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  1. The trick I found to make every single thing count was to actually be aiming down the barrel of a weapon (with L2) at an enemy when issuing a squad command. At first, I was just hovering over an enemy and telling, for instance, Jacob to Pull, then Miranda to Warp, and nothing was counting. The moment I specifically aimed at an enemy with a pistol (or rifle, or sniper, etc.), then - while aimed - had Jacob use Pull, let it happen, re-aim as the enemy is blue and floating, then have Miranda use Warp, everything started counting. Same thing with Warping barriers, incinerating armor, and overloading shields… None of it was counting unless I aimed down a weapon barrel and issued the command.
  2. Someone could probably just beat ME1 in a Pacifist run, killing less than 250 enemies, then delete every single profile/progress save, then start ME2 "fresh," rinse/repeat. Wouldn't be fun, and you'd sacrifice continuous carryover progress from game to game, but I'm sure someone will do it.
  3. This comment aged well, ha.
  4. This is where I am right now. I'm at 91 hours and at 95%. All I have left is the the split games, some of the pool shots, and wrapping up my percentages for darts and blackjack... I also haven't finished Out Run and Fantasy Zone, but my high scores are pretty close, and I'm confident I can keep pushing and get them because I'm seeing actual improvement. But right now, despite being so goddamn close to finishing, I'm debating giving up entirely because of the batting. It's the one thing I can't do, no matter how much I've tried. I haven't earned a single dollar. All I ever heard was that Mahjong was the nightmare in this game, and yet I managed to complete its requirements in a matter of hours, while also learning and having fun with it. I really didn't ever expect the batting to be this insane, and I already told myself that if I don't get the 100% completion trophy first, I'm not even going to bother with Legend and just accept that I won't get this platinum, so... This really sucks. I've watched all the videos people recommend. Read the GameFAQs guides and pored over numerous forum threads across the internet of people complaining about it and receiving advice. I've tried counting, tried watching Kiryu stiffen up, tried following the ball, even tried taking the long way by just doing it in Gold Rush instead of Super, and yet... Nothing. All because of one obscenely stupid minigame in a sea of annoying, but doable minigames. In a way, I almost feel like I wasted the majority of the time I've invested into this game as a result, because if I had just started with the baseball challenge, I would've seen going for the completion was useless and I could've just beat the story, enjoyed it, and moved on 70 hours ago.
  5. Anyone have a Very Rare blueprint from the Ignition series? I have four. Just need one more to hit the five I need for the trade up trophy, but have zero luck getting one. If you can trade it to me, I'll give you whatever item I get from trading the five in.
  6. I mentioned it just minutes ago to another poster, but if you've got 4 Uncommon items, I can give you a halo topper.
  7. Do you mean Uncommon, not Common? If you have four Uncommon items, I can trade you the Halo topper.
  8. If you have 5 Rare, 5 Very Rare, or 4 Import items, either of those would work. I only have 1 Uncommon and 1 Import out of the hundreds of legacy items I have that are actually tradeable, so that's why I need four of either or a full five of Rare or Very Rare.
  9. Hopefully someone can help me out since I'm having zero luck: I'm looking to get four Uncommon items for Trade Secret. I'll obviously trade whatever item I get right back to you.
  10. People in this thread acting like thousands, if not millions, of people are flocking to worship their trophy lists, talking about "validity" and "honor" and comparing trophy hunting to sports. Newsflash: The only person your personal trophy list matters to is yourself. Very few people are gonna look at one of your trophies and think, "Did they do this legit or did they exploit a glitch?" and get upset. And even if they do, they'll move on and forget about it because... it doesn't matter. If you earned a really hard trophy legit, you have every right to be proud of yourself. But ultimately that's all that matters. You know you did it. That's awesome. Your friends might care when you tell them you did it legit, but countless other people out there will never know, nor care, nor lose sleep over trophy legitimacy. Why waste your time and energy getting worked up over stuff like this and saying what other people do to get their trophies diminishes your accomplishments? Them "cheating" does not affect you, no matter how much you ramble on about statistics and honor and leaderboards. It's video games. It's trophies. You're not being paid to compete in some competition where the steroid comparison would work. It's supposed to be fun, so just let it be that and stop worrying about everyone else, because guess what: When you die, not a single person is going to care about what trophies you earned on the PlayStation Network.
  11. I've got all 5 plats: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Marvel's Spider-Man.