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  1. There is quite a lot of misleading info on this. Let me know how many more you need and i'll let u know. I made that platinum walkthrough and so logged all items and locations. Some enemies can be farmed as well, just let me know how many yiu need m8 EDIT: There are only 3 SCRIPTURES OF DESPAIR in the game, 1 in each area, but im SURE an enemy drops them just cant recall which. The 1 is Seat of Infinity is missable. Alternatively, backup your map state, then DELETE your map state, then load the save back up and the world will be refreshed with all items respawned. Grab those your missing, then transfer your mao state back and all will be back as normal. If you want a deeper look at how duping works, you will have to look at my duping vid in the other thread.
  2. Just as you all guessed, didnt work guys, that was a COMPLETE fresh file, along with NEVER replaying a challenge! Got platinum in them all and it was not fun. Im quite sick of challenges like this in games now. If done right yea, but these just pee you off, the arrow freeze just doesnt flow nice with other skills, and dont get me started on air dashing between spike balls! Its a little annoying knowing I may potentially always have a incomplete game on my account, but honestly, knowing myself that I have fulfilled the requirements and that it is out ofmy hands, actually me feel a lot better about it!! Cant be bothered with NG+, especially since I hear most enemies can 1 shot you if u dont block.
  3. What I found best for that first battle challenge to turn it from luck to method is; 1. Straight away press left twice to highlight the 2nd enemy in the centre line. 2. Now Dhar normal atk twice and literally straight after spam every other button. Dhar cant quite reach every enemy with his atk which is why it becomes luck based, but starting him 1 enemy in and then spamming every1 else lets Dhar kill all that he can reach consistently, then your team kill the enemy behind you!!! Anyhow, these challenges are really really annoying, challenge 20 has given me the most trouble so far. I've platinumed and done the first 21, I need a break now of a day or 2 before the rest
  4. For the record, I had a little look at those that have gotten the trophy for completing all the challenges, although some of these were acquired AFTER the patch, those FEW players that did pop the trophy after the patch ACTUALLY started the game BEFORE the patch if you lool at there Indivisible trophies in date order. There are new players yea, but ONLY 2 or 3 have bothered to complete the challenges and they have all save files created from BEFORE the recent patch!!! Just stating for the record that noone has tried on a clean system file since patch, logged here anyway!! I actually got to endgame this morning, so will be doing challenges over the weekend. Sure a clean file since patch and getting S first time isnt going to make a smudge of difference, but I can hope I will post the bad news once done ;(
  5. Just be warned that if you have a digital PS5, then some upgrades will be unavailable for you!!! Digital PS4 games will upgrade on digital/physical PS5s Physical PS4 games will only give a digital upgrade on a physical PS5, NOT digital PS5 Im not quite sure if I could see them with new trophy lists, I think they will just share them similar to PS3/PS4. Remasters specifically for PS5 would get new list, but doubt upgrades. Because i'd imagine your saves wouls transfer from PS4/PS5 with them calling these 'upgrades'. Trophy lists wouldbe all messes if your saves transferred and it had a new list, hack callers would have a field day!! It will either be saves transfer and no new list, or they dont transfer and possibly a new list, definitely cant see both happening
  6. Lol, nice 1 Well we could all wish that if we buy a phys PS4 game, that they will send us a free PS5 version in the post right The upgrades are digital only, otherwise I would have a free income going forward
  7. We get to play as TC, wtf ;/
  8. Just be careful with PS5 game upgrades for PS4 games I had to read it twice as it didnt make sense first, probably wont be for all games, but for some Sony exclusives coming to both, take note of this; -- DIGITAL PS4 exclusives, will upgrade to both DIGITAL/PHYSICAL PS5. -- But some PHYSICAL PS4 exclusives will ONLY upgrade on PHYSICAL PS5! Sure they will mention this more, just atm its kinda lost. Just be careful you dont plan for some upgrades and then realise you cant Really, atm, PHYSICAL PS5 can get all game upgrades, and DIGITAL PS5 will be limited!
