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  1. Got plat, i will work on the trophies shortly. Road map for this game is complicated, so instead i will make pointers for each trophy
  2. This is a continuation of my trophy road map of BG1 and BG:SoD Import your character from BG1 or BG:SoD (lvl 10 yay). Free your allies and disband. Pick up gear and venture forth. Important things in the first level of this dungeon: Kill Otyugh and get the wand key, other one is in the fancy room where you will also pick up helm of Balduran. Go through the portal once you are ready. Join and disband Yoshimo. In the first room (memphit portals) there are two more wand keys, enter first room on the left and kill the clone (she carries another wand key). You should have all keys now. In order to pop the trophy you need not only to disarm the traps, but have all the wands in the inventory. Wand Collector Disarm the traps in the lower level of the wizard's dungeon.
  3. Ok, got my plat. Nothing is glitched fortunately. Also, because of messing up saves i used one for final fight when i didnt tell witch and rigah to go to dragonspear, so I missed all the enemies trophy. I will update guide on Monday
  4. Hey, yeah trophies are iffy in this one. Hmm Ashatiel... are you solo? What do u hit her with? Thrix I went just with Dorn, 1st choice was agreed when he asks fir half orc (he means dorn). Thans answer riddle incorrectly. I have 2 trophies left, Strunk failed to show up during final fight and the trophy didnt pop. Yes, will do BG2 too and IceWind Dale Do you have all the enemies? Can you check screen shot and or tell me when it should pop?
  5. EDIT: Got my plat. One trophy is glitched in a good way beating Sarevok with dead party pops both party alive and party dead trophies @MMDE I will edit LoB walkthrought tomorrow, but this is very easy, I will tell you how.
  6. I paid 50 USD for physical and got BG1, BG2 and SoD, that's 17 USD per game (for like 200 hours of play time)
  7. This is a continuation of my road map to get all trophies from Once you killed Sarevok and ended the main story you should be automatically moved to SoD (at least this is how it works on Steam). I will edit that part later if needed. For example on Steam you don't need to import your chat and you get to keep all your equipment including those containers (gems, scrolls, potions). However anyt XP you got over the BG1 limit 161K, will be lost, since you are starting with 161K exp, which is good because enemies are balanced for you to be around lvl 8. This game is a bit different from BG1 and BG2, it's more designed for teams, since you will be facing big groups of enemies, I suggest staying in team. Also if you want the easy way, you can select the story difficulty (no deaths). OK here he go: If you followed up my initial guide and had a team like me at the end, you will insta pop: The O.G. Reunite with old friends I chose to disband everyone. Go to the next room and speak with Ammon, ask her about experiment and agree to help her. Once you reach Porios - lure them to your allies (healer + guards), makes thing easier. Basically you can make this chapter a breeze when you cast Protection from Undead, you may have carried it from BG1, however I would stronly advise to keep this for later part of the game. Once downstairs, you will reach a bridge and in the next room there is an alcove on the north side. Kill the enemies and grab part of the staff from the ground. Continue south and you will be in a room with shadows (watch for level drain), the healer will help you so again lure shadows north to her and guards. In the room where Shadows were there are some small torches lit, 3 on the left and 2 on the right. Highlight the small crevice on under the unlit one and you will find a torch there. Go up to previous room and light it in the purple brazier. Bring it back and a secret door should open. Grab the Sarevok's note from the desk (keep?) and another trophy should pop: Family Secrets Discover a secret hidden away in the Korlasz family tomb. After another difficult fight on the North, you will enter a circular room with a grave. To the left is a rope, climb it. Open the saccrophagus and pick up the cobalt moss. This is the thing Ammon wanted. Go back to her and give it to her (you can use the door here). She will ask you to sign Candlekeep papers, select yes. Know Thyself Help Ammon in the Korlasz family tomb. OK, continue with main quest and kill Korlasz. Watch out for his friends, who are annoyingly using poisoned arrows. Korlasz himself casts Chaos and Fear. Lure them one by one to your helpers. Killing Korlasz gives you: The End of Korlasz * Dealt with Korlasz, the last follower of Sarevok. Before leaving spend all your money on the potions sold by the healer. Continue with the story. Take your things from the shelf next to your bed and go downstairs. There is a potion of infravision in one of the lockers, take it and keep. Before leaving talk go Corwin and ask for your gold back. Go downstairs and start a quest with Ophyllis (generally be nice to him and don't tell on him). Leave castle, Ophyllis will approach you. Talk to him and agree to help. You can do all sorts of quests if you want, just watch not to mess up something with trophies as everything can be missable. OK, go to Sorcerous Sundries and talk to Halbazzer Drin, accept his quest. Go upstairs and kill the thieves, report back and inform him about the break in. Four on One * Defeated the burglars in Sorcerous Sundries by yourself. Note that I am playing solo, so this popped for me without issues. If it doesn't for you - have just one char go upstairs or try disbanding if needed. Now for the fun part, sell are your gems you brought from BG1 (I ended up with 50K gps, but bought potions for 30K, so 20K left). Buy the charisma +3 potions, you will need a good reaction for some quests. I also bought oil of speed, shielding, the usual.. Leave the store and accross the road is Elfsong Tavern - enter it. Talk to Zaviak (bottom floor to the left) and take his glasses + quest. It's needed for a trophy, you need to summon 3 beings. I will tell you when to use it for best outcome. Upstairs is Safana, ask her to join you now or later. I asked to join and disbanded. Visit The Three Old Kegs Inn. Downstairs you can do a drunk sailor dispute mini quest and upstairs talk to the drunks to continue your missing gold quest, again - be nice. Top floor you can stop a conspiracy and join with Minsc and Dynaheir. I disbanded them after I talked to them, just to make sure they will follow you. You can do some questes in town before going to castle and speaking to Corwin and Imoen. Once outside you can spend the rest of your money with Belegarm - he has some cool stuff including bag of holding. When ready speak to Corwin again, here we go Chapter 8! A Long Journey * Set out upon the journey to Dragonspear Castle. Speak to Edwin, Viconia join/disband or do whatever you wish. Talk to Prin a little North and start Menhirs quest. When activating menhirs make sure you use it with someone with low CHAR( it worked for me with charisma 10) and always select an option to sing. Find all menhirs and make save before talking to the north left most one, leave this for last. Those stone pillars called menhirs are shown here Make Save Talk to the last menhir and fail his riddle by not selecting wind blowing answer, I simply selected I don't know and achievement unlocked Painful Recital Fail to impress the ancient menhirs with your singing ability. Load Save Talk to the last menhir and answer the riddle correctly, we need this for further trophy. Go further north and next to burned down building talk to Takos and accept his quest to find 3 heirlooms. One is in that burned down house and the other one is in the chest when you go through the building. The third on is not on this map, so travel to the only other location (nearby forest) and make sure it's night. If needed sleep/wait. Go east Isabellla will talk to you, say you will help her to hunt Vampire. But when the vamp shows join him and kill Isabella and Ikros. He's Just Misunderstood Side with Tsolak the vampire. Grab the shield that Isabella dropped, this is our remaining heirloom. You can kill the Orcs on this map for loot and xp. Upon returning back to the brige area you should have your first randon encounter with Orcs fighting Trolls. Orcs will drop some fire arrows, this is handy for finishing off trolls. I use my flaming sword that I picked up on the bottom level of Durlags tower. You can enter the cave, kill trolls here, go further down the little lake and kill enemies there as well. Get back to Takos and return all 3 items. A Complete Set Find all of Takos's missing heirlooms. Go where Takos was and go a bit more to the right, you will find Herod there. Save before doing this quest. Make save Speak to Herod, start a missing ppl quest, speak to Teleria. Meet her in the north-west corner of the map. Discover that those statues