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  1. After buying every NHL game from 92 to 17 I stopped, mostly because of the money hungry microtransactions filled Ultimate Team mode. But a couple times I have thought about giving it a go the trophies turn me off. Way too much of a a grind if it's something I don't fall in love with. I don't mind BAP, but any records trophies should be for a single season, not career. And I don't want to have to go anywhere near HUT. Guess the way EA is going I may never play another NHL game again.
  2. I had to jump on these forums and see if I was the only one. Glad to see I am not. I am halfway through my Deadly Obsession difficulty and it's just miserable. I enjoy playing games at their hardest difficulty, and even the most challenging times of my years in playing video games have a nice payoff when I finally succeed. This game has none of that. This is the most lazy low effort programming for difficulty I have ever seen. Enemies are not one bit smarter, perhaps they soak up more bullets, but what makes this "hard" and I use that loosely is the lack of checkpoints. I think this is bad enough game design as it is but for a game like Shadow of The Tomb Raider where Lara does not make every action with complete precision it is just brutal and punishing. Play 30 minutes to have to game decide to jump you incorrectly, not grab a ledge or wall you should grab or glitch you on a twig or a rock and you are doing it all over again. There is nothing hard about this game as you need to pray you have luck in the actions you ask the character to do so you don't have to repeat 30 minutes of play. I am halfway through now and part of me refuses to let this game defeat me so I probably slog through the rest but I'd urge people to stay away from this, if you are one the fence and like completing games on harder difficulties. There are plenty of other games out there that have intelligent rewarding game design. I'll be avoiding anything I see Square Enix on after this one, and for the record I really loved Rise of The Tomb Raider. Edit: So I got past a part where the game screwed me twice, once on a jump and once on a get stuck on the environment glitch, and made me make this post. Then the next long no checkpoint segment I play 30 min or so hit the cut-scene which if I remember right has a fire pit to save afterwards, and guess what, the game freezes in the middle of the cut scene! The lack of checkpoints is bad enough game design but in a game with so many issues is just horrible. I do though take back I will not get any pleasure of completing this. Sure, it's not that super rewarding feeling you get repeatedly going through a well designed difficult game. But I am sure when I complete this there will be a feeling of satisfaction that I didn't let the game defeat me and I prevailed the mental battle to complete it after the game has screwed me multiple times.
  3. The guy I am playing with must be a moron then, 😆
  4. Would someone be so kind as to explain how #4 works?
  5. I really hope these aren't so hard it's more frustrating than rewarding and some DLC trophies end up making me hate the game.
  6. All glitched trophies are really fixed? That's why I have held off giving it a try.
  7. Wish there was a trophy guide for Directors Cut. I realize the majority of players are probably autopopping the majority of trophies but I've never played Ghost of Tsushima before. How should I tackle this game with wanting to 100% it in mind? I am assuming two plays seeing some NG+ stuff but besides that what is the best plan to tackle this thing and I there anything I should be aware of before starting? Thanks
  8. So what is fixed and is not fixed? I am so confused. I wanna give this game a whirl but so not want to deal with glitched trophies.
  9. I upgraded both and I am in my first playthrough. I think I am right at the end of the game but had a few extra supplies too. Just search every corner and don't waste stuff.
  10. Anyone know if there is possibility if save transfers and how trophies may work with that feature? Can't find information pertaining to this anywhere.
  11. Loved this on PS4. Seperate trophy lost for PS5 confirmed? I'd definitely play it again.
  12. Yea, I was super excited when I heard this game to PS but it's been nothing but disappointing w/ no PS5 version, crashes, and glitches trophies. Lucky I checked what the internet was saying before hoping in and haven't touched it yet. Hopefully it gets fixed and I will play it one day but I can only imagine playing right now it's one of those games you love and hate at the same time.
  13. Would love some more clarity here if anyone has it. I may pick this game up at some point on sale but would wan't to play without the leveling BS. Does this block trophies? If so, is there an option that when I complete the game I can toggle a "leveling on" in the menus that would unlock missing trophies or do I actually have to play the game like that?
  14. Thanks for posting this. I'll check back in with this game down the line I guess.
  15. Man I came here hoping to see it was taken care of. Dissapointing. At this point I guess I can forget about this game as I am losing hope for a fix.