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  1. Chill Weekend Gaming Vibes:




    Almost manages to counteract the unnecessarily repetitive tedium of having to consult out-of-game sources to complete a needlessly bloated feather hunt. About as big a compliment as can be given.


    (Please ignore the fact that by that point during both my playthroughs, I'd long switched to listening to music instead of game audio, 'kay?)

    1. rjkclarke


      I feel your pain on that one!! I was in the same boat fairly recently

  2. Platinum #597: Difficulty: 3.5/10 (2/10 using The Dark Side) Playtime: 8-10 hours (1-2 hours using The Dark Side!) Enjoyment: 7/10 (Regardless of usage of THE DAAAAAARKKKKK SIIIIIIIIDE!!! because heck, I guess even UNLIMITED POWER has its limits... wait, what?) The Dark Side of the Force is the pathway to many trophies some may consider to be... well, pretty easy to achieve anyways. Full disclosure: I played it on, umm, Light Side mode on my alternate account months and months back because I wanted a crack at the leaderboards on my main profile... welp, so much for that! Everything did not transpire entirely according to my design...! Best laid plans of mice and fedoraed gasmasked men and all that transverse neopithedalian modal jazz. Anyways... this is indeed, more or less, pod racing! I vaguely remember playing it for eleven minutes or so at a Swedish demo booth, when we was all sweet summer children living in blissful ignorant hope that Episode II of the Wars of the Stars might not turn out to be an inconceivably dull story of sand, slapstick drier than the actual sand, and a love story so tepid and devoid of chemistry Twilight might actually be a better one, if only by default. So, uhh, my rambly point is that it's a pretty good game, but one that gets lost in the shuffle during a bit of a golden period for racing games, what with some obscure titles such as the 64th Kario Mart and Z-Xero F pretty much setting the bar for 3D racers as far as I'm concerned. Ain't nothing here ain't done betterer in either one of those. Episode I Racer lives and dies by its license, but in so being, it's not to be missed by devotees of those starry, starry wars... because this IS pod racing, and... it's working! IT'S WOOOORRRRKINNNNGGG... just about well enough. You got your pods and you got your racing and you got a whole bunch of obscure alien guys who have longer wiki articles than your average notable person. What more do you want? ...Can you tell I kind of regret even starting to write this because I can't really think of anything pertinent or insightful to add, yet? Whether you use the Dark Side or do it the comparatively hard way, it's a decent bit of fun and that's about it. It's, umm, it's pod racing. Oh, and never forget, pod racing wouldn't be pod racing if St. George Lucas hadn't watched a certain relatively obscure Norwegian stop motion animation movie, so there's that! Yeah! ...I'm done. May the 4th be with you, even if it's technically over in a majority of time zones, and stuff.
  3. TrollQuote.JPG


    Aunt May IV be with you! Live long and thanks for all the fish! And may Grabthar's Hammer be ever in your favour... 





    1. AihaLoveleaf


      Thank you for the inspiration today

  4. Account sharers should be judged by the same standards as 11 year olds using CFW to unlock trophies from games whose server closure predates the death of Steve Jobs, just sayin'.
  5. Chill Weekend Gaming Vibes:



    One of the most literal CWGVs thus far, as I've spent a fair few weekends c̶h̶e̶a̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶t̶ playing poker around here, especially when doing the annual JM and AM Memorial Tournaments. Not a bad place Landon Ricketts chose to settle down 😲

  6. So, who else is feeling that Degenatron hype? 😍😍😍



    1. Honor_Hand


      "I'll never go to school again". xxD


      That fake ad in Vice City always made me chuckle so much when it played out. 😂

  7. Great cause! I'm in... and, uhh, not just because I'm pretty close to completing Detroit and The Last of Us anyways 😏
  8. James Cuthbert Frodorick Ryan, this one's for you!
  9. Wow... how can you describe a day like this other than...



    Yes, as the local self-styled Spring Marshal of these parts, I now declare spring has sprung! You can't buy a day like this for all the money in the world. I've been out walking in the sunshine for... well, I stopped paying attention after two and a half hours! I also took a bunch of pictures that couldn't even capture one one-billionth of the real experience and am posting them because I don't know what else to do with 'em and my therapist said creative-ish stuff is good for me 😂




    One of the few snow patches left in the woods. I saw a squirl like seven seconds after this!




