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  1. Glad it worked m8 and thanks for letting us know ur results, if anybody has the same problem, hopefully they will find this thread
  2. Is infinite ammo unlocked to buy for them all in ur bonus features?? Despite what the guides say, the UPGRADE and OBTAIN trophies work differently. For OBTAIN, you need to have all weapons at once Byt for UPGRADE, you dont need them all upgraded at once. You can upgrade one, sell it, then use those funds to upgrade others, the trophy will still pop. With this, u can usually tell what u have upgraded as infinite ammo will be available to buy IF inf ammo is available to buy for them all (meaning ur game has them all registered as upgraded), then my money would be on u needing to trigger the check again And i bet the trophy check will happen the moment u fully upgrade a weapon. If u have all inf ammos, then go and fully upgrade any weapon, and i bet it will pop the trophy... Let us know m8 EDIT: Just noticed u have the inf ammo purchase option unlocked for all, apologies for not seeing at first. So upgrade 1 weapon, should pop it......
  3. Its wierd that they have delayed the March offering, by what it seems, to tell us one of Aprils free games, and to also throw the PS4/PS5 FF7 upgrade at us. I thought the FF7 trailer was done, then it went on again, I thought is this a PS+ announcement..... No, they just made a separate FF7 trailer highlighting its a free upgrade, which shouls have been a given anyway Its almost as if March is going to be a poorly received line up and they know it! "Hey, we know March isnt great, but look at Aprils" Also, when is the FF7 month, is it June or October?? Wish they just put the month name, couldnt they see the possible confusion there with how different countries view the date, or perhaps i missed the month mention...?? I was honestly expecting some bigger games, still, looking fwd to Returnal
  4. Thats why they delayed the announcement, get some cash in quickly
  5. It does as far as I know, I dunno why more dont bring it up, i think its a awesome trick Some will say it makes the game harder, but the game is hard at the start in DM no matter what. The change is nirmally felt going from NG to NG+, but u wont feel that change as u are not doing that. It will just feel like normal DM, starts of hard and gets easier Goid thing here though is u get massive, MASSIVE, headstart with stuff, saves lots of grinding
  6. Its done, way back, on PS4 page though, i posted on PS3 my mistakes, apologies
  7. Im on last one, Wesker, done the rest and the times are correct except that Claire B. What it is I think, is on JP version, 00:0-08:00 is S rank, and 8-9 is A rank. On the NA and EU, S rank is the equivalent of A, but they messed up with the Claire B, as they have removed the S rank, but left A rank where it was. Its been like it since release I think, I was looking up some old forums, on Xboxachievements and stuff, the odd person there says they got Claire B done when they were over time. Guess not ne has really taken any noticed or it has been wrote of as glitch. Thats whats it looks like to me though, the A rank has just kept the JP A rank time, they didnt change it. Shame this didnt happen to the rest What u mention abt steve btw, he doesnt get Magnum, he gets M-100P and its more rarer. It kills the worm a bit quicker, but not enough to make up for the detour. It takes 30-40secs to grab it and kills thw worm abt 30secs quicker You need be getting to the worm at 7-8 mins to have chance of doing it. I actually find the worm the worst boss so far, worse than Chris boss!! EDIT: Got platinum today on EU, im tempted to get 100% on the PS3 version on Now, just to see the difference........ But....... I just cant be bothered now after all that, going to get commentary added to videos, them im done with this. I really find it hard going back to these old school REs when we have been spoilt with the REmake controls
  8. Thanks for letting me know. I've actually been working my way up from 8:19, at 5 sec intervals, I got to 8:30, still A, u say 8:38 still A, so im going to go for 8:41, see if 8:40 is the limit on EU Seems strange, but maybe they actually changed this on on EU. Problem is everybody skips EU so there ismt much info on it for us all to butt our heads together and think on Shame Claire A isnt easier ;( With Claire A, u can afford 1 or 2 mistakes, but u need to quickly rectify them. U will get ur time down, dont worry, on EU just one little change can improve ur time by 5 secs. Problrm with the crossbow is it has to hit ur target dead on or its a miss EDIT: I got 8:53, still A, I then hit 9:05 and thats a B! I think, gor whatever reason, glitch, patch, whatever, EU (tested) has an extra minute, cant speak on NTSC as dont have it. Im not going between 8:55 and 9:00, think its safe to say that its 9:00 or below is a A, shame the others are not like this EDIT I just got 7:34 on Claire B, final practice before recording. 