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  1. Got the plat in the fourth rng rotation!
  2. 3rd day no legendary pattern in sight.
  3. VotedĀ”
  4. Fruit chute: in my opinion the worst of them all. (I voted Hit Parade by mistake) Roll out: it take ages for people to fall. Not really a fan of survival games. Hoarders: the mode with the most dumb players. Players just hit the ball doesnt matter where it goes.
  5. Slim climb, jump club and rock N roll. You sholud do a least favourite too.
  6. Another day and again no legendary colors on the rotation for me. Devs are full of shit.
  7. I hope It pops today for me.
  8. How did you get 50 items? Dlcs?
  9. Slime climb is the best, you get rid of all the noobs.
  10. Shamelessly stolen from Reddit.
  11. So basically people who doesnt want the trophy to be changed are the ones who already got It.
  12. You'll get this easily in the doors race.
  13. I still have left the lvl 40 trophy but its unfair for some people to wait a whole day for the plat.
  14. Well I got a crappy "Minor Leagues" epic outfit instead TRex and Glorious...