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  1. I have way too much on my head with work, kids and gaming. I will pass this at this point, sorry
  2. I may have a video for this, I think I clipped but forgot to upload. Will check at home.
  3. Woo!! I have a tone of these haha: #1Singstar PS3 Dance DLC, hanged 2x move controllers on a moving fan to register fan as dancing. #2
  4. Fallout is a perfect fit for VR. I would like to play also max payne in VR since I never did the ps3 version
  5. I played like 60 VR games, but nothing compares to Firewall imho
  6. I couldn't find it and did the trophy like this:
  7. OK, I bought the Windows 10 Edition. Can someone advise regarding cook and eat rabbit meat? I did cook it, but whatever I do I cannot get hungry in this world. EDIT: There is a reduce hunger button next t the chest on the right.. I am missing just one trophy from that world called "Me Gold", if someone figured this out let me know.
  8. @Floriiss for i think best profile out there and finding out how to do the impossible trophies @Smashero for going hard on all those PS3 plats and going to the top in the polish LB (and spamming psnp profile forums - he is everywhere!!) @MrUnknown625 for being at the very top and still avoiding all the drama +100% profile with most plats (and for mentioning me of course) @dav1d_123 for being solo and popping 20k trophies per year
  9. FYI: This is what counts as headshot:
  10. Unfortunately level Charlie is glitched, as in version 1.03 you start underneath the actual level (below the bedroom - lol). Entire game is a glitch fest, but those are hilarious I highly recommend playing this I found a way how to beat Charlie using glitches to your advantage, you are welcome !
  11. I will pass on this one, Isommetric view ftw
  12. I think people would like to see more custom leaderboards, but I wouldn't change how things are now. There is one general/main leaderboard where teams are allowed. I say this a solo gamer, I don't really care people are teams and pay for the trophies until those are done legit.
  13. Gunslinger by me:
  14. I'm afraid, you cannot. You also cannot change the FPS (I loved playing it faster pace - on 60fps)
  15. Hey, it's really not bad, you can see how it looks on any of yt videos like the one below. There is a circular pop up menu when you press L1 or L2, from where you can select options like you had on the PC version on the left side bar. The only issue I had, that it's so much faster to use mouse instead of DS4 controller, so if you are playing spell casters, it gets tedious to switch between spells. I suffered a lot in IWD with my 30 lvl mage. do