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  1. I have completed PAYDAY 2 CRIMEWAVE EDITION
  2. i want to be added to the list please
  3. thanks for your recommendation I will check it out.
  4. thanks for your recommendations
  5. il look into them thankyou for the recommendations
  6. thanks il add them to my list.
  7. GOTY: God of War Ragnarök Trophy Guide written by MohandGamer7 and Charizarzar Exceptional Trophy Guides: Ghostwire: Tokyo Trophy Guide written by Aboelsas God of War Ragnarök Trophy Guide written by MohandGamer7 and Charizarzar Exceptional Gameplay Guides: Resident Evil - Don't Stop Running | Speedrun Guide written by SquidGeneral10 and Tunnel1ngEffect Grand Theft Auto III - Is That All You've Got? written by TugaSonic Exceptional DLC Guides: Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course DLC Trophy Guide written by MohandGamer7 Resident Evil Village - Winters' Expansion DLC Trophy Guide written by angelbless45 New Author Excellence: Dying Light 2 written by Lewis_Y123 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Blackout Characters Guide written by Seamndel Retro Enthusiasts: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Trophy Guide written by angelbless45 How to Train Your Dragon Trophy Guide written by Jozxyqk_27 Exceptional Use of Original Content: Borderlands 3 - O.T.D.H. Loot Maps written by CountKarloff Resident Evil Revelations - Raid Mode Guide written by Dsr8002 Exceptional Use of Formatting: The King of Fighters XV Trophy Guide written by Mikel93 The Outbound Ghost Trophy Guide written by NoMoreUpdates
  8. is this game a spider man Q&A?
  9. I’m already trying to make a list for next October I know a lot of time until then but I plan on finishing two games I started so I need a few more recommendations for Halloween type games any suggestions? So far I got And
  10. People want to play on PlayStation and others just wanna play it for the trophies plus I’ve played cod on PlayStation since Cod4 ps3 with thousands of hours in each game there’s no reason it should go exclusive. Imagine you can’t play a game because you chose the wrong piece of plastic that’s the dumbest thing ever Sony and Xbox should end exclusivity but they won’t because it’s good for business and You definitely can’t run cid on a good will pc my 2017 PC can’t run the original Warzone without crashing or 3 second freezes across the entire game + on top of that not everyone has money to put $1000+ into a pc if people did a majority of the world would have good gaming pc.
  11. The deal shouldn’t go through because Microsoft could make cod and other games like it exclusive. People keep saying Microsoft promises to keep it on PlayStation but they did the same with Bethesda so unless there’s a way to guarantee it on all platforms they should stop it from going through but no matter the outcome I applaud Sony for trying.
  12. I can confirm that this glitch still works I did it a few hours ago.
  13. has anyone gotten it to work since 1.06?
  14. I constantly see people going back and forth over a game glitch at the end of the day use it or don't. play how you want to. if people don't like it don't use it it's as simple as that it's not like it's this super rare trophy that comes with bragging rights or anything. I hope everyone is having fun playing.
  15. I see thanks for letting me know.