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  1. Yes! I did years ago back on the PS3 version. Managed to do it in 6 mins! Be careful though for people calling you out, some were accusing me of hacking at the time. Dont think everyone realises that 100% doesnt actually start counting the time until you earn your first trophy.
  2. Started uploading the guide here for anyone interested. May add a text guide later, will see once the vids are done, find them all added in the first post once uploaded, part #1 is there now. Hope they are helpful, enjoy @tjoe1bkhjtqxm You wanted a shout
  3. Thing with 3 x boost is it doesn't really reduce encounters does it. Even with playing naturally though, one may opt to stay on the roads and train tracks where they can which would also remove encounters. I was 600 after I had finished experimenting with grinding spots, I was just over 200 when I began grinding experimentation :D! What I read about Ultima is that it seems like a bit of a nuisance getting to it which is why I ignore it. Plus Eden doesn't really have anything of any value which cant wait. Maybe I may go for Ultima one day down the road, never say never eh ;). Good work on your guide btw, it's a shame it's somehow gotten to 3/5 rating. Each guide created takes a lot of time and effort and is done free of charge by the author. I know not every guide will be for everyone, but would be nice if people considered the work put in! Of course though, everyone is untitled to their own opinion, and sometimes the work put in isnt enough I guess! Anyway, im playing today, so I will try and get a image of that farm location and let you know in case you want to add it!
  4. I had 3 x boost on, but encounters were fully available, wasnt using anything for them. I also did EVERYTHING except for Ultima as he isnt needed for trophies. I did do everything in 08:45 with only 400 kills left for platinum. Did you know that the more kills you have, the more difficult Tonberry King is?? Thanks for taking chance to reply, I will try to get a screenshot up of that beach.
  5. Will try to get a screenshot up tomoz. No, the one near Balamb has 2 fishes always, there is one near Tonberry Ruins that has 3 fish always, 4 extra fish every minute You can get Death from Chefs Knife, which you get about 10 anyway naturally while going for Tonberry GF. Ive just been through the game naturally fighting and only got 200 kills. I though keeping encounters would be better/faster, but feels it wastes time to be honest. You dont draw to begin with, you mod cards, well to really begin you get fish fin items from fish on Balamb beach and convert to water and get Str+20% and 40% from Ifrit. Then after Dollet get 100 Curagas, put on HP, but when need to draw, put on Mag. You can use Curage to keep Squall in limit break and just spam it, early game is simple as enemies well dont hit hard until later. The fish farm x 3 near tonberry ruins, you can do when BG goes airborne, so I think best to do few hundred then to raise level, raise GF, and do rest later. That breaks it up slightly and I think everyone will need to farm at some point
  6. I think its because its a bit awkward interacting with him. Seems to be a certain spot you have to press x, I mean cross, in order to engage. His centre of mass near his butt, I just spammed cross near his centre. You can actually get to him easy enough with the same party that rings the bell if you use enc-none and the x 3 speed booster
  7. Go into tutorial, information, and it is actually under battle report, character report and gf report
  8. Just to clarify, this ISNT the fastest way. Ive have been doing a TONNE of experimenting with optimising platinum time, and I found a beach that ALWAYS spawn 3 x fish enemies. No escapes, no random enemy numbers, just always 3 enemies. I timed it, with the fish on the beach and 100 x death junc'd to Squall Stat-Atk (instant kills them), I was getting almost 12 kills every 60sec. The Cactuar method was getting me about 9 kills every 60sec if I average it out as that method isnt consistent. That's a 1/3 more. All you need for the fish beach is 100 x Death, nothing else and can be done way before Ragnarok if you just want to do it in breaks. Will try to get a image up and description.
  9. Platinum is grindy af though, just making you aware if it bothers you. Grindy to the point of 1 trophy requiring about 8 hours of pure repetitive grinding, not fun ;(, not sure what they were thinking off with that post game content. They could have made it a bit more fun
  10. Doesnt actually provide a way for those who need to farm it The quickest way to farm is Cactuar island, Rinoa and spam her Angelo Cannon limit break, it 100% hits every enemy
  11. You can turn boosters on btw, make sure Squall has 255 str and 9999hp and just spam his limit break for easy win if anyone wishes. I know there is fun in making yourself OP yourself, but you can let the game make you OP if you want
  12. Cant wait for it come to Switch and wish they released it in VR Ive read/listened all the Alien books, even the recent Alien Isolation book and I found that book to be pretty bad actually. The book skips a lot of stuff, but it does provide a few interesting snippets of backstory.
  13. Sure lol
  14. That was a joke, missus wouldnt want anything to do with it, she h8s video games. I will have to shave my chest and show my own cleavage lol
  15. I will have to get my missus to join in lol