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  1. if watching the videos, time spent watching I guess but us guide creators never think about the time you spend browsing, reading or watching There is nothing overly difficult, so maybe you could allow an extra 5 hours due to being new and in case of problems, so just after 20 hours maybe. Bear in mind though, the DLC is almost as long as the platinum if going this fast ;(
  2. Yea as @Quink666 said, although recharge is quite useless, the Velocity upgrades are useful because they let you throw further. I agree damage by throwing is useless, but the extra throw distance really helps. The amount of times I tried to throw an enemy and then just fell in front of me was a lot, Velocity totally changes that! I think the battery size maybe useful as well because they your battery will hopefully last long enough for each battle, but it also means that every Battery Pack you find recharges more. Im not sure if the costly max upgrades are neccessary, i need to test to see how bug the difference is between medium and max, but i think medium Velocity on the GRP needs to be a must-have purchase for every1 straight away. EDIT: Something weird and not so if intended or not for sequence breaking, but I somehow have an extra gate fuse!! Everytime I get to a fuse panel, I can actually slot a fuse before finding the intended one!! I think this is from the area where you get the Skunk Gun schematic, there are 2 fuses there iirc, and you can keep one of them if you backtrack a little to get it back. Think that was where, though could be a glitch i guess, but thought i would share in case anybody else has encountered it.
  3. You say you have the 4 lost pages and beat the specific boss and still cant craft it, so does sound like a glitch unfortunately mate, no game is without them. In the other thread, those players problems was that they didnt have the option to craft the hilt, whereas you do right, just lacking the materials...?? Besides, just because 10,000 players had no glitch, doesnt mean player 10,001 will have no glitch as well. I think some glitches are just that rare. To prevent another 15+ hour playthrough, I would advise to leave it until NG+ comes with the inevitable NG+ trophy. Then just get this material on NG+ when go for the NG+ trophy. That way you wont lose any progress. A lot of assumptions here, that it wont glitch in NG+ either and that NG+ actually comes, I think will be ok though. Sorry we couldnt be more help
  4. Yea it does lob resources at all, its very generous. Feel the only changes made for hard is modifying enemy stats. Have you found any upgrades game changing?? I ask because ive found them all pretty lacklustre so far except for the Pistol/Stun Baton damage and the Stun Baton arm breaking. Those 2 help to eliminate enemies quickly before mutations when out of battery. I spent an hour upgrading stuff to different levels, and testing each levels on enemies. I was most intrigued to figure out the GRP upgrade capabilities. I'll actually post the GRP recharge info as may be useful for some. So the GRP doesnt recharge automatically gradually, it goes on like a cooldown since the last use and after a certain time has passed, it will instantly recharge to full. Battery Upgrade Medium - Recharges in 120 secs. Battery Upgrade Max - Recharges in 90 secs. Spending 3000 just to recharge 30 secs quicker is useless as you still must wait 90 secs so is useless in battle. And between encounters is usually longer than that anyway so hardly needed, and along with the fact that a checkpoint reload gives you a full charge. All the other upgrades were just as useless except for I guess the cheaper upgrades for bigger mags and stuff. Im still 2 chapters to go so wondering if we get weapons where the upgrades have a bigger impact?
  5. One of course wouldnt know without experimenting first, but a lot of the enemies have very specific spawn conditions so that you can spawn them all 1 by 1, prevent the spawn or kill them quickly before the next appears. As an example, there is 1 passage in particular where 4 enemies can rush you and can mutate. Now you can spawn and kill all of these 1 by 1. Enemy #1 spawns as soon as you enter, #2 spawns when you move about a 3rd down the room, enemy #3 once the first 2 are dead and enemy #4 once you near the end of the room. If you ran straight into this room, you could potentially trigger 3 enemies at once, but if you know what you're doing, 1 at a time. I looked at other guides on this specific passage, and they say you will be facing 4 enemies at once!! Another example is a outdoor encounter where tou can be fighting 6 - 11 enemies. I say this because 6 of the enemies are unavoidable, but 5 of them spawn from the ground in specific spots if you come within a few metres. Because of this, if you know the spots, you can change that encounter from a 11 enemy battle into a 6 enemy battle. Again, I suspect most guides say you will be fighting 10+ enemies at once here! Another thing is you can use GRP to drop enemies of railings or even if there is nowhere to drop them, if you drop them somewhere which looks out of bounds, it can kill them instantly. A good example are the stalkers, if you know where they spawn from as sometimes they jump on you from a upper platform, You can quickly gran and release them and they die instantly as they are out of bounds! The little critters die instantly if you grab and throw them On Chapter 6 Maximum Survivor and im finding quite simple so far if optimising routes. Takes a bit of skill with the combat of course, but almost every encounter so far has been easily controlled once the mechanics of the encounter has been figures out.
