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  1. The dude with 500 plats and 300 games played had 600 games hacked, so this is something else @TheYuriG he's gone from both websites
  2. Milestone? Hehe
  3. Sorry, my bad!! I thought people are using an alternative accounts to post here annonymously. I was mistaken!
  4. Alts are in play, this is getting serious now
  5. yeah, noone cares: https://gyazo.com/6f9558250dbee22baf606b82135a24e5
  6. I Yes, exactly. I have popped 200+ plats in 2019, I think I will do close to 500 before the year ends. A week ago I popped 11 in one day. Times changed, this isn't 2010 when 2 plats a day was something unusual. Now you have 6 stacks of a minutes game, add VNs, add autopops, add admin panel, add debug mode
  7. OMG, you Sir are truly a cancer on this website. Reading your posts hurts my eyes, not only mine. You are the reason people think PSNP is toxic, I have no idea why you are still around
  8. In his defense, i dont see other hacked games and he does have a nice profile. I hope that helps @B1rvine
  9. At least tell me that you counted Call of Juarez..
  10. Is that counting Dead Island?
  11. I kinda agree here, trophy description is nice to have when you miss stuff
  12. https://gyazo.com/77497c29c2b4c40dc7aa76890e887d2d https://gyazo.com/84fa41bffa810e32563d8482b7bf3125 Naah, c'mon we all know who you are and what you do. Goodbye!
  13. yeah that or he doesn't cheat Anyways, I flagged you on another LB as well.
  14. Yeah, if ranking means nothing to you - go ahead make your profile private. Problem solved. I may surprise you but you can actually: Have a family (non-gaming kids included) Have a job (or your own company) Have friends and occasionally drink/party Travel Have +1000 plats Not me, but I am sure there are people like that
  15. Maybe try downgrading version as per instructions on PSNP. I have similar issue but with JAK 3, they patched the effing orb glitch few day ago. patch came out when I was doing the game! EDIT. I just read on our discord channel, that it's still 100%able and there will be a guide soon by @TheBlakkVulture