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  1. My logic when they showed Shadows Die Twice teaser Game is made by Fromsoftwer + Rikimaru died and he is shadow/ninja = New Tenchu game confirmed.
  2. I know i'm late to the party, but after reading about trophy nerf for DMC5 i can say only one thing.


    Well, at least nobody is upset with Dante's hairstyle this time. 

    1. Gibbo_0113


      Nero looks like DmC devil may cry now

    2. Mr_Skirra


      Best thing I've read about the subject so far lol.

  3. I still think it's easier to win open race solo than this. In race card abilities have lot less effect, there's no difference in guns you use between you and high level, and there's no auto aim. Giving lower level player better fighting and surviving chance. Plus fighting is not really what you have to focus on in open race. My advice for open race would be to either look up online for best line through checkpoints, or like i did figure out who's good at it in your loby and try to follow them to learn path. Avoid fight unless you are neck to neck at end for first place. Also if you have ultimate edition from what i was told you get horse with same speed and stamina as the thoroughbred you unlock with 18 gold bars at level 51. I don't have ultimate edition so i can't confirm this myself. Of course you also want to max bond with your horse. I'm not saying that tactic suggested by QQ_Liu_Xin_Rui won't work for you. I just think it will take you lot more luck and/or lot better loadout than in open race. However i didn't test out his method and i could be red dead wrong on this. Edit: Blackwater is shortest open race, but i advice you to learn route for at least 3 open race.
  4. THIS is for the players?
  5. I do agree that high level players did earn stuff they have. No matter is it through grind, or with credit card. With that said i still miss first red dead. Mostly because when i shot superior player between eyes instead of hat his/her head flew off.
  6. Good news! Rockstar didn't find name for my persistent posse offensive.


    I named my posse The Mild Bunch 


    I think this name honestly presents how much of the threat i am to rest of the players in Red Dead Online and if you ride with me you're probably not much better. 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. kingdrake2


      it's a great name. i think whomever reported your name and later finding out that it isn't removed is going to be salty lmao.



      Its the wild wild west. Posse names are post to be threating and filled with racistism...restrictions?? God the games already gone wrong...

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      @kingdrake2 No, no nobody reported me online. It's just when i wanted to name horse Sasha Grey in singleplayer i got automatic profanity check from some algorithm i guess. I was just happy they didn't block Mild Bunch as well.


      I'm sorry if i didn't explain this good guys.

  7. In RDR2 I tried to name Arabian horse from Blacwater Sasha Grey and I got profanity check.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. PooPooBlast


      @ihadalifeb4thisi wouldn't change it :P

      And I see what you did there ;). I like to be edgy ;)

    3. BG_painter


      wut i can't name my horse Arya? What if I want to name them all like the Stark childreen? Arya, Sansa, Jon, Rob, Brann :P
      I h8 censorship too.



      Hey I know that name!!....

  8. I don't even have to scroll down to see other plats. Resident Evil 2
  9. @Dilla just cause he never gets angry when i say "bad" things about The Last of Us.
  10. Some trophy titles are one liners from Dante. Nice touch.
  11. Hi MMDE!


    I saw your comment around midnight, but i was too tired to reply. I apologize if i made it sound like i'm going directly at you. I meant people here as  community are getting overconfident and if you're not actually sharing all information with public i don't get how  "everybody" is so sure that anybody is cheater on some particular cases.


    I will try to give examples, but i do have big disadvantage on subject since i have no idea how any of this hacking works and i'm sure i will not remember all situations 100% accurate. If we don't count boosting last time i can remember that i   cheated was in first Tomb Raider (on ps1) where you could use some code to get all guns. And before anybody tries to explain to me that boosting is not cheating i'm well aware of what is allowed on this website. I just think there's a difference between allowed and fairplay. I don't condemn boosting and i did it myself more than once. Anyway...


