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  1. Hopefully it sells really well in the switch and that will warrant one Needs VR mode as well Its interesting they are still testing the waters, this audiobook and the switch release
  2. Maybe coincidental, but a alien isolation audiobook I preordered was due for release today, its now been delayed to the 13/8/19 Seems a bit odd delaying an audiobook. Perhaps it because A I is free on Psplus next mth........maybe they see it as a marketing strategy I dunno, longshot but thats all I got
  3. As you have already found out, hard is a pain in the ass, so although you may have saves yourself 1 playthrough, you will likely take more time now due to learning everything on hard. Leech Hunter on hard will be harder and waste more time, and the unlockables on it which will help other playthroughs, can only be used on hard as well now. Basically if you want those unlockables, you need to play every playthrough on hard now. If time is a factor for you, I would personally just follow my guide from scratch, but obviously forget the last hard playthrough as you have already done it. In fact, you may be able to do everything on easy now, cant say for sure without looking at trophy list
  4. I dont know how you have played....... The optimised order is in my linked guide, if you have played differently you will need to let me know first
  5. Reading the guide, L.H is on whatever difficulty you choose the clear file from I think, so guess you decide on the difficulty Bonuses unlocked from it though dont carry across difficulties
  6. I cant answer as I cant really remember, but I did create a platinum written walkthrough for this here https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/164548-resident-evil-0-hd-remaster/faqs/73991 I have very good leech hunter guides there that trivilaises it, basically I wrote out a optimised guide for each of the 5 or so walkthroughs. Hopefully you will find what you need there EDIT: Looking through my guide, L.H grants you unlockable weapons, but you can only use them on the difficulty you complete it on, unlockables dont carry across difficulties here. And as for tips, that link should have everything you need, each playthrough has been optimised well around simplicity
  7. Glad you sorted it but weird, did you have a mixed patch save??
  8. This! Ive just had a good look at your map with 2 side by side and you haven't missed anything, so it must be the final boss room. Some have reported this glitched and they had to enter ti again or something at which point the trophy popped. Let us know
  9. If nobody does before, I will look have good look for you on laptop when I get home in a few hrs
  10. Yea, some it didnt, I guess it depends if u saved past that point or not, or whether it was hotfixed?
  11. Your missing the pink room with the Santa Hat inside, look on here This may help for the rest, check the ink rooms first: Sorry cant help more for now, ive only had a quick look. If this doesnt help, may be better looking at individual maps in my collectible guide and doing area by area??
  12. Lol, I know seems pointless but thought it may be useful for those that missed out on the trophy due to a demo save!
  13. This videos provides location of all puzzles as well as solutions This video provides all the objects that need examining, I have done this partially in first person as well to make it easier to identify checklist objects Follow this for a quick prologue finish for the Shipwreck Survivor trophy
  14. Maybe its like you say, just defeating Zangetsu is the trigger for the next endings. It does sound a bit like a bug, it shouldnt give u 2 ending trophies at once. What u could do for future proof if u ever do get reported: go through the game again on a guest account to the point in question, then make a video of both trophies popping, that wil back u up and shouldnt take long
  15. Now its going to look like you save hacked! Had you equipped it at all during the battle?? Its hard to tell the actual trigger, I equip the Zangetsu, but I defeat him with a shard so maybe you just need to have defeated Zangetsu??