are refugees (1st choice), kill her and the golem. Pick up the stone to flesh scrolls and use them on all figures. Report back to Herod. Stone to Flesh Save all the missing refugees in the Coast Way forest. Load Save Do the steps from above, but this time before going to the clearing drink a potion of charisma (those don't stack - so don't waste more than 1 at a time) and talk to her and buy the golem off her for 1000 or 800gp. Golem will return to the main camp area, you can talk to the guy next to him if you want (Solaris, but I don't think this is needed). Go North, to the right of the place where stone statues were and you will see Baeloth organizing some illegal fights. Talk to him and he will teleport M'Khiin to the pit. Be nice to both of them. Join with goblin, send Bealot to camp, disband goblin as well. Go to the Dwarven Caves on the East (central side) and start a quest here. Enter the cave and help the dwarves dispatch initial enemies. Here I highly recommmend using scroll of Protection from Undead and Oil of speed as well as Potion of Strenght. You will want to kill all undead on both levels here, especially on lvl 2, so be fast before the protection scroll wears off. The final boss of this area will dispell your protection from undead. Pick up the medallion right in front of you near the entrance. If one or more dwarves die pick up their medallions too. Explore the dungeon, watch for level drain enemies, if they see you that is. At the southern cave there is another medallion. Clear and discover entire 2nd level, before you visit the Lich. Once you discover his chamber make a save, there will be a cutscene so you can wait after it plays. (NOTE: strangely both achievements for bringing amulets as well as killing lich popped the same time, but the recommended way would be: Make Save Go back to the dwarves and kill them, collect medallions and get them back to the Lich Strange Bedfellow * Delivered the amulets of his former companions to Coldhearth. Load Save Kill Lich. Easier said than done. He dispells Protection for Undead. So use Protection from Magic Scroll, Protection from ICE, Protection from FIre and attack. It will take time to wear of his defense shields, spells. Once he is dead we need to act fast - grab the key from him and open the nearby door in his chamber. Run like hell to and grab his Phylacery. We don't want the Lich respawned, that is why I asked you to clear all enemies. Run to the fiery room south west and use the fire in the middle. Don't worry about enemies in that room, they respawn. Click it few times and make sure phylacery is destroyed and lich is gone forever. Go back to the dwarves talk to them including the one in front of cave. Dumathoin's Disappointment * Destroyed the lich Coldhearth and his phylactery. OK, sell the items, buy potions, rest etc. When you are ready go North to the bridge and continue the main quest. There will be a rather difficult battle near bridge, but you can gulp invisibility potion (if you are solo) and wait for the cut/scene. Return to camp and speak to Corwin. Right after the conversation Ophyllis will arrive and give you a golden bust. Accept it. Travel to Troll Claw forest. Chapter 9 As the name says, you will be fighting trolls in this chapter a lot. Make sure you have a fire/acid weapon to finish them off when they are on the ground. I use the fiery sword from Durlag's Tower. Walk North to the troll cave, prepare for a difficult fight with a bunch of trolls, they have a shaman too.. Once you kill them go to the right side of the cave and a secret door will be revealed with spirit troll inside. Enter the cave and trophy will pop, you don't need infravision for this, however if you do drink the potion of infravision you will discover a secret with loot. Darkseer Use infravision to navigate an area of darkness. Exit the cave and walk north from the main path. Speak to Jaheira and Voghiln. Join them and send Jaheira back to camp but keep Voghlin. Go back to camp yourself and speak/join with: M'Khiin, Corwin and Glint. Newer Kids on the Block Have Corwin, Glint, M'Khiin, and Voghiln in the same party. Explore the map if you wish. I ended up reaching max exp cap 500K here. Travel to Forest of Wyrms. Upon travelling there you will be ambushed (2 of 4), kill Goblins and jump into the pit. Kill Mykonids here (watch out for confusion), grab the treasure and exit. Continue to the forest. I recommend casting protection from poision on this map. Go kill wyverns and travel to the cave in the northern part of the map. Don't enter yet. Now for the bad news.. there is a trophy for forging an item from dragon scales and for that we need to kill.. a dragon. Just so it happens we are in front of his cave. Having said that.. buff yourself like you never buffed before, similar to Sarevok. Use protection from acid scroll, also I recommend gulping 3-4 potions of regeneration when fighting it, plus the usual Storm Giant Strenght, heroism, might, etc. The dragon is sleeping so use this to your advantage. Don't worry about dispelling, in my case he didn't use his breath (acid). Take the loot and keep the scales. Use the fact that you are buffed from the fight and venture forth to the caves (easter exit). Kill Orklins here including Chieftan, nothing too hard and enter hidden temple of Bhaal. Enter the firt room here and Make Save Use the switch on the wall next to the three cages, press it twice. This will kill those 3 guys. I'm A Wizard and That Looks... * Murdered the trapped crusaders in the Temple of Cyric. Load Save Talk to them and offer help. Talk to Madale too, agree to help her. Explore dungeon kill Ziatar and grab the keys she carries and go back to Madele, don't talk to her yet. Make Save Free her and tell her to kill whoever annoys her. In the Name of the Father * Commanded Madele to murder in the name of Bhaal. Load Save Talk to Madele again and tell her to do amends. Free the guys in the upper cages too. Amendments * Ordered Madele to amend her murderous misdeeds. Continue further into the temple and before you open the big doors make sure you are prepared for another battle. I kept most of the buffs from the dragon fight until this point, so I simply drink oil of speed and potion of magic shielding. Don't bother fighting the magic swords, circle around them and soon a giant monster will appear called Neothelid. It stuns, so be careful. Killing the monster will make the swords disappear and it will unlock the other rooms of the dungeon here. Now hurry since the potion of Shielding is probably working. Run like hell through the corridors until you reach a chess like floor. Behind those doors there is a very dangerous party with Ilithid, you need to kill. If you lost potion of shielding use ESP or Bererk ability. What I did here is I lured them out of the door and close behind them so I fought with 1-2 enemies. Killing mindflyer gets you a trophy. String Cutter * Destroyed the mind flayer Darskhelin. Visit Akanna in the northern part and ask for peacfully for the wardstone. Before you exit there is an optional hidden room here to do with a cool short sword and a hard enemy, if you are not into short swords - disregard this fella. Go back towards the chess like floor room and you will be passing a wall with masks you can interact with. Imagine a table with 2 rows and free columns (top 1-3, bottom 4-6). Press 3, 1, 4. This will open a secret room. Kill the Shadow Aspect there. Get out of the cave and walk south to .. another cave. This is spider's cave so protection from poision please. Kil the spiders in norther cavern and pick up spiders egg (needed?) and spiders leg. Next click on the cobwebs to get spider's silk. You can loot the rest of the caves here as well for some good loot. Return back to base now. You will have another unique encouter here dragon vs giants. (3 unique encouters out of 4) I ended up helping the dragon. Get the loot from the rocks a litte north from the place where fight took place and continue your return to base. Sell unneeded stuff you collected and travel to Boareskyr bridge. Tell the guards that you freed the patrol (the ones from the temple) and they will let you in. Make Save Walk to a mage Oloneiros in the northern part of camp and tell him that you are ...... (your name here) and she will recognize a Bhaalspawn in you. Proud of Yourself * Revealed your identity to the crusaders. Load Save Walk to the prizon area and free Dorn. Tell him to wait in Flaming Fist camp for you. Go there too. Join with Baeloth, Viconia, M'Khiin, Dorn and Edwin. Unpopular Have Baeloth, Viconia, M'Khiin, Dorn, and Edwin in the same party. Disband or chose whatever you want. Join with Glint, travel to boar bridge and walk north to portal leading to the fort. Talk to Hoach Randymonk, this will start a quest for finding Glint's family members. Disband Glint if you wish. Talk to Jegg and ask him to make an item from the dragonscale you got. Scales of the Beast * Forged a dragonscale item. Speak with Neera, give