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  1. Not gotten one so far, I think I have 6 giant crowns. I believe there are timed events in the game that introduce minuscule versions of monsters, which is likely where you can get the miniature crowns.
  2. As a long time D1 player, this looks very straightforward and you should get most of the trophies naturally while completing all the content. Probably not a quick plat, but a relatively easy one.
  3. As for DLC trophies, they were typically straight forward, and were naturally achievable largely just by going through all the new content. Nothing was harder than the base game list (largely due to Flawless raider). The first DLC made Flawless Raider easier, since people could do it solo. Also, TDB and HoW DLCs didn't get trophies, so there's that possibility as well.
  4. Yakuza 0, love the series.
  5. Was an Icaras guy back in HD. Before then I was partial to AG systems, and even made a squad name based on it nearly two decades ago.
  6. After 7 years of no wipeout I thought I'd never be able to do the trophies again due to age/reflexes etc. I've been playing on an alt account and only took me about an hour or two to get Zico HD, at an even better time than on I did back on PS3. I remember doing 500 laps or something using only 3 barrel rolls because I couldn't even do one onto the slim pass. I'm even landing that pretty consistently now. Love the improved graphics on PS4 Pro. The capture doesn't show the trophy popping, but it did.
  7. ACII (PS3) AC: Brotherhood (PS3) AC: Revelations (PS3) GoW: Ghost of Sparta GoW: Chains of Olympus Heavy Rain X-Men Origins: Wolverine Batman: AA Batman: AC Far Cry 3 The Order 1886 Remember Me Saboteur inFamous Red Dead Redemption Killzone 3 Uncharted 2 (PS3) Mafia II Battlefield:: Bad Company 2 Saints Row the Third L.A. Noire Sleeping Dogs
  8. Last of Us. Still haven't played it after these years.
  9. Katamari Forever, damn I miss Katamari. Kind of wish a new one would come out, but seems very unlikely.
  10. 9.5/10, very nice collection.
  11. So thanks all for the input, especially the auto mode switching part during matchmaking. I just got it last night, literally first game I joined (in progress) the animus started talking about Game Lab mode modifications etc. This never happened before, so I knew I was actually in the right mode. I joined in during the second round of a Manhunt match, played for a short time and game ended. I was on the losing team but trophy still popped. So I guess a partial confirm that you don't need to play right from the start of the match.
  12. You know what, thanks for that. It never occurred to me I might be joining non Game Lab games, seems likely the case. Is there a way to check? Or better yet, any way to ensure I join a Game Lab session? After many months I just jumped right into MP blind (after only playing SP back then) and hardly remembered controls. Will probably start some sort of boosting session. I'll do wolfpack solo to level up a bit more to get more skills (bodyguard) and maybe make a group to knockout All rounder at the same time. Managed to use copycat to copy Bodyguard a few times last night but never managed to use it on the 9 prestige, level 99 guys I ran into. I did reinstall the game after first 3-4 full games I finished, but it didn't help, likely due to what Shad said.
  13. I managed to play several sessions of public Game Lab (at least 3-4 hours worth), mostly staying from matchmaking to game end - as host and otherwise, yet the trophy never popped. Some games I joined in progress, but mostly just stayed after the last one ended. I noticed people dropping out and joining in most games too, not sure if that had an effect. Is there some special requirement for getting the trophy? Searched all over and found nothing except "got it after playing for a while" basically. Any help appreciated.
  14. I think I read somewhere that if you get this problem, play a game of gwent and win (not sure if it has to be a merchant you've never faced before though). I can't confirm this works, but might be worth a try?
  15. Thanks, Flawless was my last trophy for a long time - decided I should finally do it! Now I feel like I can actually play something else now (day 1 Destiny player - haven't played any other games since then). The swords are probably worth the grind.. not sure if the Bolt can down crota with a single R2, but the uppercut slash on the Raze was useful for the wizards at Deathsinger. That sword has helped me solo loads of things like Court of Oryx tier 3s etc. If you have Gjallarhorn, I think it can still down Crota in 2 shots. Anyway at Deathsinger the key is to take out the left (while facing Crota) wizard/shrieker as soon as you can, as that's where all the mobs crowd around. Shrieker took me 3 sniper rounds (1000 yard stare 316 attack). Also when crossing over to the other side, don't cross right in front of the glass, take the long route around Crota's platform. This way Ir Yut will not roam around in the crystal room and will stay in the same spot making it easy to snipe her when she starts the liturgy. There's a sarcophagus thingie in the right (while facing Crota) shrieker room that you can hop on that keeps you out of thrall reach and also gives you a clear shot at her - just take out all the acolytes/knights in the room so that they don't throw off your aim or kill you. My loadout for the whole run was Hung Jury, 1k Yard, Raze-Lighter. Simulant is meh.. fun for a few minutes, and it actually does do decent damage. Just that there are other exotic weapons more worthy.. it could also do with an ammo boost, 7 shots doesn't seem like enough.