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  1. Yea send me a request m8, I'll make updates when no longer doing this
  2. Ive got another thread on this m8, all the details are in there, surprised u didnt see it actually if u saw this Ive done 100% all in 1 basically
  3. I'm hoping they help m8, let me know how u get on when u get back to it. Probably be a while if u are playing AC lol
  4. Iv not played this game yet, actually planning to record a platinum speedrun in the near future. Now I'm not even sure if this is possible with this game as I say, haven't played, but some of you are saying they likely set a LOT of trophies up before the first 1 popped in order to get these fast times Now if the above is the case, then that sorta explains it because if we're saying that its not impossible to get Y trophy 15mins after X trophy, then whoever did this, could have got a save just before Y trophy, backed it up. Then they got X trophy, restored the save and got Y trophy legit The thing I don't know is that is it possible to get setup for Y trophy without popping other trophies??? With USB, we can lob multiple saves on PC, then restore them all 1 by 1, totally legit. So said player can make a save before trophy pop, back up, lob on PC, then do again with another trophy, another trophy and so, all stored on PC, then the players just restores them all one by one. A totally pointless feat in my eyes, as its not really a legit time is it, but guess it looks good on leaderboards Speedrun.com give themselves limitations, it's not a definitive rule, just to that site and the community around it. For example, they could never spend 10s of hours prepping saves before trophies, because their timing would start from beginning the game, but on these leaderboards it starts from 1st trophy pops Best not to connect speedrun.com with speedruns outside of it. On speedrun.com are self-induced rules, outside there are not, well I guess it depends on the site
  5. Have u checked out my guides TC for mercs, I have a thread on one of the RE8 forums. I do it WITHOUT blue orbs (you can use them though) so no rng making it consistent for you to follow, I also pause along the way and explain stuff Maybe u have watched them already, but if not, im the only one who has made guides WITHOUT blue orbs and also who PAUSES the game to explain spawns/triggers/tips etc, so maybe it could help ya!! About topic, im not bothered, videogames are just fun, things like this are a touchy topic so i try to stay out!!! Im just hoping we can still help u get mercs done!! Here @MrTacos98 check out these guides, see if they help any different Im not sure with guides u followed, but with guides I looked at a the time, none really knew the exact triggers of enemies. If learned all the triggers here and again, its WITHOUT blue orbs so im handicapping mtself and still do it. If u want a example of much we can POSSIBLY manipulate enemy spawns, look at my Castle 2 area 3 guide, and skip ahead to the big room with the first sister. You will see that we spawn the 7 or 8 enemies there literally 1 at a time making it so much easier, every1 else just runs in there and spawns all 7 enemies at once!! (Basically the room has invisible lines, you move 3 inches into the room, the 1st enemy spawns, you then move 5 inches into the room you touch the next invisible line and the 2nd enemy spawns etc) Thats just an example m8 off how my routing my help, and no, im not trying to prove anything, im purely just trying to help in the purest sense and help as much as i can hence why i eliminate rng (no blue orbs) and pause the game to explain stuff (mercs is to fast paced)
  6. What a mission that was!! It's all done (can't believe it took 4 months almost), every HARD boss guide made somewhat easy. If anything else is needed, remember I have a full platinum walkthrough on the channel where I took these boss guides from. Hope they help!!
  7. I hope they hurry up and announce the date, I wanna do a text Platinum Speedrun gameplay guide once PS5 edition releases, need to make sure I have time to do it
  8. Just another alternate as more options is always good The way I do it in my platinum series is 5 playthroughs 1. Jill Normal Nook and Cranny and 3 or 5hrs for special weapons 2. Jill Real Survival 3. Jill Invisible Knife Enemies Only 4. Chris, his Trophies and Weapon trophies 5. Jill No Saves Thats pretty much what i did when trying to optimise platinum for a beginner. If u cant speedrun 1st, do it later or just do another playthrough for it
  9. Ive speedran platinumed few times and recorded this in under 15 and 9 hrs and some of that stuff is not what i would recommend First, with the unlockables, i cant quite recall, i think they may only work on the clear file save. Real Survival and Invisible Enemies are separate modes btw so not sure what works with them, hopefully some1 else can clear those up With the 'ALWAYS save the clear save on the same file (slot) every time', DO NOT DO THAT!! If you trigger the grenade zombie, you wont be able to undo it, save the clear files on a different slot each!! Knife Only Chris is a pants way to begin, i actually cant believe that is start advised in a general trophy guide. You will be slashing at a plant tentacles flapping abt for abt 5 mins, what a boring way to begin. As with most general trophy guides, start how u want and do Knife Only later, you can even combine it with invisible enemies, thats what i do in speedrun. My advice wouldbe to start Jill on Normal and go from there
  10. It lets you begin with infinite ammo for everything and gives you a weapon for knife only which kills bosses in a fee hits and also recovers health Its not much, but if you think a melee weapon that deals 5 x damage of Karambit and having infinite ammo for 1st play doesnt help anything, then yea it will seem like that I personally feel it helps a very small touch, but definitely not worth buying
  11. Its not im afraid m8, and for any1 thinking on getting this, don't!!! It makes the Platinum about 5% easier, if that! You have inf ammo from that start and the LZ answerer, thats the only good thing, so you can start with knife only, or not. But you could already do this anyway as I have done in my plat speedrun. You still NEED LEI to buy weapons from Duke, STAKE isnt available as NG+ unlocks it along with a few others. You dont have the weapons found in the world. You basically have the weapons that are unlocked via the shop, the STAKE and some others are not. Casual is already easy enough, so its debatable how much inf.ammo helps with that. And for VoS, you would already have what you need for that anyway. All this DLC does is makes Easy difficulty, a little bit easier, and makes Knife only easier which wasnt that hard anyway. I guess u could start on VoS with this, but u are still gonna get stuck on Heisen and Chris. Either way, still 2 playthroughs and this DLC just opens more options for your 1st playthrough This DLC does nothing for VoS and Mercs unfortunately. Imagine if inf.ammo was available in mercs........ that would be quite awesome actually!!
  12. My man ;)!! I may try and challenge ur time one day. Hoped to cover this one day, bought it a while back, probably never get to it though
  13. Are you talking from this DLC or the shop in general?? I ask because the same DLC in the other REs, unlocked the shop from the start. If it is still unlocked the same way, after 1 run through, then this DLC wont help a lot. It will help for knife only as you can use lightsaber, but you could do that anyway if u went straight to Mercs after 1st run and got SS VoS is just the same, Heisen and Chris still difficult. After 1st run, u can buy good weapons if you did 100% anyway ready for VoS Mercs is still going to be hard. The shop DLC for this in my opinion isnt as helpful as it was for the other games, RE3 it completely breaks the game, RE2 kinda breaks it, but here it doesnt do much..... unless they have added extra stuff?? EDIT: The Shop is unlocked from the start with the DLC! I know its easy to do with videogames, but I wish we didnt make so many assumptions, its misleading saying the shop doesnt open until u finish the game once in a thread about the Shop DLC!
  14. Thanks for volunteering m8
  15. What a grind that was Well with Friend Play, we may be able to just spawn them all by adding a good samaritan friend with all roads......???