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  1. Hey mate. Online/Offline doesn't affect spawn rates, but being Offline can mess up trophies so I would always advise playing online if possible. For Biome 2 Cipher #12 as it's listed in my guide, yea, that room can be quite rare. Generally on my multiple platinum runs, I've mostly gotten it naturally before the grinding begins, but I will admit that one time it just wouldn't spawn. All you can do is just keep running it mate, if you wanna make it much quicker, what you can do is back up your save just before you head through the waygate as that is when the rooms are selected. Then if you don't find it, quit and restore your save back outside the waygate, quickly check again and repeat! Yea make sure you have finished the game before you begin farming. Some rooms don't actually appear until you've made enough story progression, bad news though is the more you progress, the less chance you have of a specific room appearing because there are more for the game to choose from
  2. I was thinking I'm not interested in the Classics at all, but @X_Wizi_X has just reminded me of a particular game so thanks for that Gimme some Parasite Eve 2 with trophies and I would upgrade for a month just to play that with trophies!!! In fact, that would be a awesome remake. I guess Dino Crisis could be nice as well, but always loved PE2
  3. I had a brief time in this, was going to do a platinum speedrun, but never really did get into it so much. The dialogue all gets queued up, a little like Death Strandings email system, only here it is worse. I did a lot of tests around it. I couldn't put a finger on exactly what gets prioritised. Even starting the game, the game starts with like 20 queued dialogues to get through. So if you wanted to be efficient in terms of getting new dialogue to appear quicker, you would need to, before you do anything, and going against the gameplay kind off, is to die 20 times straight away and exhaust and talk to every1 each time. Eventually, near 20 deaths, they will start repeating themselves, so queued dialogue is empty for now. I would then do very little things, like get my first Boon, change weapon, kill a few enemies etc. Each time I would die straight aways a few times to see how much new dialogue that action queues up. It seems almost all actions provide some sort of new dialogue. And this was the start of the game I was testing, imagine how bad it gets later. I even went as far as to write down all those initial queued dialogues, then deleted save, done it again see if the order is the same. Deleted save, but this time, triggered some new actions before clearing the queue and then exhausting all dialogue etc. This is how I came to the conclusion that it's not random, it just gets queued up and different dialogue has different priorities. The levels, enemies and stuff are random yea, but the dialogue isn't, not as much as it's believed to be anyway. If you're having bad RNG with dialogue, you need to go and keep dying over and over and exhaust it all, empty the backlog. Then when you move on, any dialogue from new actions to appear instead being backlogged at the end of the already massive dialogue queue. If I was to complete a platinum speedrun guide, it's what I would advise, every 5 runs perhaps, die straightaway until all new dialogue is exhausted. Not good advice I know, but if not, these are the problems that occur. Dialogue isn't random, it all gets queued up and I'm not sure what gets prioritised. It's why you need to keep dying straightaway and exhaust it all first. If you don't, you could potentially keep triggering new dialogue that is prioritised over a certain dialogue you're looking for, so although looks like RNG, you're actually making it more difficult to appear yourself. Don't get me wrong though, this is not our fault, the Devs should have done something better with the dialogue system. I know it's daft, you want certain dialogue to appear, so you keep playing unknowingly that as you play, you're triggering new dialogue that is getting prioritised over the dialogue you're trying to get. So although you think you are making progress in getting the dialogue you want, you actually keep making it harder for yourself! It really does go against the game, but you need to go and keep dying asap, and talk to every1 after each death to exhaust their dialogue. As for getting certain rooms to appear, you can back up save or something before each area, then restore it if you don't find ur room in it, much quicker if u are looking for a specific room.
  4. Yea I can't vaguely remember something but wasn't sure. I wasn't too long ago was it iirc, like maybe late last year or early this year. Strange it got taken down though?!
  5. Was there ever a Trophy Guide?? The Walkthrough was the only guide for a while, I can't remember if a Trophy Guide was ever done
  6. Thanks mate for your blessing with the guide, good to hear as you are very experienced with the game iirc (I spoke to you didn't I a while back?) As for myself competitive speedrunning, I don't get any enjoyment from that, plus I don't like using glitches and I like to route with my own conditions as opposed to leaderboard rules. I actually get my sense of reward from making these guides and helping others!! I saw a lot of the speedrun techniques and stuff, I deliberately chose not to use them though. Great to provide the info though so that others have the option to use it!!
  7. Hey, there! Do you have or can you do video trophy guides for the Dark Pictures Anthology (Man of Medan, Little Hope, House of Ashes, and The Devil In Me so far)? I'm following a video now to choose all of the "heart" decisions in Man of Medan, but it is so easy for the characters to say something you weren't expecting or for you to make a bad choice even with the guide. Help? 😁

    1. Optinooby


      Hey, sounds like one of those games where you need to very carefully consider all variables as it's not all as it seems. Shame the guide you're following hasn't tested all these properly ;(


      Never say never, but I'm not sure currently, it's not on my current guide backlog. But if it was ever to pop up on PSPlus, guess I would jump onto it then!