    From the lakeside. We look pretty safe from flooding this year, but ya never know!




    The closest thing we have to a waterfall around here that isn't 93% industrial runoff 😂




    Weren't even a hint of these li'l blue flowery things a week ago!




    Not much action down at Feathery Corners today. Usually enough of them to make a half-decent remake of The Birds (or a superior one of Birdemic), so I don't know what the duck's up with that!


    ...Right, so I suppose you're wondering what's my tangiential video gamey connection for this otherwise irrelevant post this time? Uhh, well... this post is actually sponsored by that 10/10 enjoyment and 10/10 difficulty 1000+ hour Vita classic, It's Spring Again! Them completion rates are high because it's just that good! You'd better pick it up before they shut the stores down, or you'll be missing out big time! Okay, I'm off to spend my promotional residuals on, like, half a stick of gum or something! Never forget that nature is awesome and we humans kinda don't deserve it.

  10. Heya! It's always cool to see someone else whose PSN name was inspired by that one there game 🙂 1. Favourite season of the year? 2. Favourite day of the week? 3. Do you believe in ghosts, or phenomena adjacent to the paranormal? Have you had an unexplainable experience you would classify as such? Also, I know it varies wildly from person to person how much people really feel like discussing their disability, so I'll leave the last as an unnumbered optional question... anyway, by amazing coincidence (maybe?), the only other time I've ever seen anyone bring up having cerebral palsy in a gaming context happened to be once on the GameFAQs FFX board... the poster was inquiring about other games that lend themselves to being played with the use of only one hand... was that you? Answering is completely at your discretion, even if I'll probably lose sleep from not knowing 😂 Enjoy your time in the spotlight, and may the questions keep flowing. Looking forward to reading your answers 🙂
  11. Chill Weekend Gaming Vibes:



    The response some people get from ASMR is what I've always gotten from the Thief trilogy 😀 Music is my anti-drug and low-key droney Thief ambience is the anti-druggiest of it all in terms of game-sourced tunes with a capital "Ch"!


    Have a good weekend, y'all! 

    1. AK-1138


      Whuh? Put up the wrong one... oh, Bonehoard is "chill" alright, just in a completely different meaning of the word 😱



      (Pssst... hey, I'm going to the bear pits tomorrah... ya wanna come with? 🤓)

  12. Remote control up and died on me and I can't afford a new one until after the weekend... in the meantime, I can't switch channels, and my only way of muting the audio output is keeping a headset I'm not using plugged into my controller at all times. MacGyver would be proud! Ultimately, just glad it weren't the TV departing for the Great Home Theater in the Sky....


    Umm, this has been your First World Problem Digest for the day 😅

    1. DaivRules


      If you've got a recent smart TV almost all of them have apps that can replace the remote.

    2. AK-1138


      Thanks, I'll look into it!

  13. Hey, just a random guy here... just wanted to let you know you're one of the best writers on this site. Your most recent platinum reviews are a delight.


    So, uhh, you're pretty good, I guess. Keep on doing them there good things and stuff.

    1. rjkclarke


      Thank you so much that really does mean a lot!! Thanks for the follow as well by the way. Honestly though, that genuinely put a smile on my face to hear you say that.


      I've really enjoyed writing those platinum reviews over the last few months, I'm almost a bit annoyed at myself I hadn't started to write them sooner, because there are so many games I've played that I'd love to share my thoughts on. I might get find a place to add some of them at some point if I can figure out an appropriate place to put them. I can't really put a platinum from 2010 in the Most Recent Platinum thread haha.


      Seriously though thanks for posting this, its really nice to see someone has actually been reading and enjoyin them, I find them really cathartic write, plus its always nice to read other peoples views on games you've played or maybe plan to play. I worry I'm maybe a little too positive sometimes, but I honestly just try and see the best in things, if theres something I don't like though I won't hesitate to mention it.


      Apologies for the long rambly reply haha!! I guess that tends to be something I do without thinking. Again thank you for the kind words, they really are much appreciated.



  14. If you'd only prefaced your post with "Would you kindly", Mr. Ryan would already be history.