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  1. Liam is a shit name

    1. ObsiEez


      Everyone named Liam right now

      Angry Black GIF - Angry Black Kid - Discover & Share GIFs

    2. Rally-Vincent---


      Beware of the Wrath of the Liamese Twins.

    3. Stan Lee
  2. Unpopular Opinion: Chopin's nocturnes really lose steam in the latter half. If anything, it feels like the genesis of the tacked-on throwaway B-side. Frodorick might not appreciate his pioneer status in this particular idiom...

    1. CelestialRequiem


      Unpopular Opinion: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is the best Metal Gear title. 

    2. zizimonster
  3. Thunder-Pains.jpg


    Fuck right the fuck off, I don't need your condescending pity 🤮

    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Is that the dreaded "dodge a stupid number of lightning strikes" trophy??! Bravo to you if so!

    2. Jeanoltt


      I find it funny that someone had to watch poor Tidus getting hit by 200 lightnings, without interfering, just to give him a medal.

  4. Apparently, some are trying and failing to prove that Persona 5 is a good game
  5. I think my money would be better spent on an NFT of someone's crappy drawing of the Glum Pumpkin from the Raggedy Ann and Andy Halloween special smoking a joint with Jack Pumpkinhead and Kina the pumpkin girl from Skyward Sword, and those are not words I use lightly

    I like how David Hayter's normal speaking voice still has Snake's growly timbre. Either that, or the boy's really been cutting down on his intake of cigars, whiskey, and 99.3% pure gravel.


    1. IntroPhenom
    2. MidnightDragon


      Super Mario RPG was the shit. 

  8. 1200px-New_Super_Mario_Bros._U_Deluxe_P-


    Happy World P-Nut Day, most people!

  9. Screenshot-20220906-122408-Samsung-Inter


    "We are the makers of our own Hell; God does not enter into it"

    1. MidnightDragon


      I give the Platty Bird people credit for being honest about their intentions.

  10. CM Punk is the only man keeping wrestling alive.

    1. Baranov_925


      Thank god, his UFC is already dead. xD 


    2. MarcusPunisher


      Karen Punk is the biggest whiniest b*tch that ever lived. 

    3. LukeTheGooner


      all he does is whine, moan and complain (Tony Khan just sitting awkwardly next to him)

  11. ...Why didn't anybody tell me the Ratchet and Clank Vita "remasters" have some of the most sluggish input lag ever perpetrated in the whole of the seven kingdoms? 🤮

    1. funboy1246


      I knew i was forgetting to do something. my bad.

    2. AJ_Radio


      If you think Ratchet and Clank on the Vita was bad, try playing Jak 2 on the Vita. 

      I hope for your sanity’s sake you have a L2/R2 attachment for your Vita…

    3. MidnightDragon


      You didn't ask? :P 

  12. It's pretty interesting how tricky it can be for folks to suss out phony people, huh?



    1. Baranov_925


      it's more tricky suss that you have one trophy left in GTA 3 and Vice City. :D