  6. it works all the time with me, though im holding back. Dodge doesnt work if you hold towards the enemy and im not sure what the correct angle is for the game to 'perform a dodge' or 'not perform a dodge'. If holding left or right, depending on the angle of the camera the enemy puts you at, its possible that left is pushing left to begin with, but the enemy forcing the camera change with its attack changes your left to left & slightly forward and thus the game is reading it as a 'invalid dodge'. I think thats the problem. Using back however, works everytime as there are no bad angles, you're just holding back. Though you will get hit of course if you are blocking at the last moment. You're not suppose to be able to hold back to dodge btw, its normally block. The left and right dodge and with forward not working perhaps is on purpose so the dodge still takes skill to use. Though I guess the Auto-Dodge is easy, but thats accessibility and its what make the backwards dodge possible. Shame there are no 'No Healing', 'No Upgrades' 'Melee Only' trophies. Melee Only could actually be quite fun
  7. Oh guess they moved it then, being in the cell makes more sense i guess. If playing on a lower patch, a lot of stuff may be different, I hope you get no major bugs. I think most the early reviewers had the Day 1 patch before, it was ready to go i think when they got there early copies.
  8. Yea i havent played with the ammo drops yet and with health below full, all ive observed at the moment is that if your health is full, then you will only get credits and i guess ammo. So i guess with health under full means it wont neccesarily give you health, you can still get credits and ammo. All that I know from my end so far, in chapter 2 before I have a firearm, as long as my health is full, Credits are always dropped from enemies. Im just trying to think ahead so in theory, when u reach the first shop, I wanna see the most money you can have and what goodies it can get us. Though im honestly not expecting it to be useful at all, likely just some poor upgrades im betting there will be a duping glitch before long though
  9. I was on latest patch and it was in the cell, is that where it was for Ppyx or where it should have been for you?? Ive noticed some loot doesnt always appear, kinda random. Its possible items have a possible few spawn locations within the vicinity, or just bugs of course
  10. The Auto-Dodge works like this: Just hold one direction continuously! Some more info : I played with it On/Off with the 2nd enemy where the game tells you to hold back to block. I noticed with it Off, if you hold back, you will block with your crowbar, but still take a little damage. But with it On, you will just continuously dodge either way by just holding back. So then I tested just holding right to see if it's exclusive to holding back, and it works that way as well!! So the game confuses you a bit as tells you to alternate dodge and doesn't really say how auto- dodge works, but you would assume you must do nothing or that doesnt work on MS. But that is it, just hold 1 direction continuously (except towards the enemy) to dodge always, never stop moving!! This is on MS difficulty btw! Its best to hold back I think, because it doesnt work going towards the enemy, and with the incoming attack direction, if you're moving sideways, maybe sometimes the game thinks you are moving towards the enemy and so dodge doesnt work. So best to move back to be safe, always move back from enemies! Hope that helps!! Ive only been playing for 10 minutes or so, but another tip I can give if you want to maximise your gains is that you need to keep your HP full. If HP is full, enemies will always drop Callisto Credits, otherwise they will drop HP. Cant say how Ammo will affect drops yet as am still rocking the Crowbar, but for better drops, keep your HP full!!
  11. You need all the ravens yea mate, there iant a trophy for them specifically, but they all lead to a Relic iirc that is needed.
  12. Surtrs Waist and Wrist armor from Muspelheim rewards gives you damage reduction when using normal attacks and there is a chest armor, forget which and it gives you damage reduction when using runics. There are also 3 amulets from the crater, 2 are those regenerating ones and another, crest of heroics i think, gives you a short burst of invincibility and health regen and low health. Easy Evade, basically gives you more invincibility frames while evading i think, makes the timing more generous Nothing was patched I dont think, i'll be doing that fight twice again soon anyway
  13. It wont work at all if you dont have enough vitality, you can slot it, but the description will be faded, implying its not active. Have you got miniboss checkpoint on and easy evade which is beside it in accessibility settings?? I beat him at a very low level 8 without too much trouble. I focus on 1 half of his HP using fury and resurrection stone. Then once its past half, i let him kill me to restart the battle with my resurrection stone and fury back with him at half hp!!! He does have a massive health pool though, quite the endurance battle. Think I beat it on 2nd attempt by just winging it and my build is pretty much anything goes
  14. 43 artefacts total mate are needed for platinum. If anywhere says any different, then they have not opened up their artefact list at trophy pop and counted!! its because there are factually, 5 artefacts in The Crater. But some guides dont count (38) and others double count them (48), mega misleading i know The actual count in your artefact list after the trophy is exactly 43!! and as others have said, you dont need 100% for platinum and all we can do is apologise if any info anywhere has misled you into thinking it is
  15. yea not all of them are needed. It can glitch bear in mind