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  1. Add me I like to watch what games people play and what trophy they got PSN:RohanMoonkish
  2. I use this guide step to step If you have physical in step 12 use this choose "Check for Updates" and the patch will start downloading Digital users will delete the game that's downloading, and then redownload the game. about step 11 if you don't understand how choose path EU: US: I can't find 1.09 for JP region, 1.08 sadly don't work too I hope it helps,this game is pain
  3. I just use this method.Do it step to step a very easy use this in step 11 Game crash very often at version 1.12 PS5 made more comfortable but still pain
  4. Complete game 2 times and got platinum finally For those who are still trying.I downgrade game to version 1.09 and turn off my console and game many times but still got all achievment without problem.
  5. Just complete game with 1.09 i turned off my console and quit the mafia many times and all glitched trophy pop without problem