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  1. Sorry m8, just gotta ask as well regarding ANCIENT DISCOVERIES..... Are flowers needed for it as well, do you remember if you had any flowers remaining when the trophy popped?? Im just curious as you get the same discover animation on flowers and statues and just curious if that os because they are both classed for the trophy...... Thanks m8
  2. Ah thats good, I didnt think it would! Looking ahead, I was thinking I would have to use save backups before I unlocked the win screen to determine exact time limits. Between 35mins and 59mins is a real weird on right, i'd say maybe its 45mins, just sounds better. But then cause its such a wierd time guess it could be anything, perhaps 52 mins
  3. How do you know 05:59 didn't get it m8 of you had already gotten it.......does the game show win screens again if you have already earned them?? Iirc, on the last one, HGH, once you unlocked a win screen, you wouldnt see it anymore. Maybe this one is diffierent??
  4. For the record m8, I believe its a limited pool though, everyone on average, still has to play about 55 random players to get all those they need, even if its only 36. Im slowly revisitng the game/forums as im prepping for redoing a old guide of mine for here. I did a platinum speedrun guide many years ago and spent a lot of messing with cards amongst other stuff. Was just digging out some old posts of mine, and I seemed to think that each player has a pool of about 3 or 4 cards and the pool carries from the random gwent player before. But once you get a card, that card is replaced by another in the pool. So there is always the same number of cards in the pool. When I save/reloaded and kept beating the same players, I would always 1 of the same 4 cards. Then when I would move onto the next, the pool would be the same 3 cards from the previous player, but an additional new one. Its you find if you look around, everyone almost always gets the Wyvern card last when playing Random Gwent Players, that one it seems is one of the last cards added to the pool. Its a bit annoying though because it means there is no way to speed up the Gwent. Even if you have only 36 cards left, which I think is the max before starting the Random Gwent Players, you still have to beat about 55 of them due to that blasted Wyvern card getting added around that point. A lot of guides advise to save/reload until you get a unique card from a player, but for the point just made, it's not going to help you in the long run, you just have to keep playing im afraid in order for additional cards to get added to the pool ;( Some extra info is that some Random Gwent Players actually DONT give cards. There are not many of these though, but across my numerous testing for my old guide, the EXACT same players would ALWAYS give materials no matter when I beat them or how many times save reloaded. Just some extra info thought may be good to share guys, hell of a game
  5. You also asked for a 100% run and 3 heart run m8. I'll have a optimal run of those up tomorrow, perhaps 24 hrs from now as the first of my Shantae vids. I'll give the EXACT time limits for the speedrun requirements in those and my other optimal vids/guides will follow.
  6. Ah great, thanks for that valuable info Basically gotta collect almost EVERYTHING then for platinum
  7. Hidden Treasure. Is it statues, did you have it pop on those? I thought it was the treasure beneath the sand dunes that get blown away....... Also whats the trophy for statues??? I see one for all secrets, but its is already known that 'statues' are classes as the secrets or 'part' of the secrets....??? EDIT: Hidden Treasure looks story related. I was unsure of a statue being classes as treasure, but let's looking at trophy percentage, I think you get it when you dig up the Rod parts
  8. There is a tonne of variables into doing all that quick though, its a lot to monitor, its where I thought my run was optimal at first, but the further I went, the more messy it was becoming lol Obviously, sure you know, you want to try and always switch to Hard when doing quests so you are actually getting the Legend ranks along the way, rather than having to grind specifically. Switching to Hard on combat quests though can make them take MUCH longer. So you may want to pick and choose them, or wait till you have better stuff. Emails are a big problem as Husky said further up. Likes will carry across when a preppers progress gets halted due to crappy emails, but you want to make it quite a priority to regularly rest in shelters and recover any emails. Regarding emails, any pending getting added to the back of the log, and you can only receive so many at a time. So say you have trying to trigger a certain email from a certain prepper you just saw, you may need to rest quite a few times in order to GET to that email. Always rest until no more emails pop, as I say, only 4 or so can trigger at a time and if you have 15 pending, you would need to rest quite a few times to get them all! I h8 grinding as well m8 With the large quantity quests, problem is they are a bit of a problem without completed roads. You could REAL LUCKY and have this all done for you online or using others structures. Doing the roads myself literally took probably over 10hrs. In the end I though if it would have been quicker just not to do them...............offline that is One thing I found optimal in regards to quests is as I go through the story, try to do any subquests along my story route. Found that a bit quicker than going out the way. Looking back, it really is a great game, I cant wait till I get chance to revisit this online easy
