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  1. No worries m8 I dont think we can blame anyone, but we do like to just lob stuff up as soon as we can and the extra patience it takes to experiment with something just a little bit more, a lot of us just dont have with videogames and I think its completely normal, i mean its just a video game after all , they all serve their purpose though I guess! Plagiarism is a lot worse today than it used to be as well I think which doesnt help. Ive seen a few new guides that have gone up since it dropped on PSPlus this month and they STILL say it has missables, so its clear to some extent, they havent played with everything themselves and so have labelled missable trophies just like most guides which were perhaps copied but not credited. Its a shame with this one though as the update came out in late 2017 and since then, hardly no trophy guides have been updated to reference that there are no longer any missables. I know authors move on and dont have time to update older guides, but its just a shame as new players will look at old guides and be misled still ;( The point where you are at in the game, just means you have a little grind m8 is all! Ah Mummy Demastered, thats quite an old one 1 of mine actually, done a lot since
  2. Hiya m8, thanks appreciate it, especially taking time to watch the 5k vid If you care to know off future guides, im trying to incorporate Trophy Guide + Roadmap, Expert tips etc videos as i did with Hollow Knight recently, I already have a text guide here and a video walkthrough for that, but yea my possible upcoming stuff in the next mth or so are these; Shadow of War Resident Evil 5 Demon Souls God of War Cyberpunk Platinum walkthroughs for all those along with some extra stuff perhaps
  3. Well you can platinum the game in 40hrs with prior knowledge but obviously you wont have that For the S Ranks, some missions you CAN S rank and complete ALL tasks at once For the others, its best wait for until you have the skull suit gear as they dont void S rank (though some sites say thwy do so be careful what you read), they will allow you to use armor/camo perks to get the S ranks easy For the mission task, you can actually infinitely spawn the LIL CHICK HAT with an exploit which basically makes you almost INVINCIBLE/INVISIBLE. Yea it voids S rank, but those bigger levels that have lots of tricky tasks, it REALLY makes them easy There are loads of little tricks to make levels easy, but I doubt you would find them ALL on 1 guide as I couldnt back then, I had to just play about myself quite a lot. You just wanna find a S Rank guide really and stick with it, preferably with ne which utilises the Skull Suit upgrades as they make S RANK MUCH EASIER!!!
  4. They are NOT MISSABLE, there are NO MISSABLE TROPHIES in this game, hasnt been since a update in late 2017 (endless sieges). All you need to do is begin a fort defense, lose so it geta captured and then those apparent MISSABLE trophies can be acquired again!! No need to mess about with saves NO MISSABLES buddy When a fort gets taken, all new monuments will appear that can be destroyed and then obviously, you can do the bodyguard spy trophy again along with the warchief spy trophy, just means there is a little more to do now. For the warchief trophy, the easiest quickest way is to do it before the first fort as there are only 2 warchiefs there, now you probably will need to get rid of 6 or so potentially is all
  5. To keep it brief, when you go online with any of the 4 forts for the VERY FIRST time, your initial assault rating for that fort will copy your defence rating Then once thats been done, the only way to change the assault rating is via online conquests. If you are online the first time you capture each fort, your assault rating for them will likely start between 50-150. But if you turn off network, and go offline, just b4 you capture first fort and leave it offline till endgame when you likely have the defence ratings at somewhere over 400, when you do finally go online, ur assault rating will now copy ur defence rating at that time meaning over 400+ in assault rating for all forts!! It turns it from this; Fort 1 - Assault 50+ / Defence 400+ Fort 2 - Assault 50+ / Defence 400+ Fort 3 - Assault 50+ / Defence 400+ Fort 4 - Assault 50+ / Defence 400+ Into this Fort 1 - Assault 400+ / Defence 400+ Fort 2 - Assault 400+ / Defence 400+ Fort 3 - Assault 400+ / Defence 400+ Fort 4 - Assault 400+ / Defence 400+ Like i say, to l8 now, but if you knew at the time, it would likely mean you have the Captain Trophy by now. Did you even play online when you first began playing the game a while bk, or have you just decided now?? If you never played offline until now when u are at endgame, u may be in luck
  6. To late but now, but if you knew beforehand (b4 ur 1st fort) , you could have exploit the Captain Rank so that you get 4000 points naturally with NO grinding whatsoever ;( You would finish Shadow Wars, then look and see that you have 4000+
  7. Go into the options, over to the Network and check everything says online. Then go into ur PS4/5 system settings and do a network test, once you know everything is ok, go and have a check see if its now working Dunno y, but that seems to fix it!!