    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I don't look for it to be there any time soon because it's a super popular, good game and Sony sucks at picking PS Plus games. lol Plus, it's relatively new. They've released a game in the series every year since 2019.

  8. These builds are great for experienced players looking to further optimise. For the sake of just getting the job done from a beginner perspective, I prefer to just go in with Fingerprint Stone Shield affinitied to the bosses damage type along with Blasphemous Blade. And Mimic Tear with Shabriri's Woe. I know it isn't flashy, but it's very beginner friendly as you just have to hold a button down, kinda spammable, and then manage your stamina only instead of learning how to telegraph all the moves perfectly and what not. I know it won't get points for style and may seem boring, but simplest least skill required way to get it done. I've not decided yet if I'm going to actually learn the bosses moves to use builds like this. I know though that once I do learn the bosses moves, then any build could become OP damage-wise I guess.
  9. I enjoy the games, but come to think of it, it is a weird design choice isn't it. I mean they perhaps trying a bit too hard to be like a Soulsbornering, but in terms of fall damage, just doesn't quite work in 2D games does it. It works in Souls because you can still actually gauge the height due to it being 3D can't you, but you can't see the height in a 2D game. I can't actually think of any other 2D games where there was fall damage....Prince of Persia 16-bit maybe XD. It didn't ruin the 1st anyway so hopefully you decide to give it a chance somewhere down the line.
  10. At the end of the game, she transports to Prince of Death's Throne grace I think it's called, it's the last one in Deeproot where you fought the bosses there, she will be just behind the portal. I think the trigger for her to move there is beating Maliketh iirc. It may be earlier, I forget. She appears there even if never ever talking to her. You then just give a hug, talk in private, more hugs. She gives you something, you give her cursemark of death, more hugs. You then rest, come back, more hugs, rest again, come back and then you can go to dreamworld, something along those lines
  11. Unfortunately a lot of the FF7 boss guides out there overcomplicate the fights. It's weird because a lot of these fights are mega easy if strategised right, but some guides I look at, I'm like what the heck, it's like they try to make the strategies look too flashy! I always try to go for the strategies that are most consistent and require the least skill. If you get stuck on any other bosses and other guides don't help, I have guides for them as well as a last resort if you need to have a look Good luck with hard, if you have the DLC btw, you can go and do that on easy now to unlock the Weiss fight back in the main game simulator. Then you can get even more Gotterdammerungs so everybody can have one!! And despite what it's believed, that fight is much easier than top secrets!!
  12. Yea my Leviathan method is the only RNG strat, I feel the others are very consistent with practice. All you can do with Leviathan is keep trying mate and as you get used to the strat, it should eliminate the RNG somewhat. For myself personally, with the experience I was at when I made that guide, is every other boss would always work, but Leviathan would only work 3/4 of the time, but if it didn't work, I would just quickly restart. Leviathan is the most RNG because he teleports around and you don't know what attack is coming next, because the other bosses stay in place, they are easier to get in a stagger loop. As @jossmilan7412 says, I leave a lot of spaces free to give you the option to add extra materia if you want. Fire+Elemental in the armor is a good one because then if you're not quick enough on the Bahamut boss and Ifrit spawns, you can easily kill him, though I forget which character would be best to lob that on, maybe Tifa.
  13. I have no idea where exactly you are in the game as you provided very little details so it's very hard to give a accurate response. I'm just saying that some players have popped the all legendary weapons trophy WITHOUT picking up the Eclipse Shotel in new game. I've also read, that if you are transferring a save, you need to drop and pick up, or send to stash and retrieve to get previously collected weapons to register. Of course, I don't know if the info above is helpful to you due to the very little detail you provided. But I'm just providing it in the hope it may help as it's not commonly known
  14. I think the trophy can pop without that, I've read reports of it. Have you got every other weapon though, and if so, dropping, picking up may help
  15. I forgot about that, I'll try and change it when I get chance. 1st draft was like this, just optimised things little more when recording, the Dream is the biggest change though.