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  1. I have felt sorry for Hakoom for a long time! Since I read this interview he did with Eurogamer back in 2017 where he admitted he would like to end trophy hunting every day but can’t because he is too addicted. Here is the exact quote: “I would like to end it every day, but I am just too addicted to trophies, so I can't." This is a man who doesn’t enjoy trophy hunting, and hasn’t for years, but cannot stop his addiction. Maybe now he is no longer number 1 on the leaderboard, it might be a good time to work on his addiction and try to retire from trophies.
  2. Another Sunday & another absolute piece of garbage infesting the PlayStation store. The developers don’t care about creating a quality piece of gaming, no love or care has been put into any of these games they crank out every Sunday. All they care about is making money off desperate people looking for some easy virtual trophies. let’s be honest, if trophies never existed nobody would even give this garbage a second look and they probably would have gone out of business on their first release. Sony should just sell Platinum trophies on the PSN store! I mean why not? People only play this garbage for the trophies, not for the fun of the game. Might as well let people buy platinums outright 😂
  3. You say this is tame compared to @CMH777 and @KingSuperOne What happened between those guys? I know of Carlos pretty well but I’m not as familiar with the other guy. Guessing KingSuperOne is not as popular as he doesn’t seem to get a lot of views on videos. He seem to upload a ton of videos 30 seconds to 2 minutes long whereas Carlos seems to put a lot more time into his YouTube videos.
  4. Because this is the sports section of the forum… 🤔
  5. As much as it pains me to say, I knew there was no way England would defeat Italy tonight. I knew we would lose so I wasn’t disappointed by the outcome. What drugs are you on? Italy played dirty a LOT more than England did tonight 😂
  6. Someone asked Ben (Platinum Chasers) if he would ever be a guest on PlatinumBro7’s podcast and he didn’t seem very happy and said along the lines of he’s spoken with him in the past and they don’t have a good relationship. someone said that PlatinumBro7 stole some of Ben’s video ideas?? it’s a shame as they are my 2 favourite trophy hunting channels. Trophy hunting is already niche so would be nice for trophy hunting channels to work together.
  7. Say what you will about Ratalaika releasing easy Platinum games on a regular basis.. but at least they release a wide variety of games in different genres! This developer however is so lazy it has released the SAME game (only difference is reskinned holiday themes or Dragons for some reason) 19 times now!! My question is, why do so many ‘Hardcore’ trophy hunters complain about every Ratalaika game being too easy and devaluing the trophy system without fail, yet nobody bats an eyelid when the EXACT same easy/fast platinum game gets released 19 times?
  8. Let’s be honest! The majority of the trophy community can be pretty toxic with lots of people thinking they are better than others and putting people down. what kind of image does this give to newbies thinking of getting into the hobby? It just makes the community look unwelcoming and will likely drive more people away from an already obscure hobby. The toxic community is why long running trophy hunters like Carlos (CMH777) and Unknown quit trophy hunting altogether because 1) they wasn’t finding it fun anymore and 2) due to the toxic community.
  9. The amount of crybabies and whiners on this site is astounding. Have I played My Name Is Mayo? No will I play the sequel? No Do I care people other people play it? No because I have more important things to worry about in life than what other people choose to play on their profiles in their spare time. Some people seriously seem to have nothing going on in their lives of any worth if they get so upset about this. Leave your basements, Lose your virginity’s, get jobs, get social lives. Trophy hunting is fun but I only care about my own trophy list. I can’t be bothered getting to a top of a country leaderboard and play games I have no interest in. I just hunt trophies in games I enjoy.
  10. That’s a good idea pal! Red Dead Redemption 2 is the next game on the list to play. I might just play the game for the story and completely ignore the trophies on that one as I heard the 100% is a nightmare to go for. That’s some good advice 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling the burnout. Yeah I have been thinking of grabbing a Switch for Christmas with a few games like Mario Kart 8, Luigi’s Mansion, Mario Odyssey, Smash Bros etc.
  11. I agree! I used to watch his content a lot and so many times over the years he promises content or says one thing, then goes back on it the next. Also the constant deletion of his old videos was pretty stupid! He uploaded that God Of War video how many times? Just recently he said he was working on a video about quitting trophy hunting then said he can’t be bothered to make it due to controversy (umm okay..) He recently said at the beginning of November there would be no more live streams for a while as he needed a break away from it to work on videos. The very next day.. he’s streaming again. Wow that was a long break! Surprise surprise there’s been no more videos since then. Honestly I like your content but you are seriously gonna have viewers losing interest in your channel if you don’t put out regular content.
  12. Maybe I just need to play for fun and give trophy hunting a short break. Just beat Ghost of Tsushima and really enjoyed playing through the story. However it’s the same old after story grind of liberate every territory, finding every collectible etc etc (yawn) that’s really starting to feel tedious and way too drawn out. I guess it’s because I have done the same thing a million times before in other open world games like Mad Max, Shadow Of Mordor, GTA, Assassin’s Creed series, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, God Of War. 1. So is anyone else feeling trophy burnout at all even in good games? We always hear stories of people getting burnout playing countless stacks of easy 10-30 minute plats just to stay high up on the leaderboard but what about burnout from even good games? 2. Have you ever played a game where you really enjoyed playing through the story but just decided you couldn’t be bothered to go for the 100% to get all the trophies? I don’t think I’m experiencing burnout from playing games but just the trophy hunting aspect of certain games. Especially open world games where it feels there is so much after story padding shoved in.
  13. 😂 Unknown_V2_0 said he quit because he was sick of having to play garbage games and countless multiple stacks to keep his high ranking on the Leaderboard (5th in the world) He mainly just plays Switch games nowadays so he can play games just for fun and beat his trophy addiction. Not sure about Carlos, he said he is putting out a video soon about why he has quit on his YouTube channel which is called ‘CARLOHAZ’ Carlos is a bit of a pimp and ladies man though so wouldn’t be surprised if he hooked up with a girl to distract him during COVID 😉
  14. It probably got cancelled because a bunch of SJW’s got offended by it because they got nothing better to do with their pathetic lives but complain on Twitter about any little thing and how offensive it is to them.
  15. 😂 you got 5 likes so we have another fallen comrade.