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  1. This is seriously a hilarious trophy list, and can't even fathom the idea that I'm about to spend $25 to not play the game for 10 years.
  2. Beginning with Update 33, most Achievements will be tracked on an Account-wide level. You will need to log in on each character to populate the database. Crafting knowledge, lorebooks read, skyshards obtained, public dungeon group stuff not included. Titles will also be Account-wide. Remember that this is PER SERVER so if you play on multiple platforms or on both NA and EU, Achievements won't cross over. Finally!
  3. Had to preorder the collector's edition, since I'm a sucker for the new Breton outfit style. Has these heavy Demon's/Dark Souls armor vibes.
  4. I understand what you mean. It is rather confusing for me as well. On stream they first said about the "in-game achievements" and that they will become account-wide. But since these in-game achievements are directly linked with PSN trophies, they also later mentioned that PS5 trophies will sync. No more information on that. I wrote in the original post what they've told about "in-game achievements" that will definitely trigger trophies popping on PS5 list. But, since there are seemingly limitations (like skyshards and lorebooks, for example), I decided to post that, so you could set your expectations accordingly. Most probably, not every trophy from PS4 list will autopop following Update 33, but I hope ZOS will prove me wrong. Sorry again for the confusion.
  5. It's a little shady atm. They've told on stream that PS4 trophies should sync with PS5 list. Hopefully, it means all the trophies. Update 33 will release on March 29th, so we'll see relatively soon.