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  1. Thanks a lot. I never realized I even had any hidden games I had played. No more blue H
  2. Days Gone is on the edge of me wanting to play and every time I see it on sale I think about it but all I can think about is how bad everyone says the DLC trophies are. I know many players will just ignore them but I will stick with a game beyond the point of having fun. Will these trophies drive me mad? As bad as the Uncharted 4 DLC?
  3. That was it. I don't even remember hiding it. One day I just went in a hid all the demos I have played because having them on the list was annoying me, so I musta clicked Linelight by accident. How can you see how many games someone has hidden? What do you mean by blue H?
  4. It has driven me nuts for some time that PSN Profiles shows that I have one less Platinum than my profile on PSN. I finally just went though and figured out why that is. For some reason PSN Profiles isn't recognizing that I ever played the game Linelight. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks
  5. So I'd love to just experience the game without following a guide but how much of a PITA is going back to collect the collectibles I have missed going to be? With 100-200 collectibles I can only imagine it may be one of those clean-up processes that makes me just wish I followed a guide in the first place. The the game mark off what you have and what you need clearly? How long would clean-up take? Thanks for the input everyone!
  6. So I missed out on Bioshock last gen and thinking of jumping in here. Want to make sure how I can enjoy the game while getting all the trophies without too much headache and replaying it. I gather this is the best route: Play game on medium with anticipation to switch to Survivor at end for glitch Follow a collectibles guide to get everything on the way Then go do the challenge rooms? Is it as simple as that? Just want to make sure I am not missing something, seems to be a lot of moving pieces with this game.
  7. Hey all. Question I've always had about these Ubisoft game free trial weekends. Being a completionist I am wondering, does it add the game to my profile when you play a free weekend?
  8. Join Date: Jul 2014 Posts: 99 View My Profile I need effervescent items for the trophy, happy to equip and give them right back. PSN: adverse_event
  9. What is your PSN? I think I just threw effervescent in my locker a few days ago.
  10. So I got that amulet and thought it didn't do anything so sold it. Now I am reading that I needed to equip it for the Hmmmmmmm.... trophy. Is there a way to get it back? Redo the quest? :/
  11. Amazing game long overdue to hit PS4, but at least us PlayStation people got a full release of the game without all the issues. Trophy list is very easy, but sure will require some time played.
  12. It launched on Xbox in early access. It launched on PS4 in full release. Completely different launches. Not sure why anyone would assume the PS4 version we be the Xbox early access version from one year ago.
  13. They have already patched the game to fix the trophies. Everyone has their own taste in all forms of media, but to me this is the best Multiplayer experience I've had to date in video games. Played a ton since launch day and haven't had a lick of lag or a single bug, or even a dropped frame. I do have a PS4Pro so I'll note that but from the reviews I have seen the game runs great on the base version as well, just looks like doodoo.
  14. Haha, I think this is the answer! No impossible DLC trophies, it'll look better, and probably Include Lost Legacy for like 5 or 10 bucks.
  15. Before the pitchforks come out about avoiding a game because of trophies I'll apologize, but it's just the way I am, I strive to complete every game 100%. Furthermore I have a backlog of unplayed games 10 miles long right now so don't need a new game. However I see UC4 is currently on sale and I have enjoyed Naughty Dog titles. Is that on "" trophy going to drive me insane to the point of wishing I never started the game? I like challenging trophies, such as Grounded in TloU for example but from what I have heard this trophy is nearly impossible since the latest patches, and is just driving people mad. Opinions appreciated, thank you.