her the spider leg and potion of perception if you have it (if not you can buy it in camp). Ask her to join you and disband (send to camp). Talk to the people Khalid asked you to talk including Wynan Hes. He will ask you to get a spellstone scroll. Make Save Go back via the portal to the camp and talk to Vichand, threaten him and get the scroll. Everyone turned hostile on me, so I ended up popping a potion of invisbility and return to the fort. Gave the scroll to Hes and killed a monster that appeared. Diffusion * Stopped the sickening energy emanating from the spellstone. Interact few times with the stone to collect black stones. Take them to Jegg and forge a VOID weapon. Tapped into the Void * Forged a void weapon. Go outside and quickly kill Mari and grab his key, use it to open the drawbridge Inside Job * Sabotaged the drawbridge at Bridgefort and let the crusaders in. Load Save: Attack the crusaders and when they start fleeing you will unlock: Give The Enemy No Quarter * Pushed the crusade back across Boareskyr Bridge. Load Save Speak to Khalid and tell him that you decided to give up the stronghold, start negotiations Not The Battle We Came For * Peacefully surrendered Bridgefort to the crusade. Send Khalid to camp. You can visit the goblin cave up north (circlet and gold). Go to the camp and loot it freely, you will pick up planetars feather. Now walk north and start a fight with mage and archers, they will disappear but mage will leave a portal which will be summoning about 15-20 fiery creatures. Keep killing them, if they blow up the bridge it's gamve over. I recommend potion of speed and some str buffs. There is a scimitar that banishes them upon critical hit, making this a lot easier. A Critical Moment * Saved Boareskyr Bridge from destruction at the hands of the crusade. Your Father's Grave * Reached Boareskyr Bridge, the site of Bhaal's death. After the cutscene walk north through the bridge. On the right side there is a well, place any weapon there and kill the water elemantal. Well Done Deal with an angry water elemental. Walk North to coalition camp, chapter 10 will start. Coalition Camp: Walk a bit south and put on your glasses of spectacle. You should get a notification about seeing extra planer beings. A ghost like figure should be visible behind M'Khin (assuming he was just waiting for you here and not in team), near the banner. Use your glasses on him and he will turn into mercha djini with some good stuff. North from here is another good merchant called Waizahb. Do some shopping if you wish, I bought a belt which gives me 10% more slashing damage. When you are ready to go command camp and speak to the guys in charge. They will send you to visit a hut up top, do it it's needed for another trophy. You will receive bomb and poison. To the right, near the entrance you should immediately see Wilhelmina, help her to setup turnip shop and you will get a turnip jouice. Needed for Neera. Go south and go near Safana, who will give you a quest to find a trator in the camp. Speak to the following: Mizehma (to the right), Belegram (top left), Helvdar (a little right) and finally most top left corner Malden Col. Detailed Investigation Find the traitor within the coalition camp. OK, join with Edwin (south), Jaheira (South), Dorn (south near the camp fire), Viconia (south) and Glint (north). In case you didn't bring aquamarine from BG1 (there will be one in the dead man pass as well FYI, but the below is easier). Make save in case you get caught. Level up Glint and get all his points to pick-pocket. Go to Waizhab and pick pocket him 2 times, you will get the stone needed from one of the quests. Transfer it to your inventory (gem bag). Walk to center of the camp and speak to Pritchard (family member 2 of 3) Go and talk to Halasan (West side) agree to help with training. Talk with the following recruits and each of your party will advise certain people Glint - Clovista Safana - Danine Edwin - Garrold Dorn - Morlis (or if you are berserke yourself) Viconia - Hester Disband the above and go south and join with Khalid and Jaheira. Khalid will instantly ask you to bring spider silk for Jaheira. Give it to him. He may also immediately after ask you for aquamarine (which you have either from pick pocketing Waizhab (if you forgot to take the gem from Glint, join with him too) or Durlag's throne room. Harper's Gift Aid Khalid with his romantic request. Speak to Taield and report back to Halasan Whipped Into Shape Train all of Vigilant Halasan's recruits properly. Disband everyone apart from Jaheira and walk to the south and speak to Dosia. Star the quest here and Jaheira will advise to pick up blackthorn tree as a cure for the sick soldiers. OK, now we embark to Bloodbark groove. Clear the map here and check the map, you should have Belladonna flowers marked here on the map, pick one up and we have all items needed for Neera's quest. Again check the map and you should see a strange tree marker, this is the blackthorn needed for Dosia. Before you return, speak to the druid south here - he sells potions (including med healing ones and since those are scarce, but all 10). Also if you are into hammers there is a destroyed house behind him, worth checking if you are into hammers (beware of vampire and wolfs acting out like trolls). When you are done, return to coaltion camp. More likely you will have your fourth and last encounter (if it doesn't occur - don't worry, it will in your next travels). It's a difficult fight where potions and magic doesn't work - so don't waste anything. Make sure you have poison neutralization potions or just stand in their midst and killers will switch from bows to melee. Explorer Explore all unique encounters. Continue to coalition camp and speak with Neera. You have all the items she asked you for. Get Out! Get the strange voice out of Neera's head. Speak to Dosia to finish the quest (this is needed for another trophy btw). Do some shopping and if you are a bow guy you definitely need to visit Dead Man's Pass. For me, there was nothing interesting there so I passed. Here is a guide for that location Let's go to Underground River. When you arrive here take right path and at the fork go north east and shortly you will encounter Ogre camp. In the dispute say that you want to be the leader and kill 1-2 enemies (easy). Speak to Murs and you will be tased to fine Slug. Go back a bit and at the fork take the north west path this time. In the center of the location there is an entrance to the underground and a camp. This is a difficult fight. My tactics quickly run and talk to cyclops, otherway they will turn hostile (after springing trap?). Go south a bit, equip bow and shoot them with blasting arrows. 2 mages will appear protect against speels (for example the blue potion of magic resistance). Be sure to pick up seal after the firght. Inside the camp there will be two friendlies left on the right side. Don't talk to them yet. Before you enter the underground from the camp side go the left route just in front of the main gate where you fought Cyclops. Talk to the Druids and free them (attacking once did the trick). They will task you to kill a dark druid underground and give you a special seed. Now enter the underdark. You will immediately meet a guy name Ladle, speak to him and do the silly quest of moving some grain back and forth. Trivium Perform a task worthy of the Terrible Trivium. If you follow the southern most route, in the bottom right corner of the map you will find a druid - Ferrusk. He will warn you, fend you off etc. Later open the gate here and enter his groove. Before you talk to him: Make Save. Talk with this guy and inform him the two surfce druids put up a hit on him. He will ask you to kill them.. agree. Go to the surface, kill druids pick up their heads and go back to underground and report. Dark Ally * Sided with Ferrusk at the dark druid circle. Load Save Don't talk to him, just attack and kill him. Once he and his summons are dead, leave the green seed in the container on the tree to the right. Go to the surface and report to the druids. Nature Lover * Sided with the surface druids at the underground river entrance. Go to the underground again and this time head up north, where you will meet Gurgle and Floss. Tell them story and they will let you pass. Put on the glasses and you will see another ghost. Summon it and answer it's riddle: "Bees". Walk left from here and you will find a Bellowgrip and his friend shroom. He sells potions (stock up). OK, I had issues with popping trophy called friends reunited, but hopefully this is the way it should be done. Go to Kangalym entrance and a ghost dragon should appear. Talk to her. Go past her a little and she will talk to you again complimenting that you are brave and you will discover that she is a prisoner of some necromancer. Enter Kangalym and prepare for rather hard fight with many mages, skeletons and Halatthelar will join to help her evil master. Don't deal with the dragon, avoid at