  9. Thing is, can you say 100% it wont work?? If we could I wouldnt even attempt it, a lot xtremely long shot, but whos to say the glitch isnt due to a similar bug which prevented challenge #40 Maybe is a waste, but then if we had this view, some useful glitches/exploits would never be found!!! From someone who does stuff like this quite a lot, it does work out sometimes believe it or not, mostly doesnt, but when it does its usually very helpful You should be hopeful it will work, im trying to be Shouldnt take me too long anyway as I work working on a 10hr platinum walkthrough for this, just never got to writing it. Perhaps along the way I can do a guide for all 108 ringsels, there isnt one currently and perhaps then it wont be such a waste! I need to go through the game again anyhow
  10. The contradiction is (was) this; - 'PATCH NOTES - Fixed Platinum threshold for Challenge #5, which was too short and basically impossible to achieve. - Fixed a bug that caused Challenge #40 to be unavailable after you’d played it once. - DEV TWEET - They looked into it and confirmed that they were broken and that they had fixed the issue internally Initially, that looks like a contradiction, saying its fixed then that it is not fixed, but guess obviously looks like they didn't actually check the trophies, just the ranks. - Fixed a bug that caused Challenge #40 to be unavailable after you’d played it once. - Due to the bug above, there clearly is or was something affected in the coding when you tried to replay a challenge.. (I'm seen official sources get stuff wrong before btw, regarding bugs etc, just trying to say 100% bugged doesn't always mean 100% bugged, there is still 0.1% that have this trophy. Yea maybe not legit, but still has you wondering no...) I have 2 things to try and pop the trophy which i'm sure nobody has bothered to do, with good reasons xD; 1. Get S ranks FIRST ATTEMPT. 2. Do the challenges on NG+ I'm sure nobody has done the above, number 1 does have me very curious though due to that old Challenge #40 bug !!
  11. I dont know what is going on with this, its clearly bugged, but with the patch notes and dev tweet contradicting eachother, very weird Cant remember what it was with now, but ive seen dev published info actually be incorrect b4. Obviously a miscommnunication between devs and marketing teams or whoever, but what im saying is when I see info from 2 official sources that contradict each other, I like to remain very cautious Not saying it isnt bugged as it CLEARLY is!! Not magically ONLY for me, as I say and im sure you know, forget abt PSNP for a moment, in the PS4 trophy stats themselves, 0.1% have the trophies. Now they may be hacked, may be testers, thats anyones guess, just trying to say I wouldnt be the only one. Its not going to pop for me anyway, but nothing bad with some optimism Ive not looked through those yet. PSNP doesnt show when somebody starts a game btw, only when they pop the first trophy. Simply loading a game up creates a save file! Most wont, but I for 1 have loaded a game up before, begun, not popped trophies, then came back wks/mths later. And how many actually opened game for first time after the recent update? Im surprised we only have 82 players here that have got a trophy in the DLC, thought we would have more logged here. Probably, likely, but the 0.1% and the patched/not patched contradiction has me 0.1% hopeful for a trick or somet lol I know, im thinking out my ass, I think my brain doesnt want to compute yet that I have a game on my main that I cant get clean 100% wise ;( EDIT: Im just been reading up patch notes etc and noticed Challenge 40 used to have a bug where if you failed it once, you couldnt retry or something......so failing a challenge used to affect something in the coding...but to what extent... 1 thing im going to try which im 99% sure nobody has done is to do ALL challenges S rank 1st time on them. Will require a lot of savescumming, but the patch notes and dev tweets have me hopeful for a little trick or something
  12. Has anybody tried with a COMPLETE CLEAN SYSTEM SAVE since the update?? I was going to give a go on my platinum save from last yr, but seems i deleted it as its gone lmfao. Just finished 100% RE7, FF7R and LOU2, this is next so im HOPING it will work on a complete new system save data. Some have got it according to PS4 tracker, not sure if legit/testers etc, but thete is hope
  13. Clearly not to me, I can be a bit slow at times though xD. Im clearly looking too much into it, in my eyes a random seed is STILL a seed, just a randomly picked seed. A random seed seems 'seeded' to me as the game randomly picks a seed for you, non-seeded would be LITERALLY no seed at all, so fixed...... When I read non-seeded, I figure NO seed at all i.e non-seeded and so a universal fixed map for every1. Perhaps for slow players like me, it needs rewording from non-seeded to random-seeded xD, if this is the case here
  14. Ahh I see, I will think there are quite a few ways to interpret 'non-seeded', and they all seem plausible. I initially though it meant a 'fixed' map, but now you guys have said that, just meaning you CANNOT i put a seed, something random would work as well. Guess it all boils down to how the Devs view the term 'non-seeded'! I would like to hope it means a fixed map as it would be much easier but likely what you guys say, will mean a random map which you cannot input any seed for, going to be pretty difficult if ao though Find out in a few days
  15. Ohh is that what the Devs have confirmed?? I figured non-seeded means a universal seed which is the same for every1 and cant be changed? Because having the option to select a seed or pick any random seed means its seeded right?? I've probably got this completely wrong lol