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  1. You should speedrun my friend, being able to estimate a time before playing it is a damn good ability!! I'm hoping some with early copies may care to respond, perhaps not though as it is a pretty unimportant question, to others
  2. Hey everyone, I've read the game is 10 - 20 hrs long from a Blind Casual playthrough perspective, but I'm curious how fast a speedrun would be? This would be assuming the player is already far experienced with the game, knows how to progress story quickly (triggers etc) and of course has carefully planned it all out. How quick could it potentially be speedran?? A lot of games can be speedran within 10% of the time of a Casual Blind run, most take a little longer though. Anybody have any thoughts and can provide a good estimated time?? Also, the accessibility option for slowing the game down, can it also be used to speed the game up?? I'm on the fence about getting this, and would like to know how speedrun-friendly it is. Many thanks in advance
  3. Good to hear! I was going to ask if you had popped another trophy before it resolved itself, but it just synched for me, took a day or 2 and I hadn't popped anymore trophies! So if any1 else has the same problem, give it a day or 2 and it should synch
  4. How did it pop for you in the end mate, I checked your profile and see it's synched.....?? I think it can happen on PS5 at times, and you need to pop another trophy for it to synch, is that when it synched for you to the servers, when u popped another trophy? I've been hit with the same bug, with me though, I popped the Hard, Nightmare and Platinum Trophy all at once, but the Hard trophy is not synched even though I hav platinum XD, u will see if u check my profile. I have it recorded popping anyway, just annoying though. Hope I don't see it happen again
  5. Did you try dropping them all and picking them up? It's been a while but back when I messing with this, I must have popped this trophy like 20 times at the time as I was testing, and sometimes trophies wouldn't pop until I physically dropped them on the floor and picked them up! Long shot but worked for me sometimes.
  6. Across the Platinum and the DLCs, yes kills transfer across the whole game, not just the story, you will get WAY more than needed, just naturally, even if trying to Speedrun!! Hunting Rifle is the only 1 you may potentially miss if you never pick it up as doesn't appear too often, but just be sure to probably pick that up whenever as it's the rarest weapon u see
  7. Must be a PS4 thing perhaps, I had 0 crashes on PS5. Very annoying though crashing there I bet. I got videos btw if any1 interested for platinum, DLCs as well, on those we do all trophies in 50 mins, The Writer is very annoying trying to do all trophies at once. The DLCs really emphasise how bad the controls are
  8. The 1st 100% Easy Walkthrough is done, I'v also done videos for the DLCs which roughly take 50 minutes each for all trophies, but can be tricky doing them all at once. Just gotta cover the Nightmare run now, will do that next week. I have sorta enjoyed the game, and I get the story is very loved, but in terms of gameplay, I don't find it anything special to be honest. Once you have gone through the main game and the DLC trophies, you learn just how janky and awkward the controls, combat and platforming is.
  9. Although I love the SoulsBournes, I've not been megahyped for one for a long time, not until Elden Rings that is. I wasn't sold at first, but upon looking into it a bit and finding its a proper Open World this time, I can't wait!! Going to be awesome to jump into a full Open World Souls (Rings) game
  10. In Biome 1, there are 2 rooms where you normally get the Carbine and Spitmaw on a pedestal, it's the first time you obtain them and nothing else is in the room. Once you get them though, the Carbine room usually has a free Augment appear, and the Spitmaw room something similar or maybe a single enemy. The Spitmaw room has a entrance, exit and a possible side room. This side room spawns until entered as it's where you find ur very first parasite sitting there atop a altar. After you grab the above, Log 09 will show up in the same room, but the room won't always spawn. But because it's always in a side room from the Spitmaw location, you can just sprint to it until the side room spawns, it's usually 2/3s into the biome. Not sure on the other Log mentioned here yet, I'm still testing stuff and learning, I think I may catalogue every room in a Guide here, only way for me to easily keep track and make more accurate observations from future runs
  11. I'm still learning the systems a bit, I'm replaying episodes multiple times before recording and moving onto the next. It's apparently a 5/10 as SecondGenesis said as well. I find the combat a bit janky if I'm honest so that may be the biggest problem on Nightmare so you wanna take your time to get used to it while on Easy first. Yea it gets a little annoying ;), I rarely go for a record speedrun anyway, it's more about getting through it fast so that less footage to watch! Are you finding the combat weird.....I read reports that you can just run past enemies on Nightmare, but even on Easy, if I run I usually get caught and sometimes stun-locked even if dodging so it's usually better to kill or stun before running I'm finding.
  12. Hey every1, I'm going through this currently recording a Platinum Walkthrough/Speedrun for it. As per usual, I'm giving commentary going through everything in a optimised manner and explaining it as we go. I'll upload them below as I go. We're doing a 100% run on Easy to unlock Nightmare and get all the misc/collectible trophies out the way, then Nightmare quickly getting a few unique collectibles along the way. And if anybody is interested on my other WIPs, I'm currently recording a Platinum Speedrun to accompany my God of War Platinum text guide on here as well and also slowly playing Returnal which I hope to make a Platinum Guide for after Alan Wake and GoW are done. Then at the end of the month I'll be covering Fatal Frame
  13. I found a log in a locked side room, a lot say none behind locked doors so im not sure if the patches put this Log behind the locked door, or the same room can spawn with an open door...........I guess either way it could still be behind a locked door if it's chance just like it did for me. Maybe that's the problem, Players are ignoring locked doors when cleaning up as advised, but Log/s can actually appear behind locked doors so if ur unlucky, u may never find ur log ur yr ignoring locked doors!! I think they buffed Adrenaline Leech as well, well they nerfed it but now buffed it again. It use to heal 5%, but apparently it was nerfed to 2%. But now it's back on 5% and also gives you damage siphon on adrenaline lvl 1!! And Digital Deluxe edition for any1 interested can get u OP weapon in 5 minutes which normally doesn't come till much later
  14. Yea 1st part going up shortly mate
  15. Wow mate, good memory XD, I can't recall what I posted last week. We're always bumping into eachother, maybe our next run in will be Alan Wake??