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  1. LEGO Star Wars/Original Trilogy/The Complete Saga. The Skywalker Saga thing isn't going to be the exact same, I don't think. New LEGO series aesthetics and mechanics are, for better or worse, going to factor in to some degree or other. Also, it's still a shame that the Episode III game wasn't "remastered" for the PS4 with trophy support along with that host of other PS2 Star Wars games. One of the best licensed games of all time, that... and second only to GoldenEye as the couch multiplayer game of choice around these parts. Trophy support would've added some much-needed value to some Disney/Pixar tie-in games, too.
  2. RIP Hidden Trophies (2008-2019) Press F to pay respects
  3. brb, gotta update your profile
  4. Apart from Red Dead Redemption, you've already listed nearly all the ones I'd recommend, dude.
  5. The only TG-16 I play anywhere remotely habitually is the port of Splatterhouse, which is a Halloween staple around these parts. The arcade original just doesn't play as well for me. What little else I've played consists of second and/or third rate platformers and clunky and sluggish old school RPGs, none of which I can even recall by name. But it'll take a miracle for it to be worse than the PSX Mini in terms of wasting potential.
  6. Congrats on hitting 10K! Seems a mite redundant to reiterate what's clearly detailed in my (PSN)profile's milestone section so I'll forego doing so on my part 😎
  7. Reporting in from Norway, the land of Jotnar, Draugr, and Jormungandr (well, technically that's the entire world, but I digress) and things ain't looking great here either. Really hope this isn't a prelude to a new hacktacular network breach or whatever. Lucky enough to dodge the last one and I'd rather it remain that way.
  8. Not necessarily the best choice (Bethesda making bad decisions... shocking, I know.) If nothing else, by allowing people to unlock trophies they could at least brute force some people with an obsessive-compulsion towards completion to buy the game to minimize "damage," as it were. Sure, it may not be the most sizable demographic of players but at least there's some amount of guaranteed money in there, which a free trial is, by definition, not going to provide... regardless of how many people are duped into--err, I mean, convinced to buy it.
  9. Between Bethesda's bought-and-paid-for crowd, Squenix continually turning FFVII into a bland FFXV reskin, Double Fine turning traitor, and Nintendo doubling down on killing the Zelda series while getting all too chummy with Microsoft, it may well be the worst E3 of all time. FFVIII was the only thing that I was genuinely happy to see. If nothing else, it further vindicates my decision to shift my focus primarily towards retro gaming once I finish my PlayStation backlog sometime next year. There is more genuine fun and joy to be found in video game's past than in its presence or future these days. Some evergreen classics I replay yearly anyways; some I haven't played since before the Obama administration; and heck, even some I missed along my long and convoluted video game journey. I've been playing a few all along the last seven or so years just to keep my zen (and indeed, sanity) amidst the unrelenting onslaught of negative video game industry press and decisions. If ever there was a time to bring back that old flash video series, Decline of Video Gaming (you'll thank me later), it's now. ...Hey, it's not as if any new games actually worth playing and remembering aren't coming out at a pace manageable enough for me to squeeze those in from time to time, anyways. Yep, there's never been a better time to (mostly) walk away from the whole thing.
  10. Finally, the MVP PSX RPG gets its due! You can keep your inevitably disappointing bastardized remakes; this is the best thing they've done with the Final Fantasy IP in a dog's age.
  11. Action 52.
  12. Stop trying to make Watch Dogs a thing, Ubi. It's never gonna be a thing.
  13. Tell ya what, it ain't every game whose trophy list doubles as an uncomfortably invasive personality test. ...We sure this wasn't funded by the Church of Scientology?
  14. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  15. Another massive multi-game collection without a platinum? Konami must have caught whatever ailment Capcom has been suffering from for the past five or so years... at least you can get the same amount of points as a platinum if you do all the stacks, I... guess? 10 minute all gold trash games get a platinum while something like this doesn't. What even is life.