all costs (lvl drain) just killl everyone else here. Since you are protected from magic - kill skeletons first and than mages and than focus on Kherriun. Once he is wounded Dragon will join your side and kill the necromancer with you. Killing everyone here or rather the necro wil net you a : Kanaglym Cleansed * Defeated the cabal of wizards hiding within lost Kanaglym. Once he is dead make sure you speak to the dragon (1st options in conv). Once that is done, put on your spectacles and you will see a ghost, summon him - it will be a lich with Ring of Regeneration. Using the spectacles for the third and final time will net you another trophy: Far Out Summon three creatures to the Prime Material Plane using the Spectacles of Spectacle. Deal with enemies in the top corner, pick up ritual notes from the chest on the right (needed for trophy) and upon leaving you will be attacked by rather annoying level draining spirit. Once you deal enough damage, lich will come to your aid and imprison the enemy. Let's head back to Coalition camp. Here we join with Minsc+Dynaheir (south), Glint (south) and M'Khin (east). Return to the underground river - surface. At the wooden gate to the camp where the entrance to underground is: Make Save Speak to Rigah and Julann. After some conversation with both, during the conv with Julann and showing her the ritual notes, and convincing her not to follow crusade, because it's evil. Appeal to Reason Present evidence of the crusade's crimes to Julann. Load Save I had issues with unlocking the below trophy, not sure what worked here, but I changed different conv options and I ended up with putting my Charisma stuff (Char 19) and I spoke first to Rigah and make him feel depressed. Told him his job is pointless etc. Than show proof (ritual) to his witch and the conversation ended in Rigah attacking her. Breaking Point Persuade Rigah to turn against Julann. Load Save Talk to Rigah and tell him you don't have time for his pathetic complaints or that Julann will die without him. Next talk to Julann and show her evidence and select 4th choice I believe that you are done with her, she doesn't listen, etc. She has to end the conversation with "Come, Rigah. We leave for Dragonspear Castle." Disband Minsc and Jaheira. Go underground and enter Kangalym. In the rubble above you will see some items mostly for M'Khiin, she will talk to you immediately and you can advise as to her path. Grub... Doubled Help M'Khiin find her path. Disband M'Khiin and exit Kangalym and travel North-West and find a mage Strunk. This conversation is very important, so before you talk to him make sure you have high charisma. Ask him about ritual, and than something about unwillingly and finally tell him to carry on then. Now head further noth to Warrens, you need at least 13 CHAR to have Turin let you in peacfully so he lets you in. Enter. Talk to Slug and free him (Ogre in cave) and speak to Rhonda in the northern part of the map. Family Reunion Track down all of Glint's family members. Disband Glint if you wish. Before talking to the elevator Ogres again make sure you have high charisma and ask them to lif you up. You will be attacked either way (even if you are invisbile), kill enemies here and go further. There will be a room with a single troll here. There is a chest with a key to troll cage, it can be handy during the final fight where you can release trolls from cage (there are healing potions there too). Make Save: Poision the water supplies here. Blessed By Talona * Poisoned supplies within Dragonspear Castle. Load save - needed for another trophy (all the enemies) Now prepare for mage fight as you need to enter the northern room to find the evil priest. If you hurry and attack him before he casts his defense spells he will flee and say he will return with reinforcements. Otherway just kick his ass. Hasty Retreat * Discovered Hephernaan within Dragonspear Castle. Kill those guys here and go left where you will find a ghost of Daeros. Speak to him and free him. A Reunion of Friends * Reunited the spirits of Daeros Dragonspear and Halatathlaer. This trophy pops immediately after talking Dearos. Now we have to get outa here. Two ways: fight literally hundreds of enemies or go invisible and run to the exit. When you are above the ground to visit the Ogres on the right side of screen. They will be your ally in the final battle. I think for this conversation you need to have high charisma, what is strange about it, they don't say directly they will help you, but if you followed all steps they will join you at the final fight (talk, becaome chieftan, kill 2 ogres, talk to Slug, free Slug, talk to Murs). Return to coalition camp and you will find out that Torsin (the guy you report to) is in Dead Man's Pass. Don't go there yet, join with someone you like (I took Dorn). Go there, after some dialogue return back camp. You will be fighting waves of enemies, nothing too hard even if you select the wrong troops. Talk to Andrus on the south side. Soon you will get info that trolls break in the perimeter - send rogues, yes you are sure. Kill them all and go south, you will be informed that another wave is coming - mages, send out archers. Again kill them go south and finally send out wizard slayers (Stysich guy commands them). Go South again and you will get info that enemy is retreating and there are some wanderers left to kill. Go north and kill them. The Hard Way * Picked the least suitable units to fight the crusaders at the coalition camp. Defender * Successfully defended the coalition camp from attack. OK, no let's head for the almost final fight with many enemies (all the enemies to be exact). Chapter 11 will start After the cutscene if you did everything right: You should see golem and ogres. You will have some dialogue asking you how you did in the castle spy mission. Say that could be better or worse (no bomb, no poison). All the Allies Recruit all the bonus allies possible for the final battle. Go right and kill the archers, enter inside kill another group or enemies and release the trolls. Before you open the gate make save. Kill! Kill! Kill! until you meet with Ashatiel. She will challenge you to fight one on one, agree and defeat her. Stand Alone Defeat the elite crusader Ashatiel in a one on one battle. Reload your latest save, maybe you have one just before the dialogue. This reload is needed for all optional enemies trophy. Now.. some hard fights await. Make sure to visit Barghest and the other elites near the gate. When you attack the elites near the bridge you should pop: All the Enemies Fight all the bonus enemies possible at the final battle. (Enemies are Strunk and his big water elementals which are visible, Rigah and Julann and team from boar bridge). Killing the enemies near the gate will net you: Thorough * Defeated the elite crusaders guarding the rear of Dragonspear Castle. Enter the castle now and if your companion is dead after the fight make sure you ressurect him / her with Dusia inside. Enter hell and start another chapter. Fight your way until you enter Bridge location. Make save at the beginning, before you talk to Thrix. He will first send some demons, kill them and next ask you a riddle. Bargain's your companion's life by saying agree. Answer the riddle incorrectly (anything but murder answer) and you will get: You Chose... Poorly * Thrix claimed a party member's soul. Reload save and this time Risk with your own life and answer correctly. Riddlemaster * Answered the menhir's riddle, Vidhyadar's riddle, and Thrix's riddle correctly. Enter elevator and keep defend yourself until the elevator arrives up top. You will meet with Caelar and let her join you (1st choices) in fight of the demon. Divine Pact * Recruited Caelar Argent to your side. Kill the demon. The Devil You Know * Destroyed the devil Belhifet. After returning to portal back home agree Caelar stay and lock the portal. For me even when I told her that you disagree she still stayed in hell. Atonement * Left Caelar Argent behind to guard the portal to the Prime Material Plane. Before you talk to the guy on stairs make Save. Next comes the trial, defend yourself with the following 'proofs': - you cured the soliders in Coalition Camp - you offered your own soul to Thrix - told Bhaal pristess to make amends You can also do one more if you have high reputation. Once this trophy unlocks: It Wasn't Me! * Convinced Duke Belt that you weren't responsible for Skie's murder. Reload the save from castle and go through the cutscenes, dialogues until the trial. This time, say you don't want to defend yourself. You will be freed from prison and in the sewers next to the waterfall there will be Corwin and Dale (?). Tell her you didn't murder Skie and surrender to her. I Don't Care * Convinced Corwin that you did not commit murder. Power of the Bhaalspawn All achievements completed
  8. Very hard to answer, because it depends on your play style. Can be 20 hours to play can be 50-80. I think I will plat it in 3-4 days.
