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  1. Guys I'm still very confused. What would be the easiest way to get the dlc trophies?
  2. You mean through the ps store on the ps3 or the online ps store?
  3. Guys I'm really confused. What would be the easiest way to get all 3 DLCs and which disk version would it have to be?
  4. Which version of the disk will I have to buy if I wanted to use the dlcs from the Australian store?
  5. Could someone who's from japan check to see if the Japanese store still has the 3 DLCs?
  6. Thanks for the response. If I buy the DLCs from the Korean store, which version of the disk must I have in order to play the DLCs?
  7. What about the Japanese store?
  8. What about the UK Store?
  9. Hey guys, so I am still confused about how to download DLCs and which regions still have the Big City Tour DLC. Can someone confirm the region you need to have for all 3 DLCs?
  10. Could you please add Twisted Metal, Endwar, and UFC 2009 to the original post? So that we know if they're servers are still up or not
  11. Are the servers still up for UFC 2009?
  12. Remixer Trophy (Modnation Racers PS3)
  13. Hey Sergen, what's up bro?

  14. Which game region of the PS Store still has Big City Tour as still purchasable? Is it only the European version that has Big City Tour as a dlc? Edit: I checked the US PS Store and it does not include any of the three DLCs. The Malaysia ps store contains Far East and Arctic Tour.
  15. Guys I have bought the US Disk and my account is set to Malaysia. When I bought the two dlcs: Far East Tour and Arctic Tour, for some reason when I started the game it did not give me access to the DLCs. Can someone please explain how the DLCs work in Modnation (PS3). Because additionally the Big City Tour is not even available in the Malaysia ps store. So do the DLCs have to be from the same region as the disk you are using?