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  1. Great. More than makes up for losing Double Fine and Ninja Theory.
  2. Platinum #300: Difficulty 3.5/10 Playtime: 37:32 Enjoyment: 7/10 Life's funny. I was originally planning to make KH3 my 300th platinum (mostly for lack of anything else) but had to bin that idea after they announced DLC which heavily triggered my obsessive compulsive fears (don't ask). Then, randomly, fate stepped in and an HK stack for the game appeared as if by magic. This allowed me to not only achieve my 300th platinum goal, but also get over my reticence to go through the trouble of making Asian region accounts. Now I can finally begin to accrue the 14-15 games whose Japanese/Hong Kong stacks I'd like to have. As for the playthrough... just like the first time with KH3 it was... fun enough. I won't embark on a lengthy rant here but there are so many things I wish they had done differently. Anyways, the language barrier didn't prove to be much of a problem, even if I made the occasional goof with menu selections. The materials and stuff proved to be a bit of a problem, with trial/error, guesswork, and extrapolation aplenty--probably dragged out my playthrough by two-three hours, but I got there. Having now played my least favourite console Kingdom Hearts twice in the span of less than a year, I know I won't be picking it up again for a loooooong while. It certainly won't be joining KH/KH2/KHBBS as a game I replay religiously every year.
  3. You must be unfamiliar with *insert annualized sports game* and its timed challenges, which are usually tied to a trophy, support for which tends to be dropped less than half a year after release, while other online keep on ticking... for a while, anyways. Now, I'm a man of peace... but if the person or persons who thought tying trophies to online components were a good idea, were to meet a sudden and ignominious end by having a Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet dropped on them... I really wouldn't mind, you know.
  4. Yowie Wowie.
  5. It isn't one one-billionth the game Thief or Thief II are. But then, I could say the same thing about most games. ...Still a better Thief game than Dishonored, though.
  6. If they were indeed doing this intentionally, they would, when you compare all the other weird and seemingly random criteria involved, run out of feasible options for this kind of game choice within, what, five months?
  7. It should be pretty easy for you to catch up. I got the majority of the trophies within a day or two. There is no mandatory tedious grind like the one in 2K18, at least. The 50 online match wins are hugely skill dependent, but it's easy to get the max overall and skills for your Road to Glory guy by completing MyCareer and MyPlayer towers to give yourself a definite edge. Doing the towers is a little bit of a grind but a pretty rewarding one at least. Can't give you any tips on the AJ tower as I've not yet given it a try. As easily manipulated as the AI is, though, there are probably many ways with which you can cheese your way through. Like I said, you've still got plenty of time, so I say go for it. Even if you hit a brick wall with the Million Dollar Tower or Road to Glory (or both) you'll still be able to get a completion percentage verging on the 90 percent tier.
  8. Platinum #290: Difficulty: 2/10 Playtime: 56 minutes, 23 seconds Enjoyment: ???/10 I have literally no idea what to make of what I just experienced. Relatable existentalist ruminations and unpredictable gameplay change-ups mixed with some of the most precipitous framerate drops on record and controls that haven't been equalled in their abject clunkiness on a PlayStation console since Bubsy 3D. If it weren't for the trophies made self-evident on my screen I wouldn't even know for sure whether I didn't just have a random hallucinatory psychotic episode. Be thankful this isn't on VR because I don't think our feeble human minds were meant to comprehend whatever this was supposed to be. I don't know if I liked it, I don't know if I hated it. All I know is... ghouls and ghosts love haunting the most.