  9. I bought the game on Steam, seems they have also the achievements same as for PSN. I will now update my road-map to see if everything works like in my instructions.
  10. ***************INTRO**************************** OK, so I wanted to check the trophies by playing the game on Steam, they have similar achievements plus some additional I believe. I created something like a road map for all trophies for BG1. This guide is done for my way of playing (solo/no reload/normal difficulty), but feel free to play how it's ment to be played with team (so you can disregard when I write disband him / her - you can keep any allies you want), abuse save / quick save / etc. You can start on easy difficulty too, but I think this will kill the fun a little bit. Also in the settings - tick option to max out HP during level up and tick also no 2x damage for higher difficulties, rest is up to you). IMHO - BG series is one of the best RPGs of all time, so my recommendation would be to beat it without any guides first, it's really worth it. Playing with full team will certainly make things easier when it comes to Durlag tower, which is one big mine-field with deadly traps. I beat it solo yesterday with Barb, but he has a lot of HP. To help myself against deadly traps I used ESP amulet (when playing solo - charm = death), scrolls of protection and potions. Very good websites about BG series which I use (mostly for misc quests and loot locations) There are SPOILERS so if you don't want to spoil the fun, don't read the guide before you beat the game on your own. This is the first part of the saga, the next game is Siege of Dragonspeaer. Please note that you will be able to import your character/ team (at least on steam, simply SoD launched automatically right after Sarevok fight). The good point is that you will get to keep all your items, but sad thing is that you will lose all your gold early. What I did is I kept all the most valuable gems in my inventory (gem's bag. This will make a good start into SoD, as you are gonna be rich once you sell all that. Also the items you will want to keep for SoD: - Protection from Undead x2 (Sorcerous Sundries and High Hedge) - Protection from Magic (there are 6 in BG1, you can keep - one being used for Durlag and one on Sarevok for example) - Aquamarine gem (Durlag last level - throne room) - Potion of Shielding (as many as you can get) - Fire sword (good against finishing off trolls, durlag last level) ***************************************************** Pre game with paladin on easy (don't worry about stats) Go to Candlekeep’s Inn and go upstairs kill all 3 people there. Your reputation should drop and you will change to Fallen Paladin. Oathbreaker Become a Fallen Paladin or a Fallen Ranger. Villain Acquire Despised reputation. Quit the game to main menu. Real Game Start: I am going with half-orc Barbarian, Lawful-good, spend 30 minutes or so to get stats I want. Dual wield +2, scimitars +2. Next point goes to dual wield and final one in BG1 to Katanas Difficulty (standard). Remember about the 1000 kills trophy, I highly recommend doing all quests and killing as many enemies as you come accross. This will be less frustrating for the final grind. After completing 95% quests, visiting all locations, I reached 1000 kills just before Sarvok, literally last enemies were in under city. Candlekeep: speak to all tutors (most of them are around castle walls, don't miss the one near Oghma temple and there are 2 inside the inn). Back to Basics Speak to all the Candlekeep tutors and learn what they have to teach you. Speak to Tehoril in Inn 30 times to get 300 gp. Using Barb if you enter in the rage mode you get +4 to strenght and you can fore the lock upstairs with star sapphire.. Later you can sell it for 1000gp. So total you have 1300 gp now. Another class who can open this lock is thief with high enough lock-pick. Buy equipment for your class (armor, helmet and in my case all 7 swords since those can get broken). Kill Carbos and Shank Safe For Now * Defeat Carbos and Shank. do all chores & mini-quests (Dreppin's Cow, Phyldia's book, Rat's Reevor, Hull's Sword, Fuller's belts, Firebead's scroll) Completionist * Finish all your chores before leaving Candlekeep. Sell crap and go to Gorion. Leave. On My Own Leave Candlekeep, the only home you've ever known After the cut-scene Imoen will talk to you, let her join and get her stuff. I chose to disband here here afterwards. Discover south. Go further and join with Xar and Montaron, take their stuff and disband. Continue down the trail and there will be a tree with diamond inside. Take it and go left where Gorion fell, take loot. Exit right At the beginning of new area there will be a bunch of stones a bit to the north with a secret stash and Ring +1 in it. Take it. Go right and you will encounter Ogre, kill him using the wand of missiles (don't fight him directly as he will 1-2 shot you and kill you). He will drop two belts, equip the one not with the golden thing. The other one is cursed, you can leave it. Discover south and east and exit north. Immediately when you enter the Friendly Arm Inn Area - go right and get the hidden Ring under the tree. Idenfity it and sell for 9000gp. You should be over 10K gp, nice start huh? Speak to Khalid an Jaheira, I chose to disband them. Friendly Faces at the Friendly Arm * Speak to Khalid and Jaheira at the Friendly Arm Inn. Before you leave do Joia quest (reputation 13/20). I won't be so detailed for the next steps. Do Joia quest for rep +1 (13/20) Go south to Beregost, before entering Feldpost's Inn make a Quick Save: Enter and Kill Marl He Started It * Teach Marl a lesson. Quick Load: Dialogue 3-1-3-3-1, you should also level up here. Use Your Words * Convince Marl to back down without resorting to violence. In the same inn buy a book: the fateful coin and go to the house opposite side (grey/blue roof). Talk to him 30 times to get another 300gp. Foreshadowing? * Bring Firebead a copy of The Fateful Coin. Go north and you will see a grey pillar and little north a guy named Garrick. Speak to him and he will lead you to Silke. Make save here. Kill those 3 guys. Mercenary of the Month * Side with Silkie against the mercenaries in Beregost. Load Save: side with mercenaries -> kill Silke Worst Bodyguard Ever * Side with the mercenaries against Silkie in Beregost. Join Neera and kill the 3 enemies with her. Disband her - she will return to Friendly Arm Inn. Discover East, West and Go South. Here kill 2 Ogrillions (take letter) and loot the cave (5x healing), Orcs guarding it have cool boots for Imoen. Return the letter in Beregost (house north of smithy) I did the spiders quest for Landrin (2nd level of Friendly Arm Inn) and brought his stuff back. In the temple I boght 2x Stone to Flesh scrolls. Next go to area below Beregost (the one above Nashkel) and discover east/west and exit south to Nashkel. Nashkel (Ankheg plate and pearl treasure in lower south west corner), speak to noober x20 times, Speak to Oublek - tell him you are not the Grey Wold (reputation 15/20) Join with Rasaad and disband him, he will return to the same place you found him. Speak to Berrun Ghast Kill. Exit south to Carnival Go to Carnival, use stone to flesh scroll on maiden The Stone Cleric * Return the stone maiden at the Nashkel Carnival to life. Very Important: Buy fireball amulet (lost gift?), sell it immediately and rebuy it will be charged with 25 this time. The same merchant sells protection from petrification -buy it. You can also rob a merchant on the south, he