    • Someone was disputing one of Batman Arkham games. I think it was Origins, but i could be wrong. There was something wrong with collectible trophies and things didn't look too good for him/her. As i was reading thread i got idea that could help them to prove they at least played the game. By my logic if you hacked trophies you wouldn't be on in game leaderboards, or there would be bunch of people with same scores if that's how hacked save works. So if they send screenshots of unique scores that should help them to prove they actually played game. If anybody wanted to check scores for themselves they could scroll through leaderboards after he/she posted them. After i posted that someone replied that wouldn't prove anything cause in game leaderboards can be hacked too. After that i lost interest in further discussion cause if everything proves they hacked game what's the point of dispute?
    • Some guy with ID Smithy (i think it was something like that) was disputing ps3 version of Payday 2. There was nothing wrong with timestamps, but i think he was on top of fastest achiever leaderboard here. Time itself suggested it was fast, but if you had team that knew how to play it was possible. That made me realize he must have some timestamps same as people he played with and i suggested that as proof. It turned out he did, but it didn't matter. Someone with same (maybe similar) ID was asking about stuff on website that's related to hacking (i guess) just before he started getting trophies on his profile. While i do agree that suggest he could be hacker i don't  agree it proves he actually is a hacker. If there's nothing wrong with timestamps it can't be proven here on website. After i realized he will stay flagged for that game i wrote something really sarcastic and left. I checked later and he remained flagged for Payday 2. 
    • In 3rd example i was a "bad guy". Someone was disputing Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and that's one of few games i know enough about to recognize legit timestamps. I believe person that was disputing was cheating, but i still wish i handled situation with more grace when i was pointing out what's wrong with timestamps. I'm not sensitive person, but things can get really ugly for people that have to go through dispute.

    I get it's not great situation for you either MMDE and i do respect time and effort you guys put into this. I know for sure that leaderboards here wouldn't benefit if i was trying to clean them. It's just my personal opinion that in some situations was't proven they actually cheated, or at least it wasn't presented good enough.


    Thank you for your time and take care!

    1. MMDE


      The reason those threads were open for so long was because we were less sure. Do you remember how the Origins case ended?


      Just a reminder! :P


      Payday 2 and Smithy? Smithy was posting about how he cheated the games on other sites.


      You may be talking about this case:


      4 pages, but even if it ends with grimy saying it's lifted, he actually stands as the last person to touch the flag, and it's set to "cheated". Neither was this dee-lan's first flag. The problem for him was him playing online a lot after the patch, and then level infamy way too fast. This even after requesting how it would be possible, and it was so close to the other trophies. I feel nice though, I will give him a second chance, but the flag will be applied if I find him cheating another game.


      Call of Juarez: Gunslinger?




      Sorry, but that person was just trying to abuse the dispute feature, lie to us all and waste our time.

    2. B1rvine


      Regarding the Arkham Origins stuff, I still dissent from the overall ruling, but its 2 against 1 (me being the one) and I respect that at least it was a fair process for the people disputing. 


      Online scores won't help necessarily, they could have played offline, or played some of the online stuff afterwards to get varying scores etc. Case by case scenario on that one.


      Valid timestamps aren't the only thing used to determine whether someone's a cheater or not, there's other methods of detecting whether or not they cheat not related to timestamps.


    3. ihadalifeb4this


      I actually went through my activity to find it. It was Smithy_Reborn_86 dispute for Payday 2, but whole point wasn't to force anybody to look for links cause i'm not lying to anyone here to begin with.


      If you guys think this is fair and friendly way to take someone through dispute keep at it. I know people on other side of dispute can be really rude too. I just think you can't teach someone how to be quite by taking them to Metalica concert. And as i said  someone who didn't do anything wrong will end up on cheater list. There's too much pull  in one direction.


      I'm not going to keep at this cause this will not go anywhere. I said what i had on subject do with it what you like. See you around.




  12. By far my favorite part was making Javelin look like Ironman. I doubt i'm buying this anytime soon.
    1. Lorajet


      Watching that I'm hyperventilating, my heart is pounding.......OMG

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      @Lorajet 😂 This video makes me wanna play RE2 even more. I hope he used that 12 digit code before showing it on YouTube.

  13. Life... I wake up and same fooking problems spawn all over again.
  14. Breach mode for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is up and running. Today i unlocked all 4 breach  trophies that i need for plat. Now there's nothing stopping me to get plat. I had to wait few months, but they finally fixed server, or whatever was the problem. Tomorrow i will try to clean up dlc stuff in breach mode as well.


    I always enjoyed Deus Ex games. I think i will leave Mankind Divided plat for my 5 500th trophy. 🤔 

    1. Charizarzar


      Nice to hear it’s back up, I might get back to it some time to try to 100%. Didn’t really enjoy Breach mode though.


      Deus Ex is one of my favourite series though, that’s a good milestone to have 😝

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      I'm not crazy about it either. It feels so out of place for some reason. I wish that they just took parts of maps from main game and made you do challenges on them.  The main game is waaaaaaay better.