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  1. My last trophy is most ironic trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Rush = Silver? Where did all the gold go?
  2. I tried Steep today. What can i say? I can't believe that after 15 years SSX 3 is still the best snowboarding game i ever played. I guess i prefer my games fun rather than realistic. 

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    2. MidnightDragon


      I might have, but not 100% certain.

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      SSX 3 gameplay Well, part of the gameplay. There were 2 modes. Racing and  slopestyle that you can see in video.

      I know that not everyone would like this, but in my opinion this game had more to offer than any snowboarding game that goes for "realistic" feel. Mountain (to race from top to bottom took over 15 min even if you were good at it) was made for the game instead of trying to imitate real mountain, tricks were ridiculous, characters were unique with some silly outfits you could unlock and soundtrack was one of the best money can buy.  


      To each their own, but i still think SSX destroyed it back then the way game like Steep never will... unless they add zombies you can shot while wingsuiting down the mountain.


    4. ihadalifeb4this


      3 modes. I forgot Big Air. 

  3. We are at end of 2018 and for me this was one of best gaming years in a while.


    I played some great games. A Way Out, God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 from titles that were published this year. And Resident Evil 7, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided from older titles.  


    I reached total of 5 000 trophies and used  Payday 2 plat for that milestone. It's one of my favorite co-op games and i played it over 1 000 hours with my friends in last few years. 


    This year  i started Greetings from ...  "series". I would find nice panoramic view in game and use it as postcard to publish on Facebook, or send in message to people on PSN friend list. For example postcard from God of War "Greetings from Midgard!". 


    There's probably some other stuff i can't remember right now. I hope you guys had fun and see you in 2019. Wish you all the best and platinum New Year!:D

    1. ee28max


      Glad you had a great year and accomplished a good milestone with one of your favorite games. It wasn't a good year for me as I think this was my worst performance ever. Happy New Year and I look forward to see you achieve more in 2019. :) 

      I guess I only managed to reach 1 000 trophies and used WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2010 for the milestone. It's an honor to choose the game in favor of me being a long time WWE fan and I haven't played it well on the PS2. 

    2. ihadalifeb4this



      If i would look at year in just numbers it would be far from my best as well. It doesn't matter how many trophies we earned as long as we had fun. 

  4. After seeing My PS4 Life thing I wonder if it's possible to get information how much time we played to get platinum.
  5. No, you didn't have to finish it before whatever the magical time limit was. This is just shity practice by square enix in this situation. If we go by logic "this worked when i/you bought it" does that mean that anyone who buys game today gets warning that part of the game isn't working? I highly doubt it. Whoever buys it today will end up in the same boat. So even if it sounds dramatic every sale they make now is illegal, or in best case immoral. Fook them.
  6. To be fair i don't have the most objective view about game. I'm fan of Deus Ex games around 15 years now. The only thing i didn't like is breach mode. It feels so out of place. I wish they just used parts of the map from story and made you do challenges on them. I hope your list of stealth games is doing better than mine. It looks like last month plat for Splinter Cell Blacklist got unobtainable as well. Another stealth game i really like.
  7. Why? Do you think that price is too steep? 😂 I'll try Steep, but I doubt anything can take SSX 3 place as "the snowboard game".
  8. Maybe i'm just a pessimist, but unless it becomes news about corporate greed and laziness i don't think this will be solved. And that's unlikely cause this game doesn't have big enough player base. I will not let this ruin game for me. This is great stealth game.
  9. Merry Christmas! I hope you were good little trophy hunters and that Santa brought you lots of gaming stuff!

  10. In RDR2 I named my first horse Atreus because of this. Edit: My apologies it was second horse. First horse i didn't name at all. Second was war horse that you get with the game. I named him Atreus. Third was horse that kicked guy in the head. I named her Sunshine. Now i have white Arabian horse. Her name is Snow White. She loves apples and long naps.
  11. I can think of only one good thing coming from this. Ultra rare trophies would have some more "weight" around here. At 2011 when i started visiting this website Vanquish plat was at 10% rarity. I guess that was because gamers here were more "hardcore" trophy hunters so completion was higher. However line would probably have to be drawn lot closer. I'm not sure if 3 year limit would make big impact on rarity. Other than that i don't see plus. Getting yourself in top 100 doesn't mean anything if there's 110 people on leaderboard. We would lose some fastest achievers from speed runs on secondary accounts, retired trophy hunters and so on. Personally i don't care even if this change was ever made. If i'm not here for 3 years feel free to remove me.
  12. Yesterday I caught white Arabian horse in Red Dead Redemption 2. Her name is Snow White. She loves apples and long naps. 

    1. BrettyBoy


      Speaking of Red Dead Redemption 2, I personally prefer to wait for price drops before buying a game unless the new game is cheap.

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      I agree dude. I got copy that was sold with ps4. It was 24€. Guy didn't even open it. I don't buy all games. This year i borrowed Resident Evil 7, A Way Out, God of War and Wildlands.

  13. Nice! I'll do my list later. Piece of Cake Award: A Way Out - It's fun and short game with really easy trophy list. It's Like Dark Souls: Rise of the Tomb Raider/Endurance Mode - I was trying to get 100 artifacts with + 450% multiplier on Survivor difficulty. It didn't end well. I would usually die after picking up over 40 artifacts. My best attempt was 82, but I got killed. I'm putting this on hold because of Red Dead Redemption 2. Bad Ass Award: Allenation - It took few tries, but I managed to max out character in Hardcore (permadeath) mode and to complete all story missions on Legenda difficulty. I even have it on YouTube. I also had my fail of the year in this mode. I was on last map doing master difficulty and my battery died right before horde spawned. Grind of the Year: Tom Clancy's Ghost Reacon Wildlands - It took a while to max out Tier One. King of the Internet: Doom - Really well made shooter living up to it's name. It was mostly fun to work on dlc trophies. It's so cool to play as demon. Worst Online Experience: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - I hate to do this to otherwise really good game, but servers are broken. I can't plat it for now. To make things even worse I already bought DLCs. Sleeper Hit of the Year: A Way Out - I expected lot more people to play/plat game on this website. I'm glad it got nomination for Best Game Direction. Best Trophy Image: Rise of the Tomb Rider - I didn't finish game yet, but from games I played this year I like this platinum image most. Worst Trophy Image: Alienation - They were really lazy with this trophy list. Best Female Character: Lara Croft - I don't know why, but she's the only game character that I'm drooling over. I liked her on ps1 and I like her now. Best Male Character: Kratos - Christopher Judge did great job bringing God of War to life. Most Anticipated Platinum of 2019: Red Dead Redemption 2 - It's probably optimistic to think I will get it in 2019 because I will probably leave this one for my 100th plat. I'm getting trophies way too slow to reach 100 next year.
  14. I only tried beta, but i would say it's like MOBA on wheels. Two teams of six players trying to do objective.
  15. The Game Awards  Who's your winer? 


    I think this year i have impossible choice between God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2. However i'm still early in Red Dead. Maybe my choice will be easier after i finish it.


    Btw I'm glad A Way Out got nominated.