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  1. PSN ID- Sirliftsalot96 I play a considerably large selection of games, so feel free to add me, get to know me, and potentially boost some games together if able! I would really appreciate some assistance with a few fighting game online trophies as well. Games I’m currently grinding: 1) Musynx 2) Realm Royale 3) Paladins 4) For Honor 5) Star Wars Battlefront 6) Jump Force
  2. I sent them to your PSN Inbox, as you’re already aware! They seem to patch it every now and again, for events, new characters, etc.. I don’t play it enough to truly know how often this occurs though.
  3. Since “Master Collector” is the last trophy that I need for the platinum myself, I decided to contact Hi-Rez Studios and actually got a response. Even though it was a vague answer, they did state that it will be fixed globally within the next few patches, or so. Here’s to hoping that they keep their word and actually fix it. Also, if you decide to contact them as well, keep in mind that it’ll take approximately 4-6 days for them to get back to you via email. Happy hunting, and best of luck to y’all.