will try to sell you two potions (red - maxes out intelligence but lowers other attributes, violet - give you strenght 25, but watch out for your HP, as constitution is now 3). What I do is I drink the violet rob the merchant and go and rob big mansions in Nashkel and Beregost (here also smithy). Next I go to High Hedge and sell the stuff I stole and buy: protection from magic, undead and potion holder bag. Travel to Nashkel mines (potion should wear off now) Protect Prism & kill Grey Wolf. There are 2 emeralds in the eyes of the statue, but don't sell those. A Work of Art * Protect Prism until he completes his masterpiece. Go inside mines (1st level just take dagger from Dink and give it to Kylee 2nd lvl, you can explore some more here and kill kobolts on 2nd lvl). On 3rd lvl immediately ahead of you is a ring on the ground, pick it up (dont sell) Kill Mulahey and don't forget to pick his symbol. Trophy will pop upon exiting the area. Victory is Mine * Killed Mulahey and ended the threat to the Nashkel mines. Outside mines: Use amulet to kill Lamalha and her gal friends for loot. Go further south and pick up scroll from Hafiz, get the ring of fire protection and Help Samuel Go Nashkel: Right as you enter you will see a house on the south, enter there and speak to the woman, ask her about the mines. Turns out her husband is missing, return the ring you picked up in mines. Sobering News * Return Joseph's greenstone ring to his wife. On the way to talk to Berrun talk to Oublek and return the emeralds (reputation +1) Philistine * Return the stolen emeralds to Oublek. Return Mulahey's symbol to Ghastkill (rep +1) should be 17/20 Hero Acquire Heroic reputation. Sell your loot (don't seel darts of wounding, Protection from Magic. Kill Nimbul, sell more loot. Travel to Beregost. Kll Tranzig Go to friendly arm inn -> temple to deposit Samuel Enter the inn and talk to Dorn. Have Neera join you. Travel to Nashkel get Rasaad. Travel to Nashkel Mines and random event should appear and Dorn will join you after you kill some thugs together and you ask him nicely. All the Options Have Neera, Dorn, and Rasaad in the party at the same time. No need to go to Mines now, you can change direction to High Hedge to do some shopping. Here you can disband your companions if you wish. Discover west, exit south Kill Bassilus (fireballs), kill Zargal, help Melicamp discover west exit south Go to high hedge finish quest with Melicamp, you can pick up Perdue's sword. Go to Beregost return sword, kill Karlat (optional), go futher East to the Temple and return symbol of Bassilus (for gp) Go to North of Carnival: Make a save as you enter. At the bottom middle there is a cow you need to save from Xvarts. I used the fire orb and it killed all Xvarts. Load save if cow doesnt do a saving throw and dies. Save the Cow! * Save Hulrik's cow. While here you can will Arghain, Ioin, Ettercap, some Ogres Berserker South East (a bit hard encounter at this point) Discover North and East, go East Firewine bridge Here just kill Meilum for his gauntlets, discover North (Gullykin) and travel there. Enter Jenkel's house and ask about Kobold smell. Scent of a Kobold * Discover who let the kobolds into Gullykin. Go to South of Nashkel Kil Vax/Zal, help Albert, kill Sendai, get the hidden Cloud of Cloudkill scroll (don't sell) and exit West: Help Driad (kill Krumm), get the cat for Drienne (it's in the waterfall) Only Mostly Dead * Return Drienne's cat to her. Exist West go through Xvart Village, exit West, go North to Xvart village. Xvart Village (kill em all, loot Bear Cave) and exit west to location above Gnoll Stronghold Kill mountain bear, Neville, help Laurel, exit south Gnoll Stronghold: Kill Hairthooth and his buddy and collect the bracers, go to Xvart Caves to get the Tome of Charisma +1, visit stronghold and find Dynaheir. She is in one of the pits. When you see her: Make Save Talk to her and set her free (you can be without anyone to do disc, including Minsc) Witch Savior * Set the witch Dynaheir free from her prison. Load Save Travel to Nashkel and find and join with Edwin (near bridge). Return to Gnoll Stronghold go to Dynaheir and : Make Save Talk to her and get the conversation to the point where you want to kill her Kill Dynaheir Witch Slayer * Send the witch Dynaheir to the afterlife. Load Save disband Edwin (don't talk to Dynaheir, we wil vist her again, let her be here). Remeber where you disban Edwin, we will need him too at some point. Sell stuff/go shopping (won't be mentioned again) go North to Fishermans Village. Speak to fisherman (Jebadoh, Sonner Telman) and accept their deal, buff yourself (potion of strenght, speed, heroism, protection from Acid) kill Ankhegs (especially in the ground, one carrier Ruby ring take it), help Brun, help Gerde, discover East go North to Bridge Bridge, go north (not via bridge) make save and talk to Tenya. Kill her and show no mercy (last choice). When she's dead exit north kill or avoid Ankheg and go back to fisherman. Fishermen's Friend * Side with the fishermen near Baldur's Gate. Load Save and talk to Tenya. 2nd conv choice, attack - she will stop you mid fight and you decide to help her. Exit north kill Ankheg (take dagger) and go back to fisherman. Kill fisherman get the golden bowl that Sooner carried, go back to Tenya and tell her they are dead (1st choice for me). Fishermen's Foe * Return Tanya's stolen property. Optionl: Go north and kill some zombies for kill count. Exit via Easter side to discover Bandit's camp and additionally you can go North (little house and field on the map) talk to Wenric and kill all zombies here. Speak to him for XP. There is a Cloak +1 in his house (I slept and used my barbs rage to boost strenght and it forced). Go to Friendy Arm Inn – sell stuff, go to bandits camp Discover south and loot and kill em all. There are two fire breath potions, use both on the mage in the main tent to make things easier. Open the chest and grab both letters. Bandits Banished * ? Killed Tazok and ended the bandit threat to the Sword Coast. Exit to Friendly Arm Inn to sell stuff, charge your amulet by selling it and rebuying. Go to Cloak Wood Mines 1 When you enter you should be tired. Save game before talking to Aldeth Talk to Aldeth. Chose to side with druids kill Aldeth and his two buddies and talk to Seniyad. Forest Friend * Side with Seniyad in the Cloakwood Forest. Load Save and kill Druids Noble Assistant * Side with Aldest Sashenstar in the Cloakwood Forest. Go further via Cloakwood Forest areas until you reach the mines. In the 2nd Cloadwood level you can do the brother quest and visit Centeol's liar for cool sword and XP. Kill Drasus and team with fireballs. In the first house where the soliders sleep there is a best potion in the game - Poion of Magic Shielding (take it if you can force the lock or pick it) Go and Kill Daveorn. Lure the horrors one by one, get protection from magic and kill Daveorn. Grab his key and robe. Finish the quest flooding the mine (flood gate is on lvl 1 of mine). Upon exiting the mine you will unlock: Water, Water Everywhere * Killed Davaeorn and shut down his mining operation. Return to Friendly Arm Inn and take Edwin with you and travel to Bridge to Baldur’s Gate Hire Quale, enter Sundries make save. Buy the following: Wand of Paralyze In case you don't have darts of wounding - buy those too. Cotagion (lvl 4 wizard spell) Now leave and go to nearby Inn and make sure Edwin has 3x haste spell memorized. Go to sleep in the Inn to restore the spells. Wake up and case 3x haste on