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  1. Yea, I was super excited when I heard this game to PS but it's been nothing but disappointing w/ no PS5 version, crashes, and glitches trophies. Lucky I checked what the internet was saying before hoping in and haven't touched it yet. Hopefully it gets fixed and I will play it one day but I can only imagine playing right now it's one of those games you love and hate at the same time.
  2. Would love some more clarity here if anyone has it. I may pick this game up at some point on sale but would wan't to play without the leveling BS. Does this block trophies? If so, is there an option that when I complete the game I can toggle a "leveling on" in the menus that would unlock missing trophies or do I actually have to play the game like that?
  3. Thanks for posting this. I'll check back in with this game down the line I guess.
  4. Man I came here hoping to see it was taken care of. Dissapointing. At this point I guess I can forget about this game as I am losing hope for a fix.
  5. Gotcha. Makes more sense now. Thanks.
  6. Oh when you say quit the game you mean just playing another game or turning off the Playstation? I thought you had meant like quitting out of a game midway through before it finished. You just mean any instance of exiting the game app?
  7. So if they fix the crashing (which they apparently are working on) then there really isn't a trophy glitch as long as you are quitting games? Sorry if I am dumb, just trying to understand and don't want to deal with messing with save files.
  8. Do I understand correctly that if they can just figure out the issue with the crashing, neither world traveler or safecracker would be glitched? It is indeed the crash that messes things up?
  9. Yea. I will wait until the crashes and trophies are sorted out as it will be a better experience then and I have plenty to play atm. Thanks!
  10. Let us know if that solves it. Since seeing this thread I have noticed not a single person has unlocked World Traveler or Safecracker so I think we are screwed.
  11. Yikes, bad news. Thanks for posting. I'll avoid this game for now as glitched trophies drive me insane.
  12. No, I think we agree more than disagree. Just with how the system is broken. The reality is they can't go back and take away Platinums from the super easy Platinum games so I feel like they should at least add Platinums for games that deserve it. Doesn't make the system perfect but balances a bit in the only way really possible. But most likely none of this happens and we just go on. I will play games I enjoy. Trophies enhance the gameplay for me but don't dictate what I play.
  13. I dunno. I have seen plenty of games like Mayo and any Ratalaika game that is hard to argue is made for anything but someone buying a Platinum. And to each their own, if that is what someone enjoys more power to them. But to me that is why games like Vigor, H1Z1, MGS Ground Zeros, Valiant Hearts, etc should have Platinums. Because they are real games with real trophy lists, while the others are basically just buy a Platinum games. You could finish 50 Ratalaika games and get 50 Platinums in the time it takes you to 100% Vigor and get no Platinum.
  14. All games should have a Platinum for consistency. I mean it's stupid that some games don't have one, like this while others games have Platinums you can obtain in less than 30 minutes. The fact some games have them and some don't is probably the most annoying thing about the PSN ecosystem to me. With that said, for me personally I will not miss out on a game just because it doesn't have a Platinum, but understand why someone would.
  15. Looks much more manageable than the achievement list on Xbox. Makes me wonder if other trophies will come via "DLC"? Edit: Ads and news for the game seem to indicate a "next gen" PS5 version of the game yet all I see in the PS Store today is the PS4 version. Would love some clarity around that.