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  1. Looks like the only things missable are the P per season and maybe some little misc stuff during 3.5. Does anyone have any tips or advice about not missing P during the seasons? A guide would be extremely helpful and appreciated!
  2. OP has reached out to me but I'm also going to post my answer here for anyone else who may be looking! 2. You only need 1 arm and 1 leg for the trophy! It is very confusing. With the alphaware you'll have just enough. 3. During the corporate heist mission there's a Lonestar Guard with 30 health. With a Mark Target and then the ability you should do at least 32. If anyone has any questions please feel free to reach out to me on PSN!
  3. Hey thanks a lot for this! I actually found a full walk-through guide on Steam for the story I was considering using, but I think I'd actually like the feeling of just trying to figure things out! If you played the original, would you say this one is just as good or better?
  4. Thanks! I'm so excited to dive back in! I grabbed all gold cubes when it launched, will I need to start over? I don't mind just curious
  5. I'm guessing that unfortunately despite the patch there still are a lot of bugs huh? Still seeing 0% trophies
  6. Just wanted to say I also followed this advice and changed the date manuall, after leaving it on with no trophy, and just got it!!
  7. I've seen you on the leaderboard for Mission 1 and yeah I'm in the same exact boat! I really hope someone can crack the code soon. Absolutely loving this and can't wait for the Cold War Remastered already
  8. I noticed the same thing! I got General on 1 level in my casual run by not letting anyone in but every other level it was only Sargeant.
  9. I agree the lack of communication was God awful, but honestly I think every trophy hunter I know hates auto-pop and are more excited when it's not included lol I'm very glad to see there isn't auto pop and I'm very excited to start my journey with this game for the first time.
  10. Have you looked into House of Fata Morgana?
  11. Hey was hoping someone could give me some help since there's practically nothing about this game online. I've made 2 full playthroughs of this game and I've done everything I could find to do but the "A Clean Map" trophy has yet to unlock for me. Before I start my 3rd run I'd really like an idea of what I could possibly be missing.