your main char, next travel to Friendly Arm Inn. Upon entering it your character should be tired. Make a quick save. Let Edwin use wand of paralyze on your main char until it gets paralyzed. Have Edwin equip darts of wounding, but first cast contagion on your main char. Reload quick save in case your main character does a succesful saving throw. If it doesnt attack with Edwin using the darts and wait for poision being inflicted on your main. I tried with Ghast's disease but this didn't trigger the below. Worst Day Ever Have Disease, Fatigue, and Poison active at the same time. Load Save when you were in the Soundries (not the quick save) This time buy luck spell. Make sure Qualye has Bless and Chant Memorized, go to nearby inn and go to sleep. Cast Bless and Chat with Quayle and Luck with Edwin. Best Day Ever Have Bless, Chant, and Luck active at the same time. Load Save: Disband Edwin and Quayle in Soundries Visit thieves guild answer their question with Ffrhd (4) and take the Tome of DEX +1 Optional: I went to kill Drizzt for his armour and Scimitars (but this is hard) Let's say easy way: drink potion of power, storm giant strenght, haste, heroism, lower difficulty to easy, attack immediatly - he will first kill Gnolls, than deal with you Travel to light house on the West Coast (drink potion of shielding, haste) kill all 6 Sirinas and loot the cave (BOOK of Constitution +1) Go south: Go to Ancient Ruins Make Save: Talk to Charleston Nib, Gallor will talk to you (agree to his terms 4). Talk to Nib, you will enter the crypt. Kill everyone here and take the statue. Exit cave and quickly talk to Gallor. Kill him, trophy should pop. Gallor's Plot * Assist Gallor at the archaeological dig. Load and do the same steps as above, but simply steal idol and don't talk to Gallor. You will be attacked. Kill both Faerûnian Idol * Find and keep an artifact at the archaeological dig. Load disregard Gallor (1st choice) , enter cave , kill workers talk to Nib. Tell him that his friend tried to betray him (1) This Belongs in a Museum * Assist Charlston Nib at the archaeological dig. Little south east from that dig area will be a massacrated caravan. Save game before you talk to Brage. Brage will talk to you automatcally, answer his riddle wrong (anything but 4th choice). He will attack you, kill him. Judge, Jury, Executioner * Put an end to Captain Brage's mad rampage. Load Save and answer his riddle: Death (4). You wll appear in the temple in Nashel. Second Chance * Convince Captain Brage to return to the Temple of Helm. Travel to Ulcaster: Speak to Ulcaster and go below the schoold to find the book The Written Word * Appease the ghost in the Ulcaster Ruins. Go to Larswood and find Baeloth make him join you (south part of the map, next to the stone tower). He spawned for me 7PM few time I had to go back and forth to the tower until he finally spawned. Disban him and he will go to Friendly Arm Inn. Entertained * Find Baeloth the Entertainer and convince him to join your party. What I suggest is that you go get Imoen and let her join you. You will want to level her up (boost traps and lock picks), Imoen should wait for you where you entered, don’t move her – too dangerous. I will continue solo. If you don't have a scroll Stone to Flesh go buy it in one of the temples. You should also have protection from petrification (this lasts 6 hours in game time- should be enough if you hurry, if not go buy potion of mirroring). Travel to: North of Gullykin, very dangerous place with Bassilisk who 1 shot kill you but turning you into stone. Use scroll stone to flesh on Tamah (not Camah). Unpetrified * Restore Tamah to life. At this point I hit the max XP cap 161K points. Enemies killed 540. Back to Baldur's Gate. Visit Elfsong and talk to Brevlik - agree to steal the telescope (you can take Imoen for this, but not needed). Go to Hall of Wonders Area and enter Ragefast house hold. Kill him and set the nymph free. Damsel Out of Distress * Help Abela the nymph escape. Speak to the kid in top north west corner to start the quest. Go to the hall of wanders and steal the telescope and run away. Buy all potions of speed in the temple. Master Thief * Steal a telescope from the Hall of Wonders. Do the lady of the mist quest, a boy in top left corner will talk to you. Visit a temple in South Part of BG. You can simply pay her 2000gp and she will give you the body. Bring back the body to the boy and his fater. Reunion * Bring Casson's body to Tremain. Here I am a bit nasty because I want the TOME of WISDOM +1 which is in the temple a little south of the house with the boy, so I kill Mr Ulbricht (my reputation is 7 after Drizzt and Priest so I will donate in Helm's temple to re-gain my reputation for lower prices in shops). Exit North and visit Helm and Cloak Inn. Get the best helmet in the game in the upstairs bedroom. If you want a good fight talk to Gorpel. Go to the northern part of the city, the one with Wizards tower. Break in, kill everything and take the TOME OF +1 INT. I redeemed my reputation for a big amount of gp, but it was worth it Go to Iron Throne and kill them all (don't forget to pick up letters). Since you are probably buffed from this fight, you can do some killings (I chose to kill 4x ogre mage while potion of shielding was working) For kill count/XP you can do Scar's quests and Aldeth quest. When you are ready meet the prince Eltan and agree to take the quest. Tell him that bad guys are in Candlekeep. On the Trail * Reported Rieltar's activities to Duke Eltan in Baldur's Gate Sell some items, sleep, etc. Visit the library when you are ready. On 2nd level meet Koveras and accept his ring. Go straight to 5th lvl (you can also rob this place) and guard will take you to jail (agree). Go through the Catacombs (don't forget to grab TOME STR+1 and TOME WIS+1 On My Own... Again * Made your way through the catacombs beneath Candlekeep. Back to Baldur's Gate, sell stuff. You will probably be stopped by Flamig Fist and you get to the jail.. again. Try to outrun them and run to Sorcerous Sundries and speak with Tamoko. Be nice to her and agree to kill Cythandria (top lvl of Iron Throne tower). You need to meet with Tamoko one more time in front of Flaming Fist HQ later on. Anyway, go and kill Cythandria in Iron Throne HQ and once you are outside let yourself get caught by flaming fist. Talk to Neb and get out of there. Drink potion of shielding return and kill everyone including fake doctor that is taking care of Eltan. Take Eltan and take him to port captain by the docks. Go to Siren's Tavern and find Krystin and Slythe. What I do here is lure Slythe so I fight just with him. Kill him and return to Krystin. When you see her casting a red spell it will be a cloud kill, walk to the booth with Quenash (she carries the best cloak in the game). Krystin will kill her and you can grab the cloak. Kill Krystin. Don't foget to grab the letters they drop. Now we will do a lenghty step - Durlag's Tower. You can take Imoen for this to disarm all the traps. Travel to Ulgoths Beard and do the Shandalars Island quest with Imoen if you wish. Let her do nothing near the entrance. Protection from Magic and run through the maze killing everything. Upon return start the Durlag’s quest in the inn and travel to Durlag's Tower. In that inn there is also good invisibility ring and my favorite item for soloing ESP medallion (protects against fear, stun, etc). Now you should have end game equipment. OK.. Durlag - long step, a lot of traps, use Imoen everywhere to disarm everything. Here is