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  1. we are currently asking the studio on facebook / twitter Maybe when more people would do this, it would help.
  2. I think this was patched.. I popped all story trophies, but the precursor orb glitch doesnt work anymore. The same with the 2nd controller L3 + x. Anyone knows an alternate way to get 600 orbs without having to play this again?
  3. Still nothing?
  4. Can anyone confirm that?
  5. Can i have this one? @MMDE Time stamp edit, he got caught on psntl for Michael Jackson the experience, but now his stamps are perfectly fine. I have logs will show u tomorrow. Note to cheaters: we find most of you so good luck. Logs sent to mmde
  6. He would be more convincing if he said he has 124 PS3s, but only 24? SCAM!
  7. The dude with 500 plats and 300 games played had 600 games hacked, so this is something else @TheYuriG he's gone from both websites
  8. Milestone? Hehe
  9. Sorry, my bad!! I thought people are using an alternative accounts to post here annonymously. I was mistaken!
  10. Alts are in play, this is getting serious now
  11. yeah, noone cares:
  12. I Yes, exactly. I have popped 200+ plats in 2019, I think I will do close to 500 before the year ends. A week ago I popped 11 in one day. Times changed, this isn't 2010 when 2 plats a day was something unusual. Now you have 6 stacks of a minutes game, add VNs, add autopops, add admin panel, add debug mode
  13. OMG, you Sir are truly a cancer on this website. Reading your posts hurts my eyes, not only mine. You are the reason people think PSNP is toxic, I have no idea why you are still around
  14. In his defense, i dont see other hacked games and he does have a nice profile. I hope that helps @B1rvine
  15. At least tell me that you counted Call of Juarez..
  16. Is that counting Dead Island?
  17. I kinda agree here, trophy description is nice to have when you miss stuff
  18. Naah, c'mon we all know who you are and what you do. Goodbye!
  19. yeah that or he doesn't cheat Anyways, I flagged you on another LB as well.
  20. Yeah, if ranking means nothing to you - go ahead make your profile private. Problem solved. I may surprise you but you can actually: Have a family (non-gaming kids included) Have a job (or your own company) Have friends and occasionally drink/party Travel Have +1000 plats Not me, but I am sure there are people like that
  21. Maybe try downgrading version as per instructions on PSNP. I have similar issue but with JAK 3, they patched the effing orb glitch few day ago. patch came out when I was doing the game! EDIT. I just read on our discord channel, that it's still 100%able and there will be a guide soon by @TheBlakkVulture
  23. Yeah, i mean debug works partially. The orb glitch no longer works with patch 1.02
  24. I am nearing 50K trophies, any cool trophy to have as my milestone?

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    2. AvengedEvil
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      my first thoughts where nice rare platinum, but I like this one, and you can earn nice platinum along the way. 🏆

    4. ee28max


      You can make it God of War (PS4) if you want. Looks fitting. ☺

  25. Nvm, i didnt notice cave levels. All is good so far, got my 1st gold for fun levels