  9. It is and will always be Dishonored. Apart from the fact Arkane should have been sued into oblivion for plagiarizing the Thief games... and embarrassingly poorly at that... the DLC challenges will be the end of me. Moreover, if we were to ever get the option to delete trophy lists, I won't even have the pleasure of being able to do that, as deleting it would fuck up the order of my platinums. If I had a time machine... well, I'd probably have to prioritize killing Hitler, preventing climate change, making sure John Cena never makes it past cleaning sewers for a living, and killing Hitler II, etc... but you can make damn sure preventing myself from ever buying this abortion would be number 786 on the list or something. (...Still, probably going to play the sequels or something whenever I do actually finish it, idk 😂)
  10. Platinum #287: LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The NA Stack Difficulty: 3/10 Playtime: 17 hours, 58 minutes Enjoyment: 6.5/10 Just stacking LEGO Indy 2 here. Not my favourite LEGO game at all, but considering I'm a huge Indy buff I couldn't resist the stack. While neither playthrough was stricken with any of the trophy-popping related glitches I was warned about (beginning to suspect the guide writer just had a run of bad luck), this one was even more unstable than the EU version and caused my console to freeze at least ten times. It's a little too short for the various unwelcome changes to the formula to really become an issue, so ain't much to do but cue Williams' amazing scores on Spotify and chase after that fortune and glory, kid. Still the only way Crystal Skull could be made halfway enjoyable... and you get to kill Shia LaBeouf any time you feel like it. (I still want a remaster of LEGO Indy 1, too.)
  11. Lego Indiana Jones 2 (EU) Lego Indiana Jones 2 (NA) There kind of isn't a third Indy game on PlayStation with trophy support, dude 😀 Dad jokes aside... the shortlist would be Edith Finch, Severed, and either Journey or Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, depending on my mood.
  12. Platinum #285: The Assembly Difficulty: 2/10 (with guide) Playtime: 2 hours, 52 minutes Enjoyment: 5/10 Just your average first person interactive fiction game here. You know the type. Ambitious but inept. Some interesting stuff about the realities of black op science, but not written well enough to be relatable or engaging to any noteworthy degree. The production values and attention to detail when it comes to graphical worldbuilding deserves an up, though. Graphics look crisp and detailed, lighting adds to the mood, and its rock-solid 60 FPS is appreciated. Probably loses something when played outside of VR, but what can you do. Just another day at the office. A painless platinum, if nothing else.
  13. Seeing as that description is equally as applicable to the movies themselves, wouldn't logic dictate that they are actually faithful adaptations, then? 🤔
  14. Platinum #284: Lili - Child of Geos Difficulty: 2/10 Playtime: 3 hours, 52 minutes Enjoyment: 7.5/10 Lili is one of those games I'll probably just replay once every year anyways, stack or no. A short burst of fun that runs on wackiness, kinetic energy, and a constant feeling of accomplishment and positive reinforcement... it's just a joy. It's still one of the most well-polished indie games on the PS4, running at a crisp and solid 60FPS, all the while basking in the glory of its luxurious shader and lighting effects. With a few hours' worth of more content, some more additions and revisions to the gameplay, and more care given to the storytelling and emotional beats, this could have been a minor modern classic. Irregardless and respective, it's still a bit of a rare gem that you don't see enough of these days. This is just what I needed to dispel the lingering pain of InnerSpace. ...Yeah, I have no idea how I was able to cut down the completion time of the EU version by more than an hour, either. I deliberately left some non-essential side quests until after the platinum but that still didn't take more than half an hour. Chalk up the other half hour to me knowing exactly what to do this time, maybe? Grinding the jars, a bore though it is, didn't even seem to take as long this time. Maybe time really is relative...
  15. Platinum #283: Difficulty: ?/10 (I'll never know how hard jt really is for reasons that are about to become patently obvious) Playtime: 5 hours, 5 minutes Enjoyment: 6/10 A clever little top down puzzler with a devious difficulty curve. Had to tap out and resort to solutions on at least half of them because that's just how I roll. When difficulty or repetitiveness start to adversely affect my opinion of a game (which had already plateaued pretty early on, to be honest), it just isn't worth it... not for me, and not for the game. But even so, I could always enjoy how convoluted or counter-intelligent a puzzle was even while "cheating", as it were. It's woefully underwritten and the story is hard to follow. The music was just a bizarre, sometimes hugely jarring bunch of disparate noise, to the point of distraction. The walking speed is atonally slow, and the strange "half-step" mechanic combined with the not-quite-top-down graphical design can sometimes confuse you as to what tile you're on in the game world... especially during some weird bonus levels that try and fail to marry the clunky gameplay to facsimiles of Pac-Man and Bomberman. That was no fun at all, man. The puzzles and spell-based gameplay mechanics can often be clever and/or fun but overall it comes off as misguided and half-baked. There was some unique potential here that was never able to reach full flower, and that's kind of sad.