a good guide: In the bottom level of the dungeon there will be a throne room, take the aquamarine gem and don't sell it. Just keep in your gem bag. Will be needed in the Siege of Dragonspear. If you are new to the game, definitely take a thief with 100% traps disarm. Make sure you have scrolls of protection and a lot of healing potions, this is really hard location. The Legend of Durlag's Tower * Explore Durlag's Tower and defeat the evil growing within it. Continue the cultist quest and end up killing Azelat’ec (hardest enemy in bg1) May I suggest potion of shielding downstairs, haste, potion of storm giant strenghts, heroism, etc. First kill all the cultists. Leave the demon for last, once everyone is dead. An Ancient Evil * Destroyed the demon Aec'Letec. OK, continue with Main Story – get to the castle - present your invitation. Now.. buff yourself, you need either Belt alive or Lilia, so stand near them and don't let them get kills by dopples. Much easier to do this with full party. OK, you will be teleported to maze. Go through the maze, and in Undercity clear the way all the way until you reach a 6 powerful enemies (high level ones including Ogre). Kill them and dont go further if you don't have a full team. If you were playing with full team already make save and send someone with highest Charisma (16+ needed) to talk to Tamoko (in front of temple) . I will continue this bit after I grab my allies shortly below. OK now since I was soloing and I need full team for the final 2 trophies, I went outside to get my team. Note that if you didn't speak to companions in the main game, they will have xp adjustement with insta lvl up. So I went to grab: Minsc - Nashkel Dynaheir - Gnoll's Stronghold or where you left her. Jaheira & Khalid - friendly arm inn Safana Lighthouse (trap disarm 100% and high charisma) When you continue your story to Siege of Dragonspear ( which should be played after BG1) it will pop a trophy called: The O.G. Reunite with old friends. This will make things easier. Go back to the labyrinth below thieves guild and have your Thief (Safana) disarm traps before the rest of the party goes through. Make save before you reach Tamoko. Send someone with high Charisma for example Safana. Tamoko will talk to you, convince her not to fight with you. Again, you must have been nice to her during initial encounters (Sundries and Flaming Fist). I read on Steam that killing Cythandria is needed, however I made teh achievement pop without this step. Speach choices: 1,3,2 Lover's Redemption * Convinced Tamoko to aid you. Load Save: Kill Tamoko Lover's Sacrifice * Sent Tamoko to the afterlife. Now check how many beings you killed throught the game (in stats) if below 1000, travel to different locations and kill things, until you hit 1000. Murder Incarnate Kill 1,000 creatures. Now, return to gather your party in Sundries + stock up for for final fight. Return to Bhaal Temple Final Save (auto) Export your CHAR at this point, before the final fight - so you get to keep all potion you would use on the fight for the Lord of Bhaal Difficulty. Tones of strategies here, again I like to do things solo so what I do is cast invisibilty with Edwin / have them drink potion of invisibility and move max left. Than I gulp potion of invisibility myself and go further to start Sarevok dialogue. Go back, Semaj will teleport near the entrance. Don't buff yourself yet, Semaji will dispell everything. Gulp potion of magic blocking and kill Semaj and most likely Tazok will join. Once Semaji is dead - drink potion of Strenght and run to Angelo, he is standing next to Sarevok. Kill him quickly before Sarevok kills you. Once Angelo is dead drink potion of invisbility. So we have just Sarevok left standing on that altar. Go south near the entrance and buff yourself. My recommendation in this order: Potion of Mind Focusing (x2) for AC bonus Storm Gian strenght (Str 24) Potion of Might (hp, THACO bonuses) Potion of Heroism Poption of Invulnerability (AC bonus + saving throws) Potion of Shielding (All saving throws success) 3x Potion of Regeneration Make Save. Kill Sarevok. Leave No Friend Behind Complete the game with a full party without anyone dying. Hero of Baldur's Gate * Killed Sarevok and ended his threat to Baldur's Gate and the Sword Coast. Load save and have your team killed. When you are the only one alive finish off Sarevok Sacrifices Must Be Made Finish the game with a full party of dead allies. Start a new game, create a team -> import your main character and fill all the team slots with him. Now you should have 6x killing machines in your party. You should have at least 6-8 potions of invisibility and ring of invisibility to make the playthrough a joke, as you will be avoiding all unnecessary fights. Candlekeep - directly to Gorion -> directly speak to Khalid/Jaheira -> go do Nashkel (Avoid enemies) ->speak to Ghastkill -> Naskel Mines (after entering mines dring potion of invisibility) go directly to Mulahey. This should be your first fight. After killing Mulahey visit Tranzing in Beregost (2nd fight)-> Bandits camp (go invisible as soon as you enter) kill the guys in tent (have 2 guys stand near archer, 2 guys kill the the mage and rest 1vs 1). After killing them pick up the letters and go to Mines via Cloakwood. Do not engage anything in Cloakwood just to exits (you may want to use invisbility on the spider level). Enter mines, pop invisbility run to Daveorn. Kill him and you can lure the horrors to where the slime is and than disappear. Now you have just Daveorn to worry. Kill him. Go to Baldur's Gate and visit iron throne. Just send one guy on invisbility to pick up the two letter on the top floor. Don't fight those guys. Go to Slythe and Kristin (kill Slythe) and go to Castle. Kill dopples, enter underworld and kill Sarevok's guys first and than lure him out. Whenever one of your team mates will be close to death, pop invisbility and switch to bow. Lord of Murder Complete the game on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty. Master of Baldur's Gate All achievements completed
  11. So who's curious about trophy: Bandits Banished * Killed Tazok and ended the bandit threat to the Sword Coast. That will pop during Sarevok's fight or they mispelled and they ment kill: Venkt and the guys in Tazok's tent. He was only killable in vanilla version of BG, enhanced made it impossible, before Sarevok's fight. Am I right?
  12. Its cheap 4.99 euros or like 6 usd. I played almost until the end, but noticed trophies arent popping. Is it too early or no trophies for psn? I saw there are for steam.. Anyways, CEO "steam achievement" is missable, you need to unlock his room in turist area. I will wait for psn to update the list and replay.
  13. I spent years on playing BG series. Cant wait to play this again. I was always soloing, now I will have to play with team
  14. Hello, In case people will want to play this I made a video for gold medals for challenges. In addition, there is a cool glitch I discovered to make the hard story playthrough super easy. When you see a time slow blue orb, leave it until the next round and at the beginning when it will turn red - shoot it. You will be in time slow mode until the end of the level. Warning: with this method it will take like 30 minutes to finish a level, because of the slow speed. In return it will be super easy. What else, for the survival 25 waves (Easy, Volcano, Zombies and some powerful end game weapons). Do this once you beat story For 250K bullets grind - use lasers (500 bulets without perks)