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  1. Can you believe that Alkahest cost 50g on 1.01, dismantling was efficient then. 1.02 came in and they went up to 800g each, 1600% increase lmfao Im working on a Trophy Guide everyone, and will perhaps split the enemy and item list into a gameplay guide
  2. Are we talking about the same method here?? Nothing endgame is needed, the bow can be gotten within the first 30 minutes of the game. Then the barbed nails and blast arrows are found just before halfway in the story. AFK'ing requires being at the end of the game and also requires leaving console on for hours, the method provided here takes 10mins with a basic build almost. I guess ones definition of efficiency is subjective!
  3. Perhaps......perhaps not, your call!
  4. Oh that was the one!
  5. Btw, NG+ isnt a confirmed fix, more an assumption. Thing with NG+ is some of your inventory carries so some bugs coded into your inventory may remain. Devs have said they tried many fixes for the possible bugs and the only sure fix they were sure off was to create a new file!
  6. Sorry to say this guys but there may be other bugs, not just chests. For example, on gamefaqs, there were one or two items drops that were not dropping until 1.02. Also, nobody has the 100% item trophy and im seeing a lot of posts around that people are getting to 99% or so and then noticing that some drops may not have registered properly.............maybe related to the patch as these same players seems to have saves mixed of both patches. Progression is one thing, but imagine if you get ALL that way to the final trophy at 99% and a drop has bugged and not registered properly......... May not be related but its suspicious that nobody has this trophy yet and all those that are close are on mixed patch saves. Be very careful, I would say restart now. You may be fine, but you are REALLY going to kick yourself if u have to get 100% items again EDIT: I will just give you a quick example: 1 poster has said they have the 'Demon Claw' drop visible in there enemy stat screen, but the item slot still shows '???????????' in the archive. So basically that item seems to have bugged out and they can perhaps no longer 100%! Related to 1.01 or not, who knows, but its a variable that could be removed
  7. I think there may be weapons that make enemies lose blood when they die or something, or I remember reading such. Check the weapons in the shops, see if anything has a similar description or something
  8. Ur braver than I am! U would have gotten the pirate hat from that chest on the left behind the boxes. You would naturally look there when climbing up and would have looted it. Now it will be a red chest with 500g. Btw, the patch closes all the chests you have already opened so you can loot them again. I got 2 x 8-bit coins after the chest respawned due to the patch!!
  9. I have no idea where it is now. I'd gotten to the double jump shard, then restarted because of patch Its a risk I dont want take!
  10. The pirate hat was originally in a chest left of the new pirate hat chest where the plunderer ring was. In place of the old pirate hat chest is a red chest with 500g.
  11. Apparently quite a lot carries over according to gamefaqs, may be worth a google, I cant remember each thing that is carried. I remember the map even carries over, just starts with it all greyed out!
  12. Thanks for letting me know! I've just opened a guide, it's my first time looking at the Trophy Guide editor, pretty cool. The template, trophies, format etc are already in place, we just have to add the content, never realised, nooiice!
  13. Apparently its part of 1.02
  14. Hi all, been a while since I posted in here. Im going through Bloodstained RoTN at the moment and enjoying it. Making few videos here and there and although wasnt my intention, I feel I want to make something text based as well as I want to do things with the map, inventory lists etc. So I think I will start working on a Trophy Guide for it if nobody is already.....?? Im quite thorough though with all my gameplay and like to do my own stuff so may take a while.
  15. Nice, thanks! Im debating creating a map with routes/enemies/items etc on it, so may use what you have here for a baseline as I go through the game, then create a dark background higher res version once ive 100% it. This way I can do everything the first time rather than having to go through again!