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  1. It is yea, this is more so if somebody is planning to a NG No Hea Knife Only 100% to begin, then a Speedrun VoS for platinum. 2 playthroughs for Platinum then instead of general 3
  2. This is highly missable, but if you save the health upgrades for No Heals, then you get an extra 3 free heals meaning 7 total. Thats ON TOP of the 2 free heals you get anyway as part of the story, so 9 heals (think its 2 story heals anywyay). And for Knife Only, you can still use explosive barrels to damage enemies, as long as YOU are not directly shooting, is all good. Yet to test throwable weapons.
  3. Was just coming to lend a hand but looks like u beat me to it
  4. It may be possible to grind it on some of the ambush sequences more I am yet to experiment with those, I have barely started the game, spent 3 hours on first ambush experimenting
  5. Thats awesome You got get tonnes of CP I think from doing the knifes out run as well With the right guide, im thinking its possibpe to do Knifes Out, Speedrun, 100% and perhaps No Heals on 1st play Imagine the amount of CP you woupd get. Only problem is Lei, im hoping there is a good grinding spot though Thanks for letting me know m8
  6. Di you know if u can shoot goats or animals?? Should be ok right as they are not considered enemies i dont think?
  7. Yea the Rude boys fight is very fast, if he gets pyramid off it can mess things up. The sleep isnt too bad as u could just cast it again if needed. They put so much though into these boss fights didnt they, not something u see everyday Well done on the Pride and Joy on ur second try, thats really good m8 as thats the blocker for most players! I hope the rest goes as smoothpy for you also!
  8. Yea using Tifa like that changes the pace quite a bit do I guess you do need to get used to it, but from my experimentation, is the easiest strategy to get down and you will need to learn to use her this way for later. Its weird that every1 generally says Hellhouse is the 1 of the hardest, when if u use the strategy I posted here for it, hes in there with the easier ones. If you have a optimal strategy ready to go with Hellhouse, u end up with so much breathing time, and the fight isnt even rushed The later fights feel very rushed dont they as the bosses are relentless Chapter 14 Abzu has been the worse boss for me so far
  9. Yea the bonuses are all pretty pants, was the same on RE2. I only wanted VoS in case I decide on doing a NG VoS guide at some point
  10. Do you guys know how to unlock VoS difficulty by any chance for those off us who do NOT have the trauma pack?? The minimum 3 playthroughs on ur site may turn into 4 as I bet Hardcore unlocks it, and if u keep it at 3, it would mean no healing and Knife only on Hardcore. Hopefully it unlocka from any difficulty completion though??
  11. Maybe, but if the only drawback is skill, then maybe some mad lad will pull it off. I know RE3 can be platted in 1 playthrough and a lot would say the same about that. It does require Inferno being unlocked though via DLC, and No heal, box only, speedrun 100% on Inferno You can shoot it then reload the save back. The collectible will be registered and you will resume back to a state before u used your weapon
  12. Im doing my own thing m8 if thats ok with you lol, dont mind me XD, was just saying in the process, I wasted a bit of time which wasnt needed. Was just letting u know if you wanna make ur info a bit more accurate, just trying to help is all ;). Im hoping on a perfect 2 playthroughs, it means knife only no healing speedrun for 1st play. See how easy it is, pretty doable so far 1 playthrough would be the absolute minimum or perfect if u will, well possibly if u have the trauma pack 2 playthroughs is more doable 3 playthroughs is a comfortable general route for players mostly playing blind except for collectibles and tips here and there
  13. @Gage @SnowNinjaRaccoon Hey guys, ur description for the trophy for killing Urias on first encounter is a bit misleading (sorry the trophy name escapes me). You say u cant do it on NG because u dont have enough ammo. This implies you could knife only him!!! So I actually spent a good hour trying to do this to ur info, only to later find this after much experimenting; That ambush section is on a timer To initiate the ambush timer to begin, either enter a house or damage a lycan, there will be a huge roar indicating the timer has begun At approximately 02:30 into the ambush, Urias appears, killing enemies before doesnt seem to change this. At 04:00 approx into the ambush, the game will try to end the ambush by either a lycan attack causing the ambush end cutscene or via a arrow if outside. So basically you have about 01:30 to kill Urias, he is on a timer. And its not that you dont have enough ammo as technically the knife has infinite ammo, its actually that you CANNOT deal enough damage in NG within that 90 seconds. Maybe there is a bit more to it yet to try and cheat it, but thats how it seems to work. And for the counter attack trophy, the description is kinda misleading for that also. So the description indicates it works as standard with everything, so when it wasnt working for me during the village, I figured it unlocks later in the castle. Anyhow, after switching to a firearm, I thought would try it again and it worked!! So counter DOESNT work with the knife, I actually went for abt 2 hours while experimenting in the village section without counter attacking because ur guide implies it works on everything and so I never even thought it was the knife, just assumed counter attack unlocked later!! I may be other weapons it doesnt work with, players reading ur guide may think it has glitched or something. Just a bit of info guys if u wanna make those descriptions a bit more accurate so weirdos like me don't get misled as we do our own thing! Ive not even passed the villages section yet, still messing about with nonsense Thanks
  14. Depends if its possible, knife only while doing speedrun and 100% is one thing, but also you would need to acquire money/pointd to purchase what is needed. Is it possible to grind specific enemies for loot, get points from mercenaries. Beiglng optimal in completing records is another to get enough points Is it all possible in 1 playthrough...... I will definitely do my best to try and break it all down and see, but first I need to cover everything else
  15. I've always got a headache m8, video games are least of my worries