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  1. yeah, a video please!
  2. I think he's just angry at himself, I mean 5 years of playing game on this profile went to pooper, due to 6+ games being cheated. I don't get it, why waste so much time for nothing :/
  3. Yes, remove main profile from ps4
  4. I would lift too
  5. Exactly.. I dont get it, this is a brand new info to most us and yet people complain why it's taking so long.. First I need to check myself. Anyway, let's not use this thread to discuss the other website, so if anyone has a pending issue send me a PSN msg.
  6. Psntl here, sup? I will look into this later Thx Nitro What? Oh yes we do care
  7. I cannot even delete my 0% game, because I am getting an error. So I think the only thing left for me to do is remove skroq from my ps4.. great
  8. I have this issue with Deponia..
  9. This qualifies as a warning no names and surnames
  10. I checked he does have those games in his profile, but those are hidden. I think MMDE doesn't need further investigation.
  11. Besides MMDE doesn't know all games and community will help out to find out all sins of the person who is flagged. I flag people on other website, but I usually ask for help, because I played like 10% of games out there so I am not all-knowing. I hope I understood what this thread is about ?
  12. You mean the guys who took ferry to China? @Hakoom Oh and the guy from Germany is on the way as well
  13. Yeah come clean Hakoom! LOL It's funny how it's easy to accuse someone and not have a proof. @Spaz I think what you are looking for is a leaderboard without easy game? So not the real one, but your personal customized LB where you decide which game should be included. The so called official (main, whatever) leaderboard includes all those easy game, arcades, VNs, etc. etc. I think you should be mad at Sony that they realase so many EZPZ games and worse yet, they add trophies too for those. The reality is if you want to be high on the LB you need to play all the craps that are out there and their stacks too Sooner you come to terms with this, sooner you will feel better. PS. @Roughdawg4 doesn't spend that much on VNs, we simply are in a group where we share our VNs, so it's not all bad:P
  14. Ha ha ha. Wrong guess. Bus quit trophy hunting 2 years ago. The top 50 is a fella from Japan with 5K games played. I do too the vita thing and I use Hakooms methos (well he tough me lol)
  15. I have been on and off with 100% profile for several years, I like to think that if my profile has like 5 unfinished games it's still a perfect profile (I even have the trophy cabinet to spell that lol). Keeping constant 100% is annoying since you would have to play offline on PS4, which is annoying. Anyway, I hope to see my 100% this year and gratz to all of you 100%rs - profiles look more clean when you have everything finished.