      How about... "appropriating"?

  2. In-Search-Of-Hankness.jpg


    Watching In Search of Darkness Part II, and Lt. Hank Anderson is delivering an evocative and intellectual analysis of Altered States. Nice of him to squeeze it into the busy schedule of his now happier life as the new Santa Claus!


    It also features none other than Christopher Escariot Jericho, that career-sepukkuing midlife crisis fame leech what does the wrestling, and whose wife's whereabouts on January 6, 2021 are still under investigation. Unfortunately, I will have to concede his takes are actually above average for this decidedly disappointing documentary duology I am very glad not to have ended up crowdfunding.

  3. Mega-Snake.jpg


    It's not every day you go for a not wholly non-inebriated Friday night walk and come across a cardboard big enough for the whole Snake family!


    (If I wake up tomorrow and discover it was all a hallucination and all you guys see is an empty picture, I'm going to get really mad)

    1. funboy1246


      what box? i just see a ladder wheel barrel and what looks like bags of mulch or fertilizer.

    2. LC-Fraggers


      I missed the MGS reference and thought you were that close to a jumbo box of snakes. 

      I was praying for you, brother.

    3. Slava


      What wheel barrel and ladder? I just see a cardboard box.

  4. F2yMKSBp_o.png


    I made no less a character than Rorschach himself crack up with my usual inane banter!



    1. Baranov_925


      You just remind me to delete my Facebook account,

    2. Sergen


      Or you made his social media team crack up hahaha, a lot of celebrities just hire people to make posts on their behalf

  5. Never forget that Gilson B. Pontes is an anagram of Goblin Stepson. Goblins are, as we all know, not known for their intellectual capacity... see? He couldn't even get his own anagram 100% correct. This would explain the comparatively low level of quality. If anything, we should praise Gilson for providing representation for his species, even though they are the dull middle ground between orcs and kenders that nobody cares about.
  6. Yeah... there was no story left to tell to begin with, there was no point in even trying to redeem a main character who had already passed the point of no return before he had his own brother knocked off on a fishing trip, and the director made a huge mistake casting his charisma vacuum of a daughter in a major role by way of pure unadulterated nepotism. Shockingly, not even an even more grueling and disorganized director's cut can fix this one.
  7. The real challenge is withstanding the simpering anti-humor of anything Scott Pilgrim-adjacent.
  8. Just discovered I can rename the channels on my TV and I feel like I've just unlocked that remaining 90% of human brain potential movies, pseudoscientists, and self-help quacks are always going on about



    1. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      Yeah, mine are hooked up separately and one's labeled Playstation and the other is Retro Consoles.

    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Sounds like a whole new world of possibilities has opened up for you my dude!! Bravo 👏👏👏

  9. See, this is why names thought up while one's expecting parents were high on nutmeg should be legally disavowed on pain of death. I can't even imagine the rough time you went through in school, kid...
  10. Sounds like a racist term from the '50s
  11. UOxQz5Yl_o.jpg


    An infinitely better rank than #1 in the world, not least because I achieved it all without account sharing. Sliding down a leaderboard you no longer care about is kinda fun.



    1. Maxximum



      By the way, how did you activate dark mode?

  12. Not least because I would've been spared the indignity of unobtainable sports game trophies.
  13. Short of haggis stuffed with Pasteurized stardust, unicorn shavings (don't ask from where), and ground mummy toejam, there is no healer like some random sentiment from some random internet person... so whatever sickness is ailing you, get well soon, and stuff!

    1. IntroPhenom


      Amen, dude. And you really do have quite a way with words.


      Speaking of such things, when in need of a good old spirit raising, IMGUR.com is often where I find hilarious short videos of cats, dogs, hedgehogs, accidents, etc. People who post there know funny.

  14. I'm sorry, your simile lacks the context to prove sufficiently descriptive. How does ass gravy compare to more laymenly compunctions of gravy such as turkey gravy, cornmeal gravy, sawmill gravy? Or, if we are to play a bit more fast and loose with the definition here, gravy-adjacent dishes such as neets and tatties or a Dutch hutspot?
  15. This man should be in the voice acting Hall of Fame five times over before Nolan Atkin Baker gets even a passing consideration



    1. Slava


      One of my favourite videogame quotes.

    2. HelluvaLoonaBoss


      He really gave it his all on that line reading. :D 

    3. rjkclarke


      I knew it would be that line almost the second I saw the thumbnail 😂