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  1. Of course it had to disappear from there before I got the chance to add to the statistics 😂 But, you know... with as consistent a playerbase as it has had thus far, I wouldn't be surprised to see it back once the hype for these more recent releases cools off a bit.
  2. Anyways, yeah, portable gaming is totally dead, isn't it Sony?
  3. Hurm, genuine PS3 controllers.... Like Coke in green glass bottles... they don't make them anymore.
  4. Remember, if you hear anything bad about this game it's because they haven't played it enough. At least, that's what the pretentious egocentric French game designer who isn't Michel Ancel says.
  5. Considering you've forfeit your immortal soul simply by purchasing this unholy soulless cash grab... I'd say no.
  6. Checked out for me. Discounts of 10s and 20s, just like Sally Brown wanted. I'll keep this in mind whenever I get a random Sony mail 😎
  7. In no particular order except this exact one.
  8. I'd recast the entire game with Stephen Dillane.
  9. Great, that's about what I'd hoped for in terms of completion time. I have designs on this one, guys... designs, I tells ya!
  10. NO! We does not gives anything to the filthy hobbitses... it's mine, my own... MY PRECIOUS!
  11. The ways of YouTube algorithms are mysterious, sometimes even to themselves.
  12. Some okay stuff here, but I really miss when 12 Deals of Christmas was good. I remember in 2017 I got insane deals on AC Origins, Shadow of War, WWE 2K18, etc. First time I'd been excited about an advent calendar type deal since I was a kidlet.
  13. Piece of Cake Award: Tower of Dragonasia. Every shitty game of this ilk should have a debug mode. It's Like Dark Souls: Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials, as always. Gave it a few honest tries and it went about as well as you'd expect. Still my greatest regret ever as a trophy hunter... yes, even more than the sports games with trophies that are unobtainable now. Doesn't help that I already hated the game by the time I started the DLC. Bad Ass Award: Unleashing swaths of justice(?) upon the unholy creatures of Mordor with more tools at my disposal than ever in Shadow of War was good. Especially taking on people's fortresses online, getting a gold ranking more often than not. Honorable mentions to the people who didn't have a prayer against me online in WWE games (more on that later) and that time I got a 179 hit combo in Spider-Man. Grind of the Year: In terms of being a grind just for the hell of it--no trophies to be gotten--doing the benchmarks in Spider-Man. Some eight-nine hours of repeating various battle moves, of which five were Perfect Dodges only. Would have liked to see the platinum rarity if this were a requirement! King of the Internet: Guess it'll have to be Shadow of War, with 120+ connected hours and counting. With endless Conquests, Vendetta missions, pit fights, weekly challenges... it's my new, and indeed only, "live service" go-to after I decided to quit Assassin's Creed: Origins. It's a fun, undemanding gameplay loop to do while catching up on podcasts and things. Worst Online Experience: WWE games when I end up fighting losers with cheap tactics that they probably stole from a YouTube video somewhere. I can take a loss if it's against a worthy opponent, but these kinds of scum should have their internet privileges revoked, and maybe their hands chopped off or something, I don't know. To my credit, even though I am the moral victor by default, I didn't ragequit once. Of my seventeen losses on the way to fifty wins, let's say about five of them were fair ones I'll concede without question. Sleeper Hit of the Year: Guess it'll have to be Seasons after Fall. Expected nothing and was greeted by one of the most complete artistic visions I've ever seen. It's everything people claimed stuff like Braid was but really wasn't. Indie games at their best really can offer something AAA games more often than not can not do by virtue of their very idiom. It receives the ultimate honor in being a game I'll replay again and again. Biggest Bomb of the Year: I haven't had as bad a time playing games this year as I did when playing InnerSpace. Nothing about this game works. From its awkward controls, to its terrible level design, to its complete lack of giving you a reason to care about it, it is a tier seven shit sandwich of the highest order and I would recommend it to precisely nobody. Everything that sucks about indie games is in here. Revoke the developer's license to program games on anything more complex than a potato. Best Trophy Image: Just like everything else about God of War, it's pure class and a labour of love. Genuinely looks like some kind of cave etching or whatever, and it even ties into the potentially heartbreaking ending. Worst Trophy Image: Just look at it. Wailing Heights was a completely decent bit of adventure game fun and certainly deserved better treatment than this. Combining an offensive colour palette with a lack of background transparency and a stretched resolution... easily one of the ugliest platinum images ever. Even now I can hear the pixels on my phone display suffering from having to render it... Best Female Character: Freya from God of War. One of the most heartbreakingly conflicting character arcs in recent history, and one so inherently womanly at that. Also big ups to Clementine, Mary Jane Watson, and Aunt May. Best Male Character: It's something that I genuinely thought I would never say, but it's goddamn Kratos, Son of Sparta. His growth as a character is tremendous, and still feels true to his roots somehow. All he did was for his family, after all. Atreus is a close second. I cared about them both every step of the way, even when they did something stupid. One of the best stories in gaming for a reason. Also like to give a shoutout to one of the best Peter Parkers/Spider-Men to come along in a looooooooooooooooong time. Eh, I'll give one to my boy Talion as well, for his endless grit and determination in the face of an unwinnable battle. Best Plat of the Year: God of War. End of story. It made it to my trophy cabinet for a reason (not that all of them are favourite games as much as representations of favourite franchises) and I'll be replaying it every year till Ragnarok. Würsty platten de fürgen hürgen de börk börk börk: By rights, it should be something like InnerSpace, but let's be real here... it's Kingdom Hearts III. Words can't express my utter disappointment with this game. A bloated mess of a story, that I've come to live with when it comes to KH... but the game itself is dull and has no idea as to what makes completing a KH game satisfying. I may have two playthroughs under my belt in a year, but let me tell you... there aren't going to be many more of them. Most Anticipated Plat of 2020: I'm still waiting for RDR2 to grab me the way I hoped it always will. If not, I'm positively anticipating Days Gone, Fallen Order, and The Last of Us (never got too far on the PS3 version before the disc gave out). I've also got a few guaranteed bangers in FFVIII and the Uncharted Collection. Let's see what the new year brings.
  14. This is easily within the top three best Christmas specials of the 2010s.
  15. Finally got a good deal thanks to Black Friday (isn't he Robinson Crusoe's pal?). It was either this or Days Gone; this won out because the discount was marginally higher, and I'm not sure I would have played DG until late next year anyways. Hate the character design and general aesthetic of the game, especially after they captured the spirit of MKII so well with MKX--which remains one of the best fighting games ever--but if it's good enough it'll hardly matter. Basically, when a slot opens for weekend grinding when I'm catching up on podcasts and things, this checks all the boxes. Generous and meaty trophy list; be working my way toward the platinum in a timely fashion as next year passes. It's pretty low on the priority list, so who knows when it'll get started. Hope to cash it the plat in around Halloween time so as to echo one of my greatest trophy achievements from a year ago.