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  1. Don't quite know. While I'm certainly not averse to the odd spot of interstellar dogfighting, rather ironically, the actual literal wars fought among the stars isn't at all my favourite part of Star Wars. Whether I will bother at all will depend heavily on its difficulty and length, which is hard to gauge from a list alone.
  2. Great Scott, Marty! You're not thinking fourth-dimensionally! When Telltale went out of business, it was merged with multiple timelines in which it never did, causing a ripple effect across any immediate branching timelines, effectively deleting various instances of its existence in our timeline! ...Though I suppose, unlikely as it is, that it could be like you've suggested and that it has indeed been permanently delisted. Not much point in making the effort to put it back up, as the PS3 store is sure to be made defunct soon enough. Sorry, but it seems like you're out of luck on this one, since the disc version is a completely separate list. OUTATIME, my friend.
  3. They should make a physical release of 1000 Top Rated so I can finally get Dat Clout πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. I'm a little relieved to hear that, actually. I don't remember much from this game aside from it being my gateway drug into '30s jazz (specifically, Maestro Reinhardt) and the race mission stuff making me rage quit the game for 15 years and counting πŸ˜‚
  5. You'll find a special link in an envelope on your bed next to a severed horse's head when you wake up tomorrow 🐎
  6. Platinum #244: Road Bustle Difficulty: 2/10 Playtime: 10-15 minutes Enjoyment: 3/10 It's 2120, and corporations finally own everything. 99.3% of the world's surface has been developed into a ceaseless hellscape of roads, railroad tracks, and skyscrapers. Backpacking, a scarcely remembered activity from the Before Times known only to the few, has concordantly become a deadly gamble. But where is there even to go, when everything looks the same? What have we done to the Earth? What have we done to our fair sister? In this one regard at least, Dutch van der Linde was right. ...Yeaaaaaah, that's just me trying to impose any kind of meaning on this massively uninspired Frogger-alike. It's more effort than the devs put forth. It would be a completely inoffensive bit of playage, if it weren't for the inexcusably poor draw distance, and buggy trophy poppery. At least the price is highly agreeable for what you get? I'd buy that for a dollar (and I did), but not much more.
  7. Was just looking up whether I could cheat to defog the map in RDR2 and then this happened:




    ...It's a ride.

    1. Mayellie


      If 2020 was a thread, it'd be that one.Β -_-

  8. It depends. Even if you disregard the copious disposable easy platinum games, the amount of games truly worthy of replayage seems to dwindle by the year. ...It's probably just as well though, considering storage space requirements also ironically seem to rise in parallel πŸ˜‚
  9. Close, but no cigar, eh? Come on, mate, you don't wanna be the one who has the epitaph "Never got there" on their tombstone! Don't just pretend you're a superman, become one for reals! For no particular reason at all, I believe in you, random person! Ahem... now, granted, I've yet to take the plunge myself, so if/when I do, I may well return to offer a reply borne of an altogether different kind of solidarity πŸ˜‚ Now go and be a Heavy Metal Winner!
  10. Undoubtedly, Sony must have brokered a blinder of a deal with Ubisoft to have it fixed posthaste, so as to avoid having their asses sued to a crisp for false advertising over the whole "Play Has No Limits" thing.
  11. My Name is Mayo and A Winter's Daydream could actually be completed by one of those behatted perpetuum mobile water bird thingamajiggers, so... no.
  12. PSX: Metal Gear Solid PS2: Final Fantasy X PS3: Red Dead Redemption PS4: God of War PSP: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep PSV: Severed (for lack of any better choice, lol)
  13. Janky dev for a janky console. Makes sense.
  14. What is your favourite weather phenomenon?
  15. Platinum #539: Ratchet & Clank Difficulty: 2.5/10 Playtime: 20-25 hours Enjoyment: 8/10 Now, this is my first experience with anything Ratchet & Clank... no real reason, our paths just never crossed before. But what with my owning this through PS+, and the imminent arrival of the PS5 and the SSD-powered sequel, figured it was as good a time as any. And a good time, I had. Ratchet (which sounds like the name of Gadget Hackwrench's brother) is a humanoid furry space boy who dreams of becoming a Blitzball--err, I mean, Galactic Ranger, who are like Jedi without all the saberizing, I guess. Anyways, after a chance meeting with an ostensibly defective warbot he names Clank, Ratchet Hackwrench is sucked into a galaxy-spanning war among the stars, or a "star war," if you will. As you can tell, it's not the most original story ever told, and without the charming humor and characters it would fall pretty flat. Honestly, it still kinda does, as it is pretty disjointedly paced, frequently missing out on obvious story beats, not just for creating context, but characterization as well. Concordantly, it feels a bit dry and old hat, and all that. As I understand it, it's a retelling of the first game interspersed with bits from the movie adaptation... seems like they maybe got too ambitious for their own good, I guess? Irregardless and respective, it's much too bland a story told for my liking... and I doubt my opinion would be much different if I'd played it way back when. It didn't render me completely uncaring towards the plot like Jak II did, but I definitely got some of those vibes. My favourite character was Mr. Zurkon... I want a game about him and his hypnotically bloodthirsty and murderizing ways! No, the main attraction here is the addictive and frenetic gameplay, mixing versatile gunplay with light RPG leveling elements. With its inclination towards implacable one man army mook slaughter (you may well get forked if you end up playing on autopilot, though; changing up weaponry is important even on the easiest difficulty, and not just for the sake of avoiding running out of ammo) and seemingly endless barrages of prize spillit goodness, it's very much the Kingdom Hearts of guns. And that ain't a bad thing. It's pretty much always engaging, even if it seems like a wasted opportunity when enemy drops inevitably become obsolete during the latter stages of the second playthrough... always have some kind of prestige level stuff to funnel rewards into, guys. Tied together in an enervating panoply of crisp shapes and colours, it's a blast to play, and a fun trophy hunt besides. I've definitely developed a taste for this kind of gameplay. I'm now actually a trifle curious about the original games, so I may give them a go down the line... apparently, I actually own the remastered trilogy on PS3 and Vita, yet I have no recollection of ever buying it. I'll blame the house ghosts, as I usually do... I just wish they would use their own payment information from time to time!