  8. Yes, thats the very first, basically there are FOUR forts, and whenever you take each fort online for the VERY FIRST time, you get a attack rating the same as your defence rating Its a bit of a bonus as you can only increase attack rating via online conquests. Going offline BEFORE that first for in Nurnen and STAYING offline till you have maxed out your defence in all 4 forts, will mean that when you take them all online, that bonus attack rating will COPY the current defence rating, meaning a MASSIVE boost in ratings!!
  9. 2 conflicting confirmations xD, this happens quite a lot now!! Fall deaths seem to be a certain no no, but with deaths by mobs, it seems to work in some ways, maybe you must invade them, or be near when the enemy kills them, maybe certain stage, certain tendency etc perhaps a few other variables Ive also read its not popped for some even after killing the invader..... Id be careful with 'confirmations' as it sounds a but buggy Bit of a annoying trophy nonetheless
  10. Got another optimal full platinum walkthrough going for SoW here!! No DLC unfortunately, but we will get everything in approx 10 - 15 hrs, I've spent a bit of time playing with stuff to make this as easy and fast as possible and will provide info along the way in case you wanna explore further, understand why we do this etc......... Can't say how long this is going to take me exactly to upload, but once parts are done I will add!! It can be a confusing game, but once you get used to it all, it does get even more fun ;), hope you enjoy
  11. Some very useful tips there thank you, I've just not clicked on something so many times before and wanna be ready!! Any1 have any idea on the FASTEST this could platinum be gotten, could we be looking at Mayo 1 & 2 platinums in 30mins or less ;)??
  12. Nice work my friend, do you have any tips for us??
  13. Oh no, dont get me wrong, I do usually like to make up my own mind, judge for myself I just am working on a platinum speedrun fro SoW, and was contemplating if I should incorporate the DLC 100% as well into my speedrun guide As you can imagine, optimising the main game as taken a lot of work, and all I mean is that i decided a week or so back NOT to do the DLC, and if thats similar to what it is, not saying I WOULDNT enjoy, just glad i chose not to OPTIMISE it for a speedrun as the main game has worn me out and doing more of the same or challenges etc, yea, I just wanna get the guide done and move on now Sorry didnt make it clear earlier!!
  14. Yea thats the only bad thing, you need to know about it beforehand or you're outta luck.
  15. Good news, the trick works xD, will explain all further below, removes a potential long grind!! Damn really, at least I dont feel so bad now then for deciding not to buy it And about the topic title every1, I CAN CONFIRM the trick works, saves any potential grinding for the Captain Rank, i'll provide the info here and also add to the OP; So what happens with your ratinga is that your DEFENSE RATING can be altered by slotting a upgrades and assigning more higher level warchiefs at any time Your attack rating however can only be changed by doing online conquests which can consume a bit of time BUT, when you FIRST take a fort, yea the VERY FIRST time, you get a free default attack rating which copies your DEFENSE rating at the time you go online with your new fort Although it sounds great, free points in attack rating, thing is that its a ONE TIME thing, there is no way to add more pointa after the fact other than online conquests Now usually, when you first take a fort, your defense will always be low, hence why your attack rating is so low always. BUT, that attack rating only gets added when you go online So the way to have potential 500 in all attacks and all defenses WITHOUT any online conquest, which btw would give you a 4000 rating xD. Is to go OFFLINE just before you capture your first fort and and stay OFFLINE right until the end and your defense is maxed Then with your defense maxed, go online, advance time and then your VERY FIRST default attack rating will copy your current defence rating which at this point is mega high!!! Sure 4000 is overkill, but makes 2500 easy right, thats the point, that you don't need to work on your defense too much, just be sure defense adds up to 1250, then go online and you will get that copied in attack rating for another 1250 totalling 2500 rating!! Its quite difficult to explain, but hope thats clear enough