26 secs to spare, even if 8 mins!! I dont think the EU is as impossible as its made out, just takes a lot of practice. I find Hollow Knight pantheons, DMCV, CB4 much harder. Still have Chris/Steve/Wesker to go, I hear Chris is difficult, but Claire A is the hardest, so hopefully the rest wont be to bad EDIT On Chris, I got 6:19 EU, still 10 secs to spare. Almost perfect run, could having still shaved a few secs, so u have a small bit of time for mistakes on that also. With Chris, his mob rooms are easy, its the boss that is difficuly. I always defeat Alexia 2nd stage, for forcing her into the bottom right corner, its not too bad once u get the hang of it EDIT Claire freeze trophy Also, with Claire, on the 'Chill trophy', im not sure 'waiting for a few mins is the key'. I waited for literally 5 mins, nothing, I then healed, waited again, nothing. I then moved a bit, waited again, nothing, 10 mins had gone by at this point. I then ran back to entrance and it popped without even waiting, the game stopped me in a specific spot like a scripted event. On my other account, this time I ran forward, killed the enemies, straight away turned around and ran back to entrance and the trophy popped in to exact same spot again near the entrance!! I think for the Claire 'battle chill' trophy, no need to wait, just kill the enemies, then run back to the entrance and it will pop on the way via a scripted event, enemies must be dead to cause it to trigger! EDIT: Steve - 09:24
  9. Thanks for the tips m8! Im actually working on the Battle Modes now, I got Claire to 05:58 on EU (12 secs to spare, so despite a lot of players saying "On EU u must be perfect", in fact u don't. U can spare 1 or 2 mistakes, but u must recover VERY quickly)! But ive found something really wierd with Claire B On Claire B, I got A rank at 08:19! Its apparently 08:00 only!! So either they patched EU version to make it easier, or it has always been this or that my game bugged........ Maybe @angelbless45 knows more on this (apologies for the shoutout) Its only just happened so cant say more yet, but kinda wierd....?? I've not touched the others yet as im focusing on 1 at a time, but i'll keep ur tips in mind when i get to them
  10. Hey every1, Another platinum walkthrough, this is only 2 hours long as I cut out cutscenes. We collect ALL collectibles 1st time through the areas so no backtracking except for the Lighthouse which u sorta have to anyway. No identical text guide for this like I did with Control, but hope it helps save a few hours
  11. This may help m8, I had a lot of requests for it. Its EU, beginner speedrun, A RANK with ALL campaign trophies at once. (2 parts, each part is either side of the only save). Takes 03:10 or something, not got Battle guides done yet, but will be in coming weeks
  12. Did u quote me abt the collectibles in another thread or was that someone else?? Just in case it wasnt you, something else will help is that you can get EVERY single collectible in an area before moving on, it's ONLY the Lighthouse which u must backtrack to endgame. And just abt deleting every painting, I can actually see that causing problems, too much paint around, but if you are ONLY paintining the bare minimum to proceed and for collectibles, it should be ok without deleting, or at least it was for me, 5 times platinuming!!
  13. And yet its eluded us since release
  14. @zizimonster Its not bugged I think, its more we misunderstood the requirements Im working on a platinum wallthrough and got hit with this 'apparent' bug. The box genie Peekaboo wasnt popping the trophy (tried 3 times), but what I did diffierently was I closed app to reset the peekaboo event, then backtracked to the playtime peekaboo event earlier where Ash will peekaboo. That DIDNT pop the trophy. I then went back triggered the genie box Peekaboo, amd the trophy popped. So I think u need BOTH events to trigger, its why differenr players are popping it in different spots. Each event will save on ur profile, and so the 2nd event will pop it. I bet those who popped the trophy on the box peekaboo, played the pillar playtime peekaboo beforehand or begun it at least and those who popped it down on the pillar playtime peekaboo had already done the box genie peekaboo To be honest, its the description we are misreading, its states; "Play Peekaboo with your Genie and get Peekabooed" AND being a keyword here What is happening, is we are NOT playing Peekaboo first, we are completing skipping that step and going to "Get Peekabooed". Its 2 tasks, PLAY PEEKABOO and GET PEEKABOOED, but when one is done, it is saved so only the other needs doing, order doesn't matter! Not sure why EVERY guide on the net misread this trophy description, but there it is. I guess it perhaps originated on PPyx first or on youtube
  15. Ah sorry, Lighthouse is the only 1, but u are forced to leave anyway before everything opens up. When u choose continue after completion, u spawn at the lighthouse iirc, then u do that! I dunno why every Trophy Guide states that, the 1 here doesnt dont think?? U can get every single collectible 1st pass, but Lighthouse u do after completion, thats what Trophy Guides should be advising, otherwise u are spending an extra hour or so