  9. I did it in about 65hrs OFFLINE HARD (all recorded also), could have reduced it at least 10 hours if I went ONLINE EASY, did ALL roads and everything myself in that time. Perhaps I can help with some tips if you are looking for a optimal platinum route, any questions be happy to answer ........ Playing OFFLINE HARD destroyed me a bit, I would like to go back to this game at some point and run a ONLINE EASY/HARD route, it really is a beautiful game EDIT: Usually the smaller, more difficult to reach preppers need less likes, Lost Cargo/smaller quests are usually ok for those. The bigger easier to reach preppers/distros are usually best doing the massive quantity quests for loads of likes. Basically smaller harder to reach need only so many hundred, but the bigger easier to reach need so many thousand. I got Best Beloved a good few hours before Growth of Legend. I honestly feel platinum could be under quite a bit under 50hrs if you're going optimal. My Offline Hard run wasn't that optimal and still got a good time. If you had asked this question earlier in the year, I could have answered better, I don't remember much at the mo ;(
  10. She can still startle if you crawl even, its reliant on proximity. I had a little play with it today, will further play endgame, but whatever I did, she would STILL startle if I got within a certain proximity to her. If we imagine Shantae is 5ft, I would say 10ft proximity is the danger area. Thing is @KyonKuchiki, the room you were in, crawling just pushed you out of that proximity. This is useful tip for some rooms and likely one of the ways you avoid her in such a room, but it isn't a surefire way as some rooms you are to close that crawling wont work. Save often everyone and STAY AWAY from the Lobster Girl and you should be ok. Reload if needed, I'll get something done for this to help once I get the game done, routes optimised then I will stat putting stuff together
  11. Maybe m8, but at present this is what we have, so lets have some fun Yea I saw m8, well done on those, great games, and thanks for the mention of course, always appreciated!! I'll deliver on this, much simpler than HK and S&S, shouldn't be to bad on my end, you know, optimising, experimenting, strategising, all that fun stuff xD! The game is still as great as those others, although nothing will likely touch HK, well until Silksong is released HK is just crazy at it's value/quality/gameplay
  12. If you can hold on a few weeks anyone interested, im working on a optimal platinum walkthrough for this. So far im going to say it will save at you at least 10-20hours and will reduce the difficulty a lot. Just debating at the mo whether to do a text version as well as my vid...... Great game btw
  13. There is no unlockables in this which is a real wierd one considering its a RE2R clone, could have been really fun going back through destroying everything. The way this game plays, going back through annihilating everything would have been cool!! There aren't any spots that require precision like that inferno end boss, but here there are perhaps more semi-difficult parts. The controls make thinks a bit difficult here as well, you will see what I mean. Dialog is mega cringe btw lol Hope you will enjoy it
  14. Difficult to say, its close thats for sure, RE3 only really becomes hard on the end boss if you are going the easy route. Even with a guide though, RE3 last boss will still take quite a bit of skill and practice. Daymare on the other hand, following a guide removes most of the difficulty as there are not really any spots that require precision like RE3 end boss. Controls take some getting used to, but a optimal route makes it the game easier like provided here. BUT, going in completely blind on both, I would say Daymare is definitely harder. Using a optimal guide for both, it's hard to say, but my money would be on Daymare being easier in that instance, Daymare has more tricky spots, but they dont require as much skill as that RE3 aforementioned troublesome spots. Bear in mind my use of 'optimal' as depending on whose guide you are following if any, it may be harder than the easier way. My use of optimal is from what I consider to be the fastest, yet easiest routing shown here. It's a fun game m8, but controls will take some getting used to, but don't expect it to run like RE as it doesn't. Its very close, its just not as smooth, great in its own way though
  15. These will make it a lot easier for you buddy, very optimal detailed guides along easiest routing on Normal. And unlocks only works for Campaign only of same difficulty