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  1. Chill Rainy Gamey Weekend Vibes:



    Yes indeed, by the vicissitudes of fate and the inscrutable nature of the universe, the two hath converged on this very day! This not particularly uncommon event is bound to subtly influence your RL luck stat, so feel free to invest all your savings in, like, powdered toast or something, because your chances of utter and complete resultant fiscal ruination are lessened by at least 7.4%!


    So yeah, I'll probably give Undertale a proper writeup someday, when I finally get enough Determination to make my own trophy hunting history checklist thing. As a bit of a spoiler, the overarcing theme will be how its sole claim to any kind of inordinate superlativity is the impressively creative, catchy, and cookin' soundtrack; one of the best to come along in ages, and most certainly the best to ever be composed by a vulpine humanoid named Toby!


    By sheer virtue of its thematic versatility, there are few other singular games whose musical offerings appear as frequently in my cornucopia of themed playlists... erm, not least because it's something so comparatively rare as a game soundtrack available on Spotify. Oh, the life of a game-enthused playlist architect doth be a hard one... hint hint, ye rights holders of infinite inertia!

    1. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      That was a great game! Coincidentally enough one of its trophies ended up in my milestones. I forgot about